Friday 15 August 2014

Fotos For Friday...

No, don't say clout.
No more?
Gideon and his right hand odd job man Dan.
And of course the other Ed, the one that lost.
So  are you looking for a seat in the Lords?
Companion of Honour? I'm sure Dave will oblige.
Do you have half a million?
They should just call it HM Prison and of course, privatise it.
That's how it works, is it?
Yes, some people remember when Labour was the party of the working man
You were never very good with figures were you?
I mean you managed to be claiming for 2 houses at once and said it was a mistake;
You had to employ tax advisors at our expense to help you avoid tax;
You oversaw the decline of the Uk economy and watched as it nearly crashed.
No wonder you knew sod all about Ireland and Iceland.
Most of the country would only be behind you if you
were standing on a cliff.
People all over the country at every age group
have been left behind.
The elderly have been hurt, the frail too and the vulnerable all been punished
for breaking the country's economy.
The poor are poorer and the divide between rich
and poor is heading towards Victorian levels.
What a complete prat you are, you SPIV.


  1. TwoPandasOneToryAugust 15, 2014 1:22 pm

    I hope everyone noticed that killing off the disabled and the poor only began when cameron stopped claiming DLA for his own son.
    "Multi-millionaire claims DLA for son", the headlines should have read, instead we got "DLA scroungers defrauding the taxpayer".
    I wouldn't stand behind him on a cliff, I would be at the bottom to see him hit the ground and cheer for the 30,000 he has sent to an early grave since he started his crusade.

    1. Yes that's true. DLA was fine when HE needed it.

      I'll do a deal with you, I'll stand on the top and watch and you stand at the bottom.

    2. I think I have said I not awful big but I think I could topple him, he wouldn't even see it coming though that just might not be what we want. He has made, him and his cronies, others terrified so why not him.
      Another great pageful and the last one was my reason for saying it is funny. Not so funny for the folk in Ferguson's today. Better Together, aye right.

    3. No Helena. devastating blow for people at that yard, and for the community. 80 jobs always multiplies up.

      We need to be able to exploit the oil wealth in the Clyde which we are barred from doing because it might interfere with their warmongering and killing... and that must never never happen.

  2. "You were never very good with figures were you?" Nor the TRUTH for that matter Tris!

    Tell you what TPOT. You stand at the bottom of the cliff and cheer when he hit the ground and I'll stand behind him shoving him off the cliff top and cheering as he falls down the the ground. How does that sound? LOL

  3. Heads up - Fundraiser over on Wings for printing of the Wee Blue Book!

    1. Yep. Munguin has made his wee contribution. I see that it was for £25,000 over 10 days and they now have over £45, less than ten hours later.

      Not bad going.

  4. Dammit!

    Comment went under A of course it should be Arbroath 1320. DOH! LOL

    1. Ah... you were incognito, sneaking up on us from behind...

  5. tris and others

    When we say ' we are better together ' we means all the decent fair minded democracy loving ethnically inclusive peoples of the British isles.

    This necessarily does not include the loony Nationalist hate filled nutjobs found throughout the Great British isles but mainly in the snp.

    1. Decent Fair Minded Democracy, Niko I want a pint of what particular hallucinogenic your are taking. The SNP are not loonies if they were do you think they would have got a second term. Now I worry about your sanity.

    2. What is decent and fair minded about sanctions Niko?

      What is decent and fair minded about food banks Niko?

      What is decent and fair minded about just under 1 MILLION people in Scotland living BELOW the poverty line Niko?

      What is decent and fair minded and 400,000 CHILDREN living in poverty Niko?

    3. RB

      What sanctions are they ??

      The people who organise and run Food banks are the salt of the earth to
      me....the politicians who caused them not so, shame the snp refused to help them until forced by the Labour party.

    4. Erm run that by us AGAIN Niko!

      Do you want to tell us all where the SG would get this magic money you want them to use. Better still why do we, now here's an idea, get RID of all food banks! We all know how that can be achieved except YOUR Tory party, sorry RED Tory party don't want us to be able to do that because they want us to tied to WM purse strings for ever. Now I wonder what we could achieve with regards food banks if we were say INDEPENDENT. Any ideas Niko?

    5. Nico, you seem to have lost your sense of humour. It may be next to where you left your common sense.


    6. Niko you're havering. Shut up.

  6. Great stuff Tris

    Pics copied and off to friends. Their Facebook pages must be bursting.

