Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Grant Shapps wants us to believe that the Tories are suffering just as much as
we are. I guess that means that he reckons that there are parts of the country where over 45%
of them are sending their kids to school hungry.

Just how stupid does he think ordinary common people are? Or has he never met any?
Michael Gove, in some people's books a contender for leader of the Tory Party when they ditch the failure they have at the moment, has condemned  Mr Nash, one of his own junior ministers in the House of Lords, as a man who has no experience in education.

Why then, you might be inclined to ask yourself, are we, the taxpayer,  funding his ministerial salary on top of  the £300 a day plus expenses (all tax free) which he's entitled to anyway  (being an aristo) to be a minister at the English Department for Education?

It wouldn't be anything to do with his large donations to the Tories would it?  The thing is, he probably is a waste of space. But here's a wee bit of advice, Michael: don't let on to the public that you are paying him a BIG salary despite the fact that he's useless.

That's like Mr Cameron saying that you are a useless bag of wind. True, but injudicious in the extreme.
There is this thing about wee Willies, if you'll pardon the rather obvious double entendre.  First off there is Willie Hague, a silly little man from Yorkshire pretending to be a statesman, but we all know he wears a baseball cap backwards on his head and had ten pints before lunch when he was nowt but a lad. (This explains much.)  Anyway, he's under the delusion that Mad Vlad has even heard of him, much less gives a toss what he says.

Then there's Willie Rennie, about whom probably the least said the better. Suffice it to say he's even less popular than Ruth Davidson, by quite a long way, and that's no mean feat. I'm scratching my head trying to think of something he's much that was sensible. The sad thing is that, of all the parties, the Liberals are the ones who could distance themselves from what their moronic colleagues in London are doing, but Wee Willie has resolutely backed Clegg all the way... to oblivion.

 And now there's this wee Willie from Aberdeen who seems to have exceeded his authority. He is determined to have the government banned from Aberdeen council property, which is the property of the people of Aberdeen, and not of Wee Willie. His somewhat embarrassed boss says it was a slip of the tongue. He says it wasn't.  I wonder what will happen to him.


  1. I sympathise with you on the sanity question. Some politicians want to leave the monetary union we have with the £ and then create a new monetary union with the £ on more disadvantageous conditions. Nuts, you'll agree.

  2. I sympathise with you on the sanity question. Some politicians want to leave the monetary union we have with the £ and then create a new monetary union with the £ on more disadvantageous conditions. Nuts, you'll agree.

    1. So good you said it twice. I'd have said that we were better off the second way, but you doubtless will disagree, and you and I will never persuade each other of our points of view.

      Rest assured if you make it to the House of Lords I shall curtsey extremely low to your aristocraticness.

    2. Isn't it Stirling's Pound? That's what it says on the tin.

      So England should be asking *US* if they can keep using it.

    3. Actually it's the Pound Sterling. Look up your history.....


      So when I said "Some politicians want to leave the monetary union we have with the £ and then create a new monetary union with the £ on more disadvantageous conditions. Nuts, you'll agree." I was gently pointing out that political insanity isn't the exclusive quality of those you disagree with.

      It seems to me that the Nats, with their unfounded belief that destroying a working partnership to replace it with cloud nebula, are particularly detached from reality.

      But you never seem to even consider that......

    5. more disadvantageous conditions

      Please enlighten us with your 'superior' knowledge in what you mean.

    6. Scottish independence: New claim on currency union

      Looking forward to your incisive debunking Prof Simpson and professor Charlie Jeffery in this article.

    7. Angus Armstrong just did it on #newsnicht. Catch it on the iPlayer.

    8. Short version: Prof Simpson has a few nice theoretical positions but they don't hack it in the real world.

      Bit like the SNP come to think of it.... : -)

    9. Och bh, grow a sense of humour. Most politicians are nuts. I can't remember who it was who said that the desire to be a politician should be sufficient to disqualify one for life. Whoever, they were probably right. No one likes politicians. They are a breed apart. most of them are five miles up their own arses, from whichever party.

      There are completely mad Tories (nearly all of them), completely mad Labour. And of course there are completely mad Socialists, SNPers, Greens. Anyone who thinks that I don't think that the SNP doesn't have its share of fruitcakes knows me very little.

      There may even be some Ukippers who are NOT mad, but that is probably just be a rumour put about by Farage.

