Monday 31 March 2014


Despite Mr Munroe of Barrhead Travel warning his staff, in his laughable epistle (found by Stuart and containing all the usual currency, debt and EU scare stories), that independence would be a disaster for Scotland in general, and his travel agency in particular (presumably with the idea of frightening/coercing them into voting NO), it seems that not every company is so negative about the economic future of Scotland.

Maybe Mr Munroe is worried that an independent Scotland would be such a nice place to live that people would not longer want to travel abroad so frequently? 

Or maybe he was just hoping, like so many other "top" unionists, that one day he'd get to be Sir Munroe, or Lord Barrhead? (Not a good choice incidentally, Jimbo, as in the refined tones so abundant in the House of Lords, that would come out as Baaahead, and you wouldn't want that, would you?)

Saturday 29 March 2014



I thought as it was the weekend we might enjoy together the scathing report of FMQs from the Labour and Unionist supporting paper The Herald, wittily scribed by Tom Gordon.

 "Bold Baillie fails to strike blow against Salmond"

THE Swiss ambassador was in the gallery for First Minister's Questions; it made a nice change from all that peace and neutrality. Johann Lamont was away applying her best Politburo scowl to Tony Benn's funeral, leaving Jackie Baillie to defend Labour's corner, but the feuding never skipped a beat.
Ms Baillie's strategy was, as they say, bold.

No, scratch that. Not bold, barking. And doomed. And hopeless. And probably on fire as well.

It was - get this - to ask the FM to apologise.

Oh how we laughed.

She wanted him to admit he'd been wrong about Ed Miliband's plan to freeze energy bills.

Seriously, why not put in a demand for a pair of space unicorns while you're at it?

With no prospect of Alex Salmond complying, the proceedings turned enjoyably frivolous instead.

Ms Baillie accused the FM of "standing shoulder-to-shoulder with David Cameron".

The SNP backbenches exploded.

Ms Baillie, they recalled, is a director of the Better Together campaign.

Mr Salmond could scarcely believe his luck.

"When you're in a Better Together campaign, not just shoulder to shoulder, but hand-in-glove, umbilically linked to the Conservative Party, it's not the best idea to come along to this chamber and try and associate people with guilt by the Conservative Party," he crowed.

Ms Baillie never recovered.

By the end, she was asking feebly: "Is 'sorry' simply the First Minister's hardest word?"

Was it ever in doubt?

Returning to that Lab-Tory umbilical link, Mr Salmond gingerly held up a piece of paper.

"I have here the Argyll & Bute Conservative Party website," he announced, before quoting from a recent notice.

"The Cowal Conservative lunch club. Venue Argyll Hotel. Secretary Pamela Bellaby. Lunch, tea and coffee £10. Speaker - Jackie Baillie MSP."

As Ms Baillie did her best to shrug through the gale of laughter, some Nat MSPs looked on the brink of incontinence - the far brink.

"I've heard of shoulder to shoulder," the FM galloped on, "but I should tell the Labour Party, if you sup with the Tory party you should use a long spoon."

At least Ms Lamont can rest assured Labour standards were maintained.

I suspect that means that when Jolo goes, as Jolo surely must, Ms Baillie's chances of succeeding just got decidedly slimmer!

Friday 28 March 2014


True true
Single, all the way please
You see, that's how we'd pay for stuff!
OK, posh boy, what's your answer to that?
Too poor?
Phone a friend Dave. Mr Obama will know the answer.
Hmmm. No wonder they are having a crisis meeting!
"Why won't the stupid plebs believe us Johann?
You said they always swallowed any crap Labour announced,
no matter how stupid.
There's another unanswerable question.
Hmm... because their boss, an ex Tory minister, told them?
Just when you thought Labour was stupid, along comes a Class A Tory eejit.
Makes you proud...  Of course they are only there because there's free food.
Nice living there, Lord Darling
Arrange the following words into a well known phrase or saying:
Bastards lying.
He should stick to being a pink cat. It was, I felt, his forte
Welcome... every week a new one. or two
Wings is more popular than the Labour Party.
We should rename it the WoS Metro
Now, there's a thing.
Is there any board he's not on?
Still he did have Johann and their kids to support.
And she's only on £80,000 a year.
Not a lot really.
"Damn...forgot about that.
Still, well send a patronising reply to Wings, written by Attila the Harris
 in his usual sneering superior right wing, poor people hating tone.
That will quieten the unwashed plebs....won't it?
Well, if it doesn't, we'll just stop their benefits"

Thursday 27 March 2014


Look... a socialist (about to leave parliament?)
Diane Abbott

Ronnie Campbell

Katy Clark

Michael Connarty

Jeremy Corbyn

Kelvin Hopkins

Glenda Jackson
Goodness...another socialist (about to leave parliament?)

