Friday 24 August 2012


"The Olympic Games made our country proud. I believe these Paralympic Games will make our country prouder still. Already this is shaping up to be the best, the biggest, the most incredible Paralympic Games ever.

"Over these next two weeks, we're going to have more of those moments that will bring us together and make us proud. We are going to show the whole world that when it comes to putting on a show, there is no country like Britain and no city like London." 

David Cameron: Dipstick in Chief

"...when it comes to putting on a show, there is no country like Britain..." 

How appropriate. Because that is what it all is. All show. Just around the corner there's the real Britain; the Britain where kids go to school hungry and pensioners freeze to death, nothing works and everyone except the super rich is miserable. But, on with the show, while we pull another rabbit out of the hat...roll up, roll up....

What a complete and utter bag of scum Cameron is.

He brags about the Paralympics while his stinking government is taking money away from sick and disabled people on a weekly basis. Not only that but it is paying a private company to do the dirty  work for it, and make a profit from it. 

More than 40% of the decisions that this company makes, and that are appealed, are found by tribunal (court) to be wrong. And when (in what after all is a court of law), the claimant is supported by legal or professional counsel, the success rate goes far nearer to 100%.

No other government in modern times has treated our sick and disabled with such contempt and got away with it. And the reason that Cameron's pathetic government gets away with it, is that it has managed to persuade Brits that  people claiming benefits are, in fact, a set of lazy scroungers that have been bleeding the country dry for decades. 

And yet in the UK on average over 30 of these so called "scroungers" die every week, not long after they are told by this scheme they are fit for work. This lying sack of shit of a government, along with their equally despicable partners in crime, ATOS, won't even tell us the truth about the targets that have been set for reducing the cost to the taxpayer and to which the staff are held. 
It's beneath contempt as it is, but then to try to take political advantage from running the Paralympic Games in his precious London, is vomit inducing. At a time when it suits his selfish political ends to shove the union flag down everybody's throat, he revels in something that from his other actions he clearly demonstrates that he doesn't give a flying fig about.

I wish the athletes from wherever they come in the world, the best luck in that world. Truly, I have respect for anyone who trains hard to become the best at a sport, but there can be no doubt that the challenges that many of these guys have overcome to be the best make them real heroes.

As for one of the sponsors, yes, strangely enough, Atos, the company that has taken £100 million from the government to torture our disabled, I hope they go broke. 

And as for the  government that would rather take money from the sick than ask their tax fiddling super-rich mates to fiddle just a little less, may they get what they deserve... whatever that may be.


  1. So we are about to have another two weeks of "Britain id great."

    I wonder what staggering piece of BAD news the coalition will try and sneak out under the cover of all the triumphalism?

    Following the recent phone call he had from Obama I wonder if the great sneak story will be the attacking of Syria?

    Everything is place for just such a move. Obama has threatened Syria NOT to use Chemical weapons. He's had his wee chat with Dave. The only thing missing is the date decided on to start the attack!

  2. Yes... Britain apparently put on the best Olympics in the history of the universe and the four planes of existence, never mind the mere world.

    And it's all thanks to Better Together. We could not, you understand, have done it alone. And now a couple of weeks later we're orf to do it again. Tally Ho. I wonder if Jolly Old Francis Maude will be cycling down to the jolly old games this time in his remoded form.

    I completely agree with you... Now is another time to bury bad news.

    I dare say that we shall find that, while we have been occupying ourselves with just how bloody wonderful we are, and Harry's butt's appearance in "The Sun", the evil fat Toad of Toadying Hall has been doing some heavy duty creeping with POTUS, agreeing to blow up anyone and everyone, if only he can get another ride... on Mr Obama's plane, off course.

    I heard Obama had threatened Syria, and the next day, fascinatingly, I heard Dave say the exact same thing...

    Oh how Bashir must have shaken in his shoes that day.

  3. It's sad seeing the media being pointed towards the next baddie like puppets. Breathless reports from Damascus as the anti is upped and upped until Bashir is out on his ear and another dictator ( more to our liking ) is in power. Then the compliant media is pointed to the next baddie on the list. With breathless reports on the border of baddiesville.......etc

  4. To be honest Tris, I'm not totally surprised that "Dave" came out with the same threats etc as the Big "O". After all all the big "O" just has to say "JUMP!" and the big "O's" wee lap dog turns round and asks "HOW HIGH SIR!"

  5. Help!!! the bloody machine has taken taken advantage of my lack of sobriety so I'll catch you later!!!

  6. tris

    No other government in modern times

    I disagree there NAZI Germany had the same ideological beliefs on the peoples
    who do not fit the 'IMAGE' of the Tory ideal Individual.

    Being dirty disgusting weak vermin who should be eliminated.The only difference being Cameron and the Tory with Lib Dem collusion.
    Haven't used concentration camps to do so preferring an economic final solution so they die slowly and privately in their own shite at home? or wherever they finish up.(thus looking even more disgusting to the public).

    And all the time Cameron and co place the blame squarely on the pathetic(as a pejorative) weak struggling scrounger the very act which is proof to Cameron and co of their well deserved end.

