Saturday 1 March 2014


This is worth watching. Brian Donohoe, apparently an MWP, despite saying that he wanted to get his message out, objected to the rest of us being allowed to see it. He says it was because he wasn't given the courtesy of being personally asked for permission to film it. 

It appears that his dignity has been wounded. He must feel himself to be a very special person to believe that it was more important that courteousness be shown to him than that more people should get the opportunity to hear the debate.

Oh what great helpings of self regard these little men have. 

He'd be black affronted if he could see us here at Munguin Towers, rolling around the floor laughing at his pomposity and dubious vocabulary.


  1. Man is a buffoon!

    I listened to him trying to excuse himself out of a corner and getting nowhere. I'm sorry but he was at a PUBLIC meeting and as such should have, as a matter of course, anticipated the possibility that someone might want to video the event.

    If you take his pathetic argument to the natural conclusion then when he won his seat in the General Election in 2010 there was NO filming of him making his acceptance speech because no one had asked him for HIS permission to film him before he did so. This is a supposedly intellectual individual, well going on this evidence I beg to differ, he is a baby throwing his toys out of his pram!

  2. His intellect strangely failed to impress me, Arbroath.

    He another one of these dyed in the wool unionists that wants to get rid of Scotland Football teams (and presumably rugby, etc), because, he says he wants athletes to play on the world stage.

    Or maybe because he hates the idea of Scotland being more than a county of England.

    He's one of these lifer MPs. Safe as houses seat. doesn't need to make an effort to be re-elected because it's going to happen one way or the other.

    Job for life, possibly going to disappear... No wonder he hates the idea of independence. Where's he going to get a job at £80,000 plus expenses, a second home and all the fiddles you can get away with?

  3. I noticed during his *ahem* "interview" he admitted to being not part of Better Together but part of Broon the Loon's United with Labour. Now as we all know whenever Broon deigns to honour us with his presence, thankfully not that often, and gives one of his rebel rousing speeches you have to register with his office before the event. Hmm, makes you wonder doesn't it?

    I think I have just worked out why Broon requires audience members to register with his office before being allowed into his *ahem* "speech." It goes back to when he gave a speech, or rather didn't give a speech, at the U.N. when only one journalist turned up to hear what tripe he had to spout. I feel sorry for the journalist by the way, taking time out to listen to Broon and then Broon disappears without giving his speech!

    Anyway I digress. What I'm trying to get at is that at Broon's *ahem* "speeches" I believe no video is permitted. This explains, I think, Donohoe's real reason last night. It had nothing to do with the fact he had not been asked in advance of the meeting but it is United with Labour's order number one that no video be permitted where any UwL member is speaking!

    1. Ah, I see... no documented evidence of what they said.

      Reading the comments I see that he apparently lied about the Spanish Prime Minister saying that he would block Scotland's entry into the EU...

      I wonder if it will be edited out on the radio broadcast.

      Lordy...imagine having to watch a whole speech from Brown. I doubt I'd last more than 5 minutes before I fell asleep.

      Say what you like about Tony Blair, you know, blood on his hands, collusion with News International and all that stuff... but at least he was a decent speaker.

      Brown is just a bore.

    2. 5 minutes!!!

      Don't think I'd last more than 30 seconds before I fell asleep, or threw up, not sure what would happen first. LOL

  4. Tris

    It's the BT tactic of not wanting to get the people engaged but to keep at the fear project led by the conservatives. It really is a war thats been fought since 1707, its just that they can't put troops on the streets but I bet they will want to when the yes vote comes in.


    1. Well their arguments are so easy to pick holes in that it is difficult to them to present anything except the usual security council; nato; EU, clout arguments.

      I suspect the people who see their wages standing still, being told that inflation is at 2%, when their rent, gas and electricity all went up by around 10% are fed up hearing how important Britain is on the world stage and how much clout it has.

      Especially when time and again people who DO matter, laugh at self important Britian...

  5. Who on earth would vote for this pompous, self-important bench-warmer? Has he ever achieved anything for his constituents?

    1. Well ronnie, it seems that the good people of Cunninghame, and then Central Ayrshire voted for him in droves.

      Although Niko would point out that it was only a minority of them that did it. He had 47% of the vote on a turnout of 64%

      So just under half of 2/3 of the people of Central Ayrshire elected him.

      The two highlighted features of his career over 22years is that he was in a campaign to have a UK football team, and that he didn't support equal marriage rights, and voted against his party line on that. He, to his credit, wants to renationalise BR. (Fat chance with right wing governments in London.) And he is a special constable and secretary of Rangers Supporters Club. He is passionate about Coronation Street.

      Soooooo... there you have him.

      Sounds delightful.

  6. I think I shall try and listen to that debate at noon.

    I see the Weirs have given another £1,000,000 to the Yes fund. To quote the film 'Gold Diggers of 1933', 'Weir in the money......'

