Wednesday 3 September 2014



  1. All this positivity. Canny beat it.

  2. Despite the negativity of the too small, stupid and poor lot, we have people who genuinely see a new country, a country that CAN be like some of the best and happiest countries in the world.

    It's just a lack of vision for the rest.

    1. Are we gonna have "Happy New Country" parties on Independence Day?Are we? PLEEEAAASE!
      Feeling very "up" about it this week - positive street conversations, the mess the NO mob make of it every time they're seen in public, being given some WBBs to give to some undecideds - I've even gone into a bookies for the first time since 1978 (I was there to pick up my then gaffer's winnings) and put a bet on YES to win. I was even pleased that the odds had dropped drastically in the hour before I placed the bet!

      We can't lose this now - we just have to keep talking to folks!

    2. I know. I got a boc off Wee Blue Books yesterday. Just working out where the best place to distribute them is.

      But the mood is great. I'm so excited by the enthusiasm and upbeat of the Yes side and by the sour faced negativity of N, we can't, we're scared. How could we manage without the Eton boys?

      All the Tweet conversions I see are from No to YES. Not yet seen one go the other way.

  3. What more can you say, the YES campaign is about vision and future, the NO campaign is about the past and no future. If they have said anything positive I will have missed it, I no longer am interested in anything they say.

    1. Oh yes. They've told too many lies.

      They have no credibility at all. Just like some disagreeable disapproving elderly relative shaking their heads and saying NO.

      The number of things that they got wrong in last night's debate... was legend.

      Either they are really thick or they are out and out liars.

    2. Well Tris I will go with the latter.

    3. I'm inclined to go with a mix.

      I have no idea why BT use Dugdale on tv.Some people are extremely knowledgeable and are good to have in a debate; some people are immediately appealing, in either or both looks and manner, and as such are an asset in winning people over; some people have the personality to batter through any opposition and can come in handy in an argument.

      Dugdale is none of these. Surely they must have better people than her.

      She may be ok with the definite Nos, but she won't convert anyone.

  4. But, but, but wee Ruthie Davidson said last night that uncle Vlad Putin was going to invade us after he was finished with Ukraine and we'd need all the nukes at Faslane to beat him back. There must be something extra special on wee Ruthie's nukes cause we've only got 40 warheads available on one of her uncle Davie's sub's to fire against uncle Vlad's 1200 nukes! Still I suppose once they are fired they are fired and we will no longer have any nukes on the Clyde! :-)

    On a wee sort of aside here, I knew our soldiers like the Black Watch were fantastic but I did not really realise just how utterly amazingly fantastic they were until wee Ruthie told us all last night. Apparently when she was out in Kosovo or somewhere visiting them not only were they defusing bombs etc but they were stopping bullets! I have always been in awe of the Black Watch right from the days I saw them in Hong Kong and three of them took on a bar full of American sailors back in the early 70's but even then I never knew that being a member of the Black Watch made you utterly invincible! LOL

    1. Ruth did a fair power of havering last night didn't she.

      I mean she exaggerated the size of the army and told us that if we were independent we, of all countries in the Uk would be invaded by Putin.

      Joking aside it was sickening.

      Soldiers of Britain were lucky to get a visit from Ruth. They must have been absolutely over the moon when they knew she was coming. Imagine ...

      LOL I like the idea of 3 black Watch guys taking on a barful ...

    2. Aye it was brilliant that *ahem* meeting in a bar in Hong Kong. To be fair there may have been one or two more Black Watch soldiers involved but definitely a hell of a lot less than the number of sail;ors though. LOL

      It made the front page of the following day's South China Morning Post and resulted in the Red Light districts in Hong Kong being divided. Black Watch were only permitted in some bars and banned from others and the same for the American sailors. Incidents like that happening when I was a wee bit younger than I am now made me so proud to be a Scot! :-)

    3. LOL,,, Good tale Arbroath.

  5. I have watched dozens - if not 10s of dozens - of messages from people who supports YES, and they are all upbeat, enthusiastic, hopeful and full of potential and ambition. Can anyone point me to a similarly themed naw video .... Pleae, ahm no-no kiddin ...I've only seen monosyllabic, aggressive foul-mouthed FTP types, so this is a kinda genuine question.
    Anyone else get butterflies when they think of the 18th?

