Thursday 14 August 2014

SYNCHRONICITY IN THE BORDERS (and other interesting thoughts)

Suggestions that Westminster might take "revenge" on Scotland in the event of a No vote in the referendum are very real, according to one of the leading architects of devolution.

Canon Kenyon Wright, who chaired the Scottish Constitutional Convention which laid the groundwork to set up the Scottish Parliament in 1999, has urged people to vote Yes.

The canon said independence is "the only way left open, to give Scotland power over her own affairs that is both complete and secure", describing promises of further powers from the unionist parties as looking "suspiciously like a rather desperate bribe".

Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives have all put forward their own proposals for further devolution in the event of a No vote.

Yes campaigners have questioned whether these will be delivered, and have claimed Scotland's budget could be cut in future years.

The retired Episcopalian clergyman said: " I believe the suggestions of revenge against the Scots emanating from Westminster are very real if there was a No vote on September 18.

"There will undoubtedly be cuts to the Barnett Formula, affecting the NHS in Scotland, social security, and that benefits will suffer - we've already had (Chancellor) George Osborne and his 'bedroom tax' - and I envisage devolution being undermined despite promises of more powers. Not that I believe that the devolved parliament will be abolished, but its powers will be diminished.

"Like many, I argued for a second question offering a middle way - which I saw not as devolution but as 'constitutionally secure autonomy within a reformed UK'. That door was slammed shut - but not by Scotland.
"Devolution is no longer enough; it's incomplete and even 'max' leaves key areas unguaranteed. So Messrs Cameron, Miliband and Clegg cannot be surprised if I now see independence as the only way left open, to give Scotland power over her own affairs that is both complete and secure. Their way offers neither."

He added: "The latest 'offer' of more powers from the unionist parties looks suspiciously like a rather desperate bribe - but it is not an answer to Scotland's needs."

The canon was speaking as he signed the independence declaration at Yes Scotland's headquarters in Glasgow, and ahead of an appearance in Edinburgh tomorrow.

He will be part of a panel at the launch of a new book, A Constitution For The Common Good by Dr Elliot Bulmer.

I very nearly choked with laughter at the Rev's latest discovery.

I'm sure our readers in the Borders area of Scotland will not be surprised that Munguin and I fell about in spontaneous mirth when we read that so many people had been contacting the Conservatives (and so many of them Conservative officials) and asking their elected representatives, EXACTLY, word for word, the same questions... in the same order. And even more amazingly, regardless of which representative they asl,  they are given the word for word same answer. Is't that just awesome togetherness?

It is almost like there was some sort of concerted campaign going on... But obviously the Tories would never sink to anything so despicable, so it must just be good old co-incidence, or synchronicity, a bit like fish in a shoal, only not quite so pretty .

It is interesting too, that at least 3 locals have done an interview with papers, and would you ever believe it. The similarities in  the interviews of "Keith and Michelle" (wasn't their an actor singer by that name),  Alexander and Lavinia (very Tory) and Rachel and Billy (not so Tory) are amazing. In fact, more than amazing.  Not only is their motivation exactly the same, but they have chosen to express it in exactly the same words, with the same punctuation.

They are a close lot the Border Tories.

Any of our Borders based readers recognise them?
Just a thought: What are you going to do down there in the south if the No side wins? There will be No Borders (which is the Sunday name of Nob Orders, that well known, grassroots millionaire Tory club). You'll have to go and live in the islands with John. Good luck with that!
So... in an independent Scotland, Labour would be killed?
How so Labour. Can't stand on your own two feet?
Too wee? Too poor? Too stupid?


  1. Canon Kenyan Wright is a wise man he like many other know that if Scotland votes no, a heavy price ill have to be paid, of course we know this Boris Johnson let it slip the other day just what the Tory mantra really is. A no doesn't mean the status quo, not even close.

    The poor sick and disabled will be the first to feel the heavy hand of Westminster, as we watch £100 billion pounds pumped into the renewing of Trident, billion more for aircraft for Westminster's aircraft carriers, god it will be like watching a train wreck in slow motion, with Scotland acting as the train.

    1. I think Henry McLeish is saying much the same thing.

      No one trusts these unionists. Not even unionists.

    2. Those voting No should be listening to this and be utterly ashamed of themselves.

      Foodbanks & Welfare Reform

    3. I think Henry McLeish has just moved even closer to stepping over the line and openly saying he is backing YES. Come on Henry you can do it. Look at how far you have come compared to how far you have to go, inches man, come on you know you want to do it. Just DO IT! :-)

    4. They reckoned that at some stage he would come out for yes.

      I wonder. Hope he does.

