Monday 27 August 2012


One of Cameron's early boasts when he arrived in Downing Street was that he would deal with the "crazy" (his word, not mine) bonus culture in the Civil Service.

Needless to say, given a pledge from Cameron, last year the number of top Civil Servants receiving bonuses in the five-figure range... doubled. Clearly it wasn't crazy enough for Crazy Cameron.

Seriously, you can always predict that no matter what this man promises, it will be the opposite of what happens.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, there were 10 recipients of bonuses over £30,000 and one, apparently in the MoD, who managed to get himself paid almost £100,000 on top of his salary. Further investigations showed:

OK, the numbers aren't huge, and the total amount spent isn't world changing, but with people from most walks of life being told that they are 'all in this together' and that they must all put their shoulders to the wheel, and particularly in view of Cameron's pledge to end this nonsense, it seems wrong that it not only goes on, but increases apace.
Better together for 'top' people! How's that for a slogan, Alistair?


  1. O.M.G.! They have a head of propriety and ethics in Whitehall! They are surely taking the proverbial with this title, surely, aren't they. PLEASE some one tell this title is JOKE!

    Whitehall and Westminster wouldn't recognise propriety and ethics if it hit square between the een! They are all FAR too busy digging their snouts into the trough and looking after number one, to hell with the electorate in the REAL world!

  2. tris

    over at the Torydiary

    By Tim Montgomerie
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    David Cameron has been Tory leader for seven years now and those of us who wish he'd be different should probably give up

  3. Oops I forgot to mention Tris that "apparently" there WAS a BITTER together gathering of the masses in Dundee yesterday. I know you find it hard to believe but here's the proof.

    It is easy to see why you could have missed them. I mean with all those "thousands" (first photo) running around Dundee High Street it is not surprising you missed them!

    I wonder if they counted the radio interviewer in their "number" of converts yesterday.

    What about the masses of their own supporters who obviously turned up (second photo), did they count them as well as being part of the "converted"?

  4. Probably all true Arbroath.

    I'd just like Cameron to do one thing he said he was going to do.

    I note we had another u-turn in that he no longer intends to legislate for bad MPs to be sacked... I wonder why!

  5. Yeah Niko. If I were them I'd give up.

    Then I'd get rid of him. The trouble is there is no one to replace him. They are all crap.

  6. Oh, millions of them. The place is fair busy. These women look like there's been an explosion in a paint factory!

    I recognise a few of them. I wish I'd caught them, I'd have loved to have got some common sense out of them... but I realise that it's unlikely!

  7. tris

    oh i dont know there is always Alex Salmond

  8. I know I'm O/T here but who the hell cares. :D

    Coming to a Scottish passport office near you soon!

    Get your orders in early to beat the rush! :LOL:

  9. Didn't go to the right school, Niko

  10. Just been told that the Tories are looking to change their emblem. Well the Scottish Tories are.

    I tell you it will take a HELL of a lot more than this bunch of dunderheids grasping ontae a thistle to gie them ony hope o' gaining the respect of the Scots ever again.

    Maggie may have been gone from politics for quite a few years now, but WE still remember her and the DAMAGE she wrought on Scotland and her industries.

    To paraphrase a certain Mr. Churchill.

    Never, in the field of human conflict has some much damage been wrought upon a peaceful as much as that delivered by Maggie Thatcher!

  11. Love the passport covers. Will some one of these... Thanks for the heads up.

    I agree about the thistle. They had a chance to change their whole direction, and offer Scotland a genuine right of centre party which they could have detoxified by distancing themselves from English policies, designed for England, and put together by English Tories.

    They rejected that and elected David Cameron's whipping girl.

    And now they think they can win back people by having a thistle instead of an Oak Tree....

    Well duh, Ruth, I know that the Eton one thinks we all zip up the back, but... we don't.

    Patronising nonsense. Tory Hoose; Labour Hame and now a bloody thistle...

    I've got two words for that and the second one is off!

    (NO Niko, it's not.)

  12. Great quote from Churchill CH...

    and I love that erm slight alternative there Arbroath. I'm pretty sure Churchill wouldn't have objected to that. They might have been from the same party, but I can't hep thinking that Mr C would have thought that her place was in the kitchen... God, I wish it had been!

    Now watch the feminists beat me over the head!!!!

  13. I know I'm O/T here Tris but I think it sort of relates to this discussion.

    Apparently there are splits beginning to show within the Bitter together camp.

    Apparently that very nice man, Mr Darling, is having serious doubts about what role, exactly, the Tories can play within the Bitter campaign. At the same time he is making claims, not that we didn't already know you understand, that the British economy is failing under the Tories and is actually going BACKWARDS! Of course what he fails to mention at this point is that the failure actually STARTED under his and Broon's stewardship. Still bless his little cotton socks, at least he was brave enough to stand up and point out that fact to us.

