Friday 26 April 2013


Becoming independent offers Scotland - and its businesses - the opportunity of a lifetime. With control of our economic policy we can focus on the unique priorities of our economy. An independent Scotland would have a secure and stable economy. We can afford to be independent and have a government which is specifically focused on developing and nurturing our own financial well-being.
  • Even those who favour Westminster rule agree that an independent Scotland could thrive
  • An independent Scotland would be the eighth wealthiest country in the world
  • Our oil reserves are worth up to £1.5 trillion - ten times our share of the UK national debt
  • We have 25% of Europe’s potential offshore wind and tidal energy
  • We have very successful food & drink, tourism, construction and agriculture sectors worth £39 billion a year 
Scotland is one of the wealthiest nations on the planet. But for most of us it just doesn't feel that way. We do not see this prosperity reflected in our daily lives.
There are two big problems. First, the wealth isn't shared fairly. Westminster policies mean that a very few at the very top get most of the benefit.  And, second, Westminster isn't working for Scotland's economy. Its one size fits all economic policy isn't making the most of Scotland's strengths for the benefit of the Scottish people. That is why we need to be independent.
An independent Scotland would be ranked 8th wealthiest country in the OECD (in terms of GDP per head) compared to the UK’s 17th place (2011). (And we'd be more likely to spend that wealth on what people need, rather than killing foreigners.) 
We have three of the top 100 universities in the world. Our universities compete at the top of the world leagues for the quality of their research. (We've hardly got a record of being thick, have we?)

We have around 25% of Europe’s potential offshore wind and tidal energy and 10%of Europe’s wave power potential. (Even those who think its all a load of rubbish can't deny the jobs that this is creating.)
Recent figures show food and drink exports at an all-time high of £5.4 billion. Our world-leading industries include engineering, life sciences, tourism, life assurance and wealth management. (Not all about oil then, Alistair?)
Our public finances are stronger than the UK's. For every one of the last 30 years Scotland has generated more tax revenue per head than the UK. (So  they don't subsidise us; au contraire, we subsidise them.)

Up to 24 billion barrels remain in the North Sea. This equates to a wholesale value of up to £1.5 trillion at today’s prices – that's 10 times our share of the UK national debt. (So it's not actually running out at all.)

Scotland tops the UK charts for levels of inward investment by foreign companies. (Despite the devastation and uncertainty that Osborne et al predicted and lied about.)

The stuff in Black type is Blair Jenkins'. The red is all mine!


  1. Well done that young man in putting it together.

    1. Hi there Marcia...

      Well done Mr Jenkins, I only added the little comments in red.

  2. Well what do you know!
    An INDEPENDENT Scotland has EVERYTHING that it needs to become a WORLD leader. Who'd have thunk it?

    I always find it amazing when we are thrust into the world of doom and gloom by Darling,Osborne and the rest of the numpties that make up Better Together. What EXACTLY are these people SCARED of?

    Well we all know what Osborne, Cameron and co are scared of, LOSING all of Scotland's tax revenues, exports etc. The loss of these financial incomes will only have ONE outcome on Westminster's finances, NOT good.

    So what are Darling, Lamont, Sarwar, Davidson, Rennie, McDougall etc scared of then?
    I think the answer to this question is obvious. They are terrified of losing their grip on their personal ermine cloak they were all "promised" when they took up their current posts!

    Always amazes me what DEPTHS the "disgraced" members of BT will drop to in order to protect THEIR future whilst screwing the futures of the people of Scotland!

    1. I think that people like Osborne are truly scared stiff of the fact that losing Scotland's wealth with plunge the rUK into never ending depression.

      What has kept the country afloat for all these years?

      What has allowed it to buy fur coat after fur coat, sometimes providing knickers, and more recently ahving to go without?

      Scottish oil.

      Even the most recent figures that show that Georgie Porgy Pudding and Pie (went to a funeral and had a cry), managed to miss a triple dip recession because the Scottish oil sector came full back on line after maintenance down time.

      Without any Scottish income, his buget is in even more tatters than it was.

      As for the Scots that are against it up the top, bang on. Ermine and an aristocratic title, 'The Hon' for their sons and daughters, and around 30 times the average dole payment per day, tax free, for doing nothing. Scrounging boot filling bad guys that they are....

