Sunday 21 September 2014


It didn't take long for the thieves to fall out...
... AND The real losers in this are Scottish Labour.
They are out of touch...
...Lost...Looking around for support...
...and finding it in the kitchen,
burning the membership cards. How sad.
I loathe you Gordon, but I don't think you did lie.
 I think you were naive and stupid to believe
 that the Tories would honour obligations you made.
You might have expected Ed to, but then
it's a rough old world and he's a nasty spiv.
You undoubtedly won this for them, but you will go down
 in history as the man who was used by London
to stuff his own country. Shame on you.
And now this is how they see us. 
This is what you get for having a YES sticker on your car.
The undeniable fact is that the young, who voted yes,
will be here a lot longer than the old, who didn't.
And all that oil money goes to fight wars, refit palaces,
build English railways and sewers...
... but the upside is that despite the Nazi thugs who were fighting
with young lassies and screaming obsenities at yes supporters
burning down newspaper offices and creating mayhem,
there are people who just wanted to give to the
local food banks, and did so.

I'm happy to say I'm one of you.
Oh no, there's no box big or strong enough now, Eck
to put the people that we have energised into.
Bravo Inverness (and Kirkcaldy...
That's a slap in the face Gordon.)
Thanks Alex. We couldn't have done it without you.
And Moira, one of the loveliest people you could meet.
We won't go away. We're watching.
Devo max... or we'll vote again
Jack Straw or no Jack Straw.
So says the furry one...
In the end after all his hopelessness
Gordon had to come in and win it for them.
Useless to the end.
Epic Fail...AGAIN Darling.


  1. Brilliant tris, I agree with every pic. YES
    Unfortunately looking at all those rotten-to-the-core politicians makes me wanna puke.
    Sadly the politician who stands head and shoulders above the rest is retiring, WELL DONE ECK

    1. Fortunately he will still be an MSP so we'll have his experience and knowledge in parliament.

      I don;t always agree with him but he's head a shoulders above his English counterparts and not even on the same planet as Davidson or Lamont.

      But yes, we'd have never got here without him. Well done, Eck, and don;t think for a minute that you've failed. Not at all. You've changed Scotland beyond recognition.

  2. Still we have come far. In 1974 Independence was supported by 15% now 3 times as strong.

    1. And clearly rising as over 10,00 join the SNP and several thousands join Greens and SSP in the last few days.

      I'd pay good cash to see the Labour Party's membership today...

    2. Hi Tris and Munguin,I believe SNP membership is up by around 17,000, Greens up by around 2,000 and SSP up by 1,200, all in FOUR days.

      Meanwhile over in the RED corner, oops sorry I meant the BLUE corner obviously, their membership has increased by 17 over the last MONTH! LOL

    3. I really with that the Tories hadn't picked blue.

      Do any parties run with dual colours?

    4. According to Labour it is at least a hundred... but as they keep it quiet there is no way we can know.

      Yeah, blue is a nice colour. They should have picked a horrible colour... like... Oh I dunno, gaudy sugary pink.

  3. REal penguins have feathers nor fur so there. :)

    Keep eyes open.

    1. You've made Munguin cross now. He asked me to point out to you that he is half penguin and half monkey. That explains his fur. Duh.

      Link seems to be broken CH... Munguin says it serves you right. :)

    2. I don't know what happened with that link I must of rustled some feathers somewhere!

      Try again if at first you don't succeed.

  4. Was it just me or dir alex salmond just hint at us declaring our independence if westminster goes back on their vow if thats the case im actually rooting for the lying ory labour libdem spivs to go back on their word new ref or straight out delcaration of independence.

    1. I didn't read (or see) that, but I've heard it second hand.

      UDI would be a ridiculous thing to do though, in my opinion.

      Specially after a referendum that showed a no vote. It' wouldn't be recognised internationally; it would certainly involve not getting a fair split of assets.

      The people almost undoubtedly wouldn't be behind it.

      But another referendum in 5 years time is possible, depending on how the votes go in 2015 and 2016.