    1. The only butterflies I have weegiewarbler are about how huge the independence party is going to be in 2016. LOL

    2. I'm really excited by the positivity of Yes. Everywhere you go there are marvellous warm people. The whole friendliness thing is incredible. The atmosphere at meetings is superb; everyone chatting to people they've never met before. I was in the Yes shop this afternoon for a while and everyone who came in was warm friendly enthusiastic and positive from an old guy wanting a great big flag for his window to a school lad off to play hockey in Manchester this weekend for Scotland and wanting window stickers for his car.

      Of course I've never been in the company of a large number of No supporters, so maybe they are as positive about the future.

      War in the Middle East; war with Russia, new armoured vehicles, at £3.5 billion, more foodbanks, smaller state, private health care... It's hard to imagine a lot of politivity about that...although the new sewers for London, the new airport for London and the new train from London to Birmingham may be doing it for some... who knows.

      Maybe it's just the excitement of the fact that one day Prince George will have a brother or a sister and we shall all have another mouth to feed.

  6. tris and the deluded

    ' It's just a lack of vision for the rest.'

    Fascinating !! watching and listening to youse lot is like being at a revivalist meeting filled with religious nut-jobs showing all the evangelistic fervor of people being conditioned to accept belief in the divine being,

    truly fascinating

    I heard if (you wont ) Independence was by some dastardly malfeasance granted by Westminster.... New laws are being granted in the rUK banning yes voters on the basis they could radicalise citisens in the rUK into overthrowing the natural Tory ruling order (sometimes lent to the Labour party when the people are getting a bit uppity )

    a course of action i wholeheartedly agree with.

    1. Crikey, you still here Niko. I thought you had been nominated to lead the convoy South along side Miss Mone! We've had the M74 specially swept and spruced up just for you all. I'd hate to think we are going to have to go and do it all again tomorrow!

    2. arrbie
      well at least my taxes wont be used to pay for you to sit on your erse
      all day..wonder how long that will go on once the Nats have to pay not to long i will be bound

    3. Niko: first post. If all you can see is trouble ahead because of not pretending to be a mini superpower, not having clout anywhere and having to make decisions about stuff without the aid of an Eton education, then I think it is lack of vision.

      Can';t see what is wrong with that.

      If you think that what the working classes have in this country is just know, OK (as in UKOK) or indeed( Better as in Better Together), then you have a very low standard set for what is OK.

      If you have ever travelled you'll know that that is now how mos people live.

      Second post: I don't mind at all people joshing with each other and calling each other names on here. not at all. It adds to the fun and the camaraderie, no matter whose side you're on, but I think with respect that you owe Arbroath an apology for that last comment.

      Particularly coming for you, I thought it was a below the belt comment.

    4. They keep on doing that CH. The best they appear to have is Kezia Dugdale, whom as we have already discussed either doesn't understand what she is talking about (income tax and corporation tax are two different things Kez) or she's a bit of an old fibber.

    5. That's it Niko keep it going, attacking the seriously ill and disabled! Thank goodness I'm voting YES at least I'll still be alive AFTER a YES vote I can't say the same with a NO vote!

    6. tris

      I do retract my unwarranted comment and sincerely apologise. to Arbroath
      having two lifetime disabled brothers both unable to work.I should of known better perhaps in the heat of dispute and wind up i lost track of me moral compass.

      So I assure all in the republic it wont happen again..ever and I now lay down my poison pen and withdraw into private life and to those
      who like and to those who dont I say farewell

    7. Thanks Niko.

      Don't leave the Republic though.

      We all say silly stuff sometimes. Done it myself.

      A decent man knows when to apologise and you've done that.

  7. Replies
    1. Sorry Tris.

      Arbroath 1320s post about the Black Watch.

