Friday 31 August 2012


Once again I am indebted to "Arbroath" for pointing me in the direction of a Scotsman article which is worthy of a read. Not often I can say that!

Of course we are all aware of the difference between the standard of living in Norway and that in Scotland, but somehow when it is laid out in print (particularly in a newspaper with an editorial policy that would have us believe that membership of the UK holds the best future for Scotland), it knocks it home.

For me it is a feeling of frustration and anger at the opportunities we have missed to be like our Nordic neighbours, to whom, it seem, I feel more closely related, than I do to London, which I have always felt was pleasantly "abroad". London has much more in common with Paris than it does with Edinburgh... the temperature, kind of natural vegetation, insect life and the lifestyle of the population seems quite alien to one who lives in a cool sub-Nordic climate zone. In contrast Edinburgh and Oslo have much more in common than Edinburgh and London.
We had the same possibilities as Norway, but instead of following the sensible government style of a small and relatively unimportant (in world terms) northern state, which both Scotland and Norway are, the UK used the oil bonanza to deal with massive problems built up because of poor government in the 70s, and to pay for Thatcher's devastation of industry in the 80s. 

The UK simply will not lie down and accept that it is not, and can no longer afford to be, a world power. Its power came from how widespread its empire was (and from the vast monies accrued from the exploitation of that empire's resources). That empire now consists of a few scattered islands, which cost the UK more money than they bring in ...but of course are handy for hiding vast wealth from the taxman, and must be kept at all costs!
Oil wealth has also been squandered on the nuclear race. Since the late forties when Britain was snubbed by America because it did not have its own nuclear programme, vast amounts of our taxes have been diverted to ensure that we obtain weapons of mass destruction, which we cannot ever use (not least because the Americans do not trust us with the firing codes).

Successive prime minsters from Winston Churchill and Harold McMillan to Tony Blair and David Cameron have spent money that might have been saved, or at least spent on our crumbled infrastructure, on this vanity project, because it was more important to them that the UK remain a permanent member of the Security Council, than that old people have heat and kids have schools... or even worse in some ways, that soldiers they send to war on behalf of this quest to remain important, have equipment that works.

One of Cameron's reasons for Scotland stay in the union, as articulated in his Edinburgh speech, was that we "punch above our weight in military terms"... Wow, I'm impressed, but the roads are full of potholes. A recent "No" campaign leaflet pointed out that the UK has well over 200 embassies abroad. Wow again. I'm overwhelmed, but, just what does having an embassy in Côte D'Ivoire do for me? Wouldn't it be better if aged relative (and one day me) didn't have to stay in bed in the winter to stay warm?
The UK's mad privatisations policy meant that, when we finally did set up a state oil company (following the Norwegian example) it lasted a few years in public ownership, was sold off into private ownership, as was Mrs Thatcher's wont, and shortly afterwards bought by BP... Big business wins again. 'Twas ever thus!

Norway now has an oil fund of £330 billion. Scotland on the other hand, has an oil fund of £0.

With 59 MPs at Westminster out of a total of 650, even supposing we could get them to talk for Scotland instead of for their various bosses in London, we wouldn't get anywhere with the notion of an oil fund, despite us being the only oil rich country, or region of a country, in the West that doesn't have one.

Well, it's never too late. In 2014 we can, for the first time, make sure that our politicians speak for us

Let's not waste it.


  1. Scotland would appear to be the only country with abundant oil and is, consequently, poorer and we seem to find that acceptable. Still, it could have been worse if Scotland had been independent Blair and co would have engineered an invasion on some flimsy pretence.

  2. Nice shades, John!

    Didn't he more or less do that by arbitrarily moving the border of Scotland's territorial waters so far north that if I paddle out on Carnoustie beach, I can proudly boast to having visited England?

    I hope that international conventions will look at this properly. It is important for other reasons than oil, or fisheries, even now, as it affect the legal system by which matters occurring in these waters are dealt with.

    Maybe that was war; an invasion of sorts. Maybe we should extract toe nai... no no no...what am I saying? I mean extract revenge...

  3. Wheest!

    We're no supposed to know about the Blairite transfer of International borders. After all it was all done hush hush like and behind closed doors. The REAL people of Scotland were NEVER intended to be told about such an underhanded move such as this!