      If they fail to provide what they promised, then I can imagine a massive landslide for the SNP/pro independence parties. If these parties have a referendum on their manifesto, although the Uk would try,it would be hard to refuse it.

    2. UDI after the 2015 General Election is doable if there are thirty plus Scots MPs who campaigned for independence.

    3. I suppose it is Conan, but it is as absolute last resort and couldn't be achiever without violence on the streets and we want that to avoid that at all costs.

    4. Yes, good performance as usual. He could do standup.

      If he wants a career now like Darling and Brown giving after dinner speeches he's an absolute success.

      Imagine listening to Darling for half an hour on a full stomach?


    5. They set it up so that they could get away with cheating.

      If they actually cared about "the will of the people" then we'd have had the systems in place to allow a recount.

      So fuck 'em. If we get a majority of MPs or MSPs who are pro independence, we can either go round the farce again, run it properly, allowing for recounts (and *lots* more security on the ballot boxes), or just UDI and have done with it.

    6. Alas Tris, the triumphalist behaviour of certain elements on Saturday when they won shows that there will be violence, come what may.

    7. It's sad. I was so proud of the fact that we had been peaceful... apart form a few nut job fringe people like BNP, OO and UKIP nutters who were arrested, and one dick who threw an egg at such a grand person as Spud Murphy. (MY god, it's almost as bad as hitting the Queen with an egg.)

      I don't want to see violence and i don't want to see contested independence with the world against us, barred from international groups.

      I don;t like all of them much (UN is a waste of space. It does what America says and Russia blocks it; Nato is now a tool of America so it can go to war without going to war alone, or with Tinkerbell Cameron for support0, but I don;t want us to be a pariah .

  5. Glad to see Inverness and Kirkcaldy voted Yes, but where do these figures come from? I thought it was only by Council area that the count was done.
    You don't have the figure for LEITH I don't suppose--everybody worked their socks off to show that Leith was different from toffee-nosed, selfish Edinburgh No voters.

    1. The figures came from tweets Anon, so I cannot guarantee that they are absolutely 100%. Mind you, you can't guarantee that what Mr Cameron said in parliament is the truth..

      I've no idea about Leith. I bet it was YES though.

    2. I saw a tweet that said Perth voted YES as well. :-)

    3. Good one.

      Although it seems well off, there is a lot of poverty in Perth.

    4. Arbroath 1320
      But how do they know this? Or is it a con?

    5. As I said it was someone who had tweeted the fact Perth had voted YES. I assume they were at the count and had been watching, along with others the count from the Perth voting stations.

  6. My little part of Leith is suffering from a severe depression to inflict more misery on my head.... Still, I see my fellow Hibee the Spook scored on Saturday!

    1. YAY. He must be broken hearted... I must go and see him soon.

  7. I liked your dalek so much that I've borrowed it...


    1. Munguin says you are welcome to him...

  8. No doubt that photo of the burnt out car was all over the news channels Tris. After all they all covered the peaceful celebrations of the NO voters in Glasgow on Friday night so well didn't they?

    Oh wait a minute you said the car had a YES sticker on it so obviously NOTHING will be mentioned. Nothing to see here move along now!

    1. The blessed BBC... ha ha ha.

      That's a great video btw Arbroath...

    2. The man certainly knows how to hold an audience in the palm of his hand doesn't he Tris?

    3. He's just genuinely agreeable to listen to. I remember the first time I was taken to see him. Gordon Wilson, the ex leader, was on first. I remember sitting there thinking... argh... If I get anymore bored I will chew my foot off.... then Eck came on and worked the crowd.

      I've done some lecturing and we teachers were taught to watch our group for signs of boredom. When you see them, pretty much right away, change tack... tell a funny story...sing a song, tap a dance, tell a joke... when they back on board, you can revert to the hard nasty bit that they have to know.

      Eck must have been doing that.

      I stopped worrying about getting to the pub and sat back and enjoyed his entertaining speech.

  9. Thanks anon...

    I may go to that.