Sunday 19 October 2014


1. Labour begs Gordo to take over from Jola (and someone at the
Daily Fail has a go at Nicola because of her clothes and hairstyle.
How intellectually incisive).
2. Labour grandees (if you could call Jock or Henry grandees)
are beginning to see what the rest of us saw for
the last 10 years. Labour has failed its core vote.
3. Gordon says no. He prefers to be worldwide envoy for education.
He's too old for a proper job at 63.
Not quite sure why they all think they can put retirement age up to
70, when a man of 63 is too old for a full time job.
Anyway, what Labour needs is someone with a little bit of the socialist about him. 

Gordon is new Labour.


  1. We live in interesting times. Whilst I'd like Slab to get a kick up the jacksie next year, I fear folk might fall for the "vote Labour to keep the Tories out" meme. The Yes parties need to get the message out that it doesn't work. We'll get the government England gives the Celtic fringes. I mean fair enough, c85% of the population does live in England.

    Speaking of getting messages out, can you let me have an e-mail address to send my wee piece to? I'm having no luck with clicking on the blogger link. If it meets with Munguins approval, a big if, then could it be published under panda paws and not my real name please.

    1. I agree it is important to get it through to people that voting Labour will not necessarily keep the Tories out. It sometimes works, but very rarely.

      I've never had a problem with the fact that the English decide the government. They are, as you say, 85% of the population. But that's why I don't want to be in union with them. Unions may work when countries are equal within them... and we are not. Like it or not our way of life is dictated by the English, who are perfectly reasonable people, but maybe don't quite want the same kind of lives as us.

      Equally, apart from selfish interests of the Labour party, I see no reason at all why the English shouldn't vote for their own laws without interference from the Irish, Scotland or Wales.

      It is beyond farce that a Scottish MP can influence education or law and order in England, come back to his constituency and not face a single criticism about it... while an English MP has no say on the same kind of policy in Scotland.

      It's madness. Even worse when someone like Reid was Home Secretary, making law for English people which he didn't ever have to face a constituent about.

      By the same token, ministers in the House of Lords who make statements or laws should be made to face the people at some point.

      I wonder if Fraud would have dared to say that disabled people should be paid £2 an hour if he'd been going home at the weekend to a constituency where thousands of disabled people might wish to attend his surgery... ?

      Anyway, of course you can have the email address:, and Munguin always respects people's right to privacy, so your article will appear under PP!!

    2. Hi

      can I just check if you mean gmail rather than gamil?

      yours the proof reader

    3. Ha ha ... yes... testing testing....

  2. "Intellectually incisive" and the Daily Fail in the same sentence, never saw that coming.
    As for "Scottish" labour, hell mend them; for the way they have cheated their country and supporters for years. All in the name of party and self aggrandisement.
    Gordon "saviour of his own universe" Broon, would never take the pay cut, he'd rather go to the retirement home for lying labour bastirds, where he will actually turn up; £300+ a day never going to give that up, is he?

    1. Ah... I like to keep you guys on your toes.

      Imagine Gordo working for £55,000 a year.... lol lol lol.

  3. Why do I think that the Daily Heil is up to mischief?

  4. Tris

    Labour are a mess, every part of their party is a shambles. They just don't appear to have a clue let alone a vision. The polls may be saying Labour have a slight lead but I just don't buy it. I suspect many people in England are ready for change but sadly are looking at the wrong party to do that, UKip. If I was a Labour member I would be having a serious look at where things are, the working poor and the poor are screaming out for someone to represent them in England and in Scotland there is the SNP but in England there is no one and that is a real danger.

    I also think that NS will put Labour under real pressure given she is truly a left of centre politician, I don't AS really was but he understood the need to make sure that all of society benefitted from what it provided, I suspect that NS will be more into wealth redistribution where appropriate and that should scare Labour down to their souls. She will face a real media onslaught though and we are already seeing the SNP getting marginalised for next years GE. They should try to get one person to stand in England for the SNP and really set the cat among the pigeons, of course they won't but it would be fun.

    If I were a Scottish Labour member I would be breaking away completely from labour and starting again.

    Either way Labour are in deep trouble.

    1. I see that Margrit reckons that they are heading leftwards... ho ho ho... That's gonna go down well in Chelsea!

  5. Please save us from a Labour government by voting SNP, then the English voters will give Scotland backing for independence out of sheer gratitude , and then the two countries can carry on in a friendly amicable way in future .

  6. Replies
    1. Surprised at the last few... well Patrick and Nicola anyway.... Not surprised about the top part, although I'd have thought IDS would have been up at the top.

  7. "someone at the Daily Fail has a go at Nicola because of her clothes and hairstyle."

    Well no, someone at the Daily Fail is making it obvious that they have never been to an SNP conference. I have never seen her on stage in anything other than a skirt and heels - and she always looks smart.

    1. Argh..... This is my third attempt to answer this point ... the other two have disappeared into the ether.

      By and large I think I can say that Nicola always dresses in a business like fashion. Smart suits and blouses.