John McDonnell

George Mudie

Linda Riordan

Dennis Skinner

Tom Watson

Mike Wood

The rest of you make us sick. (Please note the clever and subtle colour coding.) 

We hope very much that one day you will need a hand up (although frankly we doubt you will), and, although we are not proud to feel this, nonetheless we cannot lie, we most fervently hope that you don't get one.

The government has excluded pensions from the benefits ceiling, because even Tories, thick and out of touch though they are, know that if you risk pensioners' payments you risk the next election.
This woman is either so hypocritical
 or so dense. Have a read of this
and enjoy a good laugh.

They have also excluded benefits paid to unemployed people possibly because the fit, unwaged can riot something horribly, as they found to their cost a few years ago when Cameron was obliged to return from his Tuscan villa to sort of Tessy May's mess. 

The people this will hit hard are their beloved strivers: people working on minimum wage, but living in accommodation where the rent is higher than their take home pay; people working part time because there are no full time jobs; and people who are disabled or ill and their carers.

I suppose it should come as no shock to us that Labour wholeheartedly agreed with the Tories. Why would they not think that people, already horribly disadvantaged, should be beaten over the head with a stick by a set of greedy lowlife. 

Nausea alert 
Let's not forget that MPs will all be enjoying an 11% pay rise shortly (at our expenses), that they all can enjoy cheap food and drink (at our expense) including the many who, despite the furore over their being caught stealing with abandon, are still on the fiddle over their expenses... and who, when they are taken to task about expenses, reduce staff to tears and resignation... so they get away with overspending and sending their purchased goods to the wrong address.

Labour: the party of the working banker, royal and MP and top businessman. 

The thing that I find so amazing is that last week they were all "Keir Hardie" and "Keep the Red Flag Flying Here" and Alex Salmond's just like the Tories, comrade, as we were enjoined to celebrate their return to socialism.

They couldn't even keep it up for a whole week. 

Pinko Tory bastards.

Wednesday 26 March 2014


Someone, whose name is suspected to be Blair and who may or may not have a job with a political campaign based in Glasgow has complained about these advertisements being displayed in Glasgow's metro.

Amazingly (or not) Strathclyde Partnership for Transport had agreed with the complainant that this is a political poster and has pulled them. (I wonder what the make up of the executive of the partnership is.)

What I see is a series of facts about the number of newspapers in Scotland together with undeniable statements that the bulk of them are foreign owned, and that none has indicated that supports independence.

I also see an invitation to read a blog which will give you facts that the papers leave out and a suggestion that you might like to hear the other side of the story. I would think that any intelligent person would want to have all the facts and that any responsible government would be anxious that they did.

I'm sure that over the years there have been many newspaper or magazine articles which have offered people pretty similar opportunities.

I don't see any evidence that the advertiser is urging one political view or another on its readers; nor do I see any note of affiliation to, or endorsement of, a political party on the part of the publisher of the journal.

I wonder if they take advertisements for squirrels on the Glasgow metro...

Tuesday 25 March 2014


Of the 31 ministers of the UK government none is from Northern Ireland; 1 is from Wales and 2 are from Scotland.  This means that 28 are from England.
No less than 20 (nearly 2/3) are from an area within commuting distance of London.

1. Culture secretary: Maria Miller (Basingstoke)
2. English Education secretary: Michael Gove (Surrey Heath)
3. English Health secretary: Jeremy Hunt (South West Surrey)
4. Cabinet office minister: Francis Maude (Horsham)
5. Minister for cities: Greg Clark (Royal Tunbridge Wells)
6. Energy secretary: Ed Davey (Sutton)
7. Justice secretary: Chris Grayling (Epsom)
8. International development secretary: Justine Greening (Putney)
9. Business secretary: Vince Cable (Teddington)
10. Defence secretary: Philip Hammond (Runnymede)
11. Home secretary: Theresa May (Maidenhead)
12. Attorney general: Dominic Grieve (Beaconsfield)
13. Northern Ireland secretary: Theresa Villiers (Chipping Barnet)
14. Work and pensions secretary: Iain Duncan Smith (Chingford)
15. Communities secretary: Eric Pickles (Brentwood)
16. Minister without portfolio: Grant Shapps (Welwyn Hatfield)
17. Leader of the Commons: Andrew Lansley (South Cambridgeshire)
18. Universities minister: David Willetts (Havant)
19. Chief whip: Sir George Young (NW Hampshire)
20. Prime Minister: David Cameron (Witney)

Monday 24 March 2014

Well, I'll bet she's glad that's over...

Solidarity with whom? Justice for whom? With £25 billion of cuts in one year
there's not going to be a fat lot of money to pay for all this justice.