Sunday 16 March 2014


This is a corker!
Probably there to spot the "bear" faced lies, this fellow joined the
pensioners afternoon out.
Well, it's warm and free, and you get a cup of tea and a biscuit
and a "blether together" about the good old days
 when they sent little boys up lums.
A Tory-supporter was banned from the party’s Scottish conference because he backs independence.

Henry Christian had his application for the conference rejected when the organisers discovered that he had campaigned with Yes Scotland.

He has been a party member since he was a teenager; he stood in Edinburgh for the Tories in the 2012 council elections and he was, until it folded, vice chairman of Edinburgh West Conservatives.

Mr Christian, who is now 41 was, not surprisingly, very angry at how he had been treated, especially in light of the fact that the Tories had sent out invitations to people in the area of the conference, whether or not they were members of the party, in an effort to fill empty seats.

He has been an independence supporter since the 1980s and has not previously been banned from conferences.

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said that the Party reserved the right to refuse admission to any applicant. You’d not have thought though, desperate as they are to get bums on seats, that that would have included someone who was considered good enough to stand for the council in their name. Specially not when they happy to invite Alistair Darling to address them last year!
That worked well... My recollection was
that she closed anything that was open
According to the Sunday Post people living in the EH3 postcode area of Edinburgh were invited to the conference in a bid to fill up the auditorium, which had rows of empty seats even when Cameron was speaking.

And this is the party that we didn't vote for, but which overall runs our country and which, in government, runs around the world preaching about democracy.

They wouldn't recognise it if it bit them on their collective fat cat posteriors.

But Mr Christian, I can tell you, from what I've heard, you missed nothing, except a succession of public school toffs from London telling us how difficult they would make life for us after independence (whilst knowing perfectly well that they wouldn't), and regurgitating already disproved scare stories about the EU, borders, barbed wire, etc...

It was a bucket full of negativity and deceit!
Even the star turn couldn't fill more than the front
and they are mostly MPs and MSPs
But, then again, if you've been to a Scottish Tory conference before, you'd have been expecting it.

For those who want to see just how pathetic the turn out was for wee Ruth Stuart has posted these photographs of what the BBC has described (for some odd reason, not perhaps unconnected with Chris Paten, "resurgent". If that's it resurging, I'd hate to have seen it on a decline.


  1. Tris

    He should probably think himself lucky that he got himself banned. I also thought the ending of free prescriptions is a real vote winner and probably the lead in to the ending of free health care at the point of need. They really are part of the nasty party and with the Liberals and labour, a real triangle of evil.

    Hopefully this will make people sit up and think, probably won't but you never know. See Andrew ' I am a real Scot ' Marr was caught at it this morning. I had to youtube it as I switched off when Claire Short and guest suggested that the the north is ok cause the trains run fine from Birmingham. You have to laugh or you would just cry at these people, they really don't give a shit and if there were no oil and whiskey they would have voted for their own independence years ago.

    I cannot wait to be rid of these people I really can't.


    1. I wonder what price Ruth would put on the prescriptions.

      I mean if the rich can afford to pay from prescriptions and it's unfair that they don’t, and we could have 1000 extra nurses with the £8,50 or whatever it is the English pay, why would you stop at that.

      Many prescription drugs are really expensive. Maybe they should pay £25 per item. In many cases that won’t cover the cost…

      Why too, if Ms Lamont wanted to go back to the English system (where all children got free prescriptions regardless of the wealth of their parents) was she so against children getting a free meal, regardless of the wealth of their parents?

      Also, did she think it was fair that someone on Incapacity Benefits (based on contributions) had to pay for their medication, whereas a diabetic friend of mine got his free despite having an above average salary?

      Now I know that this is Ruth and that was Johann… but apart from the colour of the hair and 30 years, can you see any difference between them?

  2. Sorry for self plagiarism but my comment on Bella.

    As an Empty seat party potential voter I declare an overwhelming vote of incontinence.

  3. I don;t know who put that link at the bottom of the page, but I can';t remove it. If the person who put it there can remove it, I'd be obliged.

    The language is out of order. Kids read this blog.

    Please take it off now.

  4. Just watched the Ed Marr show interview with Salmond.

    Salmond is actually giving advice to the labour party, saying that they're getting conned by the labour party!

    And he points out that all this "what is plan B" was answered years ago! He just refuses to give them a soundbyte about it being "his" plan B.

    I do have a worry about the currency union though:

    Who gets paid all those "transaction costs" that keep getting mentioned as a bad thing?
    The Banks.
    Who is Westminster completely beholden to?
    The Banks.

    Why would they not follow a plan that gives the banks a massive increace in income?

    1. I don't understand that at all Illy.

      I think I once wrote a blog saying that I would prefer to have our own currency, and a guy wrote a very sensible and well reasoned argument showing the benefits of a single currency, both for Scotland and the UK.

      I don't know what the transaction costs are, but I do realise that if we had to change money from Scottish Sporrans into English pounds, there would be transaction costs and they would go to the banks...

      My worry about the currency union is that the UK will continue to use the pound as a currency whose value is b est suited to the economy of London and its environs, as it does at the moment, and that the so-called independent Bank of England will continue to back that idea.

      We currently don;t have a representative on the bank's monetary committee. Not having one in the future won't make any difference.

      But, although the UK is hostile to Scotland at the moment, I suspect that they will change when the deal is done, because it is overwhelmingly in their interests as well as ours.

      Frankly, I also trust John Swinney's judgement.

  5. Should there not have been TWO pandas :)

    1. They tossed a coin to see who would go to the Tory conference and that poor panda lost....

    2. It's possibly Yang Guang Tris, after all the panda breeding season is almost upon us so he was probably taking a quite 5 minutes to himself before returning to the zoo to carry on with his pre-nuptials build up routine. LOL

    3. Not, I would have thought, the best way to get yourself in the mood... I'd be likely to leave that place and head for some place where I could stick my head in a gas oven...

  6. One question Tris, which panda decided to visit the Tories, was it Yang Guang or TianTian?

    Perhaps they were just looking for the other panda?

    1. Well, I'm not sure which one that is, but they had heard that there was something in Scotland which was even more foreign and more rare than they were, and they felt that they should have a look. After all, it's not often you see a Tory in Scotland.

    2. Unless of course the Tory in question happens to be your M.P. :(

    3. "Perhaps they were just looking for the other panda?"

      I'm here :-) Waves!

  7. Got bamboozled about the directions.