Monday 13 October 2014


So that looked quite successful...
Didn't it?
A lot of people turned up.
The evening will be hosted by Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont MSP and the Leader of the UK Labour Party the Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP.  The event attracts a variety of supporters, business people and celebrities, and promises to be an enjoyable evening.

If you would like to attend please contact us on 0141 572 6900 or email

Ian Price
Scottish General Secretary - See more at:
Three wee questions, why does Ed need to be there. This is Scotland.
Is that not Ms Lamont's job?
Oh, and, how much does it cost?
And finally, would it not be better to give all that food to the foodbank
and have a few packets of crisps? No?
Talking of minor entities ...
that's George before he got all grand.
And they love him too.


  1. Love Craig Murray, wish I could have been there but my daughters and granddaughters were, the wee one only 3yrs, for 7hrs they loved it AYE

    1. Ha ha... so good you said it twice... Another glitch in the Blogger system I'm sure...

    2. Oops I only clicked once honest 8-)

    3. :)

      It's OK. Blogger is troublesome.

  2. Interesting that, if there had been a Yes, most of these people would be wondering what currency their next wage (if they had one) would be paid in.

    1. Well, they wouldn't have, actually. Even the sainted Alistair and Gordon admitted that.

      You having a go at the unemployed there? I know that some Labour activists were looking for unemployed people who were canvassing for yes, to try to get them struck off the dole (brownie points from IDS, no doubt). On the other hand some unemployed people from England were bussed to Scotland on expenses to canvas for no.

      You see in my book being old or sick or unemployed or disabled or gay or bi or black or Christian or Muslim or indeed anything at all doesn't stop you from taking part in democracy.

      Much to the disgust of the Tories and Labour.

    2. Well, being Muslim does. I live in Saudi Arabia.

    3. What an interesting choice of name, William Wallace would be ashamed that you are using it.

    4. If you live in Saudi I know you have even less democracy than there is in the UK, Anon.

      It's odd, given Saudi's record on democratic rights, that they are such a close ally of the USA and UK, don't you think?

  3. Love Craig Murray, wish I could have been there but my daughters and granddaughters were, the wee one only 3yrs, for 7hrs they loved it AYE

    1. I had the pleasure of meeting him with Munguin a few weeks ago. The man is fearless and dynamic. he's looking for a house in Scotland. A huge asset to our campaign.

  4. Craig Murray is a voice for the voiceless in Scotland - a mighty Ambassador in our midst!

    Craig you weren't afraid to pop your head above the parapet to fight for the rights of Scotland the sovereign nation and the justice of our people. Let us all shout along side you!

    PS - Your exposure of the Blair/ Dewar re-drawing of maritime boundaries off the coast of Scotland to hand loads of oil to England on the Eve of the forming of Scotland's Parliament has got to be your best work yet - read it and spread it .... You look out from Dundee onto English waters!

    1. Yes, not just that. Craig ruined his own career as an Ambassador to stand up for something like decency, and that bastard Straw who is about as keen on democracy as Dracula is on garlic did his damnest to get him.

      Craig stood true. The Blair government was complicit in sending people to be tortured, to have fingernails pulled out... to be boiled in oil.

      The wickedness of New Labour....

    2. Craig Murray is and was a decent man, a man who would not tolerate what he saw and stay silent. He is to be applauded.

  5. That's called democracy Niko.

    The small number of members in Labour though are starting to fall out. There is a good article in the Herald about a movement to get Labour in Scotland separated from its big brother in England; to give it a new name, and to start adopting Labour policies instead of Tory ones.

  6. Going into next year's General Election all pro-independence people should vote for any candidate who espouses the independence route no matter whether they are Green, SSP, or SNP. In fact those parties should agree an umbrella label to overcome the anti-SNP stance of the Labour Party. That way Labour for Independence can take an active part in ensuring that no Labour candidate is elected in Scotland.

    Goodbye Magrit Curran, Ian Davidson, Wullie Bain, John Robertson, Jimmie Hood, Anas Sarwar. Enjoy your enforced retirement after milking us for years. You are an embarassment to democracy.

    1. HI Bill.

      It's going to be hard to remove the gravy trainers like Curren, Murphy and Davidson. They all have huge majorities.

      The funny thing is that they all represent constituencies which are not just poor, but poorer than most places in Europe, and some have life expectancy lower than the Gaza Strip.

      However, I see already that whilst UKIP with one MP is being given a platform in the debates that will lead to Election 2015. The Greens with 1 MP are not.

      And as for the parties in the Celtic countries?