      Ms Lamont must have had some dressing lessons from a consultant, because she too now dresses in sober colours and smartly.

      Ruth too, although she has a tendency to wear really tight jackets that don;t suit her.

      Women in politics get a lot of stick from what they wear. Men don't. But that's because ,men have to wear dark suits, light shirts and dark ties and brown or black shoes. Not much to talk about ... or criticise there. What they wear doesn't reflect their personality or sense of style. They wear what they have to.

      I don't much care what people wear. i wouldn't care if Nicola wore jeans and a t shirt. It's what she says and does that is important. However, people seem to expect that politicians dress for business and i have no problem with that.

      I just don't much care what they wear.

      Let's hope this one gets through...

    2. Agree that it shouldn't matter what you wear. It's what you say and do that are important.
      But in the real world for a women to be taken seriously she has to have matching tights and handbags!!! Short hair or shortish hair, avoid heavy make-up, wear skirts, men prefer them!!! She can never be emotional, ie. no crying or mentioning of any household responsibilities that may need consideration.
      But then maybe as a women I'm biased?

    3. Well, to be fair, in the real world a man, in business, or politics must wear a dark suit, a light shirt and a tie and smart polished shoes in Brown or black depending on the colour of the suit (which is usually blue or grey).

      They must not carry a bad, but a briefcase and also cannot be emotional (men do want to cry sometimes too).

      And I guess, even when men do have household responsibilities (which they often do) the boss doesn't want to know.

      As one of my ex bosses (a woman) would say. I don't pay you to worry about getting some bread or milk on the way home. Incidentally, I did try to get this boss to loosen up over what men were obliged to wear during a very hot summer, when one of the male staff was ill with the heat.

      I told him to take his jacket and tie off and roll his sleeves up.

      She told him to put them back on again!

      She was wearing a sleeveless blouse, no jacket and cotton skirt!!!

      So it's not all cakes and ale being a man either!


    4. I have been in the position where I was in charge of ahem, MEN. Mind my boss did ask a potential recruit if he minded working for a women. If it had been a bit later on I would have had him in front of the equal opportunity people. I had as much trouble with both sexes and sometimes the bitchy women were worse so I can sympathise. There are those who are Thatcher to a tee, and make many people's lives a misery, Nicola doesn't come over like that to me. I doubt she tolerates the stupid though.

    5. I've worked for bad men and bad women... and a few decent bosses of both sexes.

      Frankly it's much of a muchness...

  8. Labour are in a fully fledged meltdown.

    The polling evidence since the pyrrhic (for SLAB) indyref result is now being confirmed as reality as senior SLAB grandees tear into Johann 'Astonished!' Lamont.

    1. They have, however, some massive majorities to be overturned, before the smug grins are wiped form the faces of the likes of Curran, Davidson, Murphy and Brown.

    2. As Peter Kelner of YouGov says, an 8% swing can hand the SNP at least 8 Labour MPs. That's a good enough start.

    3. Many of Labour's large majorities are on small turnouts though. So IF a high turnout can be achieved, some are vulnerable to Yessers voting strategically. That said Jim Murphy has a large majority on a high turnout so the least trusted politican in Scotland will get back, though perhaps on a smaller majority.

    4. I'm not sure that 8 ex-Labour seats will have Westminister quaking in its boots, Dean, but it certainly would damage the Labour sense of security. And as you say it's a start. Added to the 6 that the SNP holds (although you have to worry about losing some ground to the Tories in the agricultural areas, where despite being SNP heartlands, they voted NO). There are Liberal seats up for the grab too. Some with fairly small majorities. Who will get them?

    5. That's true PP. It can be done. Get out the vote that doesn't usually vote.

      There are some that will be safe though, and they are the worst. Murphy, Harris, Bain, Davidson, Curran.

      We have to keep the people who got interested in politics, interested and involved.

  9. The next FM of Scotland.

    1. Erm... nothing wrong with that.

      It would certainly make the the members sit up and take notice...

    2. Tris, I think you should maybe change your reply....

    3. No Naughty Conan, really naughty Conan. Tris some how I just cannot see Nicola going down to that level, a much too sensible Scots Lassie for that.

    4. Ah... that was unintentional, Anon.

      LOL No Helena, I think that she won't need to do that.

      Her political ability will quite enough.

  10. Anonymous - I think you're right, the SNP should stand a candidate in an English constituency. I think Alex Salmond should stand in Berwick-on-Tweed, because it's starting to look like a shoe-in for the Tories, now that Alan Beith with his wee small majority, is standing down next year and the likely collapse of the Lib Dem vote.
    Alex Salmond is an auld hand at Westminster, and knows how to play the system. It would also remove the sleekit ban by national broadcasters on any party which is not fielding candidates throughout the UK in taking part in GE broadcasts.
    And maybe Berwick would like to be part of Scotland again?

    1. Novel idea.

      I think there are a lot of people in the north of England who wouldn't mind being part of Scotland.

      Maybe they should stand someone in Berwick... It';s an idea. It might encourage the BBC to allow them to get involved in the tv debates along with Nigel Farage.