Saturday 30 August 2014


The Libations (or some of them) with their biggest fan
Munguin, as you know, has a fair number of friends in political high places. Honourable gentlemen and Excellencies are numbered among his close confidants.

And of course not so long ago he presented Pétula Clark with a box of Thornton's chocolates, with only a couple nibbled (he likes soft centres), at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall, to celebrate her 72 years in showbusiness and a new album in the charts. 

Today he made further strides in the world of show business by meeting his own personal favourite boy band, The Libations. The guys were in Dundee to promote the single, Caledonia, which everyone on here now knows off by heart, is raising money for food banks.

It was a treat for Tris too, to meet such brilliant musicians and truly lovely people. We spent some time together walking through the centre of Dundee. Somehow it felt like we were friends who had known each other forever. I want to thank them for playing along and being such fantastic sports. I'm sorry to have missed Richy, but there will be another time, I know it.
La la la la la la .... It's the guitar that's out of tune!!!
The town was buzzing, Big Chris was there with his big blue goddess, the Spirit of Independence (seen just behind Munguin as he was just getting his vocal chords warmed up for his solo). On the other side of us Blair Jenkins and Shona Robison were there talking to people as they passed by. The streets were full of kids waving saltires and people with yes badges. It was like a carnival.

Great afternoon... So nice to see the town buzzing with excitement.

Tomorrow we will know if the lads, and Caledonia have made it to the charts. (Update It entered the chart at #16. Good start. Now let's get it in the top 10!) Fingers crossed. The more sales, the more money for hungry kids. You can buy up to midnight tonight!

Thanks for coming to Dundee and for a great afternoon guys.


  1. How does he who sits on high wish to be addressed, Master?

    Flashmob in Dundee City Centre

    1. Well for a republican he's got some he's got a rather inflated opinion of himself. Sir usually suffices though...

      Yeah the Libations were there for a while then we walked through to the Wellgate where Blair and Chris and Shona and Joe and a pile of workers were operating... It was excellent.

      Someone was asking if there was a video of Friday night. I see the next one down after yours there is Jim Sillars.


  2. I hope Munguin won't start getting too big for his boots!

    1. As if, Deano!!!

      That said he wears size 25s

      How is the People's republic?

    2. Daunting. I'm the first foreign oral English teacher in Xianning for 5 years...and get properly stared at whenever I leave my flat.

      I'm the only white man for literally tens of miles. Thrilling and exciting, but daunting.

      One thing: these kids want to learn English badly, and are ridiculously excited at having me here. I feel very lucky. The school has me in a lovely flat! Much better living conditions than back home!!

    3. Ah well.. it must be your stunning good looks that draw the stares:)

      Great opportunity for you though and although it will be hard, it will rewarding. The really exciting thing about language teaching (I taught French to adult students here and English to French students at Uni in Grenoble) is that at some stage they actually are capable of engaging in a conversation with you in the second language.

      You'll have to start learning Chinese. I've a Malaysian friend who speaks Chinese and English and it's a huge asset for him. Employability is the name of the game, and understanding the language and culture is where it's at.

      So stick at it, and use your time wisely. It could be the start of a very exciting opportunity.

      Munguin is always available for advice if you need him....


      Good luck. 祝好運

    4. Dean, I think you should rephrase your sentence "These kids want to learn English badly"? Seriously, good luck and good for you!

    5. Pedant!

      Munguin says that if they want to learn it badly, he's just the animal to teach it badly. Can he have a job!

  3. This is interesting. Maybe CH will hyperlink it for us for ease of access.

    They all seem to be married to one another. I wonder if this will lead (or has led) to the royal family type inbreeding and consequential loss of intellectual vigour.

    1. Munguin says thank you to CH, and he will remember you when it comes to handing out trinkets!

    2. Labour and the BBC, sleekit gits.

    3. Actually, probably no different from how it is in the Uk in general. Everyone who counts seems to be in a very small clique at the top.

      They'll end up producing idiots, like the royals, with all their intermarrying.

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.... but someone threw an egg at Jim Murphy.

      Now come on.

      What's important?

      Actually there is a really good article over at Scottish Liberal about this.

  5. Hi Tris

    Delighted to hear things went so well in Dundee. Dundee is THE YES city. Great to see you got to meet these wonderful guys. Sadly i was not well enough for the great event, the cold wet weather really slows me down these days, but we will get many more chances to meet.

    Although stuck at home i scanned the websites finding anything regarding Dundee YESSERS and had plenty to read and enjoy. I also try and get the message out to all about the single and get them to buy for the food banks and also for a song we all know which captures the mood of the country.

    Big thanks to all at Munguins for they're generous and tireless support.

    1. Richy: The lads explained that you weren't well.

      I was really sorry that you weren't there. I was looking forward to meeting you. We'll make up for it though. Munguin says so; so it will happen.

      The guys were great fun. They were obviously enjoying what they were doing, engaging with people all the way through the town.

      Everyone seemed to be singing Caledonia.

      I left them with the big blue fire engine, Shona, Blair and at long last a mic, so that poor old Darren's throat would get a bit of a rest.

      Tell them I had great fun, I really loved the time I spent with them...and as I said, I really appreciate their joining in the fun with Munguin.

      Now, I mean it. We will meet mate. Count on it.