    2. Just heard about ANOTHER name to add to the list in my last post Tris, a certain Ray Winstone!

      He was the chair of Have I got New for You tonight and has apparently ruffled more than a few feathers. I usually watch it but was watching something else tonight so missed the incident but will watch it on BBC on Monday night at 22:40!

      From what I've heard he was rather abusive towards Alex Salmond AND our intention to use Sterling after Independence. Apparently there was also a point in the show where he asked the audience about an Independent Scotland using the Sterling at which point all the "intelligentsia" in the audience put their hands up to to the question about telling Scotland to f*** off with our intention to use Sterling!

      There are reportedly quite a number of complaints winging their way towards the BBC about the programme tonight!

      Methinks another nail in the coffin of the BBC here!

    3. TBH Arbroath, I saw the broadcast, or rather I saw it on iPlayer, and I initially thought... Cheeking sods, then I though, look, if we can satirize the royals the Tory toffs, the Labour toffs, and what's his name's toffs and ...well everything, I think we should take it on the chin when someone has a pop at us.

      I couldn't understand most of what that old man was saying. Is he some sort of gangster? He looked like one, and sounded like one.

      I wish they would remember when they broadcast from London that some of us can't understand heavy English accents, and put subtitles.

      The audience clearly wanted rid of Scots... cool, we want rid of them. Let's work together.

      I see there is to be some march of protest about the BBC taking our licence money and then lying and distorting facts; cutting bits of broadcasts to play their version of events. I think Scots should just stop playing the licence fee; en masse.

  3. As I said on my last post, to the horror of Barney. What a horrible country. People starving and having to go to food banks (doubled in the last years) while millionaires get another tax cut.

    Bravo to the woman who got help and then volunteered to work there...

    Who wouldn't want out of this place except millionaires with no heart. I'm ashamed that this is happening in a country like ours.

    Fur coats and nae drawers.

    1. "As I said on my last post, to the horror of Barney"


      I've read the last post and really, really hope you are not confusing me with Niko.

      He and I are both committed Democratic Socialists, but he has chosen the path that leads to destruction, not life.

    2. Different Barney, Barney!

    3. Ha ha... It was another Barney on not the past post but the one before (the challenge to unionists to provide us with good reasons for staying in the union), who kind of took exception to my presentation of facts...

      In the end he seemed to imply that he would vote 'no' on the basis that I said that Britain was a horrible little country to live in.

      He couldn't get his name to register with Google, so his signature comes up as a long series of letters and numbers (in case you are looking back).

      I knew it wasn't you...:)

  4. Wind and wave power doesn't work and we lose 3 proper jobs for every one useless green job created. Imagine what we could have done with the billions wasted on the 'renewables revolution'.

    It's my duty to tell you ;)

    1. As against the tens+ of billions wasted on nuclear energy or the jobs of miners risking their lives miles underground rather than free wheeling downhill harnessing free energy.

    2. Hardly 'free energy' cynical. £20Bn a year for the next 40 years via the 2008 Climate Bill. Plus 100% back up from fossil fueled power stations required as well.

  5. We seem to be doing very well on green generation of electricity, Monty. I can't remember what the figure was, but it was an impressive percentage of Scotland's overall use.

    I know it's expensive, but have you see that they have underestimated the decommissioning of nuke plants in England to a tune of £16 billion... and that's only the underestimate.

    And EDF are demanding £50+ billion plus to even start building their new stations and a subsidy to run them, guaranteeing them, no matter what, a profit. Sounds very like a state run industry to me, except that the usual culprits will get their hands on outrageous amounts of money upon which they will avoid tax.

    Anyways, unless we are going to continue to use coal, gas and oil, are we not better with green rather than the very expensive to set up and horribly dangerous to get rid of (10,000 years is a long time to have to store the waste) nuclear?

    What proper jobs are we losing, Monty?

    It's your duty to tell us that too matey ;)

    1. hi tris...We're way behind in the 100% renewables target. It'll never happen.
      Imagine if the £800Bn that will be wasted on windmills etc was put into the sciences, engineering, tourism etc ?
      It would be an amazing jobs creation scheme. Rather than being wasted on useless windmills. 4,500 in the UK now and they regularly produce nothing. A massive scam that pays land owners like Dave's father in law hundreds of thousands a year of taxpayers money. Although the foreign windmill makers take the most of course.
      We're currently importing nuclear power from France to keep the lights on.