    1. Oh Marcia.... That's great news.

      I was reading that letter that Stuart printed; the one where BT are begging for money that they can spend before the deadline in May when expenditure comes under the scrutiny of the Electoral Commission.

      The incredible generosity of the Weirs must have fair sickened the BT campaign.

      Still I'm sure some rich English Tory will match them.

      Let us know how the debate went, if you can please.

      I have to be out by that time.

    2. The Rev at WoS is recording it.

  7. Hmm, just heard Donohoe claim the world is shrinking. Well that explains a lot, especially this.

    1. LOL Brilliant Arbroath. Pass me a biscuit would you?

    2. What do you Tris, chocolate, plain, custard cream....

    3. As you are sitting right next to me, you decide! @:)

    4. Damn it, the budgies have just nicked the last one. :(

  8. Whats that saying again. They work for you. Naw they work for the tories every effin labour one of them

    1. They work for us?

      Yeah right

      They work for themselves. (OK, there are exceptions and some good MPs, probably from all parties) But the bulk of them have one thought in mind.


  9. Is this not just an extension of the 'Better Together' campaign to keep 'Yes' out of everything?

    I seem to recall that, bowed by impartiality, ahem, it was completely unreasonable for 'Yes' to have a table at any civic event if 'No' were incapable of providing an equivalent table? Whatever happened to that story? It was ridiculous at first light, and it is even more ridiculous now.

    It seems that 'Better Together' have now upped the anté and even their politicians are scared of appearing to a wider public. This whole nonsense about 'permission' is an affront to any reasonable understanding of the accountability that all politicians should accept as part of the job of being elected representatives. How is it going to work if their words are kept from the electorate? Just who the f**k do they think they are?

    If they think that you can isolate people and bend the truth to a local audience, it says more about their lack of a moral compass than it does about the failed message they are trying to present.

    Is this not censorship!

    1. of course it is a farce. He's paid by us, we have his permission tacitly to hear his arguments on public matters because we have been paying him for 22 years.

      It's always No that complains. As you say... you can't have a YES stall, because we can't provide anyone to man a NO stall...

      Every little trick, big and small.

      They are making a very unhappy country with this underhandedness.

      I completely accept that there are people who don't want independence and prefer to be a p[art of the UK. Can't understand them, not for a second, unless they are like the knighted major general of her majesty's troops (whose letter is on Stu's blog). I mean people like him with privilege and titles and endless amounts of money probably want to stay in a country that values going to Eton and being a KGB or whatever he is.

      I even understand common fellows like this Donohoe wanting to stay... As I said before, where the hell is he gonna get a job like he's got? And at THAT level of pay?

      Not in a bloody heartbeat.

      But ordinary people.... Nope. It doesn't compute.

      What I can't abide is the lies... about the EU, the pound, all the companies that said they would pull out if we got devo;lution (and didn't) saying they will pull out (and won't).

      I am starting to dislike them as much (nearly) as I dislike (or really hate) lowlife like IDS and Chris Grayling, Lord Fraud and that blonde bimbo in the DWP.

  10. Replies
    1. Excellent...I've added this guy to our list.... :)

  11. Tris,

    Agreed, but this guy is worse than that. He doesn't just wanna stay, he will sell his soul, see below, and frankly anything else to abrogate democracy. I doubt the Labour MP for a labour constituency has ever had to worry his sweet little brain about 'democracy'. For he will always be elected.

    That is democracy, Labour style

    That is the sadness of the UK.


    I am not much given to repeating myself, but you knew there'd be a however. :-)

    "There is amongst the London chatteratti, a great desire to talk about their childhoods. History lessons in balmy quadrangles where the master taught of glorious victories to enthralled pre-pubescent children. These dreams are a misremebarance of things past, misremembered by the historians of the victors and taught through schools to the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the winners.

    It is unfortunate that, despite all evidence that there are no continuations from these dreams to the present reality, they continue to offer them. And so it goes. Historical inexactitudes as a model for future failure?

    What should we make of Scots that denigrate Scotland?

    Maybe it is a sophisticated form of Stockholm Syndrome where the people who attack your group, but not you, are idolised as ‘right’ and your group is, by default, wrong. After all, as an individual, being North British never kept you back now, did it? This isolation of the individual from the group is very pleasing to those in ultimate control of your career, your life and your future. It is hardly surprising that ones entire intellect becomes beholden to serving that end. How it is seen in the smaller group that gave you birth, nurtured you and allowed you to fly free, is another question altogether.

    What I can't abide is the sheer arrogance of the man. But I may be in a minority. What, after all, is the point of a politician if he can't keep his views away from the people? It is the new new.

    How long can anyone stomach that? The Labour Party is falling apart, with more and more old timers rejecting the Brian Donohoe mantra.

    1. Yes, I pretty much agree with all of that.

      There's a great deal of fondly misremembered history, which somehow has found its way into the accepted mainstream.

