Saturday 9 August 2014


The Herald has published a report about a resolution in the House of Representatives in Washington DC.

The heading points out that the resolution has been raised, but they don’t bother to mention the important fact that it was supported by 27 of the 435 Congressmen or women until half way down the story.

Isn’t that quite important? Indeed isn’t it rather embarrassing that they got such a pitiful support for it?
Ming the Mystified
Ming Campbell is dragged out of wherever he is stored these days to lecture us on how many Americans Scottish roots have.  (This might have something to do with the appalling conditions that Scots lived under in the Uk which forced them to leave for somewhere else and the almost certainty of a better life at various stages in our history, and as recently as the post war period. They can be found in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia too.

Of course Ming is worried about the special relationship, which I’d have thought was likely to be quite safe with the UK, even with Scotland gone. After all the special relationship is about the UK saying yes to whatever America tells it to do, buying its nuclear weaponry from the USA and allowing them to withhold the launch codes. Indeed allowing them to think of it as their own. 
Ming the Magnificentish...
I’m sure that the Uk can do that toadying without Scotland.

Scotland will, I am sure, given the aforementioned close ties with the USA, have a successful but perhaps less sycophantic relationship with Washington, given that it has no aspiration to be a permanent member of the Security Council, or near the top of any other clout waving body.

Campbell goes on to say “"The names attached to this resolution and the positions they held in the Congress makes it clear that this resolution is a serious expression of opinion.”

What? You really would think that he might have had qualms about saying that given that 408 out of 435 of the members of Congress didn’t bloody support the thing. Is he daft?

Jeez, yesterday it was Cilla Black and Bruce Forsyth and today Ming the Mouldy! Give us peace!

Here is the article for those who don’t have access to the Herald.
Munguin's shed or Congress or something important like that
A resolution in support of a "united, secure and prosperous" United Kingdom has been tabled in the US Congress ahead of the independence referendum. The resolution "expresses deep friendship toward the Scottish people" and "respects the right of the Scottish people to make their decision" on the issue on September 18.

It goes on to say: "The House of Representatives believes that a united, secure and prosperous United Kingdom is important for US national security priorities in Europe and around the world."

House Resolution 713 references Winston Churchill and the "special relationship" between the US and UK, and highlights the millions of Americans who have Scottish roots and ties.

It was introduced by Brad Sherman, Democratic congressman for San Fernando, California, on Monday and has attracted support from 27 Republicans and Democrats.

The resolution follows comments from Barack Obama, who previously observed that the UK appears to have ''worked pretty well''.

Speaking at a press conference with Prime Minister David Cameron in June, the US president said that America's interest in the referendum was to ensure it retained a ''strong, robust, united and effective" ally.

Commenting on the resolution, Sir Menzies Campbell, Liberal Democrat MP for North East Fife, said: "Notwithstanding the emotional connection with Scotland which many members of Congress have, there is no doubt that in both Senate and the House of Representatives there is concern at the idea of independence for Scotland and the impact that would have on the UK, which is regarded as one of America's closest allies and with whom we have a unique relationship in the sharing of intelligence.
Brad Sherman: Control yourselves ladies.
Didn't he record Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda?
"The names attached to this resolution and the positions they hold in the Congress makes it clear that this resolution is a serious expression of opinion.
"The signatories have rightly recognised that the decision is for Scottish people alone but following President Obama's previous intervention on this matter there can be no doubt about the level of American concern."

A spokesman for the pro-independence campaign Yes Scotland said: "It's great to know that Scotland has so many friends and admirers, and we know they will all continue to be our friends and admirers after we vote Yes on September 18.

"We're sure that everyone who genuinely has Scotland's interests at heart will be delighted in future years to see a fairer and more prosperous Scotland emerge using the great opportunities of independence to grow our economy and make an even bigger contribution on the global stage."


  1. Wouldn't give a toss even if 100%, of the American congress supported it. It is about OUR right to self determination and sod all to do with them.

    1. Absolutely. I wish people would stop telling us that it is up to us (that's democracy) and then telling us what THEY want us to do.