      Read these tables when you have time. It's all there...

    2. Just checked the tables...

      Interconnector from France ( nuclear )...5.3%
      Interconnector from Netherlands..........1%

      Wind is often zero output during winter cold and high air pressure periods over the UK.

  6. A propos of nothing, I've just noticed that Munguin's Republic has arrived at 100 followers.

    Thanks very much everyone!

  7. tris

    so you keep the pound and bank of England hegemony ????? Alex has already sold his soul to the Bof E on that one.
    you also have the EU laws. regulation etc like you know the austerity brigade.

    so how does that fit in with his flim flam.

    An Independent Scotland who remain a capitalist economy will be no different than one under Tory misrule to claim different is a downright lie
    And as this prove beyond a decent normal persons doubt the snp are for those with wealth and will in the end be just as bad and wicked to the less fortunate when they are given the chance

    THE council tax freeze and universal free services in Scotland have not helped poorer households and may have made the impact of austerity cuts worse, a new report has found.

  8. Scotland produces 30% of all its requirements by way of renewables .
    So no idea where Monty gets his 3-4% from unless he is citing UK .
    as to the "cost issue" it has been my experience that unionists in particular know the cost of everything and the value of nothing

  9. Rod ..... "Scotland produces 30% of all it's requirements by way of renewables IF IT'S WINDY"

    There I fixed that for you.

    And runs a parallel energy system 24/7 from fossil fuels. Wasting energy.

    I've supported independence since 1968. And have some sad photos of myself in an SNP t shirt to prove it ;)

    All the energy info is from the previous link that I provided if you could be bothered to read it. Which you probably can't be.

    The useless set up at Whitelees manages to provide about 21% of it's claimed wind energy output. If you can be bothered to read this.....

    People supporting the mad windmill building scam will be unfavourably remembered in history. To put it mildly.
    Destroying our beautiful scenery and wasting billions on something that doesn't work. Shame on them all.

  10. But surely that is UK figures Monty. Now I know that, at present we are in the UK, but hopefully we won't always be.

    It's a difficult problem and I'd not suggest that renewables should be everything, but, leaving climate change aside (I refuse to argue that, on the basis that I'm not a scientist and I haven't the foggiest idea whether the fact that Greenland and Antarctica are warmer and we are colder than 10 years ago is down to man or nature) I think we have to consider the fact that one say the carbon stuff will run out... or at least become unaffordable to obtain.

    Scotland is making a fair bit out of renewables. Its not all Cameron's mates.

    1.'s the 'national grid' and the feed in tariffs and renewable obligations certificates come from that London so it's UK yeah. We'll be up the creek without a paddle when we lose all the millions from the DECC to feed the windmill trough. Hopefully independence will see the end of the windmill scam for economic reasons but I doubt it.
      Germany are switching to coal (23 new coal power stations commissioned ) after their disastrous wind policies left them needing to import energy like us.

      Scotland hasn't made any money from renewables. Some landowners and power companies have but we've got £300 onto our energy bills to cover the tab.

      The UK met office and the BBC ( main proponents of the green scams) agree that there's been no warming for 20 years despite a massive increase in CO2, the alleged culprit, and are going back to the drawing board.

      Greenland used to be green ....hence it's name....a bit colder now I think.
      It will warm up and cool down again long after we're gone. Like it did before man arrived.

    2. Good article here about the global warming myth and the 20 year lack of warming ;) ......

    3. Monty: I'll read that tonight when I get back... Thanks :)

    4. LOL MOnty. I've read it but I'm no wiser.

      As I've said before, I can't possibly comment on what is causing climate change. I think I have a standard grade in Chemistry...

      But I can see myself that the climate is changing. There never used to be horrific winds all through the summer in Scotland. It#'s always been cool and rainy, yes, but having March style winds at the end of May, for weeks and weeks, with trees blown down, no, surely not.

      In Greenland the ice is melting; the summers are warm; people are growing salad crops in gardens and on farms. But melting arctic ice pushed the Labrador current farther south, with much more force than before, changing the gulf stream, which now heads for western France rather than Iceland and Scotland. Hence we get colder wetter weather.

      In Africa the Sahara is expanding. Fishing villages on lake Chad are now 25 miles for the water...

