Thursday, 12 December 2013


And yet, when I last caught sight of her, Nicola still had two arms... Funny how things turn out, eh?

I remember looking at this and thinking that Labour's relationship with council tax freezes was a bit on/off. And, yes, as John Swinney announced that he had agreed another year of tax freeze with the local authorities, Sarah Boyack was at it again:

 “The SNP have broken local authority finance through their sustained and underfunded council tax freeze that actually costs people more money as charges to deliver services are increased to provide vital funds.

"Since 2008 almost 35,000 jobs have been lost within councils as the SNP continue to grasp power back from local authorities.

"Under the SNP's prolonged, underfunded council tax freeze the rich prosper and those who most need the support of councils lose out."

She appears to have forgotten that it was a Labour Party pledge at the last general election, and that it was a Glasgow Labour pledge at the local elections.  

Of course, if Labour really wanted a progressive tax to pay for local government, they would use income tax, the simple philosophy of which is, the more you earn, the more you pay. 

But, presumably based on the Bain Principle (this is what you get when you elect a silly little man to parliament and let him tweet) they voted against it.

So, thanks to Bain, even if your income is only £10,000 pa, and you pay only a few pounds a year income tax, you may well be paying £1,000 in council tax.

Definitely one of Labour's less bright male members.

I distinctly remember David Cameron demanding that the Scottish government meet the demands of the Electoral Commission regarding the wording of the referendum question. 

I got the impression that he was less than happy, when Alex Salmond complied 100%. 

The same body went on to say that it wanted to see an open and honest debate and to that end both sides must provide details of their visions for the future. The Commission set a deadline for that information to be fully available.

Well, Alistairs? 

We await your "vision" of Scotland within the UK, with interest?

You have until Saturday. Otherwise you have failed to meet the requirements of the Electoral Commission.


If I remember rightly, farming and fishing was something that was sacrificed by Mrs Thatcher when she "allegedly" handbagged Europe into giving super rich, super important Britain the kind of rebate that the poor countries got. 

Of course, if you were (a that time) the 6th largest economy in the world behind the USA, Japan, Germany France and Canada, you couldn't really expect to get the kind of rebate given to Portugal, without some payback.

The payback was less for farmers and a lot less from fishermen.

Now it seems that within the UK (where all EU negotiations are carried out by London, despite us having an entirely separate fishing and farming policy) Scots get a raw deal from the unionists. Around €100 less per hectare than the UK. I'm sure Thatcher, for all her evilness, never did that to us. I wonder who did.


Makes you proud, doesn't it?


  1. I think they must have meant Carmichael was a bit of a bawbag cos that's certainly how he comes across to me.

    1. LOL Pictish. That is probably what they meant, but you just wonder how so many of them could have got it so wrong...

  2. His political epitaph should read simply:


  3. Mind you, they didnae exactly huv much to choose from other than bawbags and fuds...................

    1. There's erm.... ah...uh... hmmm...

      Oh yeah, I know one that's not. John Swinney...

      Oh wait a minute...

      Nope: You're right.

  4. Tris

    The BT take on your headlines would be:

    Alistair Carmichael refuses to lower himself to Nicola Sturgeons purile, bullying, bruising, abusive debating style and won the gentleman award in the last debate.

    Scottish Labour through hard work, sacrifice, love of the common people, put aside the horrible, lying, nasty nationalist politics to deliver the unfair, unworkable tory policy of a council tax freeze while rejecting calls for a local income tax on the basis that the wealty already pay the most in tax.

    We have laid out the positive case for the union and will not deliver our vision until the SNP deliver the answers to the many unanswered questions that remain to be answered by the SNP that are unanswered because we say they are.

    Most of the land in Scotland is owned by people from England so Scottish Farmers should be greatful that Westminster gives them anything at all.

    We inherited a shocking financial mess so we are having to make tough choices, we are having to cut welfare to fund tax breaks for the rich in London and this money will then filter into the economy and will better london which is good for Scotland in a kind of round about way.

    Better Together my hairy Scottish arse that will find it'self voting a big hairy yes to the hairy question next september.


    1. Dear Mr Bruce.

      Thank you for your application for the job as PA to Comatose the Flipper's.

      I think you may well have just mailed yourself a nice little earner for the next 10 months or so.

      I hope you have a number of houses to move between, and if you feel inclined to add the house that your ducks live in, please feel free to do so. All expenses on the Dining Club here, what.

      Your main task will be keeping the lazy tosser from falling asleep, and remind him that he can't spend all his time boring diners for £100,000 a shout. There's work to be done. Can't afford to loose these bally Scotch people and their oil.

      Report for work at one of Mr D's many residences (unfortunately we don't know which one, because the old fella gets around a bit).