  2. Tris

    I might care if congress is going to end our poverty, our foodbanks, create employment and stop blind support to thebterrorists of the day which is Israel just now. Menzies, like congress, is a clown and needs to just , as we say in Dundee, shut his puss.


    1. Yes Bruce, Congress might like to instruct the prime minister to tell his evil minister for work and pensions to stop bumping off our people to make his figures look better and try to claw back some of the millions he's wasted on his daft universal credit, which won't be universal.

      I don't know which cupboard they found Ming in, but it was almost certainly designed at our expense by his designer friend.

    2. Food banks are a disgrace close 'em down I say NOW !!

  3. tris

    The USA says ' NO ' thanks to separation and they say it with love .

    Makes a very good headline/message to influence the voters 6% not so
    good we will bury that figure eh !!!.

    Tell me if the snp passed a law at hoylrood and only 6% voted on it
    would that make it no it wouldn't, you do have a strange ideas on
    democracy but then all Nationalist do .Basically they are not democratic at all
    the great man is there idea of governance..

    '. one of America's closest allies and with whom we have a unique relationship.'
    bit like a much valued Under Gardener.

    seems to me the current state of play is

    Unionist tails are upand wagging
    Nationalist ears are laying flat on there head with much whimpering.
    Nicola ( the well known spiritualist ) says the spirits in the SNP have “never been better” why does she need to shout that from the roof tops. when you get politicos
    saying things such as that you can bet yer English pound Oops the its our pound
    and we are keeping it (shite motto that one ,bit like saying its our chain to the Union and we want to keep it ) there is a problem...cue shiny snp smiley and smug face grinning like a demented moonie.....quote we are closing the gap and on course to win....yeah! yeah ! yeah ! whatever

    And now the ONE Westminster political party has committed itself in blood to
    no currency union, massive headache for Alex loose this one loose the referendum.

    me I always though a separate Scottish currency or the euro (whynot ) was the better answer but then wiser heads ??? say different

    1. Eh Niko that post is not up to your usual high standards, you know the one you impose on other's like Tris. The word you are struggling for is lose, the other word you have used is loose and in loose trousers.

    2. Helena

      thanks for the grammar lesson you are bril at the English umm but hows your Gaelic ?... thought so fair weather Scot .

      tell me since when did you become doorkeeper to the republic its
      tris kingdom he makes the rules and is a tad more inclusive you.

      There's small choice in rotten apples.

      The taming of the shrew

      poor Mr Helena my heart felt commiserations.

    3. Niko. If only 6% of our parliament voted for something, it wouldn't pass , would it.

      That would be like the Liberals and the Greens voting for something and the SNP, Labour, Tories and Independents voting against. So silly question matey.

      As for the currency, I actually agree with you. I think we should have our own. We could call it the "Sporran"!. No, seriously, I'd prefer our own currency.

      The trouble with that is that, as a hard currency backed by so much natural resources, it would be as hard as the Swiss Franc or the Saudi Riyal, so they say.

      Without the Scottish exports, the pound would soften leaving England, Wales, Jersey, NI, IOM, Guernsey (and all the other countries that use the pound) with a weak currency.

      This would have repercussions for both Scotland and the rest of the islands.

      So as the currency commission says, we should continue, at least at present, to use the pound.

      Mr Darling says it means giving up sovereignty. Of course in a way he is right. But we give up sovereignty by joining any multinational organisation. EU, Nato, UN, for example, all make demands on us, but bring us advantages.

      Almost no country makes its own decisions about everything. Not even North Korea.

      So yes, there would have to be a ceding of some power over borrowing, and interest rates. But, although there are some, most independentists in Scotland would have a problem doing that.

      What we want is a situation where we raise our taxes the way we see fit...not suited to the mega rich City dwellers; that we are able to set minimum wages; that we can decide with whom and when we go to war; and how much of a role we play in world affairs.

      It's about getting back to running our own country rather than trying to play deputy to the USA. It's about getting rid of a government of the rich for the rich. It's about making our own laws to suit us.