      Anyway... as I have no earthly idea why this is happening, because I've no qualifications, and all that I know, I know because of watching people like Attenborough, so I'm not qualified to take part in any intelligent debate on the subject.

      But I do have a passion for Greenland, and the change there is absolutely amazing...that I do know from observation.

  11. Niko... I see we have stirred you out of your political torpor.

    I don't think that you can take the fact that the council tax has been frozen as a cause alone for some poor people getting poorer.

    The very very poorest are little affected by it in any case, as they have their council paid in Scotland. (In most places in England they get less of it paid.)

    But there is no doubt that for the poorer working people life has been made easier by years of freezing the council tax. The government has given councils more money, but the government cannot tell them how it must be spent.

    If you look at other issues surrounding poverty, firstly the Westminster government and George Osborne's failed austerity plans are to blame in large part. This is a situation which has been made in Westminster, by the incompetence, ignorance and lack of compassion of the Tories and the Liberal lap dogs.

    It's reasonable, however, to say that Alistair Darling would have done much the same. Ed Balls is not talking about helping these people out either. Will he overturn any of these measures designed to make life impossible for the poorest?

    No. He will not, because the large vote in the richer south east of England would hate it.

    Social security laws dictate who can get help and who cannot. The Scottish government can subvert a few of them, by law, but it cannot openly break the law and pay benefits, if for no other reason than it doesn't have any money, except the pocket money given to it by papa England.

    We should remember that the Labour policy on freezing council tax was ... oh what was it? One week it was for the freeze; another week it was against. Glasgow council said it was for a freeze for 5 years. Jackie Bailey changes her mind every time she opens her mouth. Johann lamont...where is Johann Lamont by the way?

    We can only treat our poor properly when we have the power to do so, and we'll only ahve the power to do so when we have our own country.

    If you want an explanation for the reasons that it is best for both countries to have a currency union; a sterling zone (there are others) then all you have to do is read David Milligan on a previous post, where I had said that I preferred a separate currency.

    I will reprint it for you below.

  12. For Niko:

    Tris, I noted in your reply to "Braveheart" there that you weren't in favour of keeping the pound which means that you're not bothered about a currency union with the rUK when we regain our independence.

    I listened intently to what was being said yesterday and even prior to that, reading what Alistair Darling had written about the subject. They say that they might refuse to form a currency union or Sterling zone with Scotland...........

    This is something that I as a pro-independence supporter and promoter am completely at ease with. Please let me explain.

    Scotland is an exporting nation and England is an importing nation. The two balance out so that the balance of payments are kept relatively stable.

    Sterling benefits from that, as a balance of payments that is negative would cause inflation and a subsequent necessary devaluation of the pound to boost exports.

    Now lets look at both scenarios that are possible;-

    Scenario A: (Scotland sets up it's own currency) - The rUK would have to manage a devaluation in stages to boost exports but that would feed inflation as goods bought from abroad would cost more. Scotland would also have a currency that would predictably become very hard and it's value would rise and cause problems with exports due to a high price for the currency. Imports to Scotland would be cheaper of course but it's not an ideal situation. Scotland would have to consider giving trading loans to countries that we wished to sell to. Other countries do it but sometimes the loans go bad.

    Scenario B: (Scotland uses Sterling in a currency union with the rUK) - This deals with problems on both sides quite nicely as the rUK would benefit (the same as before independence) from Scottish export sales to keep Sterling stable. Having a stable currency would benefit Scotland as it could get on without having to worry about a currency becoming too hard. This would keep the cost of imports and exports for both the rUK and Scotland on a stable footing so both benefit.

    I'm a pragmatist, and look at the bluster that's being produced right now as temporary until the people of Scotland vote to regain their independence. Once that happens, common sense will kick in and both sides will come to the negotiating table because they'll want to.

    Because both sides will benefit from a currency union, I'm sure that the negotiations will be sensible and provide Scotland with terms that are favourable and takes away the temptation to form our own currency which of course would be our choice if the terms became unworkable in the future. The obvious fact that budgets would have to be agreed on both sides - by both sides is largely a given and we would agree the rUK's and they would agree ours. This would give Scotland the setup needed to progress as a nation.

