Tuesday 30 September 2014


David Cameron has patted himself on the back for getting it right over Scotland. "It was the right call", he is reported to have said. 
Scottish Conservative Party Meeting

According to the BBC he was addressing a “packed - and jubilant” reception for Scottish Conservatives at the party's annual conference in Birmingham. (That must make a nice change from the usual half empty hall.)

(Warning: You may need to avail yourself of a sick bag for this next bit.)

Cameron talked about his sleepless night as the results came in on 19th September.

"I tried to go to sleep. It wouldn't work. I was sat (sic) at 3 am in the morning (sic) in the press office at Number 10 Downing Street.

"At about four o'clock my children came down. Nancy and Elwyn.  Elwyn was wearing some tartan pyjamas. (The child is 8 for heaven's sake. It is stretching the bounds of reasonable possibility that even a privileged rich boy sent out for tartan pyjamas and chose to wear them that night. Oh, and David, we don't actually do much tartan here. That's for the tourists and day trippers.) 

Och aye, the noo, we a' wear the tartan and talk like teuchters
and we only eat porridge and oatcakes.

"They knew how worried their Dad was - and they cared deeply about it too. And they watched result-after-result come in and I must say I now know the definition of relief.” (I'm finding it hard to believe that an 8 year old and a 10 year old really cared enough about Scottish independence to get up in the middle of the night attired like something from Brigadoon and make their way from the flat into the offices at No 10 Downing Street. Does no-one look after these children?)

Head teuchter fae
"Going to bed as prime minister of the United Kingdom and waking up as prime minister of the United Kingdom." (Don't get too used to it. Boris is creeping up on you, and he may be a buffoon, but... he's twice the bloke you are. As a thought, at this point, I know the Queen is on holiday in Balmoral, and of course that is in Scotland, and therefore barely connected to the rest of the world, but would it really be necessary for the Prime Minister to deliver the message that the UK was safe, personally. I mean, we do have the interweb up here...and she does have an enormous staff.  Added to which she's getting on for 90. You woke her up in the middle of the might to tell her? Prrrrrrrrrr...scratch!)

He said he had been inundated with messages from around the world from "friends" of the UK "delighted that we have decided to stay together but also impressed that this country would do it in such a clear, fair, open and democratic way". (I'll give you that one. Although most of the countries that congratulated you, probably made the break for your empire themselves, so that's a bit odd.)

"In politics they say you should never gloat and that is normally right, but there is one small one. (You've pretty little to gloat about Mr Cameron, so enjoy it while you can. But do remember that it's likely to come back and bit you on the butt.)

"We had a very clear strategy, a very clear plan, When Alex Salmond was elected into Holyrood with a very clear SNP majority, we could have ducked the fight we could have tried to put off what he wanted to do have let him have illegal referendum after illegal referendum." (That would have ignored a rather large elephant in the room. Sorry Alex, that came out all wrong. I didn't mean you!)
Boss teuchtar
He went on: "We could have let him, rather cowardly I think it would have been, break up the union by stealth. (Well, you could have, but rather like Spain, you would have looked like an autocracy, trying to hang on to the cash cow and refusing to listen to the will of the indigenous people, and almost certainly you would have lost, as Spain will.)

"That was not the choice we made. We said 'one question, one referendum'. Fair, legal and decisive. (But then you had to promise what you had sworn you wouldn't promise. You won, but you had to go back on everything you stood for in order to do it.)

"And let's not forget - in the dying weeks of the campaign - there were one or two people who were beginning to wonder whether that was wise. Let's just say now, loudly and proudly - it was the right call!" (Well Dave, you were one of them, according to your conversation with the ex Mayor of New York. You remember the one you had to apologize to the Queen about? The one where you also said you would sue the polling companies for giving you ulcers, because we were winning until your volte face?) 

Mad teuchter.
He stressed that the "vows that we made about further Scottish devolution.
They will go ahead." (Well, we await them with interest. Just remember that you were working hand in glove with Gordon Brown over this and he promise Federalism on your behalf. We await it with eager anticipation.)

