Saturday 1 March 2014


So, there was a debate, and Johann couldn't answer any of the questions
But she had a good excuse. She wasn't genetically programmed
Unfortunately , it seems the rest of us are all thick too
But anyway, the Queen of Germany came to see the Queen of Scots
Unfortunately the poor woman was also obliged to see Cameron
Wings gave itself a month to raise £53,000 and had it done by tea time
British Airways was positive about an independent Scotland saying it
would be good for business, and promptly did himself out a any chance of a K
It wouldn't be UKOK without some bribery and
corruption going down in government.
Bowie, who lives in the USA and Switzerland
sent someone to England to tell Scots not to leave ..
he said "us", so I assume that means the "US A"
Noel (thanks Stu), on the other hand, 
thought it was a good idea.
Sounds like a fine fellow
Oh, and his mate too. A friend of the rusty lady
Well, that says it all. Tories just don't understand us
George Osborne went down well for Labour
This one was just astonished
Absolutely astonished
Not being genetically programmed to do politics,
she must have decided to clean the kitchen.
Mine's needing a good dicht too Jo, if you're free
And the Norwegian Oil fund which brings in £14 billion
a year in interest alone hit Half a trillion pounds in total.
 In 20 years, that's not bad.
Tax take from UK oil is around £7 billion
UK Oil Fund interest £0, because...
...UK oil fund £0 :(
Can't have everything!


  1. Think you might like to add a certain Mr O'Leary to your list of Airline chairmen who support Scottish independence Tris. ;-)

    Oh and did you know that David Cameron has apparently come out and said that any increase in "inconsistent" with Scotland staying in the U.K., or as the Scotsman reports "sources close to Prime Minister David Cameron"

    Well I guess we have finally started to get some answers from the Better Together squad, albeit from the leader of the gang who doesn't have a vote but keeps butting his head in to tell us to vote NO!

    Thought you'd enjoy this wee ditty as well, courtesy of Andy Inglis.

    And to think we were all concerned that Wings would never reach its target figure of £53,000 within the 34 day period. Not only did we achieve the total within eight and half hours but today Wings readers have helped push Labour for Independence, YES Glasgow and YES borders over their respective targets as well!

    1. Love this comment from the Cameron story, by North British:

      " Britain is ONE country and this fragmented identity that we have is causing problems. We need to drop this pretense of Scotland being a country. That means no more banknotes or national football team. Britain is a country like Spain, France, Germany etc. Scotland is NOT a country.

      What can you do with this?

      Brilliant article from O'Leary. Thanks for passing it on. I can see how advantageous that could be for us.

      And the Twitter pic says it all! Brilliantly funny, but deadly serious.

      We want to stay together but.... PAY?????.. Not on your life!

    2. I thought the article from "a Prime Minister's spokesperson" was brilliant. Any time from now on that the lamentable one or anyone else from "save this broken union" coalition stands up and "claims" that we will get more powers in the event of a NO vote we can stand up and throw this one straight back in their face and call them all liars! LOL

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    1. Oooooops. mea culpa... I liked their music but didn't care for them, so I've no idea what either of them look like. What would you expect from a Petula Clark fan!?

      Also I can't read.... but changed now ...thanks

      Congratulations on the fundraising (yours and other people's). Can't comment on Wings for some technical reason, but read every article and proud to be a sponsor.

  3. Anyone who has a screw lose because there is nothing there to screw into would be astonished by anything they are told, I am astonished that she actually knows what it means.

    Another for the scrapbook.

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    1. Astonished, Astonished, Astonished....

      LOL yeah , good poster...

      Will use it.

  5. O/T For those who do not know it, Slashdot is an American computing and technology site.

    I have left a couple of (anonymous) comments.

    1. Ho ho ho...

      I thought you were going to tell me that there wouldn't be any weather in an independent Scotland.

  6. Here's another excellent example of how well the Better Together are garnering support for the union Tris.

    1. HO HO That's going down a storm then...

      Actually, I feel sorry for him!