    I hope this helps everyone here including yourself Tris to understand why a Sterling zone is the logical choice for an independent Scotland and the ONLY choice for the rUK. Just think it through yourselves and you'll come to the same conclusion as me. It's not rocket science you know, it's just people like George Osborne, Danny Alexander and Alistair Darling trying to make it seem that way. They're just not telling us the whole story, that's the problem.

    Have a nice day folks (and you Tris.

    Kindest regards,

    David Milligan - a very Sovereign Scot.

  13. Let's see the pics Monty :)

  14. Hey Rod, Monty

    Sometime when I have a spare moment I'm going to do some research into the a comparison of the costs of nuclear and those of renewables.

    It's rather like climate change (and much else) a subject I know too little about to argue conclusively.

    I have an inbuilt horror of nuclear, which I admit must colour my arguments. I'm terrified of it in the hands of cost cutting idiots, especially when it is positioned far enough away from Westminster to mean that THEY would be safe for any radiation, cancer, burns, pollution, and their children won't be born green and with 3 heads. They tend not to give a toss about anyone else.

    The thought that this material in increasing amounts will be around for 10,000 years; probably someone will have lost the maps of where it is; the climate will have changed dramatically and profiteering Tories will build holiday camps or homes for the working classes on top of it, frightens me.

    I've never been bothered by the site of pylons in the countryside (except strangely in northern France where they are ugly with a capital U... it's always the first thing to strike me on the train from Edinburgh to Paris, when I get to the fast bit of the line). So I don't find windmills particularly disturbing.

  15. I have never seen one, just one even, real economic case detailing the cost of decommissioning and returning to original purpose, including storage and treatment (as yet undefined) of residues and other contaminated plant, equipment apparel.

    The case for nuclear is so iffy that they have to build the new generation next to existing ones to benefit for the fixed pay-in cost to the National Grid which actually subsidises nuclear generated electricity as opposed to renewable electricity , ancient and modern, from Scotland.

    Scottish generated electricity pays about half the total cost of the National Grid. Electricity in London is simply subsidised by this mechanism, which is a nice wee off-books backhander to the "richest" area of the UK.

    I am not sure how the electricity coming in on the French inter-connector is charged an input rate but, I would guess knowing the leger de main of this lot, the cost of the undersea cable and maintenance would be viewed as a "UK national cost" and be lost somewhere in the Trident capital cost or the Scottish Office budget.

    Yes Wind does not generate its theoretical output 24/7 but it is a a complicated calculation and not even one that Westminster wants to make open, as they would need to do that for nuclear.

    Ever wonder why even EDF have backed away from the new generation deal they were offered. That leaves Mutsubishi and a German supplier, I think, who have seen their domestic markets shrink somewhat recently.

    I have reservations about wind but I think, not absolutely sure as you can see above, that renewables makes big sense longterm in Scotland. The technology of production is evolving as are storage systems to even out generation flux.

    1. Thanks for that Wolfie.

      As for gas, had we not to give it away to the English gas companies, we could, I have read, easily self supply, without the reliance we currently have on imported gas from Qatar and Russia.

      In short we could set reasonable costs for it.

      I understand that fracking is not quite what it was set up to be when osborne announced it a few short months ago... at least as far as cost is concerned.

      And prices of all fuel are set to rise dramatically over the next few years, to the point where anyone on less than average salary will be in fuel poverty.

      A 25% increase in gas prices!!!

    2. Oh. I should have said that of course wind is far from perfect. We all hope for calm days so that we can get out with shirts off and our plants can grow and the bees can fly...

      But we have to be honest; there is usually a lot of wind in Scotland. It would be silly not to harvest it. And off shore wind farms are perfect.

      Donald Trump is a prat.

    3. Offshore wind is a lot worse than onshore tris.
      Four times the cost of onshore and destructive to local fishing grounds .
      It destroys investment in tourism( scrapping of the balmedie development and the loss of hundreds of jobs etc ) and puts extra costs onto our energy bills to pay for the foreign windmills etc.

  16. TRIS

    Tris the USA now is self sufficient in natural gas thanks to fracking and is well on the way to be the same on oil.

    Gas prices have plummeted inside the US and I think we can expect there to be largish exports which means that the World price should be coming down now so, why is this not so?

  17. Look at the price per unit around the World of gas

    Less that $3 in the USA and over $8 in the UK

    1. Interesting... How come indeed. If the USA can have gas at that price why are we paying more than three times? Oh yeah...England!

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