      OK it's a given that the BBC and Westminster agree that there should be no platform for the nationalist parties, and it's not good tv to give a place to irish parties that most of us in Britain know nothing about. I can understand that, but what about this separate party with its own leader, called Scottish Labour?

      Why is it being excluded from the debates?

      I'd love to see Allan Grogan set up a proper Labour Party for Scotland. And I hope that all the parties on the left (which all support independence) will get together to concert the attack on Westminster austerity, war and class divisions.

      This is one of those times in British politics when things could actually change. I hope we can make it happen.

      I can't help thinking that if we don;t we will be forced more and more into Dickensia.

    2. As you say their constituents are among the poorest which is shocking for so called 'socialists' they are all a disgrace to the human race AYE

    3. The trouble is that the Labour MPs of today seem to have no empathy with the people that they are supposed to be helping and representing.

      They don't understand the background and the problems. If they were clever enough and lucky enough to get to university, they really can't understand why other people just don't pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get on with it.

      They are career oriented and that careers seems tied to London where the Big Boys play. They are not interested in the drains in some dreary estate in Glasgow. They would much rather be running a war in Iraq and strutting on the word stage, no matter how ridiculous (Jack Straw) they look..

  7. Well Nicolas you won the first skirmish you have not won the war. your foot soldiers are not here forever and the ones coming up are not the ones who were forced together by WW2. I expect given that none of the Westminster Party are in any way shape or kind in any position to give Scotland what was promised and that will anger some of those who voted No. Only needs a very small percentage, who knows.

  8. Better not tell Niko about this gathering in Glasgow. Poor thing might have a heart-attack if he realises Glasgow isn't solid SLAB country anymore...

    1. No, Niko thinks it's all be put back in the box, and that Ms Lamont's 10p tax variation powers has solved all the problems.

    2. Poor Niko...I suppose it takes longer for reality to hit somewhere that deep in the Liebore bunker...

    3. tris

      Thats right its back in the box and there will never ever be another referendum
      in Scotland ever again .............mayhap a UK wide one.

      You and Deano are under the some what deluded idea that Scotland is
      the personal fiefdom of the snp unfortunately for you but def fortunate
      for us the Referendum result showed the settled will of the Scottish people
      is to remain firmly within the continuing Union.

      What i find perplexing is having for decades argued for a referendum which
      took place under a snp majority at Holyrood,And which was lost by a good convincing majority under a large turnout.

      The nats now seek to undermine and overturn a vote not yet a few days old.
      How democratic is that in what way do the Nats measure and accept the
      Sovereign will of the Scottish people.
      There behavior thus far seems to be opposition to what was said prior to
      the vote 50+1 Was sufficient for Independence to be declared. And yet a NO win over YES by 10% of the electorate is being portrayed as a illegitimate fraud.
      I mean what is this sovereignty or settled will of the people you Nats
      harp on about, you just had a free and fair election and yet spit on
      the result and the Scottish people because it wasnt the outcome
      you hoped for.

    4. Two words Niko: THE VOW

  9. The changing demographic looks like it will deliver for us in the end.

    That and the fall of newspapers, and (hopefully) the evil BBC.

  10. tris
    Just watching Margaret Curran in the Parliamentary debate ..

    THE VOW that just an excuse you lot would behave in the same undemocratic
    and i might add unpatriotic way to the Scottish people temerity to vote against
    the snp regardless of any VOW or no vow

    Alistair Carmichael ..........snp going back on there Word ?? on accepting
    the will of the Scottish people .
    Angus Robertson refusing to rule out second referendum.....weasel words
    well said Alistair

    1. Just can't believe that you can say all that Niko.

      Your people made promises.

      It seems to me that the YES side has accepted that it lost the referendum, but that polling by unionists showed that it did so on the basis that a promise had been made to devolve virtually all power to Scotland. Dr Brown said as near federalism as you can get in a state in which one country has 85% of the population.

      To begin with people like Alistair and Gordon were saying that the Brits had better keep their promises.

      Now it seems they have been warned to tow the Westminster side... Lordhoods withheld?

      The Yes side accepts the result ... but the whole result.

      All we expect (and we don't really) is for the perfidious Westminster to keep its side of the bargain.

      I'd never have bought it in a month of Sundays. Westminster has been lying to people all around the world for 1000 years.

      Everyone knows that David Cameron is a lying sack of shit. No one cares much what Miliband or Clegg thinks. But some people obviously thought that Gordon Brown was a man of his word.

      Bloody idiots.