  7. Why have nuclear weapons ?
    perhaps Vladimir Putin has given
    the definitive answer on that one.

    Now what would the pacifist snp
    do or be able to even as a member of
    the NATO nuclear club.

    see the list of snp enemies as shown by the insulting and denigrating attack poster grows ever longer ..
    their list of friends and supporters shrinks ever smaller.
    no doubt due to being repulsed by the nauseating negativity.

    genetics see how you lot leap on that one but then didnt
    another nationalist party circa 1933 use that to justify
    the most heinous crimes the world has ever known.

    would of thought you were a better person than to
    let that argument be used in the republic.

    1. Better Together calling

      Lonely the only.

      Obviously some are better alone! Where were you Niko just carping from the sidelines rather than bothering to defend what you stand for, shame on you.

    2. Niko,

      If my arse if flying out the window whilst the rest of me is splattered on the ceiling it would be no consolation to me that some poor bastard in Russia, Bury St Edmunds or Denver is suffering the same fate!To be honest, only the most gullible and, no offence, but the thickest of Labour supporters would think otherwise and I warmly welcome the fact that you,, being intelligent, are not one of them!

    3. Niko. Is Mr Putin about to attack Britain over what's going on in Ukraine and is he going to do it with nuclear weapons?

      Is he even going to use nuclear weapons on the people of Ukraine?

      Thought not.

      Why would a little country like Britain have to have nuclear weapons. Putin and the Chinese have already pointed out that people like Cameron are just not players on the world scene. Britain has a tiny number of warheads, which are, to all intents and purposes owned by the USA. So much so that the Pentagon actually count the Uk missiles and submarines as theirs.

      Even if they wanted to, or dared to, the UK couldn't use them without express permission from the USA.

      France is more or less in the same position, of course. It would mad for them to use their WMDs without clearance from the White House, but they could physically do it.

      The UK could not, because the USA has the firing codes.

      It wasn't me who talked about genetics Niko. It was that daft woman that Labour has put in as the junior overseer in Edinburgh.

      Her that didn';t know what was happening to shipyards in her own constituency.

      The SNP is a national party, not a nationalist party. It has none of the traits of the nationalists to which you refer. It includes in its MSPs and guy of Italian origin, one of French origin, and one of Pakistani descent. It is for gay rights (except for some Christians...even the Muslim MSP voted for equality in marriage)

      That's beneath you Niko. I'm disappointed.

    4. Good show in Edinburgh...

    5. I'm just going to run through some logic about nukes out loud here, see if you can find any flaws.

      The purpose of a nuclear deterrent is to stop you getting invaded. ie. always having the threat of "if you invade, I'll kill *lots* of your citizens." This seems justified, as no nuclear-armed country seems to have been invaded (Iraq didn't actually have any nukes)

      This does assume that the rulers of a country actually care about their people dying, or that a nuclear strike would kill someone they actually care about.

      Both of these seem to be false. The wars last century put the lie to the first one, and modern nuclear bunkers put the lie to the second one.

      Also, offshore nuclear capability costs a fortune, and gets in the way of other things (plus, if we can't throw them at the country that's been doing most of the invading for the last hundred years (the USA) what's the point?).

      So, what would a good alternative be? If we need an effective deterrent, we need the capability to legitimately threaten the rulers of any country on earth, and we need to be able to do it cheaply.

      We also want to keep the collateral damage as low as possible, ideally to none.

      I keep finding myself wondering if a small assassination team that regularly hits the presidents of the USA, China and Russia, with, say, a paintball, would do far more for world peace than any number of nukes. (and be significantly cheaper)

  8. Sheridan v Donohoe - the debate they wouldn't let us film

    Title is wrong as its the Labour party member that refused obviously needs the protection of auntie Beeb poor loser.

    The full debate is on radio Irvine Sunday 12.00 till 2.00 should be good.

    1. Wow. That guy is so self important.

      Is he Prince Philip?

      What an ignorant self important git. I think he might like to check the meaning of disingenuous.

      Thanks CH.