Saturday 13 September 2014



Perth today
The women march separately
Must have been raining in the capital today?
Paisley today
Cardiff today. Ffrindiau diolch
Nice lady from England gives her advice
The Latin translates as "Who will separate?"
The answer is "cum fortuna nos separabit"
Not much into star endorsements, but what Paolo
says is true.
PS: Paolo: When I spoke to Petula she said she
loved singing with you in Switzerland
It still says YES.
But now it says YES and some dick has scrawled paint on it.
That's why it is pointless.
Inverness today
Well, don't say you weren't warned. This combination, with Boris and Nigel
is not out of the question for the English voter. Wouldn't be a lot of fun here though.
Who are you again?
Buchanan Street today.
Put this back in a box Miliband?
Dundee today


  1. Looking at those wonderful pictures if all my YES brothers and sisters fills me with hope for the future, in an independent Scotland, alas I cannot say the same for those who march under the banner of the union or O/O.



    The latest poll by Survation carried out for Better together, do I believe it? NO WAY!

    1. It is a cheering site.

      I was in Dundee town centre this afternoon. Anas Sarwar's big red bus was there and there were a few people around it. Terribly posh looking they were too.

      There were two YES stalls, which was great to see and something called Socialist Britain, which was amusing because, as far as I can see there is not one British party at all that even beings to promote socialism.

      Above we have a chart of the main parties. Tories, right wing and moving farther to the right with Boris looking like the next leader. Labour centre right. UKIP, now the third party of hard right wing racists, fascists, homophones and misogynists and the 4th party of people who seem prepared to wear whatever clothes will give them a little bit of power.

      I really hope it's YES... if not it's the end of Scotland if any of that lot get their way.

  2. Had to go to work today, just for a quick visit, sign on, do the biz, sign off.

    My office is on Cockburn St.

    The biz had to be done after 11AM.

    I had to cross an Orange Walk wearing a YES badge as there was no way I was going to take it off for these...people.

    An almost good natured "Wanker!"

    A couple of Norn Iron accents "shame!"

    One "Beardy cunt!".

    My town. Going about my business.

    Will a YES vote end this kind of tribal shit?

    Let us hope so, for it's sure a NO one won't.

    1. The OO are not known for their subtlety, or indeed their intellect.

      Basically they seem to me to be a pile of antiquated bigots, misogynists and weirdos whose memories seem to go back a few hundred years but who seem to rope in young children to help them.

      For all that I don't want to see anyone banned in an independent Scotland.

      No matter how narrow minded, thick and bigoted they are, they are entitled to their view and I suppose to express it. I doubt either that we will be able to educate them into a more peaceful co-existence with their fellow people. They are miles too thick for that. The bring to mind the likes of that Robinson woman who preached hellfire Christian values while she was having sex with a lad young enough to be her grandson, and who was the son of her recently dead friend. Oblivious to their own faults and rather overly wordy about everyone elses.

      Of course many of them were probably not from here. This is their answer to David Cameron begging people to come from all over "this scepter'd isle, this England", as he once called it (when the Chinese insulted him) and plead with us not to break up his family, otherwise he will be broken hearted. So normally these people will be at home in their own country, where what they do is their business.

      I look forward with eager anticipation to his heart being broken.

      I had an altercation in Lidl this afternoon, which will have repercussions for the person involved.

      I went to the checkout wearing my "Vote Yes" hoodie.

      The guy said to me, something about voting no. I said clearly I was voting yes.

      He said: "all the prices will go up".

      I asked: "Is it official Lidl policy to advise customers that prices are going up?"

      He said "Don't get me into trouble".

      I said: "well is it, or is that your opinion?"

      He said: "We reckon a tin of beans will go up to £1.25"

      I said: "So Lidl says that. I clearly will no longer shop in Lidl's"

      I started to walk away and he was shouting after me... "Don't be like that. You'll get me into trouble."

      Too bloody right sunshine.

      There was a queue of shoppers behind me listening to every word.

      He's a liability to the business.

      We'll let his area manager work out what to do with him.

    2. Yes, I should have said, I agree with Andrew. Well done you for not taking the bait and going about your business.

    3. Brave Man you, Cudos to you for doing so. I would walk a mile out of the road with them.

    4. Tris, good on you, sick to death of these people, they are working for a company they should stick to the rules. I worked for years in local government and we were not allowed to even comment around the press, would have got the sack.

