Sunday 12 August 2012

Olympics appears to have increased independence support, says poll for Sunday Times

Support for Scottish independence appears to have been bolstered as a result of Olympic success, according to a poll.
The survey, commissioned by the Sunday Times, suggests 12% feel more in favour while 8% feel more unionist.
However politics professor John Curtice, of Strathclyde University, told the paper the results may show that the Games "reaffirmed" existing attitudes among people who have already made up their minds.
"For those who believe in the UK, the sight of a Scot rowing alongside English rowers shows the power of the union," he said. "For nationalists, the number of medals won by Scots shows what Scotland could achieve as a team on its own."
The poll of almost 800 Scots, conducted by Panelbase, also showed that 29% believe Scottish athletes should compete for Great Britain after independence while 58% say Scotland should represent itself.
The survey suggest support for independence stands at 35% compared with support for the union at 44%.
SNP MP Pete Wishart said: "This is clear evidence that the puerile efforts of the anti-independence parties to politicise the Games have backfired.
"I've been delighted to support Scotland's Olympians and Team GB during the London Games, and will be delighted to support Team Scotland at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and at the Olympics following a Yes vote in 2014.
"With the gap between support for an independent Scotland and the union now down to a swing of just 4.5%, we are very confident indeed of achieving a Yes vote for independence in autumn 2014."


  1. So so sad

    After a summer of flag waving, anthem singing and tugging at the hearstrings and all for nought

    Those ungrateful Scots after all that enjoyment you would expect them to show their gratitude

    It's not as if it didn't cost us a pretty penny and still counting

  2. Tris

    Yaddy ya ya Pete he he he Pishhard he he he

    Have a poll we can let you have that one or even another we got so many with massive leads for us yes to the UK.............

    To be honest its over you lost get over it from now till the day Alex Salmond abandons the referendum


  3. As Bella Caledonia said, Anon, ... If I spent £36 billion on propaganda, I'd be pretty pissed off.

    I think we're going to make Mr Cameron very angry. He may have to come up and talk to us!

    Oh noooooo.

  4. Yeah, but Niko, ones you make up don't count.

    I know its what wee Jimmy Krankie does all summer, but this poll is from REAL people...

    Get over it.

  5. It would seem that all the jingoistic claptrap and dewy eyed flag waving and simpering over some old woman and her brood (who have all been in their jobs since they were born) in the world combined with an avalanche of gold medals can’t polish the UK turd for very long. Or indeed at all!

    I’m wondering about all these polls which show the Union winning! The most oft quoted one by Ted Brocklebank in the Sunday Post last week and by Ian Davidson on his more recent pronouncements had support for Independence down at 30%. My how they trumpeted that from the roof tops. But what they did not tell us was that it was a three way poll that had the status quo (i.e. Better Together) on 28% and Devo Max on 29%. I’m sure if a better one had come along since Ted, Johann, Ian, Richard Baker, Ruth, fluffy, Alistair et al would have let us know by now. Not like then to be shrinking violets when it comes to bad news for Alex and the Yes camp....even if they have to make it up!

  6. The thing is Munguin, the SNP has been totally supportive of the games. The First Minister, like the Prime Minister, has seen it as an opportunity to meet with movers and shakers who can afford to be in London at the moment, and has worked with them, hopefully bringing jobs to the country. I would hope that Michael Moore has been doing the same thing.

    Mind you, the fuss that the unionists made over Salmond taking rooms in London for these two weeks, complaining that he should have used Dover House, suggest that Michael Moore was not using Dover House; so one wonders what he was doing with himself while this opportunity existed.

    The people who have tried to make capital out of what was a relatively well organised show (albeit that it came in between 4 and 6 times over budget, depending how much security cost...a national secret) are largely the unionists who have been saying 'ya boo sucks, Scotland could never organise anything on that scale'.

    Well, of course, we probably could, but we couldn't afford to spend all these billions on it. Not unless we had set up the kind of oil fund that Norway did....

    There is a point though, that maybe we'd all be better off if they had spent that money on roads, or trains, or hospitals or schools.

    It's all very having a fur coat, but if you don't have any boxers shorts, you will still feel the chill.

  7. tris

    I see the First Fat Man the Lard Of Holyrood has been caught out again(yawn!)
    sneaking about like a rat in the dark
    dirty skunk

    I have no belief whatsoever there will be a referendum in this political cycle.

    Salmond(note i say him and not the nationalist voters) knows he has lost and his vile self centred ego will not allow the ending his time of alexs big fat stealing nose in the public trough.

    nah! if the second 'Q' fails the snp under command of Alex will do whatever it takes to cause a synthetic row with Westminster and call off the referendum(all due to the unionists).

