Sunday 16 September 2012

Diomhair / Secrets, The McCrone Report, The Truth of Scottish Independence /Oil

I know this is a long video, but it is so much worth watching. It's important that people should see it before 2014. So, I guess I'm just going my bit to get it more widely seen. (I think it will only play in Scotland, maybe the UK because of BBC restrictions, so apologies to overseas readers.)


  1. Thanks, I have downloaded it to my computer.

  2. Great Marcia... pass it on, please.

  3. The TRUTH no one is permitted to know!

    Even AFTER 30 years of trying to hide the truth it still manages to find a way of escaping into the real world and informing those wishing to know the truth what has been hidden from them!

  4. You wonder if they ever told people the truth about anything, Arbroath.

    They seem to have been found out lying more often than is healthy.

  5. I think its on utube in 6pts tris for overseas viewers.

    Can't stop laughing at this as it so true.

  6. Hmmm, wanna check your link there CH; it comes right back here.

    Ah yeah, of course, I took it from Youtube:

  7. I've just watched it in South East Asia.

  8. Truth is something that the Westminster midden crowd know absolutely NOTHING about.

    It appears that in order to be selected as a Westminster midden candidate you must first of all prove yourself adept at lying.

  9. I have had the Diomhair video saved for a long time now.

    I watch it once a month to remind me who really runs my life and how much I want them not to.

  10. I suspect that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that more under-hand tactics, aided and abetted by the media, will be employed in the run up to the referendum.

  11. Works OK in France

  12. Ha ha ...good one CH... (It worked)

  13. Excellent Anon. I was forgetting that it wasn't direct from BBC Alba, but through Youtube.

    I hope you enjoyed it. :)

  14. It's frightening, Arbroath, that even people like us, who are aware of the duplicity of the UK government, are still shocked at the level of, or rather depth of, that duplicity.

    It's one thing to lie a little for the good of the country.

    But what successive Westminster governments have done is lie at cesspool level, for the good of...erm...themselves mainly.

  15. Well said Barney. That's exactly what it is. A set of liars running our lives and us really hating it.

    It's hard to be happy in a life like that.

    Perhaps it would be tolerable if they seemed to know what they were doing, but the scary thing is they become more incompetent with the years.

  16. Of course John. I wouldn't mind betting that they have somewhere in the bowels of Downing Street, a special operations unit, set up secretly to work on a misinformation campaign in the lead up to the referendum, with something big to be dropped out just a week or so before... all overseen my Francis Jolly Well Maude.

    You know, as I wrote that, I thought...this sounds like me being sarcastic and putting John's comment down. It's not. I'm serious. They are just NOT going to let this happen.

    They tried to push us to bring it forward to follow the Queen's jubilee and the Olympics and Paralympics.

    That didn't work because of the terms of the 1707 treaty, under which Scots retain sovereignty. Now they will have to try something else.

    Of course Williama and Kate will have to have a baby to make us feel all British, and they will probably force Harry to get married.

    I wouldn't put it past them, as a last resort, when it looks like nothing else will stop them to arrange some outrage so that we all feel a sense of Britishness... you know, blow up Buckingham Palace (of course when the Queen is in Balmoral).

    I wonder if Phil's recent forays to hospital were to test out how much feeling we have for him, and how much his death would mean.

    Or maybe they will trump up some horrific charge against Alex or John ....

    I know that sounds pretty horrific, but nothing is beneath the depths I would expect from these people under Jolly Old.

    Cameron will not want to go down in history as a chap who lost the colony that brought in so much money.

  17. Merci, monsieur le Loup Solitaire!

    I wonder if you can see it in America.... Danny?

  18. Thing is Tris the Tory government have at this lies, deceit and duplicity game for DECADES. Let's not forget that there has only ever been ONE political party in power in Westminster for decades. Yes the BBC and MSM TRY and tell us that there are THREE parties but the reality of the situation is that there is only ONE.

    When "Labour" won in 1997 they were in fact just the Tory party in disguise. If they were truly the Labour party would they have EVER invited Maggie in for tea and scones, I don't think so! Maggie was, allegedly, the most hated person in the country,especially in the Labour party so to see her being smooched by Blair and Broon over the years is just the final confirmation that there is no longer a political party called the Labour party.

    Even today with the "Labour party" allegedly in opposition they have so much in common with the BLUE Tories that it is almost impossible to distinguish them apart. This there fore leads me to conclude that there is only ONE political party in Westminster and has been as I say for decades.

    The ONLY question the electorate have to answer when they go to the polls is which COLOUR of Tory do you want in office?

    Do you want the RED Tory, YELLOW Tory or BLUE Tory to run down the country?

  19. Yes Arbroath. That sums it up.

    The truth of the matter is that elections are won and lost in the South East of England where more than half the population of the UK lives.

    It is logical that political parties, which are headquartered there in any case, follow policies that will please these people...their people.

    Although there are pockets of poverty and hardship in the SE, it is a predominantly wealthy area, having benefited from its proximity to London, with all the high paid jobs to be found there. 70% of the Civil Service including all the top jobs; show biz, the BBC, head offices of companies, the City...

    Loads of high paid jobs; loads of money.

    And that wealth is what decides the policies for Scotland, North England, Cornwall, Wales, and even more bizarrely, a province of what is really another country on another island.

    It is logical, but unfair.

    Ed Miliband's interview with the Telegraph shows that he has moved from the centre to the right.

    Time we were gone.

    I suppose the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland had no comment, as usual.

  20. She had no comment Tris because the pigeon carrying her comment failed to arrive. It ended up as part of the pigeon pie Cameron and the Bullington Boys Club had for lunch yesterday!

  21. Oh well, the good thing about that is that maybe one of the Bullingdons choked on the message.

    Every cloud and all that....