    5. Conan

      Umm ! Sorry about that I retract the C@@t but not the beardy

    6. Shocking, Conan, imagine referring to you as "Beardy"!

    7. I've complained in general terms Helena. I don;t want o get the lad into trouble, but I want it made plain to them they mustn't do that... so unless he owns up to it, he's not gonna get the sack.

    8. Niko... I've never really seen you as an orangeman... more lemon... :)

  3. Is Miliband saying, "Where's the cheese, Gromit?"

    1. Eeeek No. I like Gromit.Much more appealing that old sour face.

  4. I think your pictures from Buchanan Street are an obvious fraud. If such a thing had really happened, I'd have seen it on the BBC. Wouldn't I?

  5. PS. Do Unionists think 'NAE' means 'No', in the sense of the opposite of 'Yes'? I wonder if their dictionary didn't specify the two meanings of 'No'.

    1. Yes, I think someone was pretending to be a real Scot and understanding the language.

      'Nuh' would have been appropriate there. And most of us probably do speak some English so we would have understood No, or Nope.

      Nae, of course, as you point out, means something quite different.

      (Unless, to be fair it's a dialect we don't know.)

    2. Iain time they got themselves a Scots/English Dictionary, they really are frauds.

  6. 15,000 Orangers in Edinburgh worst example of what it means to be British Together - some have threatened to leave Scotland if we become independent ...,. not such a bad move for the rest of us.

    1. My response to religious nut jobs who want to leave independent Scotland, or indeed Britain, is... Bye. So yes, I'll be happy to see them up sticks and cross the border and take their bigotry with them.

      The thing is that the people who threaten that kind of thing never actually do it. They seem to think that people will care if they leave. Usually no one does. And usually they don't go.

      After all, where would they go? Where would they live? Where would they work? If they didn't get a job, they wouldn't get any benefits.

      It's ok if you're Michael Cain and you threaten to leave. You can go live in your Beverley Hills mansion. If yer Jock Mcbloggs, this is a less likely possibility.

    2. So we have a win win situation, mind Michelle Moan is still here moaning and she seems to have the money, so why does she not go. I would even take her to the Border and throw her over.

    3. Is she the bra woman?

      If so, yes, she can afford it.

      I wonder if the UK government will be finding the relocations?

      I wonder if they will be able to find housing for her workers.

  7. Replies
    1. Yes, and they were too. You should have seen them. Crikey talk about smart looking people with expensive clothes, bags and phones, compared to us lot.

      It must pay well on the unionist side with all that Tory dosh, but they look after their own I guess.

    2. I think it is all the wee business folk that in general vote Tory, I am sure there are those who do not but on the whole it seems to be them and of course those stupid tribal Labour supporters. One big house in Transy, in Dunfermline has a NO in the window and a cottage not far from the Football ground has RED NO signs in the window, but the number of YES signs overwhelm them.
      Seems those who are voting No, it is for them, not for Scotland, well we are compiling a list of companies we will no longer use, regardless of whether we win or not. They do the country down then they pay.

    3. Yep, that's fair enough.

      I always said that companies are being quite brave coming out one way or the other, but some are determined to do so.

      In my area there are lots of shops with Yes stickers in their windows.

      But I won't knowingly buy products that are from No companies. Today I was just about to buy Baxter's Cullen Skink, when I was reminded that Mrs Baxter was against Scotland as a country. So, I thought, she can sell her soups to like minded people and put it back on the shelf and bought some Aldi's own brand at a third of the price!

  8. This is brilliant, so inspiring 8-)

    1. Thanks M... It was a fantastic day, no matter how many people tried to tell us we would cause a great depression...


  9. It's easy to see which side has the talent, the music, the heart and the sheer belief in their cause. I've heard a lot about how divisive this campaign has been - but just look at how people of all classes, religions, races and income levels have come together to show their love of Scotland. If we can keep this momentum going after we win on Friday, there will be no stopping us.

