Sunday 31 August 2014


Well, let's be fair, he is the GREAT BRITISH opposition spokesman on
something or other and Eck's only the First Minister of some unimportant county
 in the north of England.
From Australia...Thanks to Ian.
And from NZ (again thanks to Ian)
Welcome Kevin... bring yer mates
The man is just so indescribably full of s**t.
Seems he never thinks before he opens his big fat posh gob.
Wait a minute. Weren't we all in this together once upon a time?
People who destroy other people's signage are really self defeating
What this sign says is still YES, but it also says some dipstick thought
 it would be cool to wreck it. This works both ways. Yes and No.
And includes firebombing shops!
Bloody Britain, subsidy junkies
And as if its not bad enough already, Ms Lamont says
that she knows lots of women like that.
She didn't have the wit to say she knew lots of people like that.
There are many folk who have no interest in or understanding of politics.
It's just that they are of both sexes. BT's problem was portraying
WOMEN, not PEOPLE, like that. 

What's that's all lies? Andy Burnham's a liar?
Well, at least he has a job in the shadow cabinet, unlike you.
None of these places is the hated Scotland!!!
Ah yes, back to these bloody subsidy junkies.
Let's get rid of them.
Jim knows what he's doing, Megan.
When it comes to being a wiley sneaky political operator,
he's just the dab hand.
He was trained by Tony Blair, and you don't get much
more deceitful and slimy than that.
Well maybe Islam Karimov...
Only joking, Blair has him beat every time.
Ah Woodie, we now know why you contradicted your own figures
You greedy todaying little bag of whatsit.
And they used to call him RED Ed... 
Says the multi millionaire who took social security
carer's allowance and DLA benefits for his disabled
Inchcolm Abbey

And ...

Yes.... well.... erm.... right.


  1. Jeez I know we have some god awful numpty politicians but thon Sarah wifie taks the biscuit doesn't she.

    1. Oh no jist the biscuit, but the box an a...

      She really is ...well... words fail me.

      The thing is that if McCain got in she could have been the president. I mean I know he's still alive, but who knows what the strain of being president would have done to a man of his age. If he had dropped dead or even been seriously ill, that woman would have been the head of the Western World and David Cameron's boss... Mind he's only marginally less duck headed than she is.

  2. Well as I said, mr Murphy is a very important shadow cabinet person, even if he was seriously demoted at the last reshuffle.

    I noticed the stories about the attacks on YES voters, and campaigners now being told to go around in pairs. Kicking pregnant women is something that might just merit a bit of attention from the press, and I suspect had it been a YES supporter who had done it, it would have got that attention. Likewise, arson is pretty serious as crimes go, but only if it is Yes people who are the arsonists. Death threats to senior government politicians aren't that important.

    No, let's concentrate of the egg... There are a lot of pics out there of the man who did it. let's have him arrested. What I want to know is, was it a free range egg?

    Jeez, I heard she was a teacher and that she is a feminist. I just can't see how a feminist could not think that that ad was utterly atrocious. But then, Ms Lamont used to be a socialist too. So....

    Good line on Sister Sarah...

    Nice to see you back... have you been ill?

  3. Oh yeah, as as for Woodie...Hes a ...... Nope munguin says I'm not to use that word

  4. Dear New Zealand,

    Thank you very much for your support, but I think you'll find that it's "fewer" in terms of people...

    Apologies, as ever...



    1. Yes, the old one about countables being fewer seems to beat most people.

      Maybe, of course, in New Zealand, where the rules for English are different, if is acceptable to say less people... although I can't imagine fewer beer.

    2. Me neither. I'm slightly vexed by the possibility of less beer, however.


    3. NO no, don't worry Derek there won't be less beer... or fewer beer either....

  5. It looks as if the Sarah Palin thing is a fiction. Somebody just made it up for a laugh . . .

    1. Fair enough, Yes. It says something about the woman's reputation for stupidity, though, that we were quite prepared to believe that she would have said it.

