Thursday 20 March 2014


I saw this on Facebook. It looks as if it may have come from a local newspaper, perhaps the local version of the Metro. It's the kind of thing they do. It originated on the Free Scotland page.

It has a shedload of comments too, the majority favourable.

As someone pointed out, that's not the kind of news you'd hear on the BBC.


  1. Interesting little comment there from a company owner in England. I wonder what Better Together think about this news, ach they'll probably just accuse us of putting up a cyberforeignnat spoof. LOL

    1. They will ignore it.

      It's good news for Scotland and they don't hear that.

  2. I see that Lord Wolfson the Chief Executive of Next sees no problem with Scottish independence but no mention of it in the Hootsmon. With him being a Tories I suspect a damn good thrashing is in the offing from Foulkes and Co.!

    Completely off- topic, as usual, I've worked out on my steam-driven abacus that I will save 10p in the pub tonight. If all the usual suspects turn up we will have saved £1 which will be donated to a worthy cause - the Better Together campaign.

    1. I've never understood why any company would have a problem operating in a rich country.

      It doesn't make any sense.

      I researched the cost of a pint across the UK and Scotland.

      It seems to range from, at the cheapest £2.90 to, at the most expensive £3.60 in an average bar.

      I was thinking that most beer drinkers will either be vaguely amused by the 1p reduction, or they will be hugely insulted.

      The Tories are so incredibly out of touch.

      If you raise a whole pound in the pub tonight, Munguin has asked me to remind you of his charity. It's called the Munguin Comfort Fund. Its object is to provide comfort to distressed Munguins the world over.

      I've so far forborne to point out that he is the only Munguin in the world.

  3. I don't like to give unionist papers credit, this story was in the Daily Record on Tuesday I think, the Record which is owned by Trinity Mirror group, who's headquarters are at Canary Wharf London, are a backer of the no camp, along with just about every other newspaper in the UK.

    Ed Miliband in Rosyth recently, he was interview by a devout proselyte from the Daily Record by the name of Torcuil Crichton, Miliband denounced the SNP on just about everything he could, then the spineless sycophant added, "Oh but I've no intention of debating Alex Salmond.

    Miliband finished with "The Labour party and I are on a social justice crusade", their on a crusade alright but its one more akin to the middle ages than the 21st century.

    Crichton who interviewed Miliband in the back of a Range Rover, was so doe eyed and full adulation, (as the picture in the link shows) that it wouldn't have mattered if Miliband said I'm going to explode a WMD in Scotland, it wouldn't have registered with poor Torcuil, as his messiah was speaking directly to him.

    1. Who on earth would listen to this crap.

      Under the last Labour government, there for 13 years, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. In the end the whole country nearly collapsed under the weight of the debt that they created, and the banks to which they allowed total freedom.

      T^he country is now is a ridiculous situation of having debt of more than a trillion pounds, a totally unfunded pension scheme for a population which is living ever longer, a young population sadly undereducated and universities with fees of £9,000 pa., where all the go ahead countries in Europe have free or nearly free tertiary education.

      Labour could have set up an oil fund to pay pensions (like Norway did); it could have used the money to set up a pension fund for public employees.

      It didn't.

      Has it said it will? Has it said it will get rid of university fees?

      Has it said it will deal with the 49% of Glasgow school children who are in poverty?

      Imagine Mr Crichotn's excitement sitting right next to Mr Miliband.

      I don;t remember Mr Salmond expressing any great interest to debate with him. What good would that do. I doubt the has any chance of being prime minister.

      However, he is right to turn it down if it were offered. He'd lose dismally.

  4. Our Indyref Personality Test

    I gave free and truthful answers and here is the result.

    Based on your answers, your opinions are most closely reflected by the Better Together campaign

    You should vote no

    Indyref Personality Test
    You should vote no!

    Based on your answers, your opinions are most closely reflected by the Better Together campaign.

    Show the share buttons

    Question 1: From what age should the state offer full-time childcare?

    You answered: One year old.
    In an independent Scotland, children from the age of one would be entitled to up to 1,140 hours of free childcare - 30 hours a week for 38 weeks a year. Opposition parties have made no concrete pledge, but say the SNP already has powers to fund this proposal.
    Question 2: How do you feel about defence?