The prime minister also said the Conservatives have a "huge political opportunity" in Scotland to win more seats at next year's general election. (Yes, that may be true. But this is mainly due to the fact that being in coalition with you has caused the Liberals in Scotland to implode. Estimates are that of the 11 seats they currently hold they will lose 9, 3 of which are likely to go to the Tories because they are in "Liberal" rather than "Democrat" country. You might have gone on to say that Labour's association with your party will likely cost IT dearly with the bulk of the seats looking like going to the SNP, on current reading. Munguin's Republic will be carrying shortly a guest post by Dean on this subject.)

He said: "We have got some targets in our sights." (Well yes, we all do, but so often these things don;t come to pass... for all of us.)

He also praised Ruth Davidson for her part in the campaign. (Well, I suppose someone had to.)


  1. "clear, fair, open and democratic way"

    is Ruth back from the polis after being interviewed under caution? Open and democratic - you mean using embassies to contact the host governments and get them to speak out against self determination?

    Fair - lying to people repeatedly and having to withdraw adverts because the organisations objected to being used for political purposes. Having 3 No voices to One yes on panels? Controlling the media?

    Baited breath - the Rev Stu will come and shoot you, that's one of his bete noirs. It's BATED.

    "carrying shortly a guest post by Dean on this subject."

    I could do a guest post about how the Tories are bastards. Where's my invite :-)

    1. Yes, you're right PP, it was about as fair as you'd expect anything British to be... ie not at all.

      You are very welcome to write a post on the Tories I'd be delighted. (Usual rates apply.)

      And that gores for anyone else who wants to write a guest post... I'll be happy to publish.

      I'll change Baited to Bated. Thanks for pointing it out.

      Fortunately Munguin rules the roost here and does the shooting. Bêtes noirs of other blogs don't much bother him, even very good blogs like Stuart's.

    2. Don't worry about wee Ruthie PP I hear she is currently directly John McTernan to the same *ahem* friendly police officers she has been talking to.


    3. Ooooops... a jail sentence of up to one year for those responsible. Obviously that wouldn't apply to MPs who are above all that kind of thing.... the law I mean.

    4. Ahh, but Ruthie isn't an MP is she? She's just a member of the wee pretendy parliment we've got up here in Scotlandshire.

    5. Ah well, they can lock her up then, nae bather...

    6. On the other hand... given a recent example of someone who was clearly as guilty as midsummer day is long at the north pole, got off completely free, being a close friend of David Cameron is obviously an advantage when you are up against Plod.

  2. "Scottish Conservatives at the party's annual conference in Birmingham."

    Is that meant to be parsed as: "Scottish Conservatives at the [Scottish Conservatives'] annual conference in Birmingham." or "Scottish Conservatives at the [Conservatives'] annual conference in Birmingham."

    I read it as the first one and could actually believe it for some wierd reason. Wouldn't put it past them.


    And there's nothing wrong with tartan pajamas. Though I only seem to get them from the American side of the family...


    I'm realised in the last week of the referendum campaign *why* the Tories thought it was a victory that "Devo Max" wasn't on the ballot paper, and they did outplay Salmond on this: It was so that they could morph the "No" answer into a "Devo Max" answer in people's heads, while still being able to claim afterwards that it was just a "No".

    Looks like it did what they wanted, but hopefully they'll regret the aftermath.

    (I don't think they will, in all honesty, as everything they're doing is a holding action designed to hold onto Scotland *just long enough* for it to not be their fault when we leave, and to wring out as much money from us as possible before we leave. Essentially, every day we keep sending our taxes to Westminster is a victory for them, because they know we're leaving, the only question is "when?")

    1. LOL ... the Scottish Conservatives conference in Birmingham!

      Why not. As a rule there's only a few very rich people there.

      That's my point about tartan. It's seen by people who don't live here as being very Scottish, but I don't own a single thing in tartan, not even a scarf. And the shops that sell tartan are mainly tourist shops or kilt shops catering for weddings.

      Apart from on referendum day, or at weddings, I couldn't tell you the last time I saw anyone wearing a kilt.

      We don't paint our faces blue either... and I haven't eaten porridge for 20 years

      On the question of devo max on the ballot paper, I always understood that it was pretty much an impossibility to promise, given learned opinion said that it couldn't be accomplished without dramatically altering the conditions of the 1707 acts, which would require the consent of the London parliament as well as the Scottish one.

      I know Mr Salmond has always taken the view that "petit à petit, pas à pas" was the way to do it, but I think he was genuinely responding to opinion polls that said that more than half the population wanted devo-max.

