Saturday 8 March 2014


Surely something wrong there then?
...No. Nothing wrong? Deliberate policy of dickhead councillors?
Or does he just think we pay him to try to be a smartarse?
Absolutely Frankie. I wonder how he feels about it?
But they love us. You got that message, right?
Where on earth did they find this diddy?
One of Dave's mates from Chipping Norton, along with the Brookes and Andy Coolson
 and all these other people currently on trial for hacking phones and getting advice on how
to get round the law from Tory Blur.
This is what we have been saying
And we, unlike the Uk actually care.,
See, told you.
And no matter what that idiot from Inverness says (yeah him that is at the heart of government
 and makes a speech about pensions not knowing that the EU has changed the relevant law)
 we would all be better off if we used the pound. That's why his boss wouldn't answer Ponsonby's questions
I'm thinking that some countries have good government...
and others have the Tories or labour.
Makes a big difference to my life. 
They are the ones with the vested interests in keeping our money in their country.
Real Labour voters know better.
Yes, REAL Labour.
As opposed to people who don't believe in democracy
So watch out for piles of ads coming your way...
 but absolutely no chance of a job. I'd put IDS's name and address.
Maybe he'll get an ad for a hair restorer, or a personality.
I don;t know why he doesn't just get the military and order them to shoot all the poor.
It would save paying Atos... well not Atos any more.
They are ashamed to be associated with the UK government.
There is only so low multi national corporations will sink.
Isn't it nice to see people laughing and enjoying themselves. Even if it's only that lot.
Moral? David Cameron?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...etc
Probably true in his circles. Lords, royals, Blair, Clarkson, Charlie Brookes
Of course they are all better off!
They probably will, Matt.
Makes sense, Will
Strange that, Iain.
Just the attitude, Jonathan
Suit's me, Alex
So, you're a set of lying bastards? Yes?
Who deny us a voice? Yes!
Towel folder. I bet he even got that wrong.
Oh lordy... It's Lady Lamont.
Just making sure she's not putting her foot in it. After all Annabel and Joke both got there.
Of course you will dear, because you're just as mean and
 miserable and inhuman as the Tories.
Jeeez... I needed that!
The evil old witch at the home office, looking a bit more human for once
...sink hole sink hole sink hole...


  1. I'm so afraid if you lose this vote.
    Westminster/London will go to town on you.
    vote YES.
    A voice from Wales

    1. Have faith. We've got a good team, ffrind. And we know they play dirty. They are known the owrld over fir it. Always have been.

      We have logic and right on our side, and I really believe we will win, no matter what they come up with in the last week...

      Nuclear bomb in Glasgow, royal family being kidnapped, Faux invasion of oil rigs...

      We're ready for them.

      Cross your fingers for us! :)

  2. Agree, they wrecked us in Wales after we crapped out in 79

    1. Yes. They promise all sorts and threaten all sorts.

      I know that if we lose we are going to have one hell of a ride as they take away our powers and ensure that we can Never Never again show opposition to their rule.

      The Perfidious Albion, I seem to remember the Brits were called.

      You guys should come to Scotland ...

  3. What the hell is that white stuff?

    1. Creme Fraiche...

    2. First winter that I have never had to clear snow of a step or never been able to make a snowball.

    3. Hopefully it will stay that way... but you never know. It's been known to snow heavily in April!

  4. My that was a long list. Was Osborne a towel re-folder? When I looked at his employment history he is not qualified to be C of E. How did he get the job.................don't tell me I know.

    1. How did he get everything?

      He didn't last long. He was probably crap at that too. Apparently he has a degree in modern history. I think he ended up as a researcher for Wee Willie Hague (not Rennie).

      Anyway, yes it was a long one this week. I had a lot of stuff saved that i hadn't used and thought I'd just bombard you with it all.

    2. I've just found this:

  5. Thanks for making these images and posters available. A powerful way to get the message across.

    1. I'm glad you like them Anon. Sometimes a picture does say 1000 words, and people have so much to read.


  6. tris

    read this you bleeding heart liberal
    bring a tear to your bleeding heart liberal eye
    it did mine .
    The English Torys would do this to us....

    The lawyer spent many hours with the men. When their stories became almost too much for him — too upsetting, too complex — one of the men, Henry Wilkins, placed a hand on his shoulder and said: Don’t worry, Robert, we got your back.
    The ‘Boys’ in the Bunkhouse

    Toil, abuse and endurance in the heartland.

    Aka thirty years a slave


  8. Spring early for magic mushrooms this year in your area.

  9. If councils would stick to providing services and stay out of party politics, their budgets would be adequate. Not great, but adequate. Councillors, however, have their eyes on the gravy train and make stupid gestures at council tax payers expense to get themselves noticed for a step up to Holyrood, or, dream of dreams, Westminster. The only ones who stand for councils to serve their constituents are the Independents.