    You answered: We need a robust defence, including nuclear submarines.
    Under the Scottish Government's plans, Trident would be banished from Scottish waters by 2020. Both current Coalition parties are committed to a nuclear fleet, although details aren't agreed, while Labour wants the 'minimum credible independent nuclear deterrent'.
    Question 3: Where should Scotland get its energy from?

    You answered: A mix of sources, including nuclear.
    The White Paper confirms the SNP's opposition to nuclear power in Scotland. Nuclear-powered stations are being expanded south of the border, and a different Scottish Government might well reverse the SNP's stance.
    Question 4: Should Scotland spend more money on the state pension?

    You answered: Yes.
    The Scottish Government has committed to increasing the state pension by £1.10 per week. Opposition parties have made no specific Scottish proposal.
    Question 5: Should we encourage more flights in and out of Scotland?

    You answered: More flights.
    The Scottish Government plans to cut Air Passenger Duty to increase the number of flights to and from Scotland. Opposition parties have made no specific Scottish proposal.
    Question 6: Would you like to see tax reduced for corporations?

    You answered: No.
    The Scottish Government intends to cut corporation tax by up to three per cent. Opposition parties have made no specific Scottish proposal.
    Question 7: How do you feel about immigration?

    You answered: We need less immigration.
    The Scottish Government's immigration policy would be more liberal than the UK's. Arguably, an issue that is less partly political and more down to individual voters' view.
    Question 8: Who would you like to support at the next Olympics?

    You answered: Team GB.
    The Scottish Government would aim to have its own team at Rio 2016. Team GB, as witnessed at London 2012, is seen as a unifier of the whole UK by Westminster parties.
    Question 9: Who should run our postal service?

    You answered: The state.
    The Scottish Government has said that the Royal Mail would be nationalised in an independent Scotland. The current coalition sanctioned the privatisation; Ed Miliband is unlikely to re-nationalise in his fight for Middle England.
    Question 10: Which comedian do you prefer?

    You answered: Eddie Izzard.
    Frankie Boyle is an outspoken supporter of independence, while Eddie Izzard believes the UK would feel a 'deep sense of loss' if Scotland left the union.

    1. 'You should vote yes!' is what I got.

      The only thing that I can interpret is the nuclear penis extension farce by the BritNats is what swings the vote. So anyone who votes no does not believe in nuclear disarmament no matter what they profess.

    2. Not surprisingly, I should vote yes.

      Some of the questions were a bit dodgy though.

      I mean the comedian one was asking which one you liked better. But one is well known for being pro and one against, one is Scottish and one in English. The Olympic games was another...

      In other questions they neglected to say what would happen if you stayed in England.

      The other parties have no policies on this...

      But the Westminster government for example, doesn't believe in giving bigger pensions than the Scottish government. (Incidentally I totally disagree with the UK and Scottish governments on this. State retirement pensions should be no lower than the middle rank of the EU. At the ,moment they are at the bottom.)

      It might have been an idea to ask if you fancy another Tory government. I mean Iain Smart said he would rather have 100 years of Tory rule than an independent Scotland... But then he is rich, so he would...

      Anyway, Niko. I've been worried about you. You been off to Cyprus again?

      They're independent, you know! You'll not get any comforting mother England there....

    3. That sounds OK, niko.

      If you're a fan of WMDs, dislike immigrants and don't enjoy supporting Scotland at sport, then of course you should vote no.

      Your only concern is in what dark region of your soul you found a liking of Eddie Izzard.

  5. Labour is closed for business. It has given up

    When the MSM BBC have protected their lies for years they could take the voters for granted here in Scotland well those days are over so reap what you have sown. RIP.

    1. Yes, fair article. I was prepared to buy the story that he hadn't been given the briefings, but even strong Labour supporters are saying he didn't.

      The trouble is, as the guy hinted, he has to appeal to the votes of middle England. It's electoral suicide to start getting soft of what they consider scroungers and the rest of us call invalids and old people.

      He can't go against the pensions position. It's popular even if it may have pretty disastrous side effects.

      And his arguments against Scottish independence have to come down to the same arguments as the Tories have...

      I mean, the SNP has stolen their clothes. He just has to be nasty about Alex (instead of David) and tell us a pile of lies about how birds will no longer sing in an independent Scotland.

      Actually, when you think about it, they may as well give up. The Tories have are popular in England. The only way Labour can be popular is to be Tory.

      I wonder what the guy thought about the pile up that Jolo got herself into.