      He doesn't want it. I don't want it. It leaves the defence and foreign affairs (both incredibly expensive and horribly badly handled) in the hands of London. But if it is what the public wants, then I see it as another step on the way to freedom.

      If I had any faith at all in the integrity of the Liberals, I would be surprised that they did not push Cameron to include it on the paper notwithstanding the constitutional problems above. It has after all always been their policy. But then, so has free education.

      I agree that Cameron has kicked the can down the road so that it will be another prime minister who loses Scotland, adn of course there is all that lovely oil and whisky money to be thrown away to arms dealers and bankers in the mean time.

      I thought it would all be over on the 19th. I was intending to close Munguin's Republic and get on with life. But the promise to do what thei promised NOT to do intrigues me.

      And as i don't imagine Cameron has ever knowing kept a promise in his life, I am fascinated to see how this will turn out. And what failure to achieve any measure of federalism will have on Gordon Brown's reputation... and on the Labour Party attitude to Scotland.

      Onward and upward...

    2. To be fair, when I lived in Edinburgh I regularly saw a guy who tended to wear a "utilikilt" (plain tan, with pockets), and there's always the re-enactment crowd to add to the list of tourist shops, weddings, and the damned pipers on the high street in Edinburgh (though I did hear one of them playing some metallica on their bagpipes, that made my day :-)

      I wish they'd ditch the knee-jerk laws that make carrying a decent sgian dubh illegal though (I'm very liberal in my prefered weapons policy. I take the attitude that if you make weapons illegal, then only criminals will have weapons).


      I am well aware of the problems with enforcing Devo Max if it had been on the ballot paper, but as we're getting all of them now anyway, I think I'd have preffered it if it had been explicit, rather than leaving Westminster the wriggle room they made for themselves by keeping it off and arguing that "No means Devo Max" before the vote, and "No means No" after the vote.

    3. I suppose they would have had to try to define devo-max before the referendum, Illy... but then they would have tried to get it through parliament, which of course they never would have managed and indeed never will manage.

      The English simply won't have it, tartan PJs and all.

    4. He's neat Arbroath..

    5. No, I *think* he was the piper from Wolfstone doing the spot opposite the train station in full formal dress, but I'm not certain.

      That guy looks like a laugh though.

    6. Apparently the piper I linked to was on the Australian version of Britain's Got Talent, and boy he certainly has talent. LOL

    7. That'll be "shock and blaw" then?
      I saw a piper on Princes street playing Campdown Races and Yankee Doodle Dandy, near pissed masel soinadid

    8. I should get to the capital more often. I miss stuff...

  3. Nauseating is the word that springs to mind!

    But to be fair to David Cameron 55% of Scots have just sided with him, the most unpopular Prime Minister since...errmm...Gordon Brown (that doesn't really work does it!) against their own very popular First Minsiter so I guess a bit of gloating (however unsavoury) is in order.

    1. I have no issues with him gloating, Munguin.

      He won. Well done Dave you're the cleverest clever of all the clever clogs in the government. I'm sure you never doubted yourself for a minute, and the ulcers were probably just another little show off bragging to an American... along with the Queen purring at you.

      After all, the conference is going well. You've only lost two MPs to UKIP and one minister to a salacious photo of him in his pyjamas (not, I suppose, tartan). I suspect you could be allowed a little leeway on the gloating.

  4. Have to share this...

    The Tories have a Minister for Modern Slavery and Organised Crime...

    No honest, I thought it was a spoof, but I looked her up.

    She is based at the home office although with that title she should be working with IDS and the McVile creature.

    Her name is Karen Bradley.


    1. I wonder if her job is anything like Bliar's "Middle East Peace Envoy" role, or if it's a paper-pushing post so they can claim that they have gender balance? (Or maybe she's the person who launders their brib.. Sorry, "Campaign Contributions"?)

    2. More likely to be the latter...

      And sorts out the knights from the lords according to their contribution.... erm, to society of course, nothing to do with the dosh they sling Cameron's way, of course.

  5. Will that be the kids he hasn't left in a pub toilet then I take it?

    It's really, really sad that we decided to stay with this sickening creep who dresses his kids up according to whatever election he is fighting at the moment like some life sized dolls. Announces that he does such a thing and even worse still expects us to believe it!!!

    1. Everything matches in Downing Street. It's colour co-ordinated. The kids pjs and the flag on the roof. Dave probably had saltire underpants on.

