Friday 31 October 2014


It should be noted that Mr Duncan Smith can live in £53 a week...
One breakfast and £124 worth of sundries...
So I'm sure you'll find that he doesn't claim this food allowance.
Will someone please tell me why I am subsiding 650 MPs on top of their salaries,
 while an OAP gets £112  + or -!
Under the Commons additional costs allowance, MPs were allowed to claim up to £400 for food every month – £4,800 a year – without having to submit receipts. 

That is until they abused the system and were caught and shamed by the Daily Telegraph for stealing vast amounts of taxpayers' money. 

This allowance has since been replaced with a flat-rate sum of £25 "for any night which a member spends away from his or her main home on parliamentary business". 

I'm not sure how they make that £160 a week.

However, on the basis that they may be away for between 4 and 7 nights a week that comes to between £100 and £175 a week.

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