      Sharing a currency, like being in the EU or Nato, or Efta, the UN or whatever, may touch on these things a little, but essentially the decisions will be made in Edinburgh, as they now are in London.

      I don't know about you, and of course as of next year you will be living abroad, and of course you can retain your British citizenship, so it won't matter to you, but I don't want, for example, the European Human Rights treaty removed. For all its imperfections it is going to be better than a British Bill of Rights, which is almost bound to favour the rich and powerful, as it seems always to have done. The rights of MPs and Lords and other top people, right at the top too, to get away with heinous crime, protected by secret service and the establishment, while persecuting the low life for stealing food for their kids.

    4. Niko, you do not really want to have me unleash the Husband, boy you do not want that. You may dislike my grammar but his is top notch.
      I am a lowland Scot, my family come from all over the South of Scotland oh and the Great Granddad was Irish from Donegal, 1880's you know Famine and all that so to my regret no Gaelic, but as you say my English could be better. As for Tris, it is Munguin's Republic and he only is the caretaker don't you know.

    5. Well said tris, I agree with your arguments. All this broohaha about the pound is rubbish and westminster knows it. They will be up shit creek wi'oot a paddle if we don't keep the pound and they ken it fine.
      Thanks also for good post.

    6. Damn right there Helena. Just a lowly employee. I'm on the dishes at the moment.

      Thanks M :)

  4. 6% that must be more than support the LibDems in Scotland. The BritNats are now heading into panic mode as desperation sets in clutching at any tenuous link to support their personal corruption and lifestyle aided and abetted with a compliant MSM.

    Tommy on fire Hope Over Fear

    1. Tommy is something else when he gets going!!

      I maintain that if the Britnats were really winning the way that they tell us that they are, there would be no chance of last least "ye anciente parchmente on more powerse" a pledge (snigger) signed by no less a personage as the deputy prime minister, presumably in what passes for his blood.

      Why oh why, when you are miles in front, do you accede to something that you absolutely drew a line in the sand about a year previously?

      It just doesn't add up.

  5. Do find amusing the snp scrabbling around the bottom of the statistical dustbin
    and dragging out statistical insignificant findings claiming they have found electoral Gold,fools gold certainly but not the real deal.

  6. Ming, his greatest triumph in life to reach the dizzy heights of Second Class Englishman

    1. Loved that one, and too true.

    2. Don't really know what to say about him, Anon.

      He's a local MP...just across the water from me in Fife. So, I'd heard a lot of the local stuff he did, opening fetes and suck like, because it was in the Courier.

      When he became leader of the party, it occurred to me that he was way out of his depth.

      The Liberals had let us down badly allowing Kennedy to carry on unchecked at a time when Labour was becoming a Tory Party, with no opposition from the Conservatives, and the only UK party leader that could have provided an opposition was lying drunk somewhere.

      Now they didn't have much to chose from but Campbell was a dead loss. He always seemed out of his depth on anything other than Foreign Affairs, where I admit he seemed to be aware of what was going on.

      But he failed miserably as leader, and he's hardly elder statesman material. I doubt he'll be an MP this time next year. So I can't help but wonder why they want to know his opinion on what Congress says about Scotland.

    3. Didn't he donate some money to some charity or other and then claim it on expenses or was that someone else?

    4. Oh dunno. I think a lot of them do that though.

      Not sure about Ming. I know he had his London flat done up by an interior designer... at our expense. Because he's worth it.!

  7. Tris did a straw poll among friends in the US, well it has as much weight as that one and I asked four people in four different States, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Arizona and one who should carry a bit more weight as she lived in California and now in New York what their thoughts were. all seem to think we would not be worse off, the one in Arizona used to live in Canada and remembers when Canada got it's independence and wishes us luck with the UK Government.
    Other wise I agree with you, for God sake butt out and leave us alone.

    1. Thanks Helena.

      From my friends in America I've only had great support. Danny in particular has been supportive.

      Hard to see how a country that had a war of independence from Britain could be against someone else wanting to get away for the class ridden inequalities of British society.

