Monday 9 December 2013


With friends like her, who needs enemies?

Everyone is entitled to form and articulate an opinion on the future of Scotland from the most elevated and privileged in the world to the most humble.

Obviously there are some voices which carry more weight than others. Those perhaps with great knowledge or understanding of economics, politics or international relations, those with insider knowledge are worth listening to, even if only to see how they form their conclusions, on either side of the argument.

Others, with respect, carry less weight...for example, maybe, those who genuinely worry over the availability of "Eastenders" or "Dr Who" in an independent country; the "fact" that their children, studying at university in England would suddenly become foreigners; those who think the best thing about Scotland is wee dugs and sausage rolls, or who think the measure of being a true Scots is the ability to recite some Burns, just like my Bulgarian friend can. (I wonder if they would consider me to be French, as I can recite some Rimbaud.) 

When these people make their support for a particular side know, they don't exactly add intellectual credence to the argument.

So, as a Yes person, I can say that I am truly delighted to welcome Sarah Palin's contribution to the discussion.

Known universally as one of the great minds of our time, Ms Palin is probably best known for getting things horribly wrong when she was plucked from relative obscurity as state governor of Alaska [a massive state (663,268 sq miles), with a tiny population (732,000) compared with the contiguous USA, and oil...and the beneficiary of an oil fund allowed them from the federal government in Washington DC] to be running mate with John McCain in the 2008 presidential election .

I thought you might enjoy a little video some of her embarrassing moments when running for the vice presidency of the USA.
Of course, given her featherheaded intellectual capacity, I'm not sure that she's doing anything except parroting the right wing Christian fundamentalist view, as is her wont, or if she's actually given some consideration to what might conceivably happen to children in Alaska should Scotland become independent.

I am also given to wonder if Sarah actually knows anything of America's history vis-a-vis their relationship with Britain?

Given the evidence, probably not, I conclude.


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