      At school I was hard pressed to accept so much of what I was taught... even at 10, 11 I found it all highly improbable, because frankly much of it made no sense to someone who was prepared to think about it.

      And so it is with all this trash about Scotland. What they say flies in the face of any kind of common sense interpretation of the facts.

      If you've travelled a fair bit and seen a lot of countries, east and west, big and small, you know that Holland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Iceland, Norway, Faroes, Sweden... and on and on, live far far better lives at the middle and bottom ends of society than we do... you also know that we are a fairly bright lot in Scotland and have been responsible for more than our fair share of inventions, developments in the world. It makes no sense to imagine that we wouldn't be able to create a lifestyle similar to that in small European countries, whether we use a Norse model or otherwise.

      As from Mr Donohoe... you've said it all. He's a nomark looking after his own interests.

  12. I have been to France a few times. It is astonishing to watch the relative progress of France and the UK. When I first went about 50 years ago I'd have said it was, economically, about a comparable nation. On my more recent visits, around 30 and 20 years ago, a decent domestic policy had advanced the country well beyond anything your average Briton could expect.

    In a place called Quimper (no, I'd never heard of it either, until I stumbled across it) I saw a TGV lying in a station and the wires being erected for a fast service to Paris and beyond. Around about now the British government hasn't even selected a route to Birmingham. As far as I know it is the 'dead hand of the state' that achieved that around twenty years ago in France. SNCF is still in the public sector. So, whilst France built a TGV network in the state sector out beloved MP's built a wasteland in the UK.

    The villages around and about Brittany seemed to have happy citizens living in a built Lego Land of traffic calming, seperated bicycle lanes, decent pavements and roads where the mere idea of a pot-hole would have been anathema. Their houses looked incredibly well maintained too and there were people living on the land.

    Our libertarian democracy couldn't build a school in Chicago (insider joke) far less a functioning rapid transport system, nor keep a population happy enough that they didn't see negativity as a positive advantage for their elected representatives. How sad is that?

    And yet, we are supposed to think we live in the best of all possible worlds?


    We live in a society where our expectations are managed by a political elite who say stuff like:

    "Whit can you dae?"

    They could get off the pot.

    For their vision has been to manage our expectations in a totally negative way. Quite why they do that, and revel in it, is a fundamental question for the 'No' campaign. They limit our dreams and our expectations for a comfortable career at Westminster. No decent repopulation of the Highlands, not much of an industrial sector, just fat cats in pin stripe suits selling dubious sentiments or double glazing, you take your pick.

    I have never been to Scandanavia. I would probably have a fit if what Lesley Riddoch says about it is even half true. We have already lost most of my lifetime in assuaging a shower of utter fools who lacked vision, lacked empathy and assured us of our place at the bottom of the food chain, just so's they could be mid level bureaucrats.

    I hated Trainspotting, however I am becoming more and more convinced that, absent Mr Bisset, this is where we are at:

    Mr Donohoe and his ilk have a lot to answer for.

    Mr Donohoe is just another self serving, well, you fill in the rest.............

    1. He did get a loud cheer when he said we would lose the BBC if we voted YES.

    2. Nice post Douglas. I love France, and one of the reasons that they have what they have is that their whole politics is to the left of the UK. When the right wingers from Spain, Italy and the USA were itching to bomb Iraq, the apparently specialist PM in Britain was right in there with them, while the right wing (supposedly) french president said absolument non.

      The French government don't get away with much though. If they piss off the French they take to the streets. it works. it even worked in England over the poll tax.

      Francois Mitterrand was the son of a railway worker. He knew that France had to have a good infrastructure to make the economy work, and although he knew they would cost a fortune, and not be finished while he was president (or even alive) he set about building a network of railways to be proud of.

      The difference between Intercity 125 and SNPF TGV is like the difference between North Korea and Iceland...

      I don;t know if they are happy... but they can't be much more miserable than we are.

    3. Stuart's piece on the BBC shows how much better off we would be if we ditched the BBC and bought their programmes.

      I never watch BBC. It's poor quality now, when it used to be amongst the best in the world. Most of its output is pap , and that's not what you have public service tv for.

  13. Anyone got a spare shovel for this guy? He's worn his own one out.

  14. Payback time for MP Donohoe | Irvine Times

    IRVINE MP Brian Donohoe will have to pay back almost £10,000 in taxpayer cash he claimed to pay towards the mortgage on his second home.

    Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. Unfortunately the story there is behind a paywall


      It was last year...

      ... but it speaks volumes about him...

  15. I know this is very very late and all.

    But when did it become the actual job of our politicians to manage our expectations downwards and still expect us to elect them?

    How ridiculous is that?

    I have come around to a serious UDI position. If Westminster will not negotiate, then we should claim our right and walk away from them. For there is something wrong in attempting to negotiate with a Death Star.

    They could sing a song:

    "Whisky No More,

    Oil no more,

    Nae mair energy

    Nor water."