Monday 20 August 2012


One of the Queen's dogs savaged one of Beatrice's (a blood princess, no less) dogs, apparently. This is front page news for the Daily Telegraph. On the same subject, the day that prince Philip was admitted to hospital with a bladder infection, which they said would be treated with antibiotics, the first 15 minutes of the BBC's 6 o'clock news was dedicated to this. I don't wish the bloke any harm, but I'm seriously NOT that interested in the state of his bladder.

Also the lead on the Today Programme on BBC, and for that matter the Daily Telegraph, is the death of a film director who flung himself off a bridge, in California. Again with due respect to the guy and his family who must be suffering, I'm not entirely sure that that warrants quite so much attention. 

The English part of the UK government (because I know people get riled when I call it the English government, although it is based in England and makes decisions about England alone) has received favourably the notion proposed by Policy Exchange, a think tank close to David Cameron, that they should sell off social housing in nice areas and build new stuff in poor areas with the money. Although this may make some financial sense, it stinks of social apartheid to me. I hope we don't follow suit.
Cameron has been on holiday in Spain, again, which is a bit rich after he lectured us about taking our holidays in the UK to boost the tourist industry. Anyway, he comes back this week to four rows all to do with England:

Ken Clarke refuses to move from the English Justice Department in the upcoming reshuffle....sort that Dave; 

MPs in English commuter land are revolting (OK, I know) over increases in rail fares, which will be 3% above inflation in England, when they are only 1% above in Scotland; 

MPs are revolting (again? do they ever stop) over the plan to raise the time shops are allowed to trade on Sundays in England, from 6 to 8 hours. Apparently Osborne thinks that this is the way to boost the economy. He obviously assumes that the more hours the shops are open, the longer people will spend money, which is, I suppose a not unreasonable supposition if you have a limitless supply of money to spend; 

He's probably heard of Scotland, because that's where a disproportionate amount of his tax revenue comes from; he may like to know that we have no restrictions on Sunday shopping here at all, and it doesn't make any appreciable difference to the economy. Most people spend what they can afford and a bit them an extra two hours to spend their income won't make any difference unless he gives them any more income to spend

MPs are...erm...up in arms ..., nah, they are revolting, over the government's proposals to allow building on the Green Belt in England. The government clearly has problems with its short term memory. Only a few months ago, the Spelman woman was forced into a U-turn on selling off forests because of a campaign by the Daily Telegraph, and leading posh people who matter, including Boris Johnson's sister. Have they forgotten about this, or do they think maybe that the Telegraph and Boris's sister are in Tuscany and won't notice?
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  1. tris

    If the English scum torys sell off the social housing in the stinking rich areas.
    they the stinking rich Tory scum filth will have to find Nurses,firemen,policemen, and all the other poor people who do all the services to keep them safe and healthy and of course pay a much higher cost to do so.
    To be honest this plays right into the hands of the extremist Nationalists after all once they turn London into a gated community.
    who can argue Westminster represents the whole people of the United Kingdom.

  2. still this fits in nicely with the reason(the scum torys say)for uk economic decline resting with the bone idle the feck does that work out?????

    perhaps they(us) should leap out of bone idle beds and invest ouR inherited fortunes (OF WHICH WE HAVE NONE)in UK industry.
    unlike Cameron and Osborne whose trust funds are based outside of the UK to avoid tax.

    yep! poverty is genetically inherited(same as disabilty) dont you know you wonder what lunacy they will come up with next.

  3. Niko. Agreed.

    When they introduce their limits on Council Tax rebates (taking 10% off the amount available, regardless of how many people need to benefit, the part time worked who would like to work full time, but can't get a full time job, will have to go and live with their parents. They won't even be able to afford to live in the cheap areas.

    But it's like I said before Niko. We could be rid of them and their callous ignorant hateful policies for ever, if we voted for independence.

    Can't see the Tories in Scotland being able to form a government for a very long time.

  4. Barney: Niko can be spot on sometimes, when he puts his hatred of the SNP under the bed for a while.

  5. tris

    All the evidence points to either no referendum due to Westminster interference (Salmond says) or devo max sort of with Alex fighting tooth and nail for it.

    But no Independence not this side of the 21st century

  6. Where did you get this info Niko....?

    I think we should tell Camergoon to get stuffed, as it goes. I should imagine you could count on the finger of one hands the number of people in Scotland who give a damn what he thinks.

  7. His sanity drug is wearing off and he is unable to find Johann who is also needing some.

    “I Hope To Emigrate To An Independent Scotland”

  8. I see that David Cameron has revealed a little of the flavour of his “jam tomorrow” for the Scots if they decide they are “Better Together” with him and the rest of his nasty party cronies by voting “No”. If we opt to stay in the blessed Union (the best there has ever been in the universe bar none in the whole history of time, even though Dundee has more drug addicts and teenage mothers than anywhere else in the sainted Union and Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy and highest incidence of child poverty, what great security we get from that economic marvel that is the Union!!) there will be no further fiscal autonomy, tax raising powers or separate benefit system, so that’s errrr........a big fat nothing then?

    DC and his motley crew of Tory toffs and Lib Dem wet blankets are intent on cheating us out of the second question that the majority of Scots seem to want before the consultation has even reported, why else would he be making a stink about it now? And now he seems to think that a gun to our head will make us plump for him and his “economic stability”...what a laugh! With the economic stability provided by him and his half-wit chancellor and their crazy policies that even the IMF think are daft or the even more loony “new socialism” of the Cyclops brown and his crew and their end to boom and bust that ended in the most almighty Bust since 1929. I personally would rather live on an independent Scottish dung hill and eat garbage that be told what to do by the English government for one minute longer!

  9. Interesting CH. One among many I would think, who wouldn't mind being part of a small unimportant nation that gets on with its business and doesn't annoy anyone else, but doesn't really want to be part of a figure of fun, fur coat and no knickers construct, that seems to enjoy throwing its weight around so much that it would rather spend money on that than look after its people properly. In that it reminds me of the Soviet Union. Enough money for the most fabulous bombs, but kilometre long queues for bread.

  10. Ah Munguin, so the speech in Edinburgh, where he said that there would be jam tomorrow, was a load of pee and wind, was it?

    Well, until the next U-turn, that's it folks.

    I wonder what wee Ruth will do now. She drew a line in the sand, in concert with his instructions; then he let the tide come in and her line was washed away, and now a new line has been drawn. One of these days that poor woman will forget her lines.

    Cameron is a right prat, isn't he. I see that the link you sent has an opinion poll about the question, with the following results:

    Scotland on Sunday poll 29/01/2012

    Is the proposed wording of Alex Salmond’s referendum question fair?

    Yes 150 (85%)
    No 26 (15%)

    SoS is a unionist paper isn't it?

  11. Yes Tris a lot of Tory pee and wind.....did anyone think for one minute that it was anything else?

    Poor old useless Ruth...even more upopular than the Tory party itself and DCs man in Scotland. But his line in the sand looks awful like her line in the sand now so why make his man look like such a pratt via the "jam tomorrow" pee and wind speech. Now that truly is an object lesson in "Respect"!

  12. Heavens Munguin, I forgot about "respect". I wonder why...