    I am right and you and anybody who says different is wrong

    Get over it!

  8. Niko the moon is really made of green cheese as I read it on the demolition notice posted on Labour Hame infested with wet rot.

  9. You are always right Niko.

    You have always been right when you've been predicting the downfall of the SNP.... council elections, Scottish government, UK parliament...every time you've been close at least.

    So why should I doubt you now?

    I'm tired of pointing two things out to you. The press in Scotland is anti- nationalist, I suppose because they are owned by English companies, and secondly, because A VERY SUBSTANTIAL NUMBER OF SCOTS WANT DEVO MAX or INDEPENDENCE LIGHT the government has to look at the possibility of taking what they want on board.

    Tony Blair did the same when he looked at the powers of the Scottish parliament. He offered a second question on whether or not there should be tax varying powers, because it was thought that that was what people wanted.

    It's called listening to the boss (ie the people) and giving them what you are paid to give, what they want.

    Mr Cameron refused to give people an option for PR in his recent election because he thought that is what they would choose, and because he thinks that he would lose Scottish oil revenue he won't agree to devo-max proposal. He is betting that people will want to stay with the train wreck rather than try something new.

    But he won't bet that they would stay with Britain if there was a chance for a Jersey/Guernsey type settlement.

    He is backed up in this by Ian Davidson, who is now, I see, up against the unions (Labour's Paymasters) for calling Isabel an SNP supporter.

    Ooops. Shouldn't upset the unions when you are Labour!!

  10. Tris

    Dont you just love the quote from Curtice "the results may show that the Games "reaffirmed" existing attitudes among people who have already made up their minds"

    I wonder if he would have said it just reaffirmed existing attitudes if the unionist side had shown an increase?

    No silly question hes a onionist.

  11. Mouldy Green Cheese, CH

  12. Tris

    Dont you just love the quote from Curtice "the results may show that the Games "reaffirmed" existing attitudes among people who have already made up their minds"

    I wonder if he would have said it just reaffirmed existing attitudes if the unionist side had shown an increase?

    No silly question hes a onionist.

  13. tris

    putting aside my Unionist triumph.

    You really should pop over to the Tory Diary(sput! out of the side of me mouth)

    They are shiteing and shiteing their Tory pants over losing the vote on Westminster boundaries gerrymandering
    to their advantage.
    they are in absolute terror of losing big time the next election to us Labourites.
    anyway the latest wheeze is

    bribe the lib dems with state funding i mean who desperate is that..bit pointless to a party with almost zero votes and elected MPs.

    still its Ben brogans corrupt tory mentality which amazes ...well me!,,,,he could give Alex Salmond lessons um! perhaps not.

    everything is coming up roses for Labour

    Get over it!

  14. yeah you should read


    "Eeeeeeeeee, these bank holidays, it's a problem to decide..."
    "Gromit, that's it! Cheese! We'll go somewhere where there's cheese!"
    "I don't know... it's like no cheese I've ever tasted..."
    "No crackers, Gromit! We've forgotten the crackers!"
    "No cheese, Gromit. Not a bit in the house."
    "The fuse Gromit! The fuse! We forgot to light the fuse!"
    "Everybody knows the moon is made of cheese..."

    CH ya ya nob

  15. Niko

    Why on earth are you so determined to keep within Westminster rule even if it means that Scotland could be ruled for the next decade either by a right-wing party that admits it is a right-wing party or a right-wing party that pretends that it is not a right-wing party and the gullible swallow it?

    Actually, when I watched ten minutes of the closing ceremony at the Olympics I was reminded that not too far from the Olympics there would be a percentage of individuals with real medals sleeping in doorways and under bridges after the state had failed them. These individuals, shattered in bodies and minds by the horrors of war, should not have to depend on charities for their very existence and the money spent on this triumphalist tripe would have gone some way into making their life better.

    The song Wild Irish Rose refers to a Vietnam veteran but the same holds true today and your party are party to it.

    "They sent him to Asia to fight in a war
    He came home half-crazy and asking what for?
    They had him committed, four medals and all
    To a mental hospital with rubber walls
    But they cut off the funding
    They cut off the lights
    He hits the street running
    On a cold winter night
    Now the streets are the only
    Place he can call home
    He looks oh so lonely
    But he's never alone
    He lies there holding his Wild Irish Rose
    A crazy old fool in his smelly old clothes.
    He deserves something better,
    something better God knows
    Than a half-empty bottle of Wild Irish Rose.

