Wednesday 19 March 2014


...If we are stupid enough to vote NO, can you imagine how much the block grant will be cut in Osborne's last budget before the election. The one where he has to persuade millions of English people to vote Tory in a few weeks' time?

No, nor me.


  1. You have to be insane to vote No, or selfish, or unbelievably loyal to Labour, the Union.

    1. Unfortunately after watching the debate from Kirkcaldy last night I have to say that there are definitely some people in Scotland who still unbelievably fall into all of these categories.

    2. Yes you would. I'm finding it difficult to even start to comprehend the mindset that would vote NO. The same sort that vote Tory I expect.

      But there are fewer and fewer. Stewart Hosie just tweeted that out canvassing today he didn't get one single NO. That's pretty good.

      Still haven't heard the results of the Dundee and Angus College debate, although Shona tweeted that it was a success.

      Could do with the actual figures.

    3. I saw the results someplace Tris, but I can't remember where.
      And they were good for Yes.

  2. Tris

    A lot of people will vote no out of blind devotion to the moonies, sorry labour or through stupidly and ignorance but what can you do. I'm not for turning ever no matter how tough it might get. Osborne is a fud, he borrowed to give away, and that plank Alexander nodding away beside him. They go well together the tubes. All a damp squid to get the grey vote.


    1. Osborne seems to be to be as deluded and Johann Lamont... and after that pile up interview she did on Devo-Bugger all, you'd have to say it was pretty deluded.

      Still a penny off a pint... how exciting!

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    If you vote NO you will reap the whirlwind.
    Trust me, we reaped it in Wales in 1979.
    Vote Yes,
    Dr Robert Tyler

  4. Yes Dr Tyler, I believe you are right there...and welcome to the blog.

    There's little sentiment about it. If they manage to get their hands on a no vote, they will almost undoubtedly go back on all their promises.

    Cameron goers back on promises on most things so it will be no hardship to him. In the end the important thing is not to upset the English by giving the Scots any more power, or control. And they will ahve an election to fight and win only 9 months after our referendum.

    They will have put us and Salmond back in the box. They will then concentrate all their efforts on ensuring that they don;t go down in history as a one term government. There are no Tory votes to be won in Scotland.

    We too were bitten in 1979. Vote no and we will do something for you, they said. So we voted no and Mrs Thatcher's idea of doing something was to close us down for business and wish the poll tax on us a year early.

    Dymuniadau gorau.

    Hir yn byw Nghymru ... a'r Alban

  5. tris, we didny vote naw in '79, just no enough of us voted aye.

    1. Well, yes, I'm sorry. Labour decided to come up with a crafty wheeze whereby people who were politically inactive, or sick in hospital or even dead, were deemed to have voted NO.

      What was it... 50% the total population had to vote for it.

      I think we should start applying that to MPs.

    2. Aye you're right there Anon. What caught us all out in 1979 was that we were all too naive to figure out that everyone who was dead would have the temerity to vote NO, and wouldn't you know it they did! LOL

  6. Please all of you vote YES that way we never get another socialist government in England

    1. You have never had a socialist government. Surely you don't count labour as socialist, the tories are more socialist than labour.


    2. Absolutely.

      Since the days of Mrs Thatcher who did so well in England (or the bit of England that they seem to care about) and was so almost universally hated in Scotland... (that is to say Michael Forsyth was in love with her, and Ian Lang well... least said soonest mended... but the rest of us loathed the very thought of her). Anyway, after the Tories ditched her and Mr Major had bored everyone to death, Tony Blair came along with the kind of policies that most right wing parties in Europe espoused.

      As Mr Bush's influence upon him became stronger and stronger and eventually took him over completely, he became far more right wing than most of the European right wingers. Chirac for example was against war in Iraq and Blair was chomping at the bit.

      Labour ruined the UK because it let capitalism have a free hand. The banks did what they wanted, the top people paid no tax, and the minimum wage was set at £3.60 and hour.

