Monday 1 September 2014


5 Woodside Place, Glasgow, G3 7QF


The Scottish Police Federation represents all police officers in the ranks of constable, sergeant, inspector and chief inspector, police cadets and special constables, over 18,500 people, 98% of all police officers in Scotland.

To: News Editor
Date: 1 September 2014
Subject: Independence Referendum

In response to the suggestion of absolute carnage in and around polling stations on the 18th Sept Brian Docherty, Chairman of the Scottish Police Federation said;

“The independence debate has been robust but overwhelmingly good natured and it would prove a disservice to those who have participated in it thus far to suggest that with 17 days to go, Scotland is about to disintegrate into absolute carnage on the back of making the most important decision in the country’s history

Politicians and supporters of whichever point of view need to be mindful of the potential impact of intemperate, inflammatory and exaggerated language, lest they be seen to seek to create a self fulfilling prophecy”


For further information contact Lesley Stevenson at 5 Woodside Place, Glasgow, G3 7QF Telephone: 0141 332 5234 Mobile: 07967 104173 Fax: 0141 331 2436


It doesn't seem impossible to me that the thinking behind this nonsense from the No Campaign was to incite violence. Fortunately the police seem to think it as ridiculous as the rest of us. 


  1. Just noticed that Wings covered this... Ooops. Sorry.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm supposed to get verbals first. It's the law.

      Just sayin'...

    2. I don't know about verbals but I can give you an egging.

      In the days of the Union the miscreants used to get what was called a pebbling.

      Murphy got off easily

    3. I'm a fan of rotten tomatos myself.

      But if they want to go Roman, then it would be a stoning.

    4. I have fantasies of cold porridge pats by slingshot - sort of like David and Goliath. I go to sleep with a smile on my face.

    5. Ahhhh... right Bugs.... there was me thinking Munguin had employed you to give me warnings...

      You're all a bit violent I have to say, stones, eggs, tomatoes.... and cold porridge.


  3. tris

    Did the yes supporter who wrote this missive in support of the snp
    ' all police officers in the ranks of constable, sergeant, inspector and chief inspector, police cadets and special constables, over 18,500 people, 98% of all police officers in Scotland. '

    and if so can he show the evidence to prove his assertions beyond a reasonable .doubt and also what job was he offered by the snp if the referendum was a yes result.

    1. Niko. It's an official message from the police federation.

      Funnily they don;t tell me who they have consulted.

      By and large do trades unions ask every single member?

      Why don't you ask him if he was bribed by the SNP. I'm sure that he will be happy to answer you. unfortunately I have no idea, not being him.

      Are you making that an accusation?

    2. Well said whomever the guy is, it's time someone spoke the truth.
      Thanks tris

    3. Well, I reckon folk can go too far with this kind of thing.

      Apart from one old man calling me a traitorous ****, I've had no problems with any kind of abuse. I've heard about signage being vandalised on both sides, and I've heard about Jim Murphy's "egg".

      More seriously, a pregnant woman being kicked, a shop being fire bombed and a pensioner attacked, but really nothing else, apart from a lot of people having a go on Twitter about elderly English celebrities like David Starkey and Bruce Forsyth, billionaire pop singers and sons-in-law of landowning dukes.

      Trying to suggest that people could expect third world situations at the polls is scaremongering.

      Someone has to put their foot down and it's no good coming form a politician. We don't rate them.

      For what it's worth the First Minister has already said that the bes way to deal with people like Murphy is to ignore him. When he finds that he only has 3 loyal subjects listening to him he'll pack up and go home anyway.

  4. Replies
    1. Wowsa.

      What a breath of fresh air.

      (Did anyone else catch that their foreign affairs guy is called Will McLeod?)

    2. Great!

      I wonder what North American tribe Will belongs to...

  5. Given the latest YouGov poll result I would have thought Niko would have left by now?

    1. He's at the back of the queue of 700,000 currently speeding down the M74 as we speak. LOL

    2. LOL well ... yes

      Still one poll, even one as unfriendly as Yougov doesn't mean too much. Let's keep at it.

      Incidentally, I've done Yougov polls for years, but in the last year I've not had one that asked me about Independence. Odd?

  6. This probably sounds like a pub quiz question, but:

    Is McMo bad for Niko?

    1. Nothing is bad for Niko. He lives in a wee world of his own.

  7. I expect the Scottish press to be all over this.

    Oh, hold on...

    1. Well, you see, they would be, but there is this really big story going down at the moment about some MP being egged.

      Difficult to get anything on the front pages when there is this outpouring of sympathy for Jim's loss.

      Expect to see a dry cleaning bill on his expenses anytime soon.

  8. Hi I think your new post will show very much what the Police are talking about. The NT or BT or what ever they are now have ramped up the violence and I am pretty sure reading between what people who were actually at Murphy's egging are saying that it was a put up job, not so the battering taken by the SNP member. Time people to hold it together, I have taken off my YES badge, there is an atmosphere which I do not like, but the one thing I would say that it is the other side and not ours which is the problem. What can you say for people who have the OO and Britannica on their side.
    Niko, really needs to find someone else to target, Alex Salmond is not the devil.

    1. Don't take off your yes badge, that's exactly what they want: to shut down the visible parts of the debate.

    2. Agreed. I brazen it out. I've had very little in the way of trouble. Just some old bloke calling me a traitor.

      But no matter I'll not take off my yes badge, or take my posters out of the car or the house window. Not for anyone.

  9. I hope Sincerity Jim had the ethics to buy free-range for his minders. Funny that the skinhead egg thrower had the egg in his right hand and an ear-piece in his left ear. Funny that...

    1. Hmmm somehow Murphy and ethics don't really go together. I'd be looking at his expenses to see how expensive the eggs were....