Tuesday 21 August 2012

100% FAIL

Erm, wrong... and hmmmm...wrong.

You were being a little economical with the truth there Dave, weren't you, or was it just that you got mixed up? It's easily done when you're not overly bright and hopelessly out of your depth.

You have cut the NHS in England, quite substantially as it happens... Thank goodness I live in Scotland, so that's one horror you haven't been able to inflict on me.

On the other hand when it comes to the deficit...it stubbornly refuses to do anything other than go up and up...due, quite possibly, to the fact that you absolutely insist on keeping in post a chancellor that makes Gordon Brown look as if he had some idea of what was going on...(Incidentally, why? Did he catch you doing something horribly embarrassing at Oxford?) 


  1. The only thing which could be far far worse is a snp Nation run on Alex Salmonds diktat.

    which Would make north Korea seem like an economic paradise in comparison.
    still all the reputable evidence from multiple polls show it aint gonna happen.

    Praise the lord and keep yer postal vote dry

    And tris all the normals(that being the non snp voting majority) would much prefer Growth in the levels we had pre Osborne.

  2. Quite so, Niko, much better having a Tory Government making decisions for you than having to make decisions for yourself. Get a grip, man. Do you hand your money to your neighbour and hope that he'll give you some pocket money in return? Does the same neighbour make all the decisions that affect your family and future generations? The "reputable" polls showed a Labour landslide in Scotland before the Scottish elections and you'll never guess what happened!!!!

  3. tris

    THE row over whether the Scottish Government should disclose if it holds legal advice on an independent Scotland's membership of the European Union is likely to continue for months, after it appealed a decision by the Information Commissioner.


    Another dishonorable action of a party without honour even their own supporters are saying now.


    when you turn up shut yer mouth!

  4. Brownlie

    thats was a very Franklin Delano Roosevelt type of speech.

  5. OK Niko: Some questions.

    Why would it be?

    Who says that an independent Scot6land would be run by Alex Salmond?

    Does this mean you have written off Labour as being incapable of winning an election once they throw off the problems that taking instructions from London (and a party geared up for SE England, have disappeared?

    Do you have no faith in Johann Lamont, or any of the other Labour bigwigs?

    Have you ever been in a totalitarian communist state like North Korea? If the answer is no, you really don't know what you are talking about.

    As I recall Mr Brown had to admit that the economy had "grown" by 0%.
    Do you recall that?

    Do you think that the growth rates achieved by Brown in his "end to boom and bust" days were a good idea, based as they were on PFI (buy now and pay over the next 30 years, 10 times the original cost), borrowing, mortgages, house inflation that meant people on ordinary wages couldn't afford a house? Is that better?

    You have a weird view of what life would be like in an independent Scotland, almost undoubtedly run by a left of centre government.

    As for the polls on independence. We are 2 years away from the poll. If a week is a long time in politics, how long is 2 weeks? How much longer is 2 years?

    Polls can be an indicator, but as John points out, sometimes they are horrifically wrong. But 2 years away from the event they say nothing.

  6. John:

    The Yes campaign offered an interesting question.

    If we were independent now, would we ever vote to join the United Kingdom?

    Would Norway vote to rejoin Sweden or would Iceland vote to rejoin Denmark, benevolent regimes though they both are?

  7. Niko... why are you talking to CH ?

    He's not commented on this article!

    Take another pill and have a little lie down.

  8. Interesting proposed referendum question devised by the unholy trinity. "Scotland should be a separate state - I agree/I disagree". Apparently, Scotland is not regarded by them as a country but as a state. It will, of course, back-fire when voters realise the "state" NewLabour (aka Niko's mob) and the Tories ( aka Niko's mob) have left the country in.


  9. That's strange, John. I've always had the understanding that Scotland IS a country while the UK is a state, comprising countries.

    Has not Cameron already agreed the wording?

    Or has he changed his mind about that, again? It's very hard to keep up with Cameron's U-turns.--

  10. Just so that we are all clear, especially poor wee Niko, on the current state of play in the possible outcome of the referendum in 2014 here is a piece in the New Statesman magazine.


    It would appear that the longer the Bitter, oops sorry Better, Together gang of misfits carry on with their negativity, no matter what form it takes, the effect on the electorate is the opposite to that the triple Tory group want.