      There may even be some Liberals (full stop). But probably not.

      I'm not a member of the SNP. (Actually I don't think many of our correspondents on here are.) I'm probably a Scottish Socialist, but they aren't going to form a government anytime soon, are they?

      You know though... for a party that "doesn't hack it in the real world", the SNP, after 7 years in power, are still beating the crap out of Scottish Labour, which seems to be losing ground under the direction of Ed Miliband rather than gaining it. :)

    10. In my experience politicians are only as nuts as the population in general. No more. No less. Some are. Some aren't.

      It's the same with bloggers : -- )

      Blanket dismissal or narrow classification of any group of people is dangerous (Scots are more progressive than the English, Danes are all tall blue eyed socialists) ... in fact usually total bollocks.

      The Nats have given the impression of mastery by doing nothing, making very few decisions and therefore upsetting as few people and groups as possible. It's a tactic to take them past 18th Sept when someone else will have to start making the difficult decisions and take all the flack. No need to worry, Labour is a mature party and well capable of doing that.

      As for nuts, what could be stupider than leaving a monetary union only to insist to the people you've just ditched that they have to accept you back in and, wait for it, "We insist on more onerous conditions than we had before"?

      I mean. Really? And you chastise MY sense of humour....???

    11. You are right, BH. There are probably a few politicians that aren't nuts...and to be fair I’ve even met some. You realised I'm sure that I was only joking. I even count some politicians as friends.

      But I fear that many of them have a dangerous desire for power.

      And god knows there are mad bloggers too. I should know!

      But you say we should judge en masse and yet you jump on the "nats" as if they were one narrow group.

      Of course Labour is a mature party. It has been around for 100+ years. It brought in many of the decent things that we see in life today, not least the NHS. People who live far from the top of the tree, far from the royals, aristocracy and the business owners have every reason to be grateful for their very lives to the labour Party and the trades Unions.

      I know many people who, if Labour return to being a party of the working man, will happily rejoin them, or at least vote for them.

      So let us hope that when there is no longer the stockbroker belt of 10 million people to cater for; all the home owning, 2 cars ,3 holidays set, villa on the Cote du Rhone to impress in order to gain power to influence social security and tax, that Labour will return to that root.

      Worrying about people living on a minimum wage that doesn't cover the rent... worrying about people being taken off sickness benefits within a few days of their death, or while they are in a coma, or because they had a heart attack in the middle of their examination.

      Imagine a Labour that will tax the rich as harshly as they tax the poor. That will look for progressive forms of taxation... (Instead of council tax which allows someone who pays only £20 a year in income tax, to be paying over £1000 a year in council tax).

      A Labour party which thinks that, nice though it might be to be a part of running the world, the fact that 47% of our kids in Glasgow are hungry, is something which we should be spending money on, instead of fighting wars which haven't been sanctioned by the UN or buying wmds that cannot be used unless the President of America sanctions it.

      Yes BH, I'll probably join you in voting for a Labour party like that. With pleasure and I’ll stand arm in arm with you in respect for that party. The party my granddad voted for and looked up to.

      But I'll never stand behind the bunch of third rate bitter whiners that make up today's leadership...

      I mean, I know you have a position and that you are known, but, just here on a blog hardly anyone reads tell me that Lamont is doing a good job.

      I live in a slum. Everyone around about me votes Labour or SNP. The older ones Labour; the younger ones SNP in general. I've never met a Tory or Liberal in my area and thank god I’ve never met a Kipper. They just don’t exist, or if there are any they never admit to it.

      But in all these old Labour voters I've also not met one person who likes or respects Lamont or Curren. (I'm the exception. When Curren was in a job she was equal to, Communities Secretary, I worked with her, and i liked her. Now I see her on the télé and I shudder.)
      Yes, they will go on voting for them, the party of the working man. They can’t imagine ever voting any other way. It’s in their DNA! But they haven’t a good word to say about the direction of travel.
      You can probably guess what they are saying about that woman in England who is shadow social security secretary…


      It’s Friday night. I have the flu and I’m packing this in for today.

