Monday 27 August 2012


Against this level of logic and intellect, we don't stand a chance. This makes Ryan and his wee dugs pale into insignificance. 

Even on their Blitz Weekend, Tethered Together may not turn up to man their stalls, and when they do, they may not stay for long. But who needs stalls when you've got Kevin to warn how useless and pathetic Scotland would be without England?

Take your blood pressure pills before you start listening, particularly when he gets to insulting our armed forces.


  1. I managed 28 seconds before stopping. He doesn't sound well. Hope he's ok.

  2. 28 seconds Monty? Apart from a few "errs" he hasn't said anything by that time...

    Still, well done. It's probably more than most will make.

  3. I think he is suffering the after effects of visiting his wee pal Ryan and having a sausage roll while taking Ryan's wee dug for a walk.

    I did, for research purposes only you understand, listen to the whole thing. Well I say listen, I think I spent most of the time rolling about on the floor laughing out loud so I didn't actually hear too much of his pro union stance.

    Still probably just as well, I'd probably be pulling my hair out other wise screaming at him the holes, and there were more than a few, in his argument FOR the union.

  4. never let it be said, Arbroath, that Munguin doesn't provide a bit of comedy, along with intellectual stimulation.

  5. tris and other disabled Scots haters

    You know what gets me especially caring tris?
    is your relentless use of insulting discriminatory Language regarding possible psychological impairment.
    Your all obviously the type to take the piss out a disabled person with learning difficulties.

    If being normal means having the thoughts and beliefs about others as you display you can keep it.

  6. No Niko. That's not something I'd ever do, for reasons which would be clear if you knew me at all.

    This guy doesn't have discernible learning difficulties. He is trying to make an argument that has no substance in truth, and at the same time is pretty insulting.

    He deserves a ribbing for it.

  7. He certainly has a screw loose.

    I found that friend of Niko Abi.

  8. Thanks Marcia....:)

  9. Who Niko, CH?

    Erm... that's his friend, is it? Nice

  10. WHAT?

    Kevin has TWO friends, Niko AND Ryan. Oops better make that three I forgot Ryan's wee dug! :LOL:

    Oh my giddy aunt, whatever next, the Lamentable one is a closet SNP supporter perhaps.

    Come to think about it, that is too awful to even think about. If she was a closet SNP supporter I think I'd be ditching my support for Independence! :LOL:

  11. and the wee sausage roll as well arbroath...

  12. A pretty poor effort. And it seems that anyone who disagrees with him is a racist SNP loving plague of a cyber-nat infesting the internet, would that be infesting the internet just like err......just like him and err.....Ryan?

  13. I think you've all been very unfair on Kevin and his incisive video. I don't know whether it was the cup-cake with the wee union flag or the telephone kiosk, but I'm a changed man after watching this. As for that shot of Brown and Blair, doesn't that kind of sum up the sheer greatness and goodness of government from Westminster?

  14. Munguin: You have failed to grasp that people who use the internet to promote the Scottish nation are nasty cybernats, whereas people who use the internet to promote British nationalism are simply carrying on a reasonable debate.

    You must try to keep up...

  15. Oh dear EricF. I fear you must have a bad impression of Munguin's Republic, for which I am sorry.

    We have been unfair to the poor wee sausage (no offence Ryan, it's not your poor wee sausage roll, or your poor wee dug we're talking about).

    I'm glad that I was able to provide a 'Road to Damascus' moment for you though, even if that particular analogy is rather unfortunate, given the current situation in Syria.

    Greatness and goodness....hmmmm, incisive...yeah, whatever :)

  16. On the contrary tris I have enjoyed Muguin's Republic for some time now. You all seem like a good crowd. That Nikowhatsit chappy that does the ranting unionist stuff is a work of comic genius.

    All this of course is before I realised that, should we become independent, my auntie who lives 190 miles away in England will be, well, exactly as far away as she is now. Which has all helped to convert me to the Union. Thanks Ryan.

  17. I would have thought Kevin would be grateful to the SNP for giving him a vote in 2014...

  18. No idea who it is speaking in the youtube link, but he's talking mince.

    Like others, I turned it off. It would've been 4m 7s of my life I'd never get back.

  19. Come on! This Kevin has to be some sort of devious cybernat who has made up this crazed parody of Unionist thinking in an attempt to ridicule the Belters Together campaign.

    Hasn't he?

    Just like Ryan, eh? And the dug?

    They can't really believe this stuff, surely? Perhaps a Unionist commenter can enlighten us?

  20. Aye Eric... ain't it funny...independence won't change all.

    And yeah, Niko gonna get a comedy award!!!

  21. Conan, I'm not sure he will be getting one...

  22. A good decision Pa

  23. Yeah Barney...don't worry's all a big hoax.

    There have been quite a lot of hoaxes though... maybe they should come up with another ploy?