    Always remember folks we're "too wee, too poor and too stupid" to find out ANYTHING for ourselves!

  4. Sorry, I forgot to add this little ditty to my last post.

    I think it puts the article by Gavin McCrone in an even BRIGHTER light!

    I wonder what the Bitter group's answer to the Norway article by Gavin McCrone and the Telegraph article will be?

    If history is anything to go by their answer will be Nelsonesque in form, "I see no good in the Norway scheme. We the Tories are sailing straight ahead."

    Aye, right enough the Tories(RED,BLUE and YELLOW) ARE sailing straight ahead to financial rack wreck and ruin!

  5. The British Empire was predicated on two fundamental principles.

    1) Keep the two rival European powers tied up fighting wars and facing off. When one looked to be close to "beating" the other, step in and back the other to maintain the balance.

    2) Whilst these two powers have their eyes furmly focussed on each other, sneak in, colonise as much of World as possible and siphon of all the riches into London and the SE.

    Tactic 1) is still in evidence in the EU and 2) is manifest in the continued pillage of foreign wealth, that is to say the riches of Scotland.

  6. tris

    some Nats(with good reason) say that weakening the Independence argument with constant reference to Devo max/min in out shake it all about.

    will lead to losing the yes to a Independence option.

    As you all know my stated opinion is there will be no referendum Alexs manufactured argument Unionist interference etc .

    Oh! and by the way Bo Johnson hugged me close the other day put his big arms around me..and said "The Scots are never going to vote for independence...these games have done for Salmond.."

    I twisted around and looked up at him through squinted eyes and thought to me self.........Um WTF!

    1. tris

      thats not me as the link to MR M shows have closed down me blog and will now shut down MR M which i had thought was done there is a link to my bar just to prove it is me will leave open for a day or so before shutting down..

    2. OK Niko... what is happening here?

  7. Niko,

    How dare you WTF with your allies and future Prime Minister of the Great British Empire?

    Listen carefully. Second thoughts, read carefully - we're not that advanced yet.

    There will be one question and Salmond will claim to the devo-max clan that he would have offered them a choice but the dependency parties i.e. yourself, La-Lamont, Bella, Calum Kennedy, and nobody's Darling will refuse them that option.

    Do you think then that they will vote for the parties who denied them that option?

    Hope your piles are like the economy - in recession.

  8. Tris,

    My foster daughter reckoned I look less bleary-eyed in shades.

  9. Arbroath - Have you got a link to the Telegraph article - I've been busy the last few day, honest?

  10. Hi John. Here's the link to the Telegraph.

    You had me going there I thought I'd missed it off my earlier post but I hadn't I guess your shades kinda "blacked out" that part of my post. :LOL:

    I think when you have both the Telegraph article and the Hootsmon article it feels a bit like choosing between chalk and cheese. Me I like cheese, so although I hate to admit it I'll go with the Hootsmon article by Gavin McCrone.

    To me the Telegraph is just a prophecy of doom and gloom. Don't we have enough of that already with the sh*** that we have to put up with emanating out of London?

  11. Arbroath,

    Sorry about that. I was so amazed, but not surprised, by Nilo's contribution(?) that I missed that. Thanks again!

  12. Arbroath...never could keep a secret... Sorry. :(

  13. It certainly seems that we are going to be in a complete mess for the next 8 - 10 years, whichever lot takes over. The fact that France and the €-zone as well as the USA will be too, bodes very badly for us.

    But, sacking people and reducing the demand was never the way to boost the economy and create employment.

    If Labour are factionalising, this can only be good news for Cameron, for the next election, and if most of the population think that the Tories have brought down the deficit, we could get another 5 years of him.

    Better together... You have to be joking.

  14. Hi Wolfman...

    I suspect it ever was and ever will be. Why, I wonder, is it that these morons can't just do the bloody job we pay them to do.

    Make sure we are defended; that our currency neither gets too weak nor too strong; police the streets; regulate the mavericks; ensure fair treatment under the law for everyone; provide essential services and maintain the infrastructure...all with as little interference as possible in people's every day lives!

    And stop trying to be things you are not, like 'leaders' for example...

  15. Hugging BoJo... really Niko. I thought you had more taste. Did the haystack not go up your nose.

    It was really funny to see the prat tell us that independence was finished on the back of his stupid sodding games.