      Most Highland regiments were called that by the Germans, possibly due to the Bantam Regiments of WW1.

      It became a badge of honour in the BAOR in the seventies.

    2. Ah yeah, sorry. I should have known Conan. I had a relative in the BAOR and in fact as a little lad went to Munster, which I loved.

  8. Superb video Tris.

    Positive and full of hope. What's not to like ??


    The up beat YESSERS are almost a spiritual in they're ways Niko because they believe they have a chance to design a country different to the rUK. They have the will to do this , proof by the grass roots campaigns . It's a shame your not here Niko. I think you would find it uplifting too. Total strangers see your YES badge and chat or nod in agreement , Young old , every type of person possible. You would love it here .

    Even you would laugh at the NT campaigners dreary hopeless outlook. pulling out of discussions and refusing to debate. The have nothing to offer and you get used to the snarls and grumbles cos they are often in the minority.

    We have already seen a poll in todays daily express that shows YES 51% NO 39% and as shocked as i was with that rag there is a poll being readied and it has a YES lead too.

    Tris i thought the tipping point was the Salmond Darling debate. Darling was hammered . the pound argument was all they had left and folk know now. I have seen many NO voters change recently bu never once a YES voter saying Naw.

    Tick tock Wm and the union.

    1. Yes, possibly it was a Darling debate. The point at which he admitted that the pound was credible (because of course the markets were starting to show nervousness about losing Scotland's balance of payments), showed that it's all a farce.

      You're right too about the great atmosphere with the Yes community. It's electrifying and really cheering.

      Interesting the Express carrying the 51%, (although I never believe polls). What I do believe is momentum, adn we seem to have that.

  9. I got a rather amusing leaflet in the mail today, same old lies, same old misdirections.

    One thing I did find *very* amusing is that they got quotes from "Dr Bowie, GP" and "Cameron, Teacher".

    Then there's the straight lies on the back:
    "I want to keep the pound"
    "I want to protect schools & hospitals"
    "I want to protect my pension"

    Then there's this corker:
    "Voting No means more powers are guaramteed to come to the Scottish Parliament without losing the back-up of the bigger UK"

    And I just noticed some "FACT" lines across the top, which include this absolutely hilarious line:
    "By staying in the United Kingdom... WE HAVE BETTER PUBLIC SERVICES"

    I think they may have given up on swaying anyone who has the slightest clue, and are just trying desperately to hold onto their lead.

    Leaflet is claiming to be by Blair McDougal, on behalf of Better Together Ltd.

    I can get scans if people really want, but to be honest, I'm not sure it's worth the effort.

    1. I thought it was David Bowie calling from America, maybe even taking the time to do it in person this time, although I'm sure he's far too important for that.

      I seem to remember reading that he was offered some sort of knighthood thing by Blair and refused it, although he accepted the same thing from the French government, which comes, of course, without any kind of title. And of course he hasn't lived in the Uk since Ziggy Stardust was a lad. not exactly the best kind of advert for the UK... neither of course are many of the others who don't live in the UK... (and yes, that includes Lord Sean of Bond) and Sir Clifford of Portugal and the Bahamas.

      Anyway, sorry, I got off track there.

      Better services in the UK.... Well, I suppose that might depend on your definition of "better".

      If it means every decreasing to disappeared... then I suppose they are right.

      Or maybe they use the Thatcher measure: People want to pay for public services!

      I think they still have a lot of money left from the English Lords that financed them, and they have to try to spend it on something. Alistair's expenses can only gobble up so many millions. Mind, I wonder if they've had Brown's expenses claims. He thinks he's almost god, so I expect he won't be a cheap gig.

      Talking of God, has anyone had a giggle at the fact that the lying bastard Blair has been awarded Humanitarian of the Year.

      It's a bit like Pol Pot getting the Nobel Peace Prise.

    2. Well, Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize in anticipation of all the wonderful work he did in the middle east as US president, didn't he?

      I lost all interest in what the rich bastards are giving each other a long time ago. It just isn't important.