      There's only been one socialist government in the UK. That was Clem Atlee. There was a second one of course (with a tiny majority) in 1950, but if I am not mistaken the King, probably knowing he was dying, persuaded his to stand down and let Winston back in, so that his daughter would have his dear friend by her side in the early days of her reign.

      Politics realign. You will have a left of centre government again... the alternative is likely to be a revolution. And Scotland will see a revival of the right. Not right awayu in either case, but gradually over the years the left will re-emerge in England and the right in Scotland. The balance is required. It even happens in Scandinavia.

      Countries that don';t have that have brutal revolution instead.

  7. Mr Kelly of Scotland Goes Pop isquite excited and so am I!

    1. Ha ha... Nice one. Always glad to see Mr Kelly excited... and of course you too Mr Clark.

      It's certainly good news, and although it is only one poll, it is in line with the trend.

      I'm excited too now.

  8. A but don't worry Ruth Davidson is riding to our rescue if we vote Nae to indy! She says she'd deliver more devolution... only problem for her is... she campaigned to lead her party on the anti-devo ticket.

    So was she lying then, when she won her job opposing further powers. Or is she lying now, when she is promising to deliver further powers?

    And the less said about the state Lamont is tying herself in just trying to get SLAB to back devo of income tax the better...

    1. I remember the line in the sand.

      This far and no farther... (unless Mr Cameron tells me to go farther of course, in which case the sand line will disappear).

      She havers more than lies, Dean. She hasn't the experience or the wit to be careful about what she says. She is either really stupid, or she thinks we are.

      Mind there's a lot like her.

      Ms Lamont has become a national joke. The Devo Nada plan of theirs fell to pieces on, of all paces, the BBC.

      Not a live interview, I noticed, but a recorded one where she blundered her way from one outrageous statement to another... The experts told us....

      Meanwhile the interviewer looked on with ever growing incredulity...

      I was waiting for him to say ...


      I love the fact that she proposes flexibility to make the situation worse, but not to make it better. Honestly. This took them two years to work out? If they were working for me and wasted that two years, they would have been sacked!

  9. >>I'm finding it difficult to even start to comprehend the mindset that would vote NO.

    I know plenty of No voters - all my family for starters - and I don't get it either. Seems to be a combination of things - being afraid of any cross border hassle. Not wanting to piss off their English friends. Being comfortably off and not wanting any change. Oh, and believing with great relish every scare story in the media - though as they take pleasure in Scotland being talked down rather than being angry or depressed about it, I guess their Scottishness is just a tartan trim on an essentially British identity. :(

    1. I dunno Craig.

      I know some too. Most of my neighbours. Largely people who don't think outside the narrow parameters of what the Daily Mail, Courier or the BBC tells them.

      All elderly, stuck in their ways and absolutely sure that they are right, because they only mix with their own sort and that is all they hear.

      All of them too benefiting from Scottish government help... help they wouldn't get in England.

      Interestingly they all hate foreigners too. Poles being a particular bugbear.

      So that's the type of person you are not going to change. No matter how many times you prove something to them, they retain their built in Britishness and xenophobia.

      After all, for years I've been pointing out that any trouble locally comes from home-grown druggies and drunks, and that the Europeans who live here are all rather nice, hard working decent people. But every time anything happens, you hear them nodding to each other and saying's the Poles.

      They are always wrong, but it doesn't stop them saying it. Needless to say I dislike them intensely.

      You are right. They are essentially British with a tartan trim, that really is the shortbread box type. it doesn't go any farther than that.

    2. >>They are essentially British with a tartan trim, that really is the shortbread box type.

      'proud Scots' :)

  10. The reply function isn't working!!

    Arbroath... Just shows you can't ever trust the dead voters to do the decent thing!

    Craig: Some of my neighbour are not just tartan trimmed, they have a bonnie wee Scottie dog too!