    Typical of an indecently rich Eton/Oxford toff, that he is so removed from normal life that he imagines a set of games is enough to keep the peasants quiet.

    No, you fool (BoJo, not you Niko)

    I suspect that that was BJ's "qu'ils mangent de la brioche" moment.

  16. Nice one Orkney... Thanks ch!

  17. Hmmmm John. I think you are supposed to buy actual sunglasses... not just paint your current specs back!


  18. Whilst we've been talking over the "what we could have been" scenarios, comparing Norway with the U.K. I just thought I'd put up another reason as to why we're Beyyer Together.

    How many lives are the loss of these Coastguard Stations going to cost in the months and years ahead.

    Better Together, Better Together my e***!

  19. Well, if lives are lost because iof these closures, I trust that the ministers responsible will put their hands up and accept the responsibility.

    They put monetary value on everything, and I'd be the first to say, great, if we can save money we should... but surely there is a limit.

    They refuse point blank to raise taxes on the rich, even temporarily, a one off...but I heard somewhere today they are looking for another £10 billion savings on welfare.

    I hope they are prepared for hell, because that's where they are going.

  20. " I trust that the ministers responsible will put their hands up and accept the responsibility."

    Awe, c'mon now Tris, it's the British government in Westminster we're talking about here! Being RESPONSIBLE and ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY are TWO actions that Government Secretaries of State or even Ministers do! They find some floozy in the typing pool and give THEM the heave ho! Job done.

    ANOTHER £10 Billion in savings is it? I read today that they waste around £800 Million a year on poor office usage. (Can'y remember where I read it, if I find it I'll post it up) I also saw a photo over on Huffington Post which had a banner saying something along the lines of:

    £25 Billion lost in unpaid Taxes.
    £4.5 Billion in Benefit payments.

    Now, any one who was SERIOUS about cutting government debt etc would surely go after the UNPAID TAXES. Ah, wait though, we're talking about the Tories (RED,BLUE and YELLOW) here, they don't do tax chasing. After all most if not ALL the unpaid taxes are from the Tories "best buddies!"

    On a wee side issue, I've come across this DELIGHTFUL wee ditty. I must warn you that BEFORE you start to read you MUST take your blood pressure pills, probably a few, well quite a few STIFF drinks of your own choice, and make sure there is NOTHING within throwing or kicking range when you read this!

    To be fair I think I've been quite sedate about this. I actually reached paragraph TWO before I started tearing it to shreds! :lol:

  21. Yes. It's true.

    I watched the minister responsible for the ATOS contract on Incapacity Benefit on television.

    Grayling was smug and complacent. It was right that the government poked their nose into how these people lived, in their pain, discomfort and sometimes embarrassment, and encouraged them to make the most of their lives... it wasn't about money; it was about helping people to the satisfaction of a day's work for a day's pay. Yeah, whatever Grayling, you smug, self-satisfied prat.

    It was so obviously complete nonsense. It was translatable to This is a way that we can save money, make friends in ATOS, a massive company in which there are sure to be directorships or consultancy opportunities for the future, and not hurt any of our types...

    Of course they won't take responsibility for deaths. They take responsibility for good stuff. As you say, some lesser being will carry the can for the deaths.

    Yes, I've read a bit of that article from the link over at Rev Stu's. Fortunately my blood pressure is ok...but only just, after a night's sleep.

  22. tris

    Means helping as in the concentration camp guards HELPED the jews and many others into the gas chambers.

    now some may say thats a bit over the top but its not......

    synthetic concern and fake sympathy need to be exposed for what it is fecking hypocrisy.

    to me as i have said before this is just a Tory economic Final solution to the sick ,elderly and disabled.
    with the consequent deaths being carried out alone and unseen and without much comment

  23. Niko,

    All very well but in the 2014 referendum I understand you'll be voting for "more of the same" or even worse. Does it not make your sympathy a tad fake? Incidentally was it not your mob that started scourging those on benefits?

  24. Wheest John. Niko doesn't want to be reminded of how TORY his Tory, sorry, Labour gang are!

    Remember there is, despite BBC and MSM comments to the contrary, only ONE party in Westminster, the Tories. You have the BLUE Tories in coalition with the YELLOW Tories. Sitting opposite them are the RED Tories. They are only sitting opposite because there isn't enough room on the same side as the BLUE and YELLOW Tories.