      Yours truly

      Giles ffotherington-Smythe
      per-pro Better Together
      c/o Reform Club
      Pall Mall

    2. Well, considering that his opponent in the debate was a *Lady*, winning the "Gentleman" award wasn't exactly hard, now was it?

    3. Dear Mr Bruce,

      Never trust anyone with a pretentious double-barrelled name!

      Yours sincerely,

      John Macdonald-Brownlie.

    4. Bit like Ms Lamont winning the Debater of the Year (with very short improbably bond hair and the initials JL) Award.

    5. Dear Mr Bruce

      Never trust someone who is named after a fast food restaurant and puts an "l" in his name to stop him sounding like a chocolate cake.


      B King

  5. Carmichael the bruiser...........has anyone told HIM that yet cause the last I heard he was a dithering whimpering wreck in the darkened corner of an STV studio somewhere!

    The Electoral Commission have set their date for answers to what the electorate can expect but does anyone really expect they will reprimand Westminster when they, as they undoubtedly will, fail to produce any information by 21st December?

    Just a wee aside Tris but for anyone that doesn't know yet it appears we are in for a double referendum next year. Catalonia will be holding their Independence referendum on 9th November 2014. I wonder how the celebrations are going at Better Together HQ? LOL

    1. It's true that Westminster won't say anything, and it's unlikely that the press will make much of it, but it's yet another stick to beat Comatose Together (Les freres Alistairs) with.

      I mean the next time they are debating with someone from our side, they can look forward to being made fools of on TV.


      Yes, Niko told me about Catalan and the Spanish Prime Minister saying it was illegal. Well, he would know about illegal!!


    2. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the Spanish Prime Minister tries to tell the Catalonians that they would be embarking on an illegal referendum in 2014. That is just one hell of a way to ensure all Catalonia votes YES in November next year. Gawn yersel Bubba! LOL

    3. True. He's fighting a losing battle there.

      He can't win.

  6. If one has no policies of ones own the alternating between support to against keeps them from having to have any policies, keeps the media onside if nothing else.

    If you wish to know what question, questionable, that Johann will come up with on FMQs then listen or watch BBC Scotland in the previous days almost guarantied.

    1. I wish they'd try to give her the answers then, because even I feel sorry for the poor woman as she is dragged across the floor and wrung out in the bucket again.

    2. How on earth can you feel sorry for her Tris, the WORST leader of Labour in Scotland since Holyrood was opened.

      HELL, the J.L.P.D.S. (Johann Lamont Put Down Show) is the highlight of my week. No matter how down and depressed I get each week I know with 100% certainty that I only have to last until Thursday and everything in the world will be O.K., the sky will be blue and the sun will be shinning! LOL

      Just look on the bright side Tris, she has not been on a live televised debate with Nicola Sturgeon................YET! LOL

      Now THAT would be a serious case of clear all A&E's in the area. LOL

    3. Well, if she cheers you up, a least she's good for something.

      I reckon she should be forced to debate with Nicola.

    4. There's a problem with going into any discussion when you don't have the facts on your side.

      Being forced to do so deserves at least some pity.

      And I find FMQ mildly amusing friday morning television as well.

    5. I prefer The Adams Family. Classier by a mile!


  7. Just asking, for a political bruiser feared in cage fights throughout the Universe why have I never seen this collosus, gladiator even, before he was given the job of SoS?

    1. Maybe he was fighting in erm... underground cages in erm underground clubs (wink wink, nod nod, if you know what I means), and just like Jordan's husband number ... well, number something,... maybe he wore women's clothes.

      Actually I think it was his bear than was the bruiser. He looks much more ferocious that Al. Big Bruiser Bear.

  8. It would be nice to see the the contents of the Dunfermline leaflet redistributed in Dunfermline with the truth printed underneath and a large bold header with the words....LABOUR LIED TO YOU AGAIN.

    1. Good idea Anon.

      If anyone from YES Dunfermline is reading, that's a pretty smart idea!

      If you can join their page on Facebook, a suggestion might be in order?

  9. The more I see of Jo Lamont on FMQ the more I admire Airchie's bravery. I've read somewhere that she has a "key role" in the Better Together campaign. Does anyone know what it is? Niko perhaps? Does anyone know what happened to Blether Together? Saw Fifi La-BonBon on TV - has she had a makeover?

    Sorry, feeling catty this morn!

    1. The Key Role is she gets to lock up at night and open in the morning (when she's wiping the floor in practice for what Alex does with her on a Thursday).

      Don't know what happened to Blether Together.

      Don't know what happened to Gordon Brown's Labour Together or whatever it was called.

      I do know what happened to Alistair C though. He got battered and served with chips by Nicola. And has now been lambasted by unionist Daily Record.

      And I know what happened to Alistair D. He got found out for being asleep in the job, totally useless, comatose. Was outed by the Tories and then Labour joined in plastering him to the wall.

      They are, I suppose, looking for someone to blame.