  16. tris and flaky CH

    pete pishhard example of the deceit and hypocrisy of the snp lying scum

    Peter Wishart, MP for Perth and North Perthshire, said: "We all know what the independence referendum will be fought over. We all know what the issues are: the economy, do we want things like Trident, having weapons of mass destruction... I don't think I have every had anyone say, in all the door-knocking I've done this summer, that 'the thing which is important to me when I vote on independence is the Olympic games in London'."

    "I've been delighted to support Scotland's Olympians and Team GB during the London Games, and will be delighted to support Team Scotland at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and at the Olympics following a Yes vote in 2014.

    SNP MP Pete Wishart said: "This is clear evidence that the puerile efforts of the anti-independence parties to politicise the Games have backfired

    typical nationalist liar

  17. #John Brownlie said...

    Who? Me?

    No GB

  18. Niko wins gold in the arse making buttons contest. The Limpicks has reaffirmed what we all know. Scotland gives strength to England, and money, and people, and electricity, and England is there fore stronger together with Scotland whilst Scotland has been maintained weaker. It changes in 2014, England will need to grow up, and grow a pair.

  19. Yo Dubs...

    The numbers are up, so I dunno where he got the "affirming!" bit.

    As you say... he's a unionist!

  20. Ha yes, Niko. I saw that. The pathetic British government making a complete diddy of itself again.

    Clegg talks big but seems to fold his tent when David Camembert sends for him... Ha ha ha ha ha... Heavens, who on earth would be frightened of Camroon?

    The only statesman in these islands is Alex Salmond...and you know it.

  21. Niko... one of the interesting things to come out of this is that the Tories are whinging on about how unfair it is that they need a 7 point lead to win an election, where Labour only needs a 3% lead, but it's the system that they insisted on keeping that does this.

    The last election all three parties were pretty close, and the Liberals ended up with 57 seats... compared to the Tories who had far less than twice their votes for 304 seats.

    How fair is that?

  22. Seriously though.

    Gordon Brown on Scotland Tonight and Newsnight, does he think we have the memory spans of gold fish?

    Nice to know he's till talking mince though.

  23. Totally agree John. Fur coats and nae drars...

    A good few things struck me (no, not literally) mainly about the opening ceremony, where, for example they celebrated the NHS, without mentioning that a nob head fanaticist is busily engaged in dismantling the English system (doubtless the one they referred to in the ceremony).

    They seemed to be talking about a Britain that I don't recognise... where everything was lovely and people were at peace with themselves and their government. A green and pleasant land... a new Jerusalem.

    Why not show the place like it rally unhappy train wreck of a state, mired in debt, where no one trusts anyone, quite rightly. With the worst trains and the worst roads in Western Europe and the biggest division between rich and poor in all Europe, where people die in hospitals because they are forgotten and no one gives them a drink of water for days... kids can leave school barely literate with no chance of a job, beggars line the streets and it isn't safe to be out of the house any time after dark on a Friday or Saturday night, for fear of drunks vomiting on you.

    Go on Mr Producer...let's see the real country after you strip off the gloss for the foreigners.

  24. No John...he meant that idiot Brown, who appears to be completely unhinged these days.

    Feeling no obligation whatsoever to turn up for his day job...a good example to Scottish youngsters, he has accepted an inviation to talk in Edinburgh, and has said that we will race to the bottom if we leave Auntie England and stop having her looking after our money and telling us what to do.

    Bloody prat.

    Still no one listens to anything he says. He's as mad as Thatcher.

  25. Spot on KBW.

    I look forward to the day that they have to stand on their own two feet.

    We have been swindled out of our oil fund, we've been made to house filthy weapons that could kill half of Europe (supposing they work) and over which we have no control whatsoever, only a few miles from our biggest city.

    We have had English solutions applied over and over again to our problems, and we have had our economy run by people who live in another world economically, and who care not a stuff for us or our country.

    Around 2/3 of the time we are ruled by a party that few of us voted for and for which we have a deep hatred.

    And we are constantly sidelined and forgotten.

    We are just the people who supply the money.

    I'm sick of it. Why can't we be like other people and run our own affairs; at least we could stop killing people to prove we are important. We wouldn't be important. We could save lives instead of taking them.

    The Irish knew what they were doing, treated like muck, they got out of it.

    Good for them, and we're next (and I hear there may be a referendum in NI, and Jersey about ditching this fur coat and no knickers nation).

  26. Niko...Have you lost the plot...what's all this about Wallace and Gromit?

  27. Aye...good old Gordo, Pa.

    Wasn't he the tube that thought he was an economic Kind Midas...