    Paid another wee visit to that site today Tris. Let's just say that apart from the FIRST comment the rest, now including a wee insignificant little ditty from myself, are ALL putting the pair wee soul RIGHT on one or two or three or..... more points! I've still not got past her second paragraph, so congratulations I think are due to all those brave souls who actually managed to read her whole diatribe of bile!:lol:

  25. Brownnose and abitwit

    Well best i vote snp then eh er but how will that help well Alex has said after Independence he will heal the sick and raise the dead and everybody will have pots
    of gold as much as they can eat.
    and every scot will come together as one nation and there need be only one snp party to rule over us all.

    Ah! it will like living in a hallowed paradise no more want all to be free.

    yep! i can see it all now mind i am on LSD at the mo.

    Arbroath about 13 and a 1/2

    this is for you

  26. Keep taking the meds Niko, your gien us a' a great laugh!What a fairy story your reading.

    Raising the dead GEE wouldn't that be great?

    Pots of gold to eat, erm no thanks Niko,I would rather eat FOOD. I Think I'll leave the gold for others to USE rather than EAT thank you very much!

    One party to rule us all, erm I don't think so Niko. AFTER Independence there will be OTHER parties other than the SNP, it seems you just are not COURAGEOUS enough to trust the Scots people to vote for who THEY want.

    Each to their own I suppose, Niko UNDER the jackboot of Westminster, the rest of us FREE to do what WE want.

  27. Abi 13 and a 1/2

    couldnt make out all of what you was saying wid that big dummy in yer gob.
    anyways all this blether about Independence is a wee bit pointless on account there aint even going to be a referendum as Alex will in time comfirm.

    Now tell us whats your position on Scotland remaining in NATO as Alex is demanding obviously thats against snp party policy but then he is the Fuhrer

  28. Congratulations Niko. You have just proven, yet AGAIN, the widely held view throughout the world that those who are LOSING the argument are the FIRST to turn to PERSONAL and VERBAL abuse.

    Looks like you really are running scared now Bubba!

    Two years to go till the referendum, unless your big daddy Cameron steps in with HIS referendum, and your running SCARED already!

    Hey never mind, if YOUR big daddy calls HIS referendum then we can ALL celebrate. The last thing ANYONE, except you of course Niko, wants is your BIG daddy calling the shots. When he does I think you'll find the YES to Independence vote even BIGGER than it will be in 2014!

    As usual Niko you haven't got a clue about how the SNP party works, just as well really looking at the garbage put up by you.

    The SNP, unlike your big daddy's party ACTUALLY discuss REAL issues at party conferences.

    The SNP get on with running the country unlike your BIG daddy's party who are intent on running Scotland down!

    Issues for discussion are left to the CONFERENCE. It is at the CONFERENCE where the SNP party will, as a PARTY, make policy decisions for the next year and beyond, unlike your Big daddy's party where decisions have ALREADY been made by the FEW,

    in the SNP party policy is made by the MANY! YES Niko we may even discuss NATO. But what's the rush Independence is still TWO years away! Anyway SHOULD we vote on a motion to join NATO then actual membership will not BEGIN to be discussed with NATO until AFTER Independence has been WON in 2014.

    Any way why do YOU care about whether or not Scotland joins NATO, your too busy supping the crumbs of comfort dished out by your Big Daddy Cameron!

    The REAL people of Scotland who actually CARE about Scotland and her people don't give a fig leave about the thoughts of Big Daddy Cameron. We, here in Scotland have a government that:
    1) Cares about Scotland
    2) Cares about the people of Scotland
    3) Cares about the Environment of Scotland
    4) Fights for the rights of the people of Scotland
    5)Fights for the future of the people of Scotland
    6) Fights for the future generations of people of Scotland
    7) Looks to the future of Scotland
    8) Is capable of BALANCING a government budget (Unlike Westminster!)
    9) Does NOT consist of a group of YES men in the cabinet (unlike somewhere else I could mention!)
    10) Will take OUR country into membership of the U.N. and join the MAJORITY of countries NOT the Minority of countries. (Just for your information Niko, the MAJORITY are those who DO NOT hold WMD's)
    11) Will ensure the REMOVAL of WMD's from Scottish soil.
    12) Will use future oil revenues to build a future fund in a similar way to Norway, unlike Westminster that has just flittered away our natural resources revenue.
    13) Will fight for OUR fishermen
    14) Will fight for OUR farmers
    15) Will fight for the rights of OUR people
    16) Will do what is needed to PROTECT the disabled (Unlike your Big Daddy Niko)
    17) Will do what is necessary to protect the infirm (Unlike Cameron)
    18) Will do the right thing for OUR Elderly ( Unlike Westminster)
    19) Will keep OUR National Health Service under Government control ( not sell it off in bits to PRIVATE companies like your Big daddy Niko)
    20) Keep Scottish Water OUT of Private companies control