    2. He had the saltire pants on, so he could shit all over them; practice makes perfect, what what?

    3. I don't think he needs the practice Jim.... His kind have done that to all of us since time immemorial.

  6. tris and the others

    Thought this comment was insightful and adds more to the yes autopsy
    than coulda !shoulda ! woulda ! you lot are bent on....still it takes time
    I know.

    As Susan Stewart, the former director of communications for Yes Scotland, observed in a recent article on why no won, the yes campaign wasted too much time talking to itself at meetings or in the echo chamber of social media.

    1. Well, I suppose she would know, Niko. But in the defence of yes I'd say that very often no one turned up to debate with them. Tommy Sheridan pointed out that he had gone along on one occasion to have a debate with Margaret Curran and she didn't show. This was the pattern so often.

      It's true that normally we were preaching to the choir on social media. I suspect that the No side were doing the same. Our problem was getting the English owned newspapers or the BBC to give any balance.

      At the end I totally accept that we lost. I just want the promises that were made to be kept. That's all.

      Gordon Brown said devo max, and so did George Galloway on behalf of Better Together.

      Gordon said as an ex-prime minister, that he would guarantee this.

      He now wants us to sign a petition... like that will make any difference.

      I want him to use his clout to keep him promise.

    2. Gordon's promises are a bit weird.

      Why does he need anyone to sign his petition?

      It seems to me that he already has us - the yes voters and the devo maxers - in his back pocket.

      He only has to deliver.

      He has no clout, he is a patsie at best and a politician at worst.

      Mark my words cue dramatic drum roll Gordon is playing to an estranged part of his 'natural' constituency. I.e.,those that believe his, ahem, untruthiness.

      This is Westminster back in control, I think.

    3. Not Gordon Brown's petition.

      38Degree's petition.

      He's just bandwaghoning onto it for some reason.

      (And given 38Degree's take on Gulf War III I'm not particularly happy with them)

    4. He's more or less been told where to get off, and a lot of people are complaining that if they had known he was going to hijack it they wouldn't have signed it.

      Gordon: You are an ex prime minister. For some reason in this class ridden society that amounts to something (even if it doesn't mean you get invited to royal weddings coz you're not a Tory.)

      Put your foot down. If Cameron backs off go see the Queen.

      Stamp hard on Miliband, and throw a Nokia or two in his direction.

      I know there's another one... Clogg or something... best just ignore him. He doesn't count.

  7. Replies
    1. Munguin said it was time to get a more sophisticated look, in keeping with his own image.

      He hopes you like it.

  8. The UK is on the brink of No 1 spot to be the most unequal country there must be 2 to 3 hundred thousand no voters feeling sick at what they have done. Stu has a petition going succinct and to the point.

    1. ch

      you lost lost lost lost got that bit different to how you wuz bigging it
      on walking the easy road to a yes victory...............well it aint gonna be you
      GOT THAT ??????

      Now just go and lock yerself up in yer bedroom with yer teddy bear and dont come out till it has finally and painfully sunk in............and you can admit you lost fair and square.

      nobody feels sick nobody regrets voting no and if you had a revote
      tomorrow the defeat of the snp/nats would be even bigger.
      My good advice is move on asap the future belongs within the union
      try at least to play a constructive whinge free part .

    2. You keep saying that to yourself niko, but from where I stand you're wrong on all counts.

    3. Seriously Niko, are you happy we have gone to war, and that devo max will not happen?

    4. Niko, we did not lose we were cheated. If you think that giving your country ( is it) I doubt that to another to rape and pillage is such a good idea, give me your address and I will be right over and take a few things off you.
      Give me an answer on what YOU will personally do to ensure that Scots who voted NO get what they voted for, because other wise they will not be so willing the next time, and Niko you can watch from your cosy spot close to the constant wars in the Middle East as it happens.

    5. Niko knows that.

      I have oit on good authority (Taz) that he will be contacting his hero, Gordon Brown and reminding him that he stood guarantor for the lying sack of whatsit that is the three London Party leaders.

      And come to that the three nutters that head up the Scottish branch offices.

    6. Have to say Munguin and Tris that a wee look at the comments on Stuart's petition that a certain other Brown do something which I think he may enjoy too much, is very enlightening specially about a man whom the English loathe but we are so supposed to love and admire. I would say that I hope he is reading them from the vastness of his estate in North Queensferry where I believe the security services keep him safe from his admiring public.