    Many thanks

  7. So much for the security of the union, that's another shipbuilding firm gone to the wall, Ferguson on the lower Clyde I think, how many is that now under Westminster rule, mind you Westminster closed Portsmouth as well. It seems they don't care for anyone these days.

    Professor Ronald MacDonald claims it will be the end of the world if Scotland votes yes, Hmm! I recall a song by that name but for the life of me I can't remember who sang it.

    I just received my Electoral Commission booklet, there's a small article stating the benefits of independence, and a whole page listing the benefits of the union, plus, a column where an ordinary mother (yes one of them) says she loves the strength and security of the union, will she turn out to be a Tory or Labour activist who knows. So much for the Electoral Commission not taking sides.

    1. Funny how the shipyard is closed but it is, according to the union convener, allegedly, all down to the Scottish government's fault. I wonder how he works that one out. After all the Scottish government have NO control over who builds ships, places orders for ships etc that would be, ... erm ... WESTMINSTER!

    2. One could always ask Jim Murphy or Tom Harris in Shawlands at the back of six.

      Jim Murphy on a milk crate

    3. R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World:


    4. Of course they will blame the SNP. It's Alex Salmond's fault that it rained yesterday. And David Cameron can do no wrong.

      Bloody funny Labour movement if you ask me.

      As for the EC. Surely we didn't expect them to be fair and honest and even handed?

    5. Even the SNP know that you can't build ships that nobody is buying ,shipbuilding is a business not a hobby.

    6. Absolutely. Only an organisation as stupid and wasteful as the UK government would build ships they don't need or want and can't use.

      But as someone pointed out, Norway has loads of shipyards building ships for Norway,and a Scottish Navy would require some ships, seeing as the UK doesn't have any suitable ones to share. Fishery protection and oil well protection... They only have milti billion pound aircraft carriers what are no use to them.

  8. Tris

    You could add something about Nigel Farage who has put himself up for the UKIP nomination for some place called South Thanet for Westminster elections 2015. Better Together with Nigel...

    1. Yes, I've just see a Tweet from him, all proud as punch that he's going to be standing for yet another well paid gravy train. Still it's getting on in the day. He must be completely pissed by now.

  9. Here's a nice puzzle for niko.
    Belgium has independence movements. Would the headquarters of the EU be thrown out of Europe if Belgium split up?

    1. Niko doesn't do puzzles. He IS a puzzle!

  10. Come on, Tris you know the answer to the first question. We are better together because we have enough clout to be one of the few countries on earth that are in a position to attack a country which poses no threat to us and killing thousands in the process.

    The feeble excuse for doing so was not to benefit the poor inhabitants of that poor country and to rain death and destruction on its inhabitants but to generate a regime that would be more amenable to the extraction of their oil to the advantage of a few and to the detriment of many.

    Bombing parts of Irag in the hope of killing Hussein would be akin to the authorities in this country hearing that a mass murderer was attending a Scotland match and bombing the stadium, killing thousands in order that he could not kill any more people. In finding out that the information regarding the mass murderer's attendance was in fact false the slaughter would be dismissed as collateral damage. I know the very idea seems ridiculous and ludicrous but what else did the invasion consist of?

    What is alarming about the Iraq situation is that the British media played down the butchery that took place and is now intensifying. If they had portrayed scenes of appalling suffering like they should have done Blair and co would be appearing at the Hague in chains.

    We now find that as a direct result of the invasion that the country is even more dangerous than it was under a brutal and vicious dictatorship and what are the UK going to do to clear up the mess they left behind? As yes, they are going to make the masters of war even richer as a result of the carnage they originated..

    Sorry for this rant but I have a personal interest and rreally hate these repulsive and disgusting individuals who backed Blair when it was common knowledge in the Westminster bars that the dossier was indeed dodgy and that the imminent attack with 45 minutes was an absolute and fabricated nonsense.

    1. You should rant more mate. That was moving.

      The deal I reckon was that those and such as those couldn't risk being out of favour with George W Bush, and risking the "special relationship". So they joined up with the hard right Italian and Spanish governments and of course the neocon nut case that was DubYa, and of course Darth Vader. This against the nominally right wing French president.

      Thus Blair got himself the Congressional Medal, a job not being a peace envoy to the middle east, a chair at Harvard and various banking directorships. And of course his reputation for being an evil bastard then got him paid work advising murderous bastards in some of the seedier parts of the ex- Soviet Union. All this form a devout Catholic and personal friend of the Pope Von Smallhausen.