    There you go Niko, just SOME of the reasons why Scotland is BETTER off standing as an INDEPENDENT country rather than being a test bed for your Big daddy's aunties policies!

  29. Another thing we wont have an unelected rich busybody family telling us what we can or can't do.

  30. Oh dear, the little diddumsies at Westminster are feeling guilty. No, no ,no silly, not about the way they've treated Scotland, no they are feeling guilty about the Empire. That nice Mr Hague, one of Niko's chums, has said that they, Westminster must get over their guilt about the empire!

    This crowd of numpties wouldnae know whit guilt was even it hit them square between the e'en!

  31. Oh dear. Looks like the paralympics got off to a good start then.

    Just as well we've Niko's Big daddy looking after us all then!

  32. Wow guys. I pop out to the shops and you are starting world war three here.

    Good discussion though.

    It's despicable that Cameron is using the paralympics for political purposes when he's shutting Remploy factories and putting 88% of sickness benefits claimants off their benefits.

    He's beneath contempt, but that's what you get with the Tories from SE England. They come from another world and they live there. Sometimes I wonder if they have actually visited this one.

    The fact that the Queen and he son can have legislation changed ... and DO have legislation changed to suit their person desires is an insult to us all. The fact that they want to keep it secret is slapping us across the face with the fact that we are only subjects of her majesty and the Duke of Cornwall (a Duchy the English crown stole).

    I was always prepared to give the Queen the benefit of the doubt, although I am a republican, but that just went out the window. She's clearly as bent as the rest of them.

    Niko. Do you seriously think that any Scottish government, Johann Lamont's or Alex Salmond's would take people off benefits they need and tell them to get work, when they are undergoing chemo? If you did you have a strange idea of what Scots would tolerate from their government. The currrent government has found money in its budget to fill the gap in the Housing Benefits that are being taken away by Osborne. Let's get real about this.

    No one has ever suggested it would be all milk and honey. What we said was that we could live more like Norway, and less like the third world dictatorship that the UK has become. God, how much more of this crap do you want?

  33. I think we'd best keep this between ourselves, best not tell "Dave the Glorious", what do you think Tris?

  34. Here's a wee teaser for you Tris.
    When are the delusionary insane NOT delusionary?
    I found this over on scottishindependence2014 site. I think you'll get my drift when you read it. :lol:

    I am just wondering if this was a case of the delusionally delusioned being delusioned by the delusionally insane delusioned? :D

  35. Well, I wonder when he will stop trying to sell the line that business is scared to invest in an possibly soon to be independent Scotland.

    He says that and his assistant Johann Lamont repeats it and then companies invest heavily in Scotland.

    Does that not them both look like monkeys? (...with apologies to monkeys.)

  36. Ah...good old Mr McPherson...(who is a good councillor, and the only Liberal left on Dundee Council)

    I see someone has suggested that this may be the result of dirty tricks by a rival. I was wondering how a rival could arrange such a thing.

    Of course I'm sure there is a way, but I suspect that the chances are that the No campaign's big weekend turning out to be such a damp squib may have prompted someone to make it look more successful than it was...


  37. I think the CBI (a.k.a. the Tory talking shop) and the Bitter camp are really getting down to the dregs of their campaign now.

    No one will invest in an Independent Scotland. Well now is that a fact? So as you say Tris, perhaps they ,CBI and Bitter lot, can explain why, despite constant reminders by them that no one is investing in Scotland there has been a CONSTANT stream of investors in......SCOTLAND!

    As far as McPherson is concerned I think the clue is in the fact that he is the ONLY Lib/Dem on Dundee council. Either he is/was feeling sorry for himself that day, or someone else was, so around 3,000 "likes" on his Twitter account were bought to make him feel better. After all he must be feeling pretty lonely at Council meetings, being the ONLY Lib/Dem.

