Sunday 28 April 2013


Yes, London audience of Have I got News for You, we're talking to YOU.
Even if I'd been a unionist before that would convert me. Useless waste of space if ever there was one.
Plato knew a thing or two. Look at his evil face, thin miserly lips. He could play Voldermorte with little make up.
Well, let's be honest. It's mainly shit you made up.
Sorry it's so small. It is worth enlarging
Just as well he doesn't work for the BBC or he'd be signing on by now
Joke of the month so far. A Labour Truth Team. Good Lord!
No Jim. People do dislike you before they meet you. Trust me. I know hundreds. But I not that RED ED backed his right wing Blairite team rather than his union boss. Might have been a mistake. They are replaceable. The union cash isn't.
Oops, did someone forget to let her out of the bunker?
OK. The spelling needs some attention, but the meaning is bang on. Smug sod. He couldn't last much more than 10 minutes on £55.
Just a wee blast from the past. I saw his cheery, warm hearty face and though... this should put a smile on readers faces and give them a nice warm feeling. Doubtless raised to the aristocracy by now and getting £300+ tax free a day on top of all the other stuff he's helped himself to over the years. But he was a brilliant Tory leader huh?  There's a little competition. Put in order of uselessness the Tory leaders of the 2000s. Wee Willie Baseball Cap Winkie, The Quiet Man, Something of the Night, and Eton Boy.
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  1. trsi

    youse lot constantly slag off IDS for his ability to live on next to nothing whereas his special ability/mutation should be harnessed for the benefit of all mankind.

    With his professed love of peoples and desire to eliminate the deleterious effects of evil welfare dependency .
    He should be made our ambassador for very poor nations and sent
    to help them to live happily and productively on zero incomes .

    One can just imagine him living in outer Mongolia in a mud hut eating yak shite alongside the native yak herders. showing his mastery of extreme poverty and resistance to welfare.
    And as a bonus we save up his £ 53 a week (a kings ransom to IDS) for when at the end of his days he returns to the Tory south East .

  2. A few one would look good on billboards especially the first.

  3. Absolutely Brilliant idea Niko.

    You should be Johnna's strategist! Well, maybe not her's. She probably agrees with IDS.

    Did you see he has urged people to give back their winter fuel payments ... ? On radio this morning they had the head of some organisation for the elderly who said that:

    1. She wouldn't want to give the money to the government given that they would waste it on something stupid, but she did give her money to charity.

    2. Before saying this IDS should have checked up what mechanism there was for returning the money. She had a friend who tried to do it, and the DWP said they couldn't accept it and couldn't tell her which department could.

    That man is as thick as 10 year old Mongolian Yoghurt.

  4. Yes Marcia.

    I believe the YES campaign is having a week of trying to show people just how well off Scotland could be. Maybe we will see more of this, although obviously not on the BBC which will show pictures of starving millions.

  5. Next week sees local elections in E&W (not sure about NI) and there is lots of chatter about UKIP doing well - I think this would give a boost to Yes!! Did my first ever campaiging yesterday in one of the most unionist areas of Scotland. As you can imagine a bit dispiriting but I have found a new talent - getting babies and small children to accept Saltires. Spoke to one person who was a yes voter but is getting worn down by the constant negativity of No campaign. Exactly what they are hoping for of course. I'd like some of the Yes war chest to be used to buy advertising time on TV nearer the referendum to counteract the lies/misinfo from MSM. No voters don't read the pro-indy blogs after all!!

  6. Well done PP...

    I hate doing that stuff. I hate getting abuse! But it has to be done.

    Sometimes it is wearing, but my advice to anyone who gets downhearted by the constant negativity is, read 'Scot Goes Pop' or 'Wings Over Scotland'.

    They both have an uplifting effect by putting the No campaign lies into perspective...

  7. I see you point out Westminster expenses scandal information as if it is an argument for separation.

    I take it the Scots taxi expenses scandal in the early to mid 2000s never happened then? Or the scandal cost of the ugly parliamentary building monstrosity?

    I take it that that is all arguments for union then?

    Such silliness!

    1. you mean the building that the UNIONISTS - Donald Dewar I believe was in charge - insisted in building rather than use the perfectly good building up the road?

    2. Yes, as PP says, the building of the Scottish parliament was overseen by Papa Dewar. He chose the design and the outrageous cost increases were in part down to the constant demands for change that went on during construction... coming from aforesaid Donald Dewar. The fact that there was a tenfold increase and that the building was so late, could also be down to the fact that the original contract, entered into by Donald Dewar and the UK Labour Party, was so incompetently structured by the Scottish office that the builders could get away with increasing the price for reasons other than mr Dewar's constant changing of the plans.

      Yes; initially under the original rules set down by Westminster there were scandals of expenses in Edinburgh. I think most of it has been sorted now and it is far tighter.

    3. That is mind blowingly awful CH...the evil old cow.

    4. In fact I've copied it and put it up as a post CH. Thanks for drawing it to my attention. Everyone should read it.

  8. Dean,

    You don't mean Mr McLetchie by any chance? Beware, he is a lawyer!

    1. "You don't mean Mr McLetchie by any chance?"

      You may very well think that, but I could not possibly comment :D

    2. Oh... LOL. I could comment but, reminded that McLetchie is a lawyer, I'll keep me gob shut... :)

  9. tris

    why doesn't anyone ask for IDS to voluntarily pay back all his wages?? over £53 a week
    as he clearly does not need it.

    as he said

    He says: “It is up to them, if they don’t want it, to hand it back.

    “I would encourage everybody who reads the Telegraph and doesn’t need it, to hand it back.”

    and he by his own words doesnt need it

    1. What a good idea, Niko.

      In these hard times for hard working families up and down the country, government ministers who are imposing utter misery on the rest of us should ask themselves if they really need vast salaries and huge expenses, especially when they have wives that are absolutely loaded.... I mean £77 for lunch is more than is absolutely necessary... She could surely knock him up a sandwich and a cuppasoup... all we'd have to provide would be the hot water.

  10. Yet another BritNat myth busted.

    But the Scottish nationalists got an unlikely boost when currency exchange company Mega Foreign Exchange listed the Scottish pound in its exchange rates, valuing it higher than the English pound. Yesterday it was offering HK$11.50 for a Scottish pound but HK$11.30 for an English one.

    1. LOL LOL LOL

      Every time that idiot Gideon opens his sill mouth, more of the Bullingdon excesses pour out.

      I think the silly little man must have pickled his brain with all that drink.

      Well spotted CH. Must get that circulated...

      So... there you go Georgie

  11. That man is as thick as 10 year old Mongolian Yoghurt.

    Quite like that and may nick it, gender changed, or maybe not, for Johann Lamont.

  12. Red wine working well tonight; a 2008 Madiran for about £5

  13. Just made that up actually Wolfie... You watch you don't pickle your brain like Osborne!!

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    1. I was here first...get in the queue...