    The Alchemist, after all these years have found the secret of the End to Boom and Bust.

    Jeez, how naive?

    I suppose that SNP biased BBC hardly let the old fool get a word in?

  28. How can Broon comment about Scotland? I thought that he was from North Britain. At least thats what he said on American TV.

    What type of creep denies where he comes from???

  29. Tris

    What I found amazing about Broons rant was this bit,

    "The average person in Scotland was just 4% worse off than the average person in England, he said. That contrasted with the difference between, say, Luxembourg, where the average person is six times better off than the average person in Bulgaria; or the United States, where the average person was over three times better off than the average person in Mexico. He also cited differences between Israel and Gaza, and between different parts of the US"

    So he appears happy that people in Scotland are worse off than the people in England, some ambition from the man from North Britain.

    Just how you can compare Bulgaria with Luxembourg, and he also reckons that the USA is richer than Mexico, whatever next?

  30. Dubs... a creep like Brown clearly.

    He was terrified that if they thought he was "scotch" the English, and particularly the English that matter in the south-east, wouldn't vote for him and would resent his having a say in their affairs.

    He clearly thought they were as stupid as he is. He thought if he said North Britian they would think it was Manchester or Newcastle.

    I disrespected him from the day he said that.

    It's a bit like a person from a disreputable estate trying to say that they live in the much nicer private estate just over the road.

  31. And yes. We are only 4% worse off that the average English man...well whoopeee.

    Why are we worse off than the average Englishman at all?

    And does he really see us as Bulgaria (one of the poorest countries in Europe) to England's Luxembourg (one of the richest country in Europe).

    His arguments are shot to pieces. He's mad as a hatter.

    Time they sent him to the House of Lords to be an aristocrat with all the other mad brothers. Lord Brown of Boom and BUSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT forever.

    He makes me want to vomit.

  32. The thing is though, and you'd think they'd learn, obviously and demonstrably Brown is talking pish, so the hell can McLeish (for example) come on the telly and say Gordon Brown is a world player, a force to be reckoned with etc when in the eyes of the electorate he's a wash out?

    On what Brown actually said, in amongst all the flimflam, there was nothing beyond, 'stay in the union and you'll be poorer or richer, maybe, but probably poorer'.

    This is why Labour are dead in Scotland, they just aren't living in the real world, they're still floating around in a bubble.

    This is obviously the planned extension of the olympic crusade, keeping the union bubbling, what a cock up though. Its a bit like the olympic closing ceremony, they seem to be dusting off any old has-been and wheeling them out to wail and flap their gums.

    I wonder who's next, they had Roy Hattersley on talking about a lecture he's doing, good luck understanding anything he says and good luck to those in the front row, you'll need a brolly.

  33. You're right Pa.

    Their problem is that THEIR reasons for wanting to stay in the union revolve around self interest.

    Ambitious people like Curren, Alexander, Spud, Brown, don't want to be government ministers in a small unimportant country like Scotland. They want to strut the world stage with the President, however unsuited they are to the job.

    A propos of which, Brown was never a player. He was a pathetic little creep who begged Obama to be seen in public with him, and who made a fool of himself in international meetings.

    I remember his criticising the OPEC people for the high price of oil, saying that the price of petrol was damaging the British economy. The King of Saudi Arabia pointed out that for every litre sold the oil producer took around 12p, while the British government took 78p in tax. QED. (Figures guessed at from memory and may be inaccurate, but they are in that sort of ratio).
    Labour MPs want the chance of jobs in London, because, just like James VI, they think London is more fun and warmer than Edinburgh...

    The lords who bang on about the union know that they will be out of a £300+ a day job, and the MUKPs take £66,000 + generous expenses and the chance of a killing on second homes. What will they do in Scotland...go down the dole?

    So, now what about the rest of us? What is our advantage in being in the union?

    None. I really can't think of one. And when you ask Labour supporters on blogs they don't have an answer either. Niko?

    So it is hard to sell it by telling the truth. Obviously, then, they have to make it up.

    Scare stories, rubbish, nonsense, poor, wee, stupid, and people have been told this for so long that they believe it. They actually think we couldn't run our own country when all the examples show that we would be brilliant and rich. They think we need Cameron.

    God, we couldn't be much worse off than we are now. We don't live in a democracy and they economy is being driven into the ground by some idiot aristo, who is there because of his connections.

    At least John Swinnie is there because he's bloody good.

    Auld Acquaintance has a good piece on the propaganda of the Olympics, which is worth a read.