      So a job well done for him.

      Small downside was that to do it, somehow they seemed to feel that they had to kill, maim and destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and a few thousand British soldiers. Still, as i say Blair got his Congressional medal and is now on the way to being a billionaire, so it was all worth it, for him at least.

      I agree with you. He is a despicable piece of sub human slime who should be in the Hague. If I had my way with a blindfold on and ten rifles pointing at him. No sod him, no blindfold.

      I know you are involved in this and I feel your anger and frustration. Thanks for writing that.

  11. @Arbroath1320.

    Re your shipyard comment, funny indeed, the BBC news used up nearly all their air time on this shipyard story, I got the feeling it was being aimed at undecided voters, as if to say look what will happens to shipyards in Scotland, vote no.

    Of course the reality is much different shipbuilding in Scotland has been in decline since the 70's, and lack of investment and training has taken its toll on the remaining ship yard that doesn't build UK government ships.

    I see the Ferguson closing as a pre-curser to the BAE shipyard closing once the UK government orders dry up, why do I think that, BAE hasn't learned to be competitive or diversify nearly enough, in todays dog eat dog shipbuilding industry.

    Finally and I suppose most regrettably the Ferguson shipyard, was the first in the world to build large ships in sections, just imagine how far ahead of the pack Scotland could have been if we'd control back then of our industry.

    1. Never expect the BBC to do anything but their best for their masters in London. Don't forget the Cabinet Secretary for Culture in England will be making a decision about how much their licence tax will go up .

      Not that they will get a penny piece more from me.

      Maybe if we had been independent we could have saved Ferguson.

      The British empire could ruin anything.

  12. Jon in Chicago, who provided some much needed information on the House of representative motion which we covered last week, has sent me an email saying that he wrote to his representative as follows:

    Text of my message to Rep. Schakowsky:

    "Please oppose H.Res.713 (introduced Aug. 4 by Rep. Sherman (D-CA30), expressing support for the United Kingdom remaining united.

    "While benign to most U.S. voters' ears, I read it as an unacceptable intrusion by us into Scotland's Referendum on Independence on Sept. 18. This is for the Scots to decide without any form of interference from the U.S. House of Representatives and it is more than a bit hypocritical for us, who broke away from London's rule 238 years ago, to tell Scottish voters, "We'd prefer London stay in charge of your affairs, so vote 'No'."

    "Please use your position both as a representative (my representative) and as a senior member of the House Democratic Leadership, to oppose H.Res.713.

    "Thank you for your consideration."

    He points out that in communications of this kind is is always best to be as brief as possible, because of the sheer volume of mail that representatives get. A short letter is more likely to be read.

    I thought that as some of you took quite an interest in the subject, you might like to know of Jon's intervention. He also passed his best wishes to us for the last few weeks of our campaign. :)

  13. Thank's to you Tris for mentioning this again and to Jon in Chicago.

    1. :)

      My thanks, too, to Jon for his contribution and for writing to his Congressperson in Scotland's interest.

    2. You're quite welcome. I'm glad to help as I can from over here by keeping an eye on that proposed resolution next month and passing along updates as events warrant.

    3. Thanks Jon.

      Any updates will be welcome.

      Feel free to post them on the latest blog posting rather than here... no one much looks at old posts.

  14. I understand that yesterday was India's Independence Day but did not see the celebrations on BBC??

    1. I saw a Tweet from the Labour Party offering Pakistan congratulations. I expect that they probably did one for India too and I missed it.

      They don't really understand irony, do they?

  15. Excellent news for the independence movement - the obnoxious/ lovable John Reid has spoken out on behalf of Better together. Niko will be delighted that someone with the same political inclinations, wisdom and acumen as his own iis on his side.

    1. It's strange I've never quite been able to see the adjective "loveable" as appropriate for Pol Pot, the Cray twins or John Reid.

      He seems to be to have been the minister that Tory Blair put in almost every department with disastrous effect, not because he was good at anything, but because he was ignorant enough to talk through anyone or anything that got in his way.

      I always thought that he needed a good hard slap when he was being interviewed.

      Unfortunately, no one ever did it.

      I'm glad he's joined in with Better Together, No thanks, UKOK. He'll do them no end of harm with his lack of charm.

    2. Tris, Lord Reid was Tony Blair's Defence Secretary, one word Iraq!

    3. Yes Iraq...