  6. Love your Pics on Sunday.

    All of which are heading for facebook.

    1. Hello Pa... feel free to use them anywhere.

  7. Sarah hen, shh and eat your cereal. Or raw moose steaks, whatever.

    1. LOL Conan... She's a hockey mom. She doesn't have time to eat.

  8. Hi Tris, no I've not been ill exactly but perhaps this e-mail I sent someone earlier might help explain.

    I've had a few wee *ahem* problems but I've got over them, sort of, so I'm back in fighting fettle now.

    I just reached the point where I wanted to hit something, or someone, over the constant negativity in the papers and the news channels from Better whatsit. I just needed a break from everything regarding the referendum, or at least as much of everything as I could avoid. I'm not normally violent, as you know from my posts on Wings , but if anyone from Better whatsit came to my door I'd probably be writing this from inside prison now!

    I had also hit the proverbial wall with regard to big American business trying to take over the world, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter to be precise!

    I am NOT a number I am a person!

    Still I've got most of this out of my system now so I'm back to kicking earse!

    Sorry for the anxiety to everyone!

  9. I've been looking at a BT poster thing on a local field owned by one of the big landlords locally. Its "A Proud Scot delighted ..." I thought a variation on this on Munguin would be nice. The first part stays the same, but the second part reads "I'll be knighted if we stay united". Of course if he already has a title we need another slogan. Maybe I'll be lorded if you do as ordered"

    Perhaps a hall of shame?

    1. LOL Very very good!

      Munguin said that he's somewhat conflicted. He is, of course, a republican, but he's tempted to be delighted to be Knighted...

      Actually he's pressing me to write a letter to the French President offering to take a Legion d'honneur off their hands...

      I think these slogans are a dangerous. I know they aren't meant to be taken too literally, but I see the latest from BT suggests that 'No' people love Scotland and love their kids, leading to the suggestion that "Yes" people at best don't and at worst actually "hate" Scotland and their kids.

      What would Paul say?

  10. Difficult not to get worked up over the lies and spin...

    It's the end of the world that Murphy got an egg chucked at him, but of little newsworthiness that a man who tried to kill the first minister was sent to jail, or that another man tried to run him off the A9... or that someone firebombed a YES shop. Arson is a bit more serious than an affray, even if it is to a Rt Hon.

    But on the streets people are with us.

    I've just been told my supply of Little Blue Books is on its way and should be able to collect them this afternoon.

    Things are looking up.

    Keep well... keep calm... and don't go to jail. Munguin says it's beneath his dignity to do prison visits!

  11. Don't worry Munguin I've got a stand in for you if I end up in prison, his name is Bubba the Bear! :-)

  12. Think of a number!

    Brown and Darling's number is up.

    As a result, lawyers and whistleblowers are poised to contact authorities in the United States, as they have lost confidence in the UK's willingness to confront the disastrous decisions which led to the wholesale collapse of the City of London.

    That would be two potential extraditions I could support.

    1. Two crooks at the top of the BT camp!

      Let's get them extradited and tried. No point in trying to do anything to "top" people in Britain. We all know the legal systems, particularly in England, are absolutely set against that, enforced by the secret service.

  13. tris

    The Palin story was a hoax it would be nice if it were but it just aint.
    Still eggpecting (see what i dun there brill eh ?) factual information on a
    snp attack blog is probably asking a tad too much.

    we are non violent say the Nats meanwhile Arbroath 1320 says
    ' if anyone from Better whatsit came to my door I'd probably be writing this from inside prison now! '

    Go figger that one Alex

    perhaps Arbie should reflect on what
    Martin luther king said , as I do

    I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

    1. I agree Niko. That's why we love you so much.

      Specially for your eggceptional sense of humour... adn your lovely dog.

    2. Even it's old and mangy it must be a lot more likeable than Niko.

    3. Oh he's a lovely dog is Taz... it's Niko that's old and mangy