Friday 28 March 2014


True true
Single, all the way please
You see, that's how we'd pay for stuff!
OK, posh boy, what's your answer to that?
Too poor?
Phone a friend Dave. Mr Obama will know the answer.
Hmmm. No wonder they are having a crisis meeting!
"Why won't the stupid plebs believe us Johann?
You said they always swallowed any crap Labour announced,
no matter how stupid.
There's another unanswerable question.
Hmm... because their boss, an ex Tory minister, told them?
Just when you thought Labour was stupid, along comes a Class A Tory eejit.
Makes you proud...  Of course they are only there because there's free food.
Nice living there, Lord Darling
Arrange the following words into a well known phrase or saying:
Bastards lying.
He should stick to being a pink cat. It was, I felt, his forte
Welcome... every week a new one. or two
Wings is more popular than the Labour Party.
We should rename it the WoS Metro
Now, there's a thing.
Is there any board he's not on?
Still he did have Johann and their kids to support.
And she's only on £80,000 a year.
Not a lot really.
"Damn...forgot about that.
Still, well send a patronising reply to Wings, written by Attila the Harris
 in his usual sneering superior right wing, poor people hating tone.
That will quieten the unwashed plebs....won't it?
Well, if it doesn't, we'll just stop their benefits"


  1. Here's another one for your album Tris, courtesy of a Winger over on Stu's wee get together site. :-)

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

      Oh no stop it...

    2. Just think Tris, if you were to watch FMQ's, which I haven't yet, you can watch the unveiling of this in all its glory by the First Minister. I believe it happens around 13 minutes in. LOL

    3. I'm not sure I can bring myself to watch FMQ. I heard it was Baillie... Ye gads... No I'm not strong enough...

  2. Oops I forgot to add this wee ditty onto my last post Tris, enjoy. :-)

    1. You did send it Arbroath... You need to take more water with your whisky :)

  3. I find the Tory struggling to book a table in Crawley the worst. There really are folk like him.
    I could gladly kick the shite out of folk like him!

    1. I could happily help you!

      Repugnant ignoramus

  4. Read today that ALL cash raised in Scottish courts, through fines goes straight into Westminster's coffers, a staggering £80 million quid has went south over the past decade, more monies drained from the Scottish economy. The SNP are campaining for this cash to remain in Scotland and be ploughed back into local communities for the benefit of the people.

    In all honesty though the only way to keep monies raised in Scotland, in Scotland is to vote YES on September 18th, you know it makes sense.

    source Glasgow Evening Times 28/03/2014, no link I'm afraid.

    1. Awww for heaven's sake. They will be taking the food off our tables soon...

      That's a nonsense. Fines are reparations to society for the crimes committed against it. They should be there to help pay for the costly courts and the judge's enormous salaries, etc.

      It'snot even like we have the same legal system.

      We should stop fining people and start giving them community service. At least that way we get to keep the work they do...

  5. tris

    The problem with the strategy of insulting every one who
    isnt on the nat true believer bandwagon. And are thus
    tory red blue or yellow.,,,,
    leads to those who may consider independence but who
    would not and could not ever support the snp.
    being kept in the no camp for fear of the alternative.

    still one true believers vote is worth a hunnered
    red blue or yellow tory votes for Independence.
    of course with maths like that yes is doomed
    to a ignominious but deserved defeat,

    1. The trouble is that they all act repugnantly.

      Seriously can you remember any government is cack handed, or any opposition as compliant as what we have at the present. The To9ries and Ukip are repugnant in their beliefs, added to which it seems not one of them has an ounce of common sense. Labour spent last weekend telling us that they had decided to be socialist again, only to tell us that they were capping working benefits...

      Why can't Labour say that there are two ways to bring down the ridiculously high welfare bill.

      The first is to have a rent cap so thyat rogue landlords can't charge £500 a week for slums. The second is to ensure that the minimum wage is at least the living wage.

      I'd say it should be illegal to pay a person any less than £10 an hour.

      If people earned decent money and had reasonable rents then the social security bill would be much lower.

      But what did Labour do?

      You know I don;t think that the SNP is perfect, but for heaven's sake, the rest of them are a set of amateurs on speed.

      You'd better hope we aren't defeated now. Otherwise when England votes to come out of the EU you may find yourself an illegal alien in Cyprus.

      Good one CH...

  6. Wouldn't you know it Tris. Better Together keep going on and on and on about what currency an independent Scotland would use whilst at the same time totally ignoring the answer we give them...the POUND!

    Well guess what Tris, it looks like someone down there in Whitehall has been listening to us all along. So next time any NO campaigner comes out with the "what currency shenanigans" just point them here, after all we know the Guardian hates Scottish independence almost as much as the Daily Mail so when this article appears in the paper you know they are scared out of their wits.

    1. You tiny url will not load for me so I presume it relates to this one.

      Boothman and his Labour friends at Pacific Quay will be wondering how they can spin this one.

    2. Aye you've linked to the BBC article the link worked for me but here is the full one Tris. It links to the article in the Guardian. :-)

    3. It worked fine for me Arbroath... But thanks anyway CH.

      Yep... thought so.

      In a little while they will admit that we will be in the EU and that that wee idiot Rennie's 2000 treaties was a figment of his imagination.

      Then they will admit that there will be no need to barbed wire and that Mrs May had been taking drugs the day she promised it.

      And that Alistair Carbunkle has been taken away to a place of safety for his own good and that of the population in general.

      See what I mean, Niko. Bunch of amateurs.

    4. I saw on BBC that Carmichael, him of Secretary of State for Portsmouth fame, is denying everything. Well there's a surprise...NOT!

      BBC were also saying that number 10 were denying that any currency union would be taking place. Well if you ask me all you have to do is take what number 10 says, turn it upside down and give it a shake and lo and behold the truth will fall out. What is the truth you might ask, well a currency union IS on the table of course, LOL

    5. We all know that for their own miserable ends they will go for a currency union. I mean , it makes sense. They have a choice.

      Choice A: They reuse a currency union. They get to keep Buckingham Castle and the British Library, the metro and Crossrail. In this case we use the pound and have no debt.

      Choice B: We take 9% of their debt, minus the value of all the stuff we paid for in England and we use the pound.

      Only a moron would go for the first option.

      Mind you... when you come to think of it.... Osborne...Cameron... IDS, McVile... Gove, Wee Wullie...

      Yes, I can see why they would choose the wrong one...

  7. Why not rename the Scottish pound as the punt, to rhyme with Osborne?


  8. Replies
    1. Yes... We'll keep the Blue Flag flying here.