    This now raises an interesting question. A question that most of us have been asking since day 1.

    Why, exactly, are we better off within the union?

    If that very nice Mr Darling is openly admitting to the world that the British economy has failed and is going backwards then WHY would ANY sane person want to continue to live under Westminster rule?

    Surely this one point from Mr Darling alone is more than enough to get a considerable number of doubters off the fence and at least starting to think along the lines of "Well if Britain's economy is going backwards then surely Scotland going Independent can NOT be any worse. in fact it may actually be BETTER!"

  14. Och A, you're welcome to go off topic here any time. Mostly the off-topics are more interesting than on topics! :)

    So...Thanks for raising that point.

    It's a gob smacker. Let's see if I summarise this right.

    Darling thinks that we would be better off with a country that's going backwards. No wonder we got in such a mess with him as chancellor then.

    Why doesn't he start a new campaign called Better Forwards...?

    What a bloody tube.

    I should have guessed that a coalition of Liberals, Labour and the Tories wouldn't have a chance of lasting 2 1/2 years....

    They'll be tearing each others' heads off by the time that the referendum comes around.

  15. Don't forget Tris, not only do we have this great awakening by Darling but we've also had recently the gob smacking newsflash from Skelator that he isn't a unionist, yet he claims Scotland would be better off within the union. Hmm!


    When is a unionist NOT a unionist?

    Answers on a post card to Skelator c/o House of Commons!

    Let's see if I can get my name up properly this time. I screwed up last time and ended up as A. Thank god I didn't put Abi. :LOL:

    Spot the Dork DOH! :LOL:

  16. New Politics (remember that?) is begining to look an awful lot like the old politics: no electoral reform; no House of Lords reform; no sacking of useless troughing MPs and no reduction in the number of MPs either. Oh and they want to go back to the old expenses system too.

  17. Hmmm yes Arbroath. I suspected that you might have had a snifter!

    A unionist is not a unionist when it serves their political and/or personal ends of that moment to be not so...


  18. U turn if you want to Munguin.

    I prefer to be a whirling dervish.

  19. Tris, are these U turns you speak of the same type of U Turn as those carried out by "DAVE the Marvelous" in his coat of many colours on a regular basis at Westminster? :LOL:

  20. I was referring to none other, Arbroath.

  21. PHEW! I thought for a moment there you had uncovered a new way of going back to the start without anyone noticing. If you had I was going to suggest you give "Dave the Marvelous" a call and offer to sell him, for a SMALL fee of course, this NEW form of U turn. :LOL:

  22. When it comes to U-turns, I can't teach Dave anything. ...

  23. Think we'd better stop talking about U turns Tris, it's making my come over all of a dizzy :LOL:

    On a BRIGHTER note. I found this little ditty. Thought you'd enjoy it.

    Details of today’s ICM poll show that people in Scotland believe that Westminster government and politicians of all three anti-independence parties are doing a worse job than people in any other part of the UK.
    The net disapproval ratings for the Westminster coalition government are minus 24% across Great Britain compared to a huge minus 38% in Scotland. David Cameron’s disapproval are minus 12% across Great Britain compared to minus 34% in Scotland; George Osborne’s are minus 32% to minus 62%; and Nick Clegg’s are minus 26% to minus 34%.
    The Labour opposition leaders in Westminster fare little better with their leader Ed Miliband at minus 13% across Great Britain compared to minus 28% in Scotland; and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls at minus 8% in Great Britain and minus 30% in Scotland.
    The poll breakdowns for Scotland also show the SNP running at 43% to 36% for Labour.

    Now remind me again, WHY are are we better together? ::LOL:

  24. Oops!

    Looks like they can't get over the fact that EVERY poll they push out the results are ALWAYS the same, INDEPENDENCE vote way up in the 90% range NO to Independence way down around the 10% mark.

    They just don't seem to get the idea that the people of Scotland are fed up with the tripartite lies, accusations, back stabbing, infighting and constant U turns. Of course the ONLY REAL result that counts is the one in AUTUMN 2014. However, every poll I've seen so far either on a Labour, Union supporting,or Independence supporting site the results have ALWAYS been the same.....Independence wins Union loses.

  25. I've been puzzling why Dave looks shocked in that picture until I realised that he was looking at the sign 'He Ye Back to Scotland'

  26. Thanks Arbroath...I've made a post of it. It would be great if you could provide a source that we can stick on it...

  27. Ha ha ha ha ha ... and there was me praising the man only the other day for having the nerve to leave it up when the result was so disastrous...

    ...wrong Tris!

  28. LOL CH... I thought he was busy doing a u-turn and looking back to see where he'd been......or maybe who threw the stone at him.

    But the passport control will do me nicely.

    I bought a couple of Scotland passport covers yesterday:

    Haste ye back David. Every time you poke your toffee nose in, we make more progress.