    Even so, to say the rich are better at caring for their children buys into the fantasy that wealth is inherently moral, and poverty is immoral. Only the bad die young. That will be the story

    tris a must read i would suggest

  7. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom raving on about the non-existent 'country of Britain'.
    What a twat.

  8. Monty:

    Call me a cynic if you will, but I'm suspicious that sometime a statement like Obama's, and then Wee Eton Echo Boy is to direct attention away from rather than to something...

    The fact that we may soon be hauled into a war between Iran and Israel is more frightening than Syria.

    Iran has oil, Syria doesn't (or at least not in large quantities). The fact is Bashir can do more or less what he wants. If Syria was oil rich there is no way this instability would be allowed.

    Additionally, of course, there are a lot of rich Israel supporters in America and it costs a king's ransom to fight any kind of election there. Politicians can't afford to upset Israel for too long, even annoying little prats like Netanyahu.

  9. Exactly Arbroath, but as I recall the idiot actually used the same words...

    He makes my flesh creep.

  10. Technology can be extremely naughty, John, if you give it free reign.

    It watches and waits for every little weakness, such as lack of sobriety, and exploits them to its own advantage.

  11. Yes Niko. You're right (not often I say that).

    I should have said any UK government.

    Even the wicked old witch Thatcher (although she did some vile things to the poor), didn't demonize the sick and the old like this.

    It's the hatred that I find frightening.

    I'll read the link. Thanks. It sounds frighteningly on course for Cameron's line.

  12. Yes Anon. But it sounds like the Empire. He thinks he can sound Churchillian.

    Britain, or more properly the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is not a country. It is a state made up of semi-autonomous countries, except for England which is under direct rule, because the authors of devolution (and those before them who set up Secretaries of State) believe that GB and England are the same thing and that the Celtic fringe, with the exception of Cornwall, has to be specially represented in England's government, to make it feel as if it counts in some small way, which it doesn't.

  13. Sorry for going O/T Tris but have you read the Re.v Stu's latest articles on the "BLITZ WEEKEND?"

    If you haven't then I advise you to take care. Make sure you have PLENTY pain medication to hand BEFORE you start. By the time you are finished your sides will be red raw and in desperate need of some urgent medical attention. :LOL:

  14. You're in luck tris as Dundee has been rescheduled for tomorrow where the line-up will be similar to this.

  15. Heading there now Arbroath... Always good for a laugh is the Rev Stu...

  16. I mean that in the nicest possible way of course...

  17. Ha ha ha ha ha Cynical...

    Is it true that they have had to put of off till tomorrow...?

    What? Did none of them turn up?

    My mother was in the town today and she certainly didn't see any Bitter campaigners.

  18. Bang on Arbroath... Very witty is Stu!!

    And ewww err, what a blitz.

    Loved the one about the Liberals not spreading their resources too thinly!!

  19. I've had a look at all the "Better Together" photographs on the Rev. Stu's site and on Labour Hame and strangely enough their campaign slogan of, "Better Tory than independent", isn't visible in any of them.

    Maybe they didn't get the banners done in time.

  20. Unfortunate Doug, but no one would have seen them anyway....

  21. Campaign Day / Sunday, 26 August 2012 11:00

    Dundee, . (directions)

    Join Better Together on our National Campaign Weekend at our Street Stall in City Square, Dundee from 10am on Saturday 25th August...

    Taken from the website... they seem to have issues with the date... So it's from 10 am... I bet that will cause a problem with the churches... but we shall see. I wonder how long it will last. Will it be there at 2pm?

    We shall see.

  22. I know we have ALL been taking the mick out of the BITTER, sorry, Better together crowd but SERIOUSLY this example we have seen today of the likes of Skeletor and co turning up for the photo shoot and then disappearing just gives those who will be voting YES in 2014 SO much ammunition. I don't know where to start. :lol:

    The day has just got even better. What with alleged Bitter sites (advertised on the Bitter site earlier in the week) NEVER materialising and complete cock ups like their Dundee site (is it Saturday or is it Sunday. Is it 10 am, 9 am or 11 am. Is it am or pm. The questions just keep comiong. :LOL:)

    RESOURCES! You mean to tell me that the Lib/Dems ACTUALLY have RESOURCES! Do they actually know how to use THESE resources!

  23. Well now I didn't say that they had resources; it was Rev Stu that said that.

    They have...erm... ahh...yes...well.. hmmmmm...Ahhhh

    ...I'll get back to you.

  24. They DO have their very own bus driver, a certain Mr Rennie. Does he count as being part of their GREAT package of resources perhaps? :lol:

  25. Sounds like LOCOG are in the firing line over tickets and seating arrangements for the paralympics in the Mail on Sunday.

  26. Oh dear. LOCOG in trouble AGAIN! :LOL:

    Of course no matter how much shouting is done they will find some slimy way to squirm OFF the hook and pass the buck over to some other unsuspecting soul.

  27. Ah,'s a pity they don't need a bus; a mini will do.

  28. Can someone give me a link for this Locog story please...?

  29. Sorry got it...

    I wonder about that poor woman's telephone bill.

    You really would have thought that they could have organised wheelchair accommodation more reasonably, given the nature of the games.