    7. Must get over there and look at the comments. I doubt he reads them though. He's far too important to do that.

  9. Replies
    1. To be fair, that appears to be for 60 *boxes*.

      But what he needs 60 boxes of wet wipes for is anyone's guess.

    2. It's good to know that he can afford to spend that much money on wet wipes.
      I tempted to say that he probably goes through that in a week with the amount of sh*t he speaks.

      Will someone please investigate why he is allowed to claim for this. Even in human amounts, most people would be laughed off the face of the planet if they put that claim in.

    3. At the fundamental level, it's because Westminster has been accountable to no-one but itself for far too long. So since they write the rules that they govern themselves by, why shouldn't they make things easy on themselves?

      Personally, I think MPs should get paid minimum wage *minus* whatever other income they recieve while in office, and shouldn't get any expenses paid. (They can get those free bus passes that jobcenters hand out) If they complain about having to maintain a house in London to get to parliment votes, then maybe we could use some of the excess space at Westminster and turn it into lodgings for them?

      Would be far cheaper on the nations coffers than whatever "austersity" measures they're using to kill off those who didn't make the right friends at school.

    4. Actually, now I think about that more, if we stopped paying our politicians, and made it officially "volunteer" work as far as claiming social security, etc... was concerned, what do you think would happen?

    5. I have long aid that we should provide lodgings in a tower block for MPs who need a home in London.

      Anyone who thinks himself too grand could pay for private accommodation out of his own money.

      I'd say in fairness that the average wage is what they should get.

      I seem to recall Tommy Sheridan always took only that when he was an MSP, and I have a feeling that Dennis Skinner does the same.

    6. I think that we would probably go back to the days when the only people who could afford to be MPs were landed gentry who did it as a hobby (before they were paid).

    7. If they get minimum wage plus board (when they're in London)?

      I think a lot of the current career politicians might quit because of the pay cut, and those left would raise the minimum wage to something sensible.

      Then again, I'm a hopeless optimist on some things.

  10. Apologies for above but haven't been able to comment recently so testing new layout

    1. I'm happy you are back....:)

      I really just changed the colours though. I'm perplexed as to why that means you can post when you couldn't before. Isn't blogger weird.

      Anyway, the important thing is you are back.


    2. What ho? Top-hole and rather spiffing article apart from the patronising reference to "teuchters" and the way we speak! Jolly good show and hockey-sticks, old chap, what what!!

    3. Och you, stop it. We're all teuchters as far as they are concerned... from the top to the bottom.

  11. Personally I love the new colours, fresh clean and patriotic,

    1. Looks wierd to me.

      Guess it's just cos I got so used to the old "coffie-stain" look.

    2. Ha ha... yeah, it still looks weird to me too Illy.

      But I think I like it.

      If people complain I'll revert though.

  12. I was confused for a second there. YES Munguin I know I usually am confused on here but this time I was REALLY confused. When I came on here I thought my computer had thrown a loopy one and gone into an alternate universe. It's O.K. though. I've now realised that you just ordered your underlings to clean up the page. I must admit they have done an excellent job of it, congratulations to all. :-)

    1. Ha ha ha ... Munguin ordered this underling to say thank you.

  13. Why is that gobshite not banned from here?

    1. pipinnot

      And pray why should Helena be banned ?????

    2. No I mean the guy calling himself pricko

    3. LOL it did rather look like you were talking about Arbroath there... and I warn you she's not a person to be missed with.

      On the otehr hand Niko... well, he's putty in yer hands.

      He's not barred because, well... he's part of the furniture.

      He's been around for ever and he's getting on a bit. We wouldn't want to disturb him too much.

      He might be a unionist... but he's our unionist.

    4. No, he's not a unionist. Unionists are sober, sensible and mainly senile. Niko has only one of these attributes.

    5. Oh dear... what does that make him then?

  14. tris and brownlie and that rude boy as well tut ! tut !

    Anyways just to let you know since our Glorious referendum victory. Huzzah !
    I now always when blogging wear my moth eaten ermine robes with a battered crown.
    which i got from a boot fair.

