Tuesday 28 August 2012


Our regular reader, Arbroath1314 pointed out this gem which I felt deserved a slightly higher prominence than where it was as comment 22 on the last post.
It shows how having a good government to compare to the rabble at Westminster effects the way that people in Scotland perceive that rabble.

"Details of today’s ICM poll show that people in Scotland believe that Westminster government and politicians of all three anti-independence parties are doing a worse job than people in any other part of the UK.

"The net disapproval ratings for the Westminster coalition government are minus 24% across Great Britain compared to a huge minus 38% in Scotland. David Cameron’s disapproval are minus 12% across Great Britain compared to minus 34% in Scotland; George Osborne’s are minus 32% to minus 62%; and Nick Clegg’s are minus 26% to minus 34%.

"The Labour opposition leaders in Westminster fare little better with their leader Ed Miliband at minus 13% across Great Britain compared to minus 28% in Scotland; and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls at minus 8% in Great Britain and minus 30% in Scotland.

"The poll breakdowns for Scotland also show the SNP running at 43% to 36% for Labour.

"Now remind me again, WHY are are we better together?!" 

Sources here and here

Thanks Arbroath... Good article.


  1. Here are the links Tris.

    The first one is from the Guardian, unfortunately it only covers Britain as a whole.

    The second link is from the SNP website where they have managed to extrapolate the Scottish element of the ICM poll.




  2. Thanks Arbroath. I'll incorporate them into the text...

  3. Here's another little beauty from Westminster Tris.


    I guess the troughers of Westminster feel that they need MORE money in the trough and that moving to Glasgow is a "legitimate" way of do so.

    M.P.'s, I wouldnae trust them as far as I could throw them, which isnae far, mind you I could always drop them from my second storey window. Ach ah cannae dae that, think o' all the mess ah'd hae tae clean up afterwards!

  4. The latest story to break on the Troughers hot line is this.


    Yes I know we live in an age where child care is ever more important, but hells bells £81k per CHILD! This is really taking the p***take too far!

  5. Glasgow? Is that not chancing it a bit? If Glasgow is in another country, wouldn't they seem like a government in exile?

    I've never heard of anything just quite so stupid. Where would their offices be? Where would the council sit? Where would they live?

    And what would happen to Glasgow when they all went back to London. This bloke is clearly a moron.

    I'm choking laughing at their kids being so pampered. Mind you, I think that estimating the salary costs of nursery nurses at £30,000 is probably pushing it a bit.

  6. Aye your right Tris, mind you you have to look at who was suggesting it.

    If they DID do this move then I reckon they could use the GCC offices, after all the Labour controlled council in Glasgow don't use them, they just hold court in the nearest Orange Order meeting hall!

    As to living, I reckon they would ALL be looking to buy houses in Glasgow's "poshest" areas, purely for mortgage relief and expenses claiming purposes you understand. This would then give the troughers a choice of THREE homes on which to decide is their "home" residence.

    As far as nursery salaries are concerned you have to remember that we are talking about Westminster here, they don't do things by halves. Remember we're ALL in it together!

  7. Are there no empty tower blocks to house them in preferably with a broken lift. AANGIRFAN latest blog 'MYSTERIOUS HIGH DEATH RATE' in Glasgow could help reform HoL.

  8. es. I think that they would have to have 3 houses, with 2 on which they could claim expenses...London, Glasgow and constituency.

    Still it's a non starter. Can you imagine the posher Tories wanting to live in Glasgow????

    Yes, I suppose that that is fair comment. Nursery nurses may only be paid £20,000 here, but for their kids you'd have to have the best, so £30 is not that silly.

  9. Might get rid of some of them without them ahving to change the boundaries CH.

    Would also then be a good idea to move the HoL up here. We need to get rid of about 700 of them. Old Lord Mick's ex-constituency would be just the place...

  10. "The poll breakdowns for Scotland also show the SNP running at 43% to 36% for Labour.

    Oh! dear shame the snp separation poll is in a different direction about a million miles in favour of yes yes yes to the United Kingdom... yippee!!!

    I mean the people may give the Nats one just one chance at at running the Toon concil at Holyrood.
    But let Alex and his Mob run a nation....Pleese lets have some common sense.

    the snp managed to extrapolate well yeah they would there is one thing the snp are good at extrapolating i mean they have extrapolated being elected by 25% of the Scots to having the divine right to Independence..Unfortunately for them the People you know the Scottish people that Fat boy and his mob claim to love with all their hearts ha ha ha and whom they represent(ALL THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND LIKE THE LABOUR,CONSERVATIVES,LIB DEMS AND EVEN THE NON POLITICALLY AFFILIATED)
    poll after poll after poll show they(all the Scottish peoples) do not support their malign nefarious intention.

    so as the snp take to heart what the people want do they then stop their attack on remaining within the United kingdom as the people show...NO not a bit of it they pursue their unwanted campaign and ignore what the all the Scottish people want .

    at the end the bitter bitter end you lot will lose there is a tsunami of Yes to the United Kingdom building up out there and come the day(if fat boy has the guts and not just a big fat belly)
    the tide will sweep him and you lot back into the long gone distant past where you all belong

    Goodnight and god bless

  11. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

    First we had the coalition.

    Second came the No, sorry Bitter, sorry Better together.

    Next came the beginning of splits appearing within the Bitter, sorry Better together crowd.

    Now we have this!


    Just as well this crowd are NOT running the country, OOPS, sorry they ARE running the country. Boy are we in some DEEP doo doo now!

  12. As usual Niko you're a hundred percent right about everything...

    Bless you...

    Off you go to bed.

    Fortunately you have mrs Lamont to look after you, so you'll sleep easy.

  13. Lord he sounds like a complete prune.

    How anyone can tolerate these Tory mindless prats never mind vote for them, is beyond my comprehension.

    Has no one told him that teh Tories did not win the election, after 13 years of Labour government, an economic meltdown, and a prime minister who, even Niko would admit, was a bit of a prat, the Tories were still unable to win an election.

    Does he not understand that coalitions are like that, or is he one of these arrogant-bastard Tories that thinks he has a divine right to rule, regardless of how the people vote?

    Still, with so many having the nerve to come out and call him names, Cameron's days are numbered...

    Boris the posh Haystack next?

  14. That's quite a collection though:

    "Yesterday senior Tory backbencher Tim Yeo attacked the prime minister for opposing the expansion of Heathrow, challenging him to show wether he was "man or mouse".

    "While London Mayor Boris Johnson recently criticised Cameron for "pussyfooting" around on creating growth in the UK economy.

    In the past the prime minister has also been ridiculed as an "arrogant posh boy" by Tory MP Nadine Dorries while Stewart Jackson questioned what the point of the coalition was "other than to keep Cameron in No 10 at any cost?"

    "Conor Burns, who resigned as a ministerial aide over Lords reform, told the Spectator earlier this month that some Tory MPs "now fear that people are more interested in leading the coalition than leading the party they were elected to lead"."

    Fun conference time for the English parties.

  15. Just two wee points.

    Firstly. Niko can you explain something to us please. If as you say the SNP only got 25% of the Scottish vote then how on earth did they achieve a OUTRIGHT MAJORITY in Holyrood. Remember they achieved this majority in system that was allegedly designed to PREVENT any party obtaining a majority.

    Secondly. I hate to rain on your parade Niko but:......


    I don't think I need say any more!

  16. "Yesterday senior Tory backbencher Tim Yeo attacked the prime minister for opposing the expansion of Heathrow, challenging him to show whether he was "man or mouse".


  17. Good poll Arbroath...