Friday 14 March 2014


The GERS figures came out and,
without stopping to consider why they were not so good,
the Naysayers were whooping with delight
to see their own country that little bit poorer.
They obviously hadn't read Derek Bateman on the subject.
Nor had they considered the large part
played in the story by this fool and his deputy. 
Gordon came out with a pile of impracticable propositions for  Devo-max,
which somehow never occurred to him when he had the power to do something about it:
that is before he was an ex-politician and would be Tony Blair world traveller with a strange charity with a propensity to pay out rather a lot for his travel and hotels
and rather a little for good causes!
YES... that's the one Gordo. You're just a little ex-politician
Of course we've been leaking radioactivity all over the place from the
UK's ticket to the top table, and they neglected to tell us about it.
But we also discovered today that some idiot managed to fire a missile,
fortunately a blank, within the secure area itself!
Pip Pip Hammond has told people there are no contingency plans
for Scotland leaving the union,
 because it's simply not going to happen.
Maybe he should stop making speeches and concentrate
his efforts on making sure that his navy stop firing missiles at Scotland
before a live one goes off and blasts Glasgow to Moscow.
What could we do with that money? Half a million a day!
Can't be seen to be too poor to afford new fighters.
No one has agreed to renew them yet , but still they
spend hundreds of millions on them.
Never mind the starving kids; they aren't the Tories' class,
and they are Scottish, so they doubly don't matter...

And then there was the news that Tony Benn died today:

Yes, think of all the help that we could have given people with the money
we wasted on these jets and missiles we are just as likely to fire
 on ourselves only a few meters away from the nuclear subs!
I didn't always agree with him, particularly over Europe and Scotland's independence.
I couldn't work out this international socialist's fear of his mother
 (who was Scottish) being a foreigner,
particularly in light of his wife being American.
But he was, without doubt, a towering figure in left wing politics.
An hereditary peer who fought to divest himself of the incumbrace of a title.
Now there's a novelty for Labour. Today they are falling over each other trying to get their backsides on a red bench. Eh Alistair?
RIP Tony Benn.
We were reminded of what it would be like to have a government
that cared about us... as opposed to the US
Yes, even Mr Carlaw began to see just how silly things were becoming...
and that's quite something.
This was probably what did it.

But, it wasn't all politics...

The puppy arranged for breakfast in bed
Robbie took kick boxing lessons from Ruth
The cat decided that it wanted a word!
And spring sprang!


  1. Never knew that Robins could stand on their tail feathers before!

    Theresa May is asking for tenders to put up a border fence and border posts to stop migration from within or without I an not sure. They sure don't like us at all.

    1. LOL.. he's flying!! Ask Ruth, she'll show you how. No, wait, for the flying bit you'd better ask Gideon. He has form.

      So Hammond isn't making any plans at all, and Tessy is busy with the barricades...

      Maybe she thinks we'll come over the border raping and pillaging like in the old days... meanwhile the French will invade from the south...

      Hmmmm. Silly old bat!

  2. If I go over the border raping and pillaging you can assure Tessy that she is quite safe.

  3. In your first picture I thought it was Ranger's supporters celebrating - perhaps I wasn't far wrong?

  4. It was the Gers' supporters celebrating the GERS figures. It saves confusing them with another set of letters.

  5. This is what Craig Murray thinks (with knowledge) of what Tessy says...

    The problem with not being independent is that Scotland would continue to be ruled by people like Theresa May. Her threat to close the border is a patent bluff, and motivated by racism. Her fear is that “Buried deep in Alex Salmond’s white paper is the admission that, just like the last Labour government, a separate Scotland would pursue a looser immigration policy.”

    It is neither hidden nor an admission. Scotland welcomes immigrants who contribute to its economy and its culture. Scotland doesn’t have a politics of pandering to racists. That is one of the things which so many Scots want to get away from.