  2. Canon Kenyon Wright is spot when he warns that there will be retribution from Westminster if Scotland votes NO.

    I would lay odds that these are just some of the things that Scotland will get if it votes NO:-

    * David Cameron or Boris Johnston for UK PM and Nigel Farage for deputy PM of the UK and another 5 or more years of a Tory government at Westminster.

    * at least 10 more years of UK austerity measures agreed by all Westminster parties whilst more foodbanks are opened.

    * Scotland torn out of the EU by the combined anti-EU Tory/UKIP MP's voting majority at Westminster causing massive unemployment in Scotland.

    * Barnett formula abolished by Westminster causing £10.2 billion a year to be cut from the Scottish Government's £30bn annual budget.

    * The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is signed by Westminster and all UK state services such as Scotland's NHS are opened to private competition from American multinationals.

    * privatisation of Scotland's NHS and Water due to a combination of TTIP and aforementioned Barnett cuts.

    * end of free personal care for the elderly and free prescriptions for all due to Barnett cuts.

    * Student fees re-introduced and brought into line with England costing £9,000 per annum due to Barnett cuts.

    * unlimited increases in Council Tax every year to compensate for central grant funding shortfall due to Barnett cuts.

    * Westminster reneges on promise of "more powers" after NO vote and instead immediately legislates to make all Holyrood spending decisions subject to veto by Westminster before taking back most of Holyroods powers.

    * Trident nuclear weapon system replaced on the Clyde costing £100 billion and shipbuilding ceases in Scotland as all naval shipbuilding and repair is transferred to new facilities at Portsmouth.

    * more unnecessary foreign wars for Scots service personnel to be killed in.

    The people of Scotland can make certain these things never happen by voting YES on 18 September.

    1. I can't really criticise any of that, M, although I think that we won;t lose a third of the spending, unless the government loses its responsibility for things.

      But if there is a no vote and a convincing one, this will be the time for the Tories who never wanted devolution (possibly because they didn't want the ECHR which demanded it), or maybe because they believe that THEY know best, to take back powers.

      They can;t take back powers granted after a referendum. Well, they probably can. The powers are on load as pour friend qwee Willie Rennie has pointed out to us.

      The House of Lords, or those of them who were awake and alive at the time, removed our powers over fracking so that Osborne could let his daddy in law's company frack the hell out of Loch Lomond and under my house if they want.

      Presumably if my house disappears into a big hole, while the grasping bastard gets his shale gas from under it, Lord whatever his name is will not be required to provide me with any accommodation. After all, I don;t vote Tory.

      I can see powers disappearing. And I agree that we will lose a lot of money, NHS will have to be sold off and kids will have to pay for university courses. Possibly even secondary education. by the time these evil thieves have finished.

      It's not unlikely at that point that a lot of decent people will leave for better places in the EU, but yes, they had better hurry up and apply for nationality, because i don't doubt for a minute that England will vote to leave the EU.

      None of it sounds much fun.

      I've got mates in England who are hoping that we get independence so that they can come and live here if things get too bad.

    2. A FORMER Aberdeen Labour Party Secretary has urged other Labour supporters to vote Yes.

      Allan Waite, 44, said he had become disillusioned with Scottish Labour, which he said had moved away from its core values.

      Mr Waite, of Cults, said voting for independence would lead to a stronger Labour party that would re-connect with voters.

      He said: “Nothing would please me more than for the real Labour party to be in power in an independent Scotland in 2016.

      “Right now, Scottish Labour is totally dictated to by Westminster and, although I’m sure Johann Lamont has a heart of gold, there is not an independent thought in her head.

      “I’m a traditional Labour voter, not wildly left-wing, and all I want is my party back.”

      A Better Together spokesman said: “Everybody is entitled to their own view, but the majority of Scots are saying No Thanks to separation.”

  3. LOL yes, sorry Adrian, I meant the names weren't quite so Tory. Lavinia struck me as being awfully "county"!!

    I know what you mean, they are all involved, and they have allowed themselves to be used in a fraud.

    Ho hum... the upper crust...

  4. Anyone notice how that Aberdeenshire Tory has questions from wholesome couples without surnames? The whole caper of answering a question from Ethel Glurt - Edinburgh reminds me of how my friends and I used to write wholesome letters to the Sunday Post for a laugh, like asking where the Queen Mother bought her tea cosies or how to crochet tartan doilies. Nice to see the Tories reliving and reviving fun customs of the 1970s.

  5. Jeez, the team old Spud took on his 100 streets has aged a bit. Sill a few weeks with Jim would do that to you.

    I mean seriously, who would go to see an inspiring speaker like Lamont trying to sell you last month's milk.

  6. did you bleach the blue out of the union flag in their header or did they?