Wednesday 6 August 2014


Thanks to Bugger Le Panda for reminding me of this, when yesterday's post became a bit off topic (and very interestingly so too!).


  1. tris

    Off topic i know but

    The Rashomon effect is defined as the way in which different people may describe the same observed event in very different ways. This may happen while all observers of the event believe that they are being completely honest.

    There is a lot of Rashomon about in the last day or so dont you think ??
    Its all fascinating stuff though .reminds of that old Gaelic saying

    ' 'There is nowt queerer than folk '

    1. Yes, actually Niko, I do agree with you there.



      Now that's something that rarely happens (except when we are talking IDS.)

    2. PS... can you check with John that that REALLY is a Gaelic saying, coz I've just got a sneaking suspicion that it might not be...

  2. Replies
    1. Ha ha... that was my next post CH... I prepared it last night...

      But you beat me to it..


  3. These guys are brilliant, I love the way they seem so serious, on a more sombre note, isn't the London housing bubble beginning to inflate again?. UK economic melt down part 2 is just a round the corner, time to vote yes me thinks, a miss the misery.

  4. On at one.

    Referendum TV Live 07/08

    Lesley Riddoch and Iain MacWhirter welcome guests to the first Referendum TV Live show. Guests include best selling author Sarah Sheridan; the Orc Mischief a four-piece comedy band; Polish actor Tomek Borkowy; and Ivan and Ewa McKee.

    1. Thanks CH... too late for me, but I'm sure some people saw it.

    2. But you can watch again and...... instant replay.

  5. Radio Scotland, USA held meeting in chamber to try and find a way to keep the UK together, Brad Sherman US politician drumming up support to find a way to a resolution where Scotland remains in the UK, I'm sure more will come on the media re this story.

    1. Lord that's sick, when THEY had a war to get rid of the Brits!

    2. 27 out of 435 members roughly 6%-7% how democratic of these fine people.

    3. Should the UK government not complain about interference in its internal affairs?

      The American congress should not be trying to "work out a way" to get involved in a referendum.

      I mean I could understand if this were an uprising. It's not unlike America to interfere in that sort of thing, but ...

    4. They are the only drones they can bomb us with.

  6. tris

    Celebrities' open letter to Scotland – full text and list of signatories
    More than 200 public figures write open letter to the people of Scotland, urging them to vote no to independence

    Apparently your beloved Petula Clark has signed the letter now what do say to that ???? snigger !!

    1. I didn't see the name on your link, Niko. Cilla Black is a different person. You know what don't you? She's a well known Tory.

  7. All the Cs Niko:
    Simon Callow

    Will Carling

    Paul Cartledge

    Guy Chambers

    Nick Cohen

    Michelle Collins

    Colonel Tim Collins

    Olivia Colman

    Charlie Condou

    Susannah Constantine

    Steve Coogan

    Dominic Cooper

    Ronnie Corbett

    Simon Cowell

    Jason Cowley

    Sara Cox

    Amanda Craig

    Steve Cram

    Richard Curtis

    (Tris sighs with relief. has already arranged to go to two French concerts next year!)