Friday 1 August 2014

SNAPS FOR SATURDAY (with fewer photographs for those with short attention spans, Niko)

Now that's a nice thought...
But they said we'd never see Dr Who again?
Hmmm... that lasted at least all of the first day and
possibly into the second
This is serious. It's what they did to us, and will do again.
The reincarnation of Lord George of Dancing in the Gutter
Ils ont dit OUI!
They keep on shooting themselves in the foot
The Upper Classes own England (and it's possessions)
How strange that they seem not to understand the economics of the situation.
We all know some...
Logic hasn't really ever been high on Ukok's list of attributes
No longer paying for this lot would be a blessing,
worth it all on it's own.

And now for some cheering stuff

Start of the Festival
We've got a unique capital
Beautiful beyond belief
We've got a good Games going on...
and two lovely Cabinet Secretaries
And people are Yessing... in the Cook Islands
...In Skye... Santiago de Compostela
Munguin's Private Jet!

In an exclusive turn of events, several anonymous sources have advised us about strange going ons in the Clair field near Shetland. A few days ago we were made aware that contractors working for BP were stood down after obtaining the results of the latest test drilling statistics. While the source refused to name the actual test drilling rig, other sources of information point to it being in the Clair field. It was said that the test results “far exceeded expectations”.

We have had other information that contractors have in fact been sent home on full pay just after receiving these results and that they were advised that they would not be recalled until after the referendum. All of this happened just shortly before Prime Minister David Cameron became the first Prime Minister to visit Shetland in 34 years. His visit was shrouded in secrecy and up until he was snapped by a photographer getting off the plane had been denied altogether.

We put questions to BP’s press office.

In an email to Yes International the BP Group press officer said “we don't comment on individual test results”.  He went on to say that this week “Our CEO made the positive point during our 2Q results this week that the company has just given the go–ahead for a 6th appraisal well on Greater Clair.”

“We intend to invest billions in the area in the coming years” – BP Source

We also contacted other sources who described the results as “above expected” and “a job for life”.

The number 10 press office declined to answer our emails.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. I think Mr Juncker has now made the position a little clearer.

      His predecessor seemed to think that Mr Cameron would have some influence over who was to be appointed head of Nato and felt obliged to creep to Dave in the hopes that he would support his candidature for the post using the famous CLOUT.

      Mr Juncker had no need of any support from Mr Cameron. Now we know why he was being ridiculed as a drunk by the british press... huh?

      Cameron could have settled the EU situation. He had the right to ask the EU for a ruling. That he refused to do so and provide a definitive answer speaks volumes for what he expected the outcome to be.

  2. I was in Shetland earlier this year and saw at first hand the massive exploration activity that is going on in the seas west of Shetland.

    I was taken aback as the activity west of Shetland was even greater than that during the early days of the Forties Field in the North Sea.

    I recall wondering at the time why aren't we hearing about this in the media.

    No wonder the vast majority of Scots oil workers are going to vote YES in the referendum.

    1. Right Anon. The oil companies are investing billions in something that Alistair Darling says will only last another 3 years?

      Then there is the Clyde estuary. If they didn't have their mate's WMDs in the Clyde they could develop the oil potential there and give that area the financial shot in the arm that Aberdeen got all these years ago.

      But clout is more important to them.

      Thank heavens for clout.

    2. Shetland's first oil boom in the 70's built Europe's largest oil handling port, with two liners used as accommodation in addition to the work camps which held 4,000 workers.

      Shetland ended up with a billion pound oil terminal.

      Which we were told had a 25-30 year life span.

      It is now undergoing a huge £800 million refurb which is designed to make it last another 30 years to cope with massive oil and gas reserves in the Atlantic.

      Which will dwarf the North Sea.

      Next door to the tarted up oil terminal is a brand new gas terminal, being built by Total costing £800 million and rising.

      The sums of money being invested in Sullom Voe are larger than anything which has gone before.

      Is this really the actions of an oil industry that thinks Scotland's oil is going to end soon.

    3. Aye Anon, Oil companies do that kind of investment 30 years ahead for nothing.

      Gas will keep scotland in power for decades. We don't need fracking and I hope we will not allow it, until it has been proved to be safe.

      This is excellent news. I'm sure Alex will hit Flipper with these statistics and ask him to explain as an ec finance minister, why he thinks the oil companies are doing this?

  3. tris

    not many pics ???? do leave it out reckon your on a commission i bawbee a pic


    EU oh pleese ch stop whistling down yer dixie the caravan has moved on a lot
    14 points behind Alex becoming a disciple fo the happy clappy brigade.
    they say he is going to turn up in a saffron rope and holding a prayer wheel.
    way tings are going he needs it

    1. Jeez, what do you want Niko?

      2 pics?

      Let Taz see them. He'll like them.

    2. Perhaps, Nico would like a pop_up book and some crayons. Or a good read at what the Labour/Tory Mafia have done to Scotland and a peek through the curtain, to see what they will do to Her next. Gloomy reading Niko, I'd stick to the crayons; though they may melt in the sun.

    3. LOL... Niko's just amusing himself in his quiet little way, until he sets sail for sunnier climes.

    4. TwoPandasOneToryAugust 02, 2014 7:31 pm

      If we stop feeding the trolls they will move somewhere else to get a bite, just ignore the ignorant and they will move on.

  4. Replies
    1. great article ... worth a read

    2. Wow brilliant read C.H.

      They play hard ball with iScotland and oot go the lights.

      People in this country know bugger all about what it contributes. I said last year that after indi win Salmond will have an embarrassment of riches. I think i may have underestimated the point a tad.

      Oil electricity and the buggers tell us too poor !!

      Thanks for the pics Tris. posted a few to a friend who scatters them over facebook. . Most folk won't read but they get the picture.

  5. Stop listening to Niko, of course he has the attention span of a gnat, that is the insect Niko, in case you do not know, not a member of the Scottish National Party, note the National. By the way I think Niko means saffron robe and not rope, though I will hang him up by his toes with any colour, Niko I mean, not Alex.
    Thanks to CH for the article, hate to say it but if the lights need to go out down south well so be it. Sometimes it is the only way to learn.
    An excellent production Mr Munguin and Tris, and why am I not surprised at the machinations of the Westminster lot. Seems they will do anything to keep their hands on our country and it's very many resources.

    1. Hmmm... who knows what Niko means Helena...least of all Niko!!

      Yes. There is a massive resource still to be taken form not just the North Sea, but the Atlantic.

      They don't love us in the UK. Ross Kemp and David Bowie never give us a second thought. Nor does Cameron. They only want to money. They need us. If we were broke and wanted to go, they'd be pushing us towards the door, like they are with sick people and the unemployed.

  6. Jockholm syndrome, brilliant, regarding Alistair Carmichael, Johann Lamont and many other so called Scots, they come under the banner of the Judas syndrome, so David Cameron has more homes than Barrett, and they're taxpayer subsidised, why am I not surprised.

    Watch out for more lying leaflets from BT popping through your letterbox, and as per usual they're taxpayer funded, so let me get this straight we pay for their lying leaflets, that tell us lies, in the hope we sign our future and our kids future away to Westminster, Hmmm! surely we're not that daft to vote no NIKO excluded.

    1. I know. I heard about the new leaflets. Same old worn out rubbish that has already been debunked...

      But some people are daft enough to believe anything...