  38. Just found this little ditty over on the Huffington Post.

    Thought this was an interesting insight into where Westminster MIGHT be going in their thinking (Sorry I know Westminster don’t do joined up thinking but bear with me) with regards to their never ending problem about Maria, sorry Heathrow!

    I wonder how many years, sorry DECADES, it will be before this project sees the light of day, if at all!

    The other point to consider is this. IF, and it is a MASSIVE if, this project gets started BEFORE Independence what how much of the costs will be transfered under the Barnett Formula to Scotland.

    What's the chances they'll find some obscure way of claiming this building work is NOT covered by Barnett?

  39. tris

    I think the snp Government under Herr Alex would hang people in the street if they dared to criticise or in anyway oppose the snp party.

    benefits wont be needed in an Independent Scotland people will work or be put on snp forced labor work gangs.

    any unable would be thrown into the north sea from snp barges.

    one need only to listen to extremists such as abi 13 and 1/2 to know the truth of what foresee.

    the snp will only bring the Scottish people death and abi 13 and 1/2 will love them for it.

    God help us and deliver from the horrors of snp misrule.

  40. Who the hell is abi Niko?

    IF you are trying, AND FAILING, to refer to me then for YOUR information my name is Arbroath. Thats ARBROATH Niko. I'll even spell it out for you. A..R..B..R..O..A..T..H! If your going to insult someone then AT LEAST GET THEIR NAME RIGHT ya MUPPET!

    What's with the 13 and 1/2 Niko?

    Is it:

    1) I'm 13 and 1/2 times SMARTER than you?

    2) I'm 13 and 1/2 times MORE INTELLIGENT than you?

    3) I'm 13 and 1/2 times MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE than you?

    4) I'm 13 and 1/2 times NEARER the TRUTH than you?

    5) I'm 13 and 1/2 times MORE aware of the REAL situation than you?

    6) I'm 13 and 1/2 times MORE OPTIMISTIC than you?

    7) I'm 13 and 1/2 times LESS PESSIMISTIC than you?

    8) I want my country to SUCCEED 13 and 1/2 times more than you do?

    9) I believe in my country's POTENTIAL 13 and 1/3 MORE than you do?

    10) I believe in the RIGHT TO SELF DETERMINATION 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you do?

    11) I want to live in a country FREE from WMD's 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you?

    12) I want to live in a country that does NOT condone ILLEGAL wars 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you?

    13) I want to live in country that is FREE and JUST 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you?

    14) I want to live in a country that CARES about the elderly 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you?

    15) I want to live in a country that CARES about the sick and infirm 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you?

    16) I want to live in a country where the NHS is NOT sold off to the highest bidder 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you?

    17) I want to live in a country where the nation's WATER is NOT sold off to the highest bidder 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you?

    18) I want to live in a country where the POLICE service numbers are NOT being cut by thousands 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you?

    19) I want to live in a country that is a WORLD LEADER in renewables 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you?

    20) I want to live in a country where the country's resource revenue is used for the GOOD of the people of Scotland 13 and 1/2 times MORE than you?


    Whilst I'm on Tris, I've found this little ditty. Not a lot of people know about this yet because, surprise surprise, the MSM and BBC don't want to cover it.

    Good old FSA. The oganisation set up to protect investors and savers doing exactly what it says on the tin. Oops sorry that should be doing exactly what it DOESN'T say on the tin!

    Good FSA. Couldn't organise the proverbial in a brewery!

  41. Yes Dundee

    Niko catch up as prescritions are free in Scotland so take your medicine like a good little boy.

  42. He can't YD, he has to pay £7.20 an item!

  43. What's with the 13 and 1/2 Niko?

    That was done to annoy ya! it worked

  44. ANNOY me Niko, in your dreams Bubba!

    All I did was ASK a question. Exactly how is asking a QUESTION getting annoyed Niko?

    You really are losing the argument aren't you Niko?

    First it's petty and pathetic name calling, then we have pair wee Niko who can't even ANSWER a simple list of 40 questions.

    I see the Unionist school of avoiding the question is in FULL swing. Are you CAPABLE of answering a question Niko?