    12. I don't think Johann Lamont is doing a bad job. She is certainly Salmond's intellectual equal and moral superior IMO. In fact she's doing better than Salmond; at least she doesn't want to destroy my country and she really cares about public service, unlike the SNP.

      try reading this http://www.scotsman.com/news/brian-wilson-councils-carrying-budget-cut-burdens-1-3333018#.UxsUl9mr3qs.twitter

  3. Think this is what you want Tris to sum up all of your wee willies. (sorry about the pun LOL)


    1. LOL... erm, I don't have a collection of them, you know, Arbroath.

      But hey, that's not bad music... I'm foot-tapping here... :)

  4. 'Slip of the tongue'? Labour should copyright the phrase, they seem to have to use it with increasing regularity when one of their minions like Feel Willie or Johann Lamont announces what they really think.

    1. Yes, maybe they should Moray, but I'm surprised they haven't yet adopted "misspoke". It's much more cool and NuOneNationLabour. Why It's almost American!!

    2. Or 'misunderestimate', Tris? Very USA. Very NuOneNation. Very Cool Britannia. Feel Willie is probably hailed as a cool Labour dude. Like Douglas Alexander, Iain Gray or Flipper.

  5. Tris

    It's not just Grant Shapps and Cameron, it's all of them. Hammond talking to flood victims in the South and you just knew that there was a man who did not care, didn't understand their plight and you can put that to all subjects involving real people. Poverty, unemployment, poor health, crappy clothes, poor housing, no money in the pocket. They don't care so they can never understand and it infects all parties across this country but possibly has infected certain parties more than others.

    The Education Minister, who cares, Osbourne got a low grade in history at University so the obvious choice to ruin the economy, picking up where Brown and Darling left off. This is about giving them something to do but what is more scary is that people actually vote for these arseholes. Dundee West has Jim McGovern, not my first choice, or any choice, but at least the man actually worked for a living once but again given you have his wife as a Councillor and not very good either you have to wonder who votes for these people. Can we not get one decent character into politics in this country. I don't hold the SNP in that high regard locally also but at least they try rather than what I have seen in the past in Dundee.

    The Councillor from Aberdeen just summed up the Labour Party in general in Scotland. Their hatred of everything SNP and Alex salmond is something they should be ashamed of, rather than working day and night on a great salary, holiday and pension entitlement to make this country more honest, fair and a decent place they spend more time hating the SNP. If Labour are not the toilet scum of the earth I don't know what is, I would rather have Putin than Lamont any day. Willie Rennie, the less said the better, if we don't ever mention him he might just go away.


    1. Hear hear, Bruce


    2. Aye, Bruce.

      People who live in the bubble of Westminster don;t have the least idea what life is like for people who don;t have subsidies meals, massive expense accounts, a job which lets them chose when they work, when they turn up, etc.

      They've not a clue what it is to have cold hungry kids, and no money for the meter, and no food in the cupboard. My heart bleeds for some of the suffering I've seen, and these people are oblivious to it.

      Still, they are talking about tax cuts now.

  6. "Can we not get one decent character into politics in this country. I don't hold the SNP in that high regard locally also but at least they try rather than what I have seen in the past"

    I think I agree on that. The SNP are pointing in a better direction than most, and they certainly try to follow through on what they say they do.

    I think that might be why Labour hate them so much, they're showing that you can be successful in politics without being a lying hypocrite, and that's certainly a message worth supporting.

    1. Sure, the SNP are far from being perfect. Totally agree with that. But I also agree that they are better than the rest. And most particularly they care about Scotland first and elsewhere second.

      I vote for them because they are the best bet we have to getting independence, and the best bet we have in Edinburgh of having policies which are different from those in Westminster.

      I absolutely agree with the last paragraph Illy.

      They also hate the SNP because they have stolen their clothes. While they have to follow the dictates of London Labour, set to impress the stockbroker belt, the SNP is doing what a real Labour party would do...

  7. I know of someone who actually telephoned him and asked him about his positions.

    During the conversation he reportedly said it was England's Oil, or maybe even Aberdeen's, but not Scotland's.

    Cerebrally challenged, as they say.

    1. Well, there you are. If he believes that it's England's oil this would explain his visceral hatred of anything Scottish.

      Maybe he should go and work for a council somewhere in England.

  8. Watched Mr Young on TV and strangely enough he did not appear to be drunk at all.

    1. Some people can hide being drunk very effectively John.

      I'm sure he couldn't have been sober and slipped his tongue quite that much...