Sunday 26 August 2012


It has been reported by the Sunday Times that the House of Commons commission, chaired by the John Bercow, is looking at the options for the refurbishment of the houses of parliament in London, which could begin in 2015. This may  involve evacuating the Houses of Commons and Lords, and building replica chambers while the work is ongoing.
The work has been estimated to cost around £3 billion.
But it has been suggested that work has to go on around the MPs and lords the bill could be nearer £10 billion. Lord only knows why.
This much, however, I do know. As a broke state the UK simply cannot afford to spend that kind of money doing up one building to house around 1,500 law makers and their staff. 
Why can't they move to somewhere cheaper if Westminster is in such a terrible state? They are, after all, only ordinary people, elected from amongst their equals to represent them. 
Hopefully we will be gone by the time this idiotic expense comes along.


  1. Yet ANOTHER example of the "we're all in this together" sh***!

    Have they not received the memo yet?

    I'm sure Dave sent it out. You know folks, the one that keeps telling all of us about how the Westminster government is having to make DEEP and NECESSARY CUTS!

    Yet another of the never ending story about one set of rules for Dave and his banker buddies and another set of rules for the REAL people of this country.

    I wonder what sort of sh*** will come flowing, and I DO mean flowing, out of Westminster in their vain, pathetic attempts to explain this one away!

  2. Yes, we are all in this together and everyone, including pensioners and the very poorest and sickest must play their part in paying back the money that the bankers, under the regulatory framework that everyone thought was just fine and dandy, under the UK government!

    Erm, all except, self same bankers, royals, lords, business leaders and MPs.

    Everyone else has to take the hit and put up with it.

    But the commons needs a £3-10 billion makeover.

    My butt it does.

    Tell them to get down B+Q and buy some paint and spend all weekend sorting the place out.

    That's what we had to do.

  3. As you say CH, November 5.

  4. Aye B & Q sounds just fine and dandy, right enough Tris.

    There's only one wee, tiny, insignificant, little problem Tris. Do any of the Westminster "hierarchy ACTUALLY know how to use a paint brush or a saw and hammer? :LOL:

  5. There's always a flaw in my planning, Arbroath (or should I call you Abi?)

    Is that like Arbroath Abi (Abbey)?

    OK, back to square one... They can pay me and my mates to do it. We're dab hands with a brush.

  6. Don't you start Tris. :LOL:

    Hell I'll even go and help out, after all we're all in it together. :LOL:

    I'm sure they'd LOVE the paint work I can do with a tin of BLUE paint and a tin of WHITE paint. :LOL:

  7. Almost forgot Tris. I've found out why there were so many "MISSING" Bitter Together stalls at the weekend.

    I know you are not the sort of person who indulges in such things but go on take a risk, I think you'll enjoy it. :LOL:

  8. another hatefest towards Westmonster from the extremist snp supporting Nats.

    It drips from there very pores and stains everything around them with bilious vomit.

    The positive ?? yes (as they really are) to separation no wonder they are miles behind in the Referendum.

    soon enough Fat Boy the first Fat Man of Scotland and Lard of Holyrrod...............will be at westmonster to kiss the royal arse one again.

    Like his supporters two faced lying hypocrites

  9. My irony detector just imploded.



  10. @Arbroath 1320

    Latest results on his mini poll

    94.4% say yes!

  11. Right that's it Arbroath. Blue and white it is...!

  12. Hmmm I do indulge in these sort of things. It's a fairly overwhelming vote in favour isn't it.

    Full points to the man for not hiding it though. If it had been the other way round I'd have wanted to.

  13. Niko. What happened to you, you changed your name...:)

  14. Wastemonster! You have to love it.

    Well, even if you don't, you have to pay for it.

  15. tris

    somebodys else's lap top couldn't log on but

    I'll be back

  16. I suspected you would Niko :)

  17. Just had a wee look on our "favourite" BRAVE Labour MSP's site.


    It would appear that the site is down for "maintanance" I wonder. When,IF, the site gets back up will the site:

    a) still show the poll.

    b) have the poll but only the results, no voting allowed.

    c) have the poll but the results will be reversed.

    d) all of the above.

  18. Interesting speculation...

    Let me know if it happens Arbroath :)

  19. I'll pop back there occasionally, just to check on the progress of the maintenance schedule you understand. :LOL:

    Oh by the way I just heard that the Bitter together crowd have finally decided on their campaign song.

    Must admit though I never had the Proclaimers down as a pair of Unionists myself. :LOL:

  20. I've just read over on another site that Bibby is taking one HELL of a load of flack for "maintenance" of his site on his Twitter account.

  21. Yes, I believe he is, even from Labour.

    Great music.... :)

  22. Maybe they could all move to the White House, they dictate policy anyway.

  23. I'm all for that Bruce... Bring it on.