    1. Ah, well now, in fairness, the other side has Cliff Richard, Cilla Black and Sandi Shaw. Ah yes, I see what you mean.

      But I agree. People from across all the divides in Scotland are coming together, hugging each other and working for nothing top promote a Scotland that is fairer and more decent. Men and women of all religions, or all backgrounds and of all income levels and classes are looking for a chance to get a new country, one that's not all about who one's mummy and daddy was, and where one went to school.

      Oh, it is just so exciting and inspiring.

      Can't wait till Friday morning.

    2. Agree with you 100 percent Alex, and with you Tris.

    3. So... you'll not be raking out your Cilla Black selection...anyone who had a heart would vote no?


  10. Poet's Page


    Fear of conflict, fear of change
    Fear that our lives
    Will always stay the same

    Fear of sickness
    Fear of the dark
    Fear in the heart
    That we lost that spark

    Fear of the unknown
    Fear of something new
    Fear is alive and well
    Fear lives inside of you

    Fear of being alone
    Fear of suffering pain
    Fear of not knowing
    How to play lifes game

    Fear of the future
    For what it may hold
    The fear inside some people
    Knowing they will grow old

    Fear of helplessness
    When things are going wrong
    Fear because you know
    You're not really that strong

    The fear of never knowing
    The fear of facing death
    The fear of not knowing when
    You'll take your final breath

    Apocalypse Referendum (2014)

    Kilgore: Smell that? You smell that?

    Lance: What?

    Kilgore: Fear, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.

    Kilgore: I love the smell of Fear in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill Fear bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' dink nat body. The smell, you know that Fear smell, the whole hill. Smelled like

    [sniffing, pondering]

    Kilgore: victory. Someday this Referendum is gonna end...

    [suddenly walks off] In tears

    1. Bloody awful poetry Niko, but then you expect that from you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Niko, In Frank Herbert's novel 'Dune' there is a litany against fear which reads 'I must not fear, fear is the mind-killer'.
      It appears your mind was killed some time ago. My condolences on your loss.

    4. LOL. Niko is quite the literary man.

      But he's right. This referendum is gonna end... about 10pm on Thursday!

    5. Nico,
      I can smell your fear, from here.
      You know the end of the union, is near.

      I too can write bad poetry, but my point is still valid.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Sorry Tris, you know how much I hate going againt anything you or his lordship Munguin say (bows head in recognition of superior being), but it is obvious that you never received the e-mail yesterday. NOTHING happened in Glasgow or Perth or Inverness. It was just a normal everyday Saturday. Oh that is apart from the wall to wall support that followed Murph the Smuph and Deid Reid around Glasgow. The BBC would NEVER tell LIES and MISINFORM the TV TAX paying public ... would they? ;-)

    1. Well, we did actually get an email at the very highest level from a personage of even greater importance than Munguin.

      But it ended up in our trash box... Oooops.

      That's computers for ya...

      Let's shut the BBC down, shall we?

  13. Tris

    We are winning.


    1. Bruce

      I believe we are!

    2. I see Newsnet is telling us that a load of military people are coming out for YES.

  14. What a cracking weekend.

    great stuff again Tris love the pics and now i have a wee share button , which fires off to everyone with a touch. Superb.

    Place has been buzzing over the weekend. Huge support at the BBC protest easy 3000. YES campaigners all over , even my wee place. One lass asked if i wanted stickers and posters and i pointed to my flat behind us. Huge saltire and lots of YES posters.

    " Oh that's you , we left you because we are looking for dk's"
    She also said most folk have made up they're minds now and YES are in a huge majority.

    The writing is on the wall Tris. What a party friday will be . Most of my mates have agreed with their work that if it's a yes then they won't be in. Guess that will happen all over.

    I hope to be in Edinburgh at the gardens in time for the firing of the one oclock gun. Should be quite a day.

    Tick tock WM you have lost the support of the people of Scotland.

    Mind your arse on the door as you leave.

    1. HE he... yes, Friday will be some day.

      Munguin and I will be sitting here waiting for the result and when it comes he has promised me that I can have a sip of his champagne.

      I dunno about all the polls, if the window and the sticker on cars and flags are anything to go by, I think we will win.

      I wonder Westminster they will do on Wednesday... Bound to try something sneaky and underhand...

      That's what they learn at Eton.

      I hope you have a great time in the gardens Richy.. send us a pic...