Thursday, 21 August 2014


Outings for the workers. Labour hasn't changed a bit
On Twitter I asked her if she could account for this. She didn't.
I presume she couldn't.
Well, of course we wanted to gift these millions of pounds to our friends in England.
It's not like we need the money to feed our starving children or anything
NO NO NO, Peter. We are much Better Together.
We're not like ordinary people. We like being poor.
Well, at least they seem to have discovered who Lamont is. That is an improvement.

Yes, she was wrong about everything.
In addition to keeping quiet about half  the establishment apparently
  having very funny tastes in sexual matters.
Never mind though, it's only our lives.
Don't say we didn't tell you
Not looking good for what passes for an ordinary family in D C Thomson
We ignore this at our peril. As I've said before, she knows what she is talking about.
Rule Britannia. It was ever thus.
Over you you Alistair?
Re,mind us how much better it is going to be!
Yes, because like we need this gas to heat our homes, because there's nothing else .
No wind, no waves, no hydro, no oil, no north sea gas.
Oh wait....
All alone, Jim, with your Irn Bru crate?
Watch out for that auld woman you ignored.
She'll take her stick to you and no one will do squat .
I think the public are saying No Thanks to Jim.
More at home with a submarine, before his demotion I suspect
I'm up for giving it a push on it's way.
Think of all these billions of jobs it would bring to London.
Don't ask me...ask Jackie Baillie. She knows about them.


  1. Eh ken jist whaur Wee Jeemy kin stick thon toy submarine...sideywehs!

    1. Tha SERIOUSLY doesn't stand thinking about Alex... but for a Labour man he seems like his friend Jackie, to be damned fond of these mass killers.

      What happened to all these Labour...CND people?

      Couldn't have anything to do with the call of the ermine?

    2. I think in their case, CND stands for Campaign for iNcreased Dosh!
      "bought and sold for English gold", right enough!

    3. LOL Lochee....

  2. Love these photies tris. Also Ken fit I'd like to dae wi ma stick to mad murph and his cronies lol 8'-)

    1. Try to resist until after the referendum.

      We don't want you in the pokey and unable to vote, M. :)

    2. PS... Munguin says he'll stand bail for you if you succumb to temptation!

    3. Grannies revolution.... up the auld yins Lol 8-)

  3. TwoPandasOneToryAugust 21, 2014 11:53 pm

    Evening tris, you might like this little story, but then again it is in the mail ;-)

    1. Yes. That was very interesting TPOT. In a way I'm a bit surprised at the story appearing in the Mail. After all, the kind of prejudice it talks about is the reason the bulk of them read it... and what they pour out in big jugs every day.

      Easy to agree with when you look at the right wing cabinet of intellectually stunted from Philip Hammond to Danny Alexander and David Cameron to Tessy May.

  4. (sorry for the long links)

    I was doing a random internet search, and I turned up this picture:

    I thought I'd recognised it, and I went and found this picture:

    If I was a more artistic sort, I'd be able to splice them together with a silly comment poking more fun at them both.

    Now, I wasn't around for Thatcher, but I know what she thought of as her greatest achievement: New Labour.

    So lets give the old bag one last boot, shall we, and kick them out of Scotland.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha... Birds of a feather. Boot the boot into the history of another country.

    There's a great post somewhere of Dave pointing at things...

    Here, I found it:

  6. A wee reminder about our meeting before tomorrow's match against Ross County at Tannadice. 1pm, Club 83, St Salvador St.

    The case for Independence with Stewart Hosie (SNP MP Dundee East), Duncan McCabe (Radical Independence), Allan Grogan (Labour for Independence) & Stuart Fairweather (Trade Unionists for Independence) followed by Q & A.

    The meeting is being covered by the BBC so come along and show your support for a YES vote and bring your No & Dinna Ken pals.

    All Arabs & non-Arabs welcome.