    On the war I am against because you cant bomb an idea into submission
    and anyway Cameron is another PM who just cant wait dip his hands into
    the blood of the innocent...seems to me no PM these days has a proper
    premiership if they aint had a war or semblance of one ,
    And of course it looks good on the news and might gain him a few votes
    in a election.

    Devo max isnt on offer more powers whatever that means is obviously cameron
    has now tacked on English only votes for English only laws a fact he omitted to
    say when they made there vow pledge whatever.
    The problem for cameron is this doesn't make him look very honest and reliable
    in a pre election period can he afford the open status of a Westminster con man .

    Nobody seems to note the hard cop soft cop trick Osborne and Cameron
    have played this week .with Gideon offering hard times and austerity and Cameron offering the easy life if we vote for him...............
    experience of misspent youth Im afraid .

    1. Well I agree with a fair bit of that.

      Since Mrs Thatcher got her second term by showing Johnny Argy a thing or two over the Malvinas they all seem to have seen it as a part of the job to stir up British patriotism by fighting with someone or other.

      The only thing you do, and this is serious, with fanatics, and religious ones in particular, when you go to war with them. in recruit new fanatics to the cause in utter horror of what you did to their families, friends, town, business, house...

      You'd think too, that just to prove that they don;t have it in for Muslims, they might try a war with a country other than those in the Middle East.

      I'm afraid I found both Osborne and Cameron too sickening to listen to, and as I no longer have television I was spared the pain of watching them...

      Truth is with Tories you really don't need to listen to them. You know whatever they do it will be bad for anyone on less than £75,000 a year, or anyone who doesn't have a title. Labour's not that much different.

      I suppose the whatsits will be having their conference next week. I wonder if anyone give a stuff?

    2. Well Niko, how could I put this, I might miss you but I will get the gun sights fixed so I don't. I realise you are a foreigner so I will explain the thing about not letting the door hit you on the way out. As you leave the door will slam shut and I would much prefer you had exited before it catches you on the erse. Mind I will take you leaving any way it happens. Enjoy your retirement to Cyprus, you better make it quick because if Ukip drag enough Tory's to them you will not be there long enough to get citizenship. I hope Taz enjoys the heat and the nasty things which live in the grass etc.
      Was considering Ireland but decided presently to stay put, old pension could not take the constant changing to euro's and I couldn't find a decent house. We cannot take our Hektor out of the country either, he doesn't do heat well, being one of those dogs with a short muzzle.

  15. I understand the one power which is being retained to Westminster is the power to dupe
    large sections of the Scottish peoples.

    1. Where, in your opinion does this duping leave Brown and his promise to guarantee the Tory powers?

    2. Niko, and you are happy with that. What a strange person,

  16. I like the new name Niko, suits...

    Tris, there must be something wrong with my feed; I did a new Hootsmon, but the old one is still showing on your roll. Strange.

    1. It's bloody hilarious Conan...

      I have no idea what is wrong with the feed. Blogger is so flakey.

      But others are updating...

      But everyone... don't miss this. It's one of Conan's very best...


    2. Updated now matey.

  17. I admire you (mostly) all for your patience, but it reminds me of the old saying - never bring an idiot with you as you will always find one when you get there.

    1. Ahhhh, yeah well, I suppose it's a good motto.

      Niko does most of what he does to wind us up.

      It's not really patience... it's affection for an old mate.

      But I take the other little compliment there with great pleasure.

      Thank you.


  18. Niko, Tris and I all started blogging around the same time, as Tris says, he's part of the furniture.

    Hard, wooden, rickety and unvarnished.

    1. With the odd loose hinge too.....?

      LOL. You're right Conan...

      It's beginning to feel like we are old school...

      John too... and of course dear old star, the legend that is Spookie....

    2. Definitely a loose hinge, who would disagree on that one. I see he really loves me.

  19. Umm they neglect to mention we all met many a year ago in the dark caverns of the Scotsman comments section were we spent many a night arguing, discussing and getting well pished into the very early hours ..

