Saturday 13 September 2014


Give this time to load up.

Then it doesn't actually get going for a while, but watch on because, this is Ed, on his sojourn to change Scottish Labour voters' minds and get them to vote for him continuing in his job adn the vague chance of him being the next PM of the glorious empire that is Britian.

Don't forget that whatever the result next Thursday, there will be blame and praise awarded in equal measure. 

There are so many in Labour who have done their bit, Darling, Brown, Murphy, Alexander, Lamont, Maggie, etc. If it goes their way they will be expecting to reap the rewards. Brown will doubtless claim that having saved the world, he will have saved the union having taken days and days out of his busy money making schedule to talk to invited audiences in Scotland for nothing more than expenses from his Tory millionaire backers.

If it goes our way, these people will emulate Jim Murphy with egg all over their faces. 

It's been suggested that a Tory party, already dissatisfied with Cameron, will want a new leader, and with Boris the Haystack just about to return to parliament, it's a dodgy time for him. 

Likewise, at a time when Labour should be riding high in the polls, they are a few points ahead of the unpopular Conservatives, and who's getting the blame? 

Weird Ed, of course! 

I wonder if he will survive a YES vote.

So the second part of this video is two ordinary people confronting Miliband on a variety of topics that are of interest to them.

Ed looks drunk. He seems unable to understand what ordinary people are saying, and has to have his questions answered by Dougie, who makes up some figures about child poverty and, protecting his dear friends in the Tory party, never mentions that this poverty has increased everywhere in the UK, as a result of Westminster's policies and not Edinburgh's.

Then Lamont charges in with her stock phrase... "It was an independent expert what told us and then he runned away..."

Whenever Jola doesn't understand something she's questioned about, out comes her "independent" expert. "Don't ask me. I don't understand all that stuff, but we have an independent expert. Now eat your cereal."

I imagine that the "independent" expert will be Darling or Brown or some Neo-Liberal, paid for by the Tory millionaire backers of BT. And we know how good they are with matters economic!
So, Ed, leader of the working man's party, red balloons everywhere,
what about the poor man trying to make some money
playing his flute? Not important? Probably won't vote?
Anyway, you look more at home with the rich suits.
In the end Ed, clearly fed up with the native droning on about poor people things and nuclear weapons when she "cannae get a hoose",  just walks away without a by your leave, followed by Dougie who appears to be physically attached to him, and then Johann, who clearly doesn't want to waste time on this when she could be sorting out her seat in the Lords with Ed. 

Fail, all three of you. Politicians of the people? What a laugh. 

But, erm, some credit to Ed for at least getting out of his limo in the streets instead of being driven in convoy into a corporate office compound owned by hard right wingers and with with staff on strict instructions to defer to their honoured guest. He may have ignored the ordinary people, or looked at them in a confused way (what are these people saying?), but at least he dained to breathe the same air as them.


  1. The young lady did very very well. asked all the right questions and had a reasoned argument. There is still a great deal to be done but this brings me hope that the thinking people in Scotland votes YES.

    1. Hi Running Man.

      She did, and she got no answers.

      "People feel very strongly about that, but if I believed that the billions we spent on Trident would feed kids, I'd vote yes..."

      Hmmm... and you don't, Johann... why?

      Not an independent expert telling you that you can't spend Trident money on food?

      These answers won't convert anyone, people. They just satisfy some of your own supporters.

  2. Ed acts dumb while genetically impoverished waffles about thinking! Ed doesn't like foreigners.because they speak funny.

    1. He looked drunk and lost.

      He did not look like a prime minister.

  3. Replies
    1. Huge support from Wales. It's really amazing how much they want us to succeed.