    Unlike you Niko we DON'T get angry, as you suggest, with Unionists, we just PITY you!

    How on earth are you going to survive Niko? I mean AFTER Independence will you be able to show you face any where?

    You see win or lose we will STILL be able to hold our heads held high, the same can't be said for the unionists can it Niko?

    Lies, subterfuge, deceit, confusion, threats. Does this remind you of ANYTHING Niko, 1706/1707 ring any bells Niko?

    Is this the BEST the Bitter campaign can do Niko?

    Oh by the way have you figured it out yet?

  45. Well, Arbroath, Mr McP can snuggle up to the only Tory on the council if he gets too lonely. They can talk about what a great job Dave and Nick are doing in London.

  46. it won't be covered by Barnet, because they will say that London is the capital of Scotland as well as England, therefore we will benefit from it, even though we won't.

    They will not give us money from infrastructure. They don't want us to succeed.

    We are supposed to have benefited from the Olympics, but I fail to see one thing that is better because of them.

    As for Wee Willie Winkey...It is important that we stick to this election promise.... Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, etc...Laugh? I fear my corset might have split.

    What a tube 14 pints is.

  47. Yes, that's right Niko... That's exactly what's going to happen.

    If anyone sees Niko, could they please let the Edinburgh police know. Do not approach him as he may be extremely dangerous...


  48. I wonder why that is managing to keep itself hidden Arbroath... Someone important behind it?

    Prince Andrew maybe?

  49. Don't worry about Niko Arbroath. He never answers questions.

    I think he's actually Alex Salmond's right hand man. He will vote YES when the day comes.

  50. Niko...don't irritate people of I won't tell you a bedtime story!

  51. tris,

    He's certainly an asset to the SNP but calling him a right-hand man is a bit harsh. Still, as he cleverly and with great originality referred to me as Brownnose read him a horror story about Labour's prospects.

  52. Once upon a time, Niko, there was a poor old washerwoman called Johann. She was the caretaker of the Scottish office of Labour and employed to keep the place clean and tidy and make the tea for Mr Milliband the big boss when he came on a tour of inspection. Sometimes she was also allowed to make tea for other dignitaries: Mr Wee Dougie; a strange man lacking any kind of co-ordination and with a funny voice; Mr Spududon'tlike, a tall thin man with the air of a skeleton; and Mrs Vinegar, a waspish bitter female with straggly died blond hair and a voice like a corncrake.

    On rare occasions these days, there was a visit from a big gruff man with no social graces and a look of failure about him. A man who looked as if everything he had ever worked for had been for nothing. He was called Mr End to Boom.

    Then there was the man that nobody liked. No one had ever seen his face (some said that was because it was hidden in the rear of George W Bush), but he was surrounded at all times by security men, as it was well known that half the world wanted to send him to Holland to the court there, and the other half thought it would be better just to execute him. His name was Tony B Liar. (The B probably stood for Bloody, as that was what one heard him called)

    Occasionally Johann would clear her throat, as if she were preparing to say something, but one of the others would tell her to fetch the milk and sweep up the cinders from the kitchen fire, while the people from London talked about grown up Londony things.

    Are you asleep yet Niko?

    I guess, John...he might be a left hand man... or amphibious or whatever...

  53. Steady on there Tris. The corncrakes might take some serious offence to being compared to "stairheid rammy!"

    Oh and you can rest assured that I don't lose a seconds sleep worrying about whatisname. He is just too pitiful to even give him a second thought! As I said in my last reply to him, not that he will read it, I don't get angry at him,he is useless, I just pity him.

  54. Dear me, Tris, that is horrific, poor Niko will have night-mares and will chew his dummy to bits.

  55. LOL Arbroath... I'll correct that. a corncrake with a very sore throat...


    We all love Niko deep down. He may be a unionist, but he's our unionist, and I did promise Spook that I'd look after know, feed him, water him and give him shelter!! Oh and two brisk walks to make sure he doesn't get fat!! :)

  56. Hmmmm, John, Niko HAS a dummy?

    I thought it was MRS Niko that had the dummy...

  57. ".like a corncrake with a very sore throat.."

    At least there IS a cure for a Corncrake with a sore throat, I'm no so sure if there is a cure for "stairheid rammy."

  58. Wha'd want tae cure her?

    Nah, she's beyond help!