    And of course there was spooks , dear spooks

    Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
    But to be young was very heaven

    1. You can always depend on Niko for a bit of poetry... Wordsworth this time, talking about the FRENCH REVOLUTION.

      Oh! pleasant exercise of hope and joy!
      For mighty were the auxiliars which then stood
      Upon our side, we who were strong in love!
      Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
      But to be young was very heaven!—Oh! times,
      In which the meagre, stale, forbidding ways
      Of custom, law, and statute, took at once
      The attraction of a country in romance!
      When Reason seemed the most to assert her rights,
      When most intent on making of herself
      A prime Enchantress—to assist the work
      Which then was going forward in her name!
      Not favoured spots alone, but the whole earth,
      The beauty wore of promise, that which sets
      (As at some moment might not be unfelt
      Among the bowers of paradise itself )
      The budding rose above the rose full blown.
      What temper at the prospect did not wake
      To happiness unthought of? The inert
      Were roused, and lively natures rapt away!
      They who had fed their childhood upon dreams,
      The playfellows of fancy, who had made
      All powers of swiftness, subtilty, and strength
      Their ministers,—who in lordly wise had stirred
      Among the grandest objects of the sense,
      And dealt with whatsoever they found there
      As if they had within some lurking right
      To wield it;—they, too, who, of gentle mood,
      Had watched all gentle motions, and to these
      Had fitted their own thoughts, schemers more wild,
      And in the region of their peaceful selves;—
      Now was it that both found, the meek and lofty
      Did both find, helpers to their heart's desire,
      And stuff at hand, plastic as they could wish;
      Were called upon to exercise their skill,
      Not in Utopia, subterranean fields,
      Or some secreted island, Heaven knows where!
      But in the very world, which is the world
      Of all of us,—the place where in the end
      We find our happiness, or not at all!

    2. So, we'll go no more a roving
      So late into the night,
      Though the heart be still as loving,
      And the moon be still as bright.

      For the sword outwears its sheath,
      And the soul wears out the breast,
      And the heart must pause to breathe,
      And love itself have rest.

      Though the night was made for loving,
      And the day returns too soon,
      Yet we'll go no more a roving
      By the light of the moon.

    3. Oh that's sad Conan...

      ... and at only 30.

  20. I remember when Niko used to post on the Scotsman as the mad Nikodemous just before he grew up and Conan used to post as Fifi La bon-bon or was that some other hairy biker until Tris opened the blog for the more intellectual and me. The Spook and his flat-mate are sadly no longer with us but I noticed that Sophia posted again. At that time independence was just a dream but it is soon to be a reality. Eh Niko? are you with us?

    1. Ah yes... I remember it well.

      You, the Spook of Leith.(Advanced Media Watch). Nikodemus, and Fifi who got well upset with me when I pointed out that 'bonbon' was masculine and required a 'LE' definite article, rather than a 'LA', regardless of the femininity of Fifi. I always thought that Fifi was the Dugdale woman... now you're telling me it was Conan...

      Jeez, what a shock to the system.

      Now I think you should point out, John, that Spook and the Birdie Boy haven't passed on or shuffled off the mortal coil. They just stopped posting.

      And I have a solemn duty to Spook to look after Niko.

      You are right John. Spook did persuade me to blog on the basis that real intellectuals needed somewhere to go, and the Hootsman really wasn't cutting it.

      Hence munguin's Republic.

      They were fun days.

    2. Fifi being Conan or Conan being Fifi was just a rough guess - I support Hibs after all so don't take my word for it. Imagine a Hibee playing in the Ryder Cup and a Hibbee winning Wimbledon and me - well, modesty forbids but Bessie Braddock was involved somewhere.......!
      Must agree about the fun days!

    3. Ah... I thought maybe you knew something I didn't... well, I'm sure you do of course... probably lots of things!!

      I'm not entirely sure I want to know about Bessie Braddock's involvement. I'm almost certain my mum won't.

      We should pop round Madame Pangloss's place one saturday night from Brown Ale and Spag Bol!!

    4. We mustn't forget the others; Ayrshire Scot, Col.Blimp, Obs, Juan King, Meths, Mark and all the other regulars at the Piano Bar.

      Vive La Résistance Ecossais!

    5. You're right Conan. I'd forgotten about them... I wonder where they are...

      There was also a guy who was called "Wullie". Unionist. Whatever happened to him?

  21. What crock of sh*t from Cameron he cares not for Scots or Scotland, he does however care about draining Scotland dry of assets and taxes to keep his illegal wars funded, unfortunately 55% of Scottish residents agree with his policies, Mass madness by them

    1. True. We mustn't lose sight of the fact that a massive number of people in Scotland voted for Cameron' s British Empire.

      They must be masochists.