Monday 3 September 2012


Busy like crazy at the moment, so I hope you will enjoy some pics I found over the last week or so. As always click on the illustrations to make them bigger.


  1. Tut tut the chap with the rich family could of worn a tie.

    Another for the collection

  2. Thanks CH...added.

    I see from Wings Over Scotland, that Labour is starting to think seriously that Tory government is good for Scotland.

    So old Spud isn't alone in thinking that what the poor need is a good kicking when they are down.

    The latest scandal, or at least I see it as such, is that the London government intends to fine sick people who fail to keep to their contract up to £70 a week.

    I don't know why they don't just round them up and put them in gas chambers.

  3. In Upper Bavaria, there were 25 beds for the mentally ill in 1901. In 1927, there were 4,000.

    What would the German people look like in the future if these trends continue?

    A healthy family, on average, has 2.2 children.

    A mentally retarded family, on average, has 3.5 children.

    A criminal family, on average, has 4.9 children.

    With an average of 3 children per racially valuable families and 4 children for less valuable parts of the population, the future would look as follows:

    Hereditary illness is a burden to the state:

    Cost to the Prussian state per day:

    For a normal pupil: 1/3 of a Reich Mark
    For a backward pupil: 1 1/2 Reich Marks
    For an educable mentally ill pupil: 2 4/5 Reich Marks
    For a blind or deaf pupil: 4 Reich Marks

    In 1932, one German city found the following expenses:

    A person on a small pension: 433 Reich Marks
    An unemployed person on welfare: 500 Reich Marks
    Costs for someone mentally ill: 1944 Reich Marks

    Total additional costs for those with hereditary illnesses in 1930 were estimated at about one billion Reich Marks. 350,000,000 Reich Marks went to that purpose during the 1933/1934 Winter Relief Program.

    We note that although the huge costs to support the genetically burdened must be paid largely by the state, they are really borne by working, healthy families.

    Government measures to prevent offspring with hereditary illnesses:

  4. In the case of plants and animals cultivated by humans, care is taken to weed out the less valuable. Only the useful and valuable genetic material is preserved. That is also what nature wants through the law of selection. Should not we do the same with people? Or shall the lines of our people with hereditary illnesses overcome the healthy? That would mean the self-dissolution and destruction of the whole people, for a people that suffers from hereditary illnesses is not able to maintain itself in the great battle of selection between the peoples!

    To protect the healthy population from the dangers of hereditary illness and dissolution, the National Socialist State created the “Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Illnesses “ of 14 July 1933. Under this law, the genetically burdened are sterilized for the following diseases:

    Manic-depressive insanity
    St. Vitus’s Dance
    Severe physical deformity
    Severe alcoholism

    This law may seem hard for individuals with hereditary illnesses, but it is a necessity for the continued existence of the whole people.

  5. Attitudes toward sterilization of the German people. Persons with hereditary illnesses have inherited their trouble from their ancestors, and are, therefore, innocent. The guilty are those people who passed their blood on to their descendants. The person who is sterilized, therefore, is not the victim of state measures, as evil-minded opponents of National Socialism claim, but rather the victim of his genetically burdened ancestors. If a person with a hereditary illness freely chooses to submit to the “Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Illnesses” and renounces offspring, he makes a great sacrifice for his people. For this reason, the state protects those who are sterilized with a law that prohibits contempt.

  6. tris

    Cameron is only a variation of constant theme..

    The poor and the sick,elderly or vulnerable in society.


  7. Yes, quite so Niko.

    (I didn't know there actually was an illness called St Vitus's Dance....!) But yes, the rest I suppose I did more of less know. Where did you get it from?

    The trouble is, Cameron is doing this to us, and some of your people, Tom Harris for example, seem to think that there's nothing wrong with eh Tories.

    We know a way to stop Cameron, and for that matter Harris...

    Off to Edinburgh at the crack of dawn tomorrow (or before it actually) so if I don't reply to anything guys, it's just that I'm not around.

    I could do it on my phone but sheesh, it's hard work :( and I'll be driving a lot.

  8. st Vitus dance is of Mediaeval origin and in fact was due to a fungal infection of rye in German bread; Ergot of Rye. The fungus, Claviceps purpurea produces the toxin.

    The Germand liked and still do dark rye bread like Pumpernickel.

    That is my opinion although the more accepted one is of a haemolytic strepococcus species.

    Either way it is not hereditary.

  9. Goodness doctor Lupus. I'm impressed.

    Certainly doesn't sound hereditary, unless ... if the child is conceived when it is in the blood stream of teh mother, maybe?

  10. If you look closelt at my photo, you will se me snacking away.

    So far, so good.

  11. you are.

    You should be sharing it around, you know!

  12. Chew on this, its fresh.

  13. Best offer I've had since.... ohhhh half an hour ago...!!!