Wednesday 8 August 2012


Mr Davidson continues to be an embarrassment to the Labour Party and to Scotland. Fortunately this piece was only shown on Newsnight Scotland, so at least no one else will be smirking up their sleeves at idiot Scots.

Wings Over Scotland has an excellent piece on the interview with which I won't  try to compete. 

It is, however, fair to say that Davidson in his charmless way managed to insult one of BBC Scotland's more reasonable and decent interviewers, one of a number who is not biased in any direction.

He also suggested that advice lawyers give on constitutional matters is determined by how much you pay them... without considering that, if that were true, it might throw some doubt upon the advice received by what he referred to as "his side".

He appeared to have the misguided idea that the Scottish people of 15 years ago had voted in a referendum on the matter of constitutional affairs as dictated by The Scotland Act, when the Scotland Act followed that referendum by 1 year. Neither did it seem to register as in any way important that the Scottish people had since elected, in massive numbers, a government which had, in its manifesto, made it clear that it would bring forward legislation on a referendum on independence. That seems to me to be a lot more up to date, than any confused memory of Davidson's from 14 or 15 years ago.

Davidson, of course, appears to have a deep hatred of anything to do with the SNP. Maybe this because he would be out of a job in an independent Scotland, and certainly deprived of taking maximum advantage of the more generous expenses that he has enjoyed as a member of the London parliament.

He called the SNP "neo-fascists", a remark which was criticised by even the Labour Party, and was obliged to apologise to Eilidh Whiteford for appearing to suggest that he would give her a "doing". 

All of this was topped off by his schoolboy insistence in calling "Newsnight", "NewsNat". (Once might have been vaguely amusing, even if inappropriate for someone of his supposed standing, but repeatedly throughout the interview, was just cheap.) If he is so concerned about bias, he, as chairman of a Commons committee, should write to the Chris Patten and ask him to investigate. I suspect, however, that he won't.


  1. A certain pugnacity is no doubt a good thing for a rugby player but for the chair of the Scottish affairs select committee who wants to go on “newsnat” Scotland and defend a complex argument a little more in the way of an IQ would be much more useful. Mr Davidson would seem to have lost far too many brain cells in the rough and tumble of the scrum to be able to come even near forming a cogent and realistic argument and so instead resorts to a boorish bull-at-a-gate oafishness which is quite revolting to see in a 21st century politician.

  2. Alas and alack Munguin, we are talking about SLab.

    Pugnacity 10 ...IQ 2

  3. Oh dear. Labour reaching out to touch the new heights, oops sorry I mean DEPTHS of gutter political deabate!

    Sorry did I say debate I meant to say uncontrollable shouting angry rage!

    Ian Davidson the poster boy of Labour, Scottish and otherwise!

  4. Did not see the programme as I was involved in a fight with a stubborn paint-brush but am not surprised as I met this punter years ago when he was telling me how he was anti-nuclear as did most of the 'comrades' at the time. I thought, as most did,that he was a dick (no offence to dicks btw) then and I can see the has not changed.

    Interesting now that, another old 'comrade' (what a load of crap that was} Brian Wilson is a director at AMEC and a columnist at the Scotsman. I think I'd prefer to be the former rather than the latter.

    Surprisingly low coverage of this in the media. Perhaps, Niko, as the spokesperson for the less outrageous New Labour could have a go?

  5. tris and brownlie

    Saying if you pay enough they will say anything is in fact the gospel truth.(have you lot never been in court)I mean lawyers are like bankers and Westminster MPs you pays your money and you get what you pay for....simples and anybody who say any different is a dirty low down scoundrel of low character or member of the snp.
    all this synthetic shock horror is total crap yeah.

    And look that journalist on Natnight Scotland is a journalist another one who sell their views etc to the highest bidder no more honest that any other who prostitutes themselves in the British media.

    I have a deep hatred of anything to do with the SNP. but mainly Alex Salmond(Of course this doesn't include you or Brownlie and er! maybe Conan)

    And in conclusion
    as the British olympics show its not winning but playing the game fairly that counts.

    what a lot of shat we are gonna win and in our great British tradition we will not only wave the rules we will positively mangle them.

  6. "It was all Mrs. Bumble. She (r)would¯ do it," urged Mr. Bumble; first looking round to ascertain that his partner had left the room.

    "That is no excuse," replied Mr. Brownlow. "You were present on the occasion of the destruction of these trinkets, and indeed are the more guilty of the two, in the eye of the law; for the law supposes that your wife acts under your direction."

    "If the law supposes that," said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, "the law is a ass- a idiot. If that's the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is, that his eye may be opened by experience- by experience."

    Laying great stress on the repetition of these two words, Mr. Bumble fixed his hat on very tight, and putting his hands in his pockets, followed his helpmate down stairs.


    I once in a cell with bewigged QC who said to me the defenses we have are a b c d e and explaining to me each...I then decided on the one i fancied and he went represented me in court...

    1 offense not guilty second not guilty

    lawyers bah!you lot have really got wake up and smell the coffee

  7. My goodness it has been a long time since my last post!

    Apologies for my long absence, but life gets busy when your balancing writing, a masters and work all at the same time...

    On Ian Davidsons comments, I don't think it is unfair to say the BBC has history of playing 'follow the leader' games; where the organisation tends to 'go soft' on whatever party is in power.

    The BBC showed a softness and defference to Labour when it was in power, then to the coalition, and now it seems to the SNP.

    It is just my perception, but the notion the BBC bowls soft balls to governing parties is hardly a radical or absurd notion where I'm sitting folks.

  8. Ah John... How they have changed, all these comrades. Once upon a time they were anti-nuclear, anti-privatisation, anti-war, anti-privilege, anti-Lords and other titles.