    There is no way that independent Scotland will be forced out of the EU. First, there are no grounds for the assumption that WENI will be the successor state and Scotland a legal new entity; the Czechs and Slovaks, for example, both inherited the entire treaty obligations of the former Czechoslovakia. But even if Scotland did have to reapply – which I doubt strongly – Scotland already meets the acquis communitaire, by definition. The Commission report establishing that would be prepared in the transitional period between the referendum and actual independence, and Scotland’s application and acceptance would be a same day process. If Spain wanted to stop that – and many anti-Catalan Spanish politicians are intelligent enough to realize that extreme hostility to the Scots would provoke more, not less, Catalan nationalism – Spain does not have the political clout within the EU, and is in too dependent a position to isolate itself by a veto.

    I worked for four years as First Secretary in the British Embassy in Warsaw specifically on Polish preparations for EU entry, and I know what I am talking about – indeed I have no doubt I know a great deal more about EU accession than Teresa May. I also know that there is enormous sympathy for Scottish nationalism right across the EU’s international relations community, be it national politicians and diplomats or EU staff. You would be surprised just how much ground has been quietly prepared by Scottish diplomats and civil servants in advance, sotto voce, in our spare time! With Scotland firmly committed to the EU, and the Conservative Party committed to a referendum on leaving, those who believe the EU’s sympathies lie more with May than with Scotland are deluded.

    Actually nobody does really believe that, the propagandists of the mainstream media merely want you to believe it.

    It's in Scotland's best interests to try to rebalance its population with some young people who can actually work, pay taxes and need very little from the NHS. And in all likelihood will return home before they get old.

    This is the only way that we can avoid what is coming to the UK... massive tax increases and appalling old ages.

    Tessy is just a racist bitch, programmed to hate foreigners.

  6. Regarding Iceland,they and the Faroe Islands have been taking more than their fair share of the fish quota, over recent years, and how did the UK fisheries minister sort this out, he increased Icelands, Faroes Island and Norway,s fish quotas, to keep the peace.

    You might be wondering which country had its quota slashed to accommodate this settlement, yip you guessed it, Scotland's quota was slashed yet again, with Norway receiving a staggering 70% quota, the Westminster government cares nothing for Scottish fishermen or their families, and our water are fair games for one and all.

    1. True, Scottish fisheries are at the bottom of their list when it comes to Europe. This is because it is the English fisheries minister who does the negotiations.

      The Scottish minister is not allowed to speak in Europe. His English counterpart (quite reasonably as I see it) looks after his own job at our expense.

      What is not reasonable is that someone with no power or authority over our fisheries is doing the negotiation, while our own government's fisheries minister is told he's not senior enough to deal with Europe.

      That's why we need out.

    2. That is why I voted no to the EU back then because of the rape of our seas for London's benefit which still clouds my vision of the EU today.

      On a brighter note.

      Libby McArthur

    3. Good video.

      Loads of good points raised, but the one at the end... I'm not 100% we could make it so I'll vote not.... But are you 100% sure that David Cameron, or Boris Johnson, or Ed Miliband or Tessy May are the right way forward?

      Do you think higher taxes and more bombs, more food banks, lower benefits and longer working life is the way forward... 100%?

  7. ComRes EuroParly poll: SNP 39%, Lab 19%, Con 13%, LbD 12%, GRN 8%, UKIP 6%

    Maybe we should call it BBCLab would be nearer to the truth.

    Where is Braveheart these days still guarding Johann's bunker or still peddling his party lies to defend their personal access to the public trough.

    1. Wow that's some poll... Jolo must be proud of what she's done for the labour party what with her being Eck's intellectual equal and all, and Labour only having been in opposition for 7 years and what with them being in opposition in England too...

      No real excuse for being so dismally behind in these circumstances.

      The future looks bright. It look looks blue and white *(unless your Dutch in which case I suppose it looks Orange!).


    I see the Mail has started a hate campaign against the elderly.

    Of course these same people have been paying all their lives for their old age. The Gordon Brown ruined their pensions; then the banks ruined them farther; and now it's all their fault.

    The UK faced draconian tax increases not to pay for the elderly, rather to make up for the fact that it took these people's money and bought nuclear weapons and fought every war their masters told them to fight.

    I knew it would come. The unemployed, the sick, the disabled, foreigners and now the elderly...

    I wonder which book their political philosophy comes from?