Friday 31 October 2014


Ed was wondering where that woman, what's her name again... Jean, Joan...
Oh well, whatever... where was she?
She was supposed to be his warm up act.
As Labour was enjoying its Halloween Party last night in Glasgow, without its Scottish branch leader, without a real deputy leader (because he had resigned) and with a potential leader, Jim Iraq Expenses Murphy, dropping off a bag of food at the food bank before turning up at the £100 a plate dinner (although this has nothing to do with the fact that he's standing for the leadership), a far more important and select gathering was taking place at Munguin Towers. 
It wasn't a £100 a plate
But this is lavish by Munguin's standards
Munguin himself threw a lavish, no expense spared, party for friends and a select band of supporters. Well, I say no expense spared...there was soup and some bread and beer... that counts as lavish in Munguin's world.

Another difference was that at this gathering no one had resigned, was in the process of resigning, or was intending to resign and no one had had the news that they were en route to meltdown. 
The Pumpkin who decided to let Jim Murphy stand in his place
A pumpkin, the insides of which had just made soup, entertained Munguin's guests with tales of how he'd thought he might stand as leader of Labour, but for the fact that Jim had beaten him to it, and it wouldn't do for two pumpkins to be standing for the same job.

At the dinner in Glasgow, Ed Multiseed said that Labour would prevail and that appearing to lose 90% of their support, in two separate opinion polls, was nothing that they couldn't handle. So, there you go. Ed knows what he's up against and he'll manage it with his customary panache. And with right wing Jim as his branch manager, there's no danger that any nasty socialist policies will appear to put the nice middle class voters of the Home Counties in a state of fear and alarm.
Mr Miliband got a "warm" reception for his grand do for
 rich people who can
afford a week's retirement pension for one meal
Outside the Glasgow gathering there was a demonstration against Blue Labour, and a collection for a local food bank. There were no crowds outside Munguin Towers. That's not Munguin's way. There was however, a collection inside the party for the local food bank.

Talking of which... Halloween is over, bonfire night is but a week away, and although we have been having Christmas thrown at us since late September, the real deal will be starting shortly. 

British Christmas now lasts for 3 months of the year. We are exhorted by businesses to spend everything we have, and some that we don't have, on making sure that we all have the very best Christmas ever, and that seems to involve a gluttony of food drink and presents for everyone within a 5 mile radius.

So Munguin and Tris have a suggestion. We don't want to spoil anyone's fun, but we think that Christmas has gone over the top. There's a huge amount of waste, and at the same time, there are so many people who have nothing much to eat on a normal day, never mind Christmas day.
Even Iain Duncan Smith, on his £53 a week,
 could have managed Munguin's dinner.
Probably would have been on expenses anyway.
So this year, instead of buying excessive amounts of food, drink and gifts, Munguin and Tris will be donating what they would have spent on presents for each other and all but their closest relatives, to the local food bank and to a local church which collects new toys for children who wouldn't otherwise have any.

We are not religious. It just seems the right thing to do...
It's the 31st October.
Where's the Command Paper?
Just asking...
PS: Alan sent us this which we thought was hilarious.

As is this exchange on Twitter originally between Lords McConnell and Foulkes. Dear or dear, when the artistos start to fall out...

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