    Now most of them are indistinguishable from Tories, although their accents are usually a little rough round the edges, and they don't quite have the inbred knowledge of what to wear, and where to wear it.

    The arguments are all the same, as is the arrogance.

    Who won the battle with the paint brush?

  9. Mr Davison is a poster boy. Arbroath?... Bloody scary poster. He reminds me of some thugs of my professional acquaintance.

    LOL> You could see Isabel was fair angry at the little shit.

  10. Dean, old chum, I like to feel, really, that I am completely impartial, but I really feel that if there is bias on the BBC it is certainly not on behalf of independence seekers, and, to be fair, why should it be when jobs might depend on it.

  11. Err! Deanos back (for how long??)

    I see you have been juggling a pen.
    to much mastering maked you blind and gives you hairy palms(ask Brwonlie)

    work yeah sure right!

    BBC Full of middle class arse kissers terrified to lose their career

  12. Niko: I guess to a certain extent that is true.

    Not always money. Sometimes it will be htreats of some sort. After all One day Lord Goldstein told Tony Blair that was with Iraq would be illegal, and gave his reasoning; the next day he had completely changed his mind. As Goldstein isn't impoverished, I wouldn't think money changed hands there, but maybe the whips knew something that his Lardship would rather no one else knew.

    Davidson's argument falls flat on its face though because one side is as likely as the other to look for prostitute lawyers.

    Isn't that nice... John and Conan (maybe) and me aren't hated by you awwww. I'm really touched. I guess you might add Spookie and Birdie Boy to that list... and Munguin? What about Arbroath and Cynical and all your other mates on here...?

  13. Niko, good to see you back in rude health, as they say. Niko, as an olde Labour type, you must have sat for a drink with the anti-nuclear mob who have now, apparently, changed their minds on that and many other policies and think to yourself - hypocritical bastards!

    Mind you, I must admit that John Prescott's speeches have improved since I left and are no longer enxponallalise differential and detrimentalocios and incoprehensialism nonsentsual.

  14. Sorry, I might have missed an"r" out there somewhere!

  15. Deanoooooooo.

    How are you? Hows the masters?

    BBC... Yes, of course you are right. They are establishment and they naturally serve the government ...but it is always the government in London, mainly because that's where most of them call home.

    It is also the government that gives them the right (or withholds that right) to increase the licenece fee.

    I'd say in honestly that there isn't much bias on Newsnight, but the bias in the earlier programmes... that ghastly Jackie Bird and Magnuson and their likes are totally faithful to London, not being bothered by any intellectual rigours. Likewise Kirsty Wark, who is a close friend of Jack McConnell is completely biased to Labour.

  16. I don't think you did John, but we must learn to call John Prescott, The Noble and Rt Honourable Lord Prescott, PC, these days.

    I never thought to see the day, but there you are... it was all for his wife of course.

  17. Actually Niko...just for once, why don't you really answer John on that.

    Don't you ever look at these middle class rich Labour careerists now, with their pro war, pro nuclear, pro privatization, and think WHAT?

    Go on...tell us more....

  18. The masters is going fine, all in.

    I've got to the point where I've enough spare time on my hands to resume a permanent blogging activity.

    You should check my new blog out, civic jungle.

  19. Good to hear Dean.

    I'll go over and have a look and put it on the list.

    It's good to see you back.

  20. Send me a link Dean. I can't find it.

  21. Sorry Tris, but I for one will NEVER call Prescott Noble, and I certainly will never call him Right Honourable. I'll call him a right something but honourable aint the word I have in mind. To me he will ALWAYS John "Two shags, two jags" Magraw, oops I mean Prescott.

    I posted on another site that I can't wait for the DVD to come out for Christmas it will surely be a number one hit. :LOL:

    I also asked when the T-Shirts are coming out. The T-Shirts that have "Where ere you when Davidson exploded?" suitably superimposed over a picture of said Davidson. :LOL:


    You could have found it via my blogger profile ... :P

  23. I'll have one of those t-shirts Arbroath.

    You should know that when I call anyone Noble, Right Honourable, or by any title at all (with the exception of the Queen, who doesn't have any other name), I am being sarcastic.

    Almost none of them is an honourable gentlemen, and very few are noble.

    They are a crock of shit.

    I wonder if I should start awarding CoS status to some of them...

  24. Ha ha Dean. Erm... how thick am I!?

  25. I can't comment... not if Ian Davidson is family ...

  26. Errrrr, I think I can assure you that we have no connection, familial or otherwise! :)

  27. Tris

    While Davidsons behaviour comes as no surprise the reaction from the SLAB supporters is.

    There has just been a poll which shows that SLAB are totally out of touch with the Scottish people, yet SLAB supporters see nothing wrong with Davidsons behaviour. Is it any wonder that they are seen in a poor light by the Scottish people.

    SLAB from John Smith to Ian Davidson in less than a generation, what would John Smith think of the present day Scottish Labour?

  28. Dubbie, I know that there was at least two punctuation marks in that ...

  29. I shudder to think what John Smith would think Dubs.

    He was a very clever man who wanted to change Labour to fit with a post industrial Britain, not destroy it and turn it into Tory light.

    I think he would be pretty disappointed at how badly they serve the people of Scotland, how badly they are perceived by them and how after 100 years, they seem to be on the way out.

    Ironically, maybe independence can save the labour Party, and for that matter the Tory party, in the country.

    I remember my American friend Danny, explaining to me that although the Republican and the Democrats with the same party in name from Alaska to Florida and from Vermont to Hawaii, in reality there was a world of difference from one region of the USA to another.

    The Democrats from southern states often had more in common with the Republicans from the north than their own party.

    It is the same thing here. Left to their own, without having to worry about getting votes in Surrey or Gloucestershire, Scottish Labour may fight its own campaign. And so might the Scottish Tories.