  8. here is better motto

    The Bigger the lie the Bigger the win

    YES 43%(-4), NO 57%(+4). suck on that c blinking h

    New poll: 53% think Darling won TV debate, 28% back Salmond, 19% undecided

    1. Lovely Niko.

      You might as well all sit back. It's yours for the taking.

      We should all learn to be good Englishmen... or maybe not.

      I noticed ion Twitter, that a poll in Glasgow was for YES; on the Highlands was also YES. The Borders and Dundee too.

      So maybe we can go on being Scottish.

  9. Niko, you are an idiot to think any of that is true.

    1. Yeah, Darling was fantastic... or something.

      Blinky Flipper.

  10. Oh Yeah I'd forgotten all about the "Special Relationship" with the USA, we harbour their nukes, and back them up in their illegal wars, whilst the UK acts a s big US landing base hell we're already known as the 51st state.

    Meanwhile the US is bombing the shit out of Iraq, in a made up story about ISIS which is really a UK/US terror cell that helps keep unrest in Iraq, don't you just love our "Special Relationship" now wonder the world hates the UK, almost as much as they hate America.

    1. Aye, the junior partner... as Camergoon said.

  11. Lived for 25+ years in the US.

    What special relationship? I cannot recall once single solitary occasion when it was mentioned.

    1. It's one that only comes up when they need us to go to war.

  12. As I commented at Wings yesterday, this resolution is meaningless, and it's in a committee. When the House of Representatives reconvenes on Sept. 8, the Republicans who control it will be too busy foaming at the mouth, roiling their base voters and attacking President Obama for "presidentin' while black" ahead of our Nov. 4 Congressional elections to pay it any heed. And most of those who are listed as co-sponsors are our equivalents of back-benchers.

    I predict that on Sept. 19, the Democrats who signed it will welcome your renewed independence while the Republicans blame President Obama for allowing the UK to break up. Any chance we can have Eck when you're done with him?

    1. Ha ha ... Thanks Jon. Very wittily put.

      A waste of taxpayers' money then.

      The bank benchers are no marks then (unlike Campbell suggested).

    2. I recognized only a few names amongst the Democrats and none of those in top leadership. Among the Republicans ... well, there are no sane Republicans left, but Dana Rorabacher and Steve Stockman are definitely analogous to your UKIPpers.

    3. Right thanks for that speedy reply Joh.

      No marks and nut jobs...


    4. Yep, and here's an instance where you might want President Obama to say he favors this. There is no surer way to ensure its defeat in this Republican-controlled House!

  13. Jon in Chicago,

    What does it take for a resolution the bediscussed in the House and a vote taken?

  14. Replies
    1. The resolution was sent to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the same day it was introduced (Aug. 4), which is normal. Usually it's then up to the committee chair to schedule hearings on bills, resolutions, etc. If it gets an affirmative vote in committee, it would then move to the full House for debate and a vote.

      This is the sort of thing that could languish in committee or move quickly to the full House and pass quickly. Even if it does, it's meaningless no matter what anyone in London says. These sorts of resolutions pass all the time, commemorating national or local events, people of note, or as favors to some representative's constituents. For what it's worth, I'll drop a note to my representative, who is in the House Democratic leadership, suggesting that it would be very odd indeed for Congress to weigh in on somebody else's independence referendum.

      (Since this is sponsored by a Democrat, I'd expect the Republican committee chair to ignore it, but you never know.)

      You can get information on the resolution, its text, sponsors, and status, at THOMAS. Click the "bill number" button and then enter "h.res.713" (don't enter "hr713" or you'll get a different bill).

  15. Yoda says...

    "...many Americans Scottish roots have.."


  16. We all used to vote for Ming the Mendacious here in NE Fife - in order to keep the Tories out! More fools us, huh?

    1. Aye Richard. It seems that it didn't make a hell of a difference one way or the other. Vote Ming, Get Tory...

      At least you tried.

      Think he's make it next time?

  17. Well, I'm off to prod Ming and Mike Crockart at an indy discussion tomorrow. I'm guessing that that they're not expecting dissenting voices.