Friday 21 September 2012


There are times when you wonder at the sheer incompetence of members of Cameron's government.

The English police have come in for some well deserved stick recently. (I only mention that they are English, because in fact the are, and the Scottish police are an entirely separate organisation, who have not had any more bad press than usual.)

They Met, in particular has lost several senior officers over its close relationship with the press; over brutality of its officers at student protests and the G8 protests where a totally uninvolved member of the public was killed, and of course the Yorkshire police cover up over Hillsborough.

But, earlier this week, two police officers in Manchester were shot and there was a considerable outpouring of sympathy for them and their families and colleagues. Noticeably more coverage was given than is ever allowed for members of the armed forces who are killed in the line of duty.

Clearly it is of vital importance to the government that the public has confidence in the police. The alternative is unthinkable, and Cameron will surely have been concerned that all the bad publicity will have eroded that. He, after all, may need the police to be onside at some stage in the next 2 1/2 years.

And so, out he came to make a solemn speech about two brave officers killed by a ruthless criminal, with all the expected "fine body of men" type quotes.

It must have been somewhat of a blow to him then when a man he has just promoted from a very junior cabinet position to be his chief whip in an increasingly fractious Tory Party, decided to have a rant at the police in Downing Street, in front of members of the public and the press.

Andrew Mitchell (Rugby and Cambridge) managed to say (or allegedly say) just about everything that reinforces the stereotype image that we all have of a Tory Cabinet Minister.
Having been stopped at the gate of Downing Street and directed to use the pedestrian gate at the side, the immediately unlike-able Mitchell launched into a rant, in which he allegedly (although he denies this) called the police "f*king plebs", and told then that they should "learn your place", and pointed out that they did not run the government (erm, neither does he)... although I'm sure that even the most arrogant of the police would not claim to do so.

Iain Martin, a Daily Telegraph political correspondent thinks he will be unlikely to be in his job by the end of the weekend.  

But these people have more front than Rothsay, so I reckon he will hold out in the hopes that the press will find something more significant to report than a posh privileged muppet abusing someone who has a little bit of authority over him. 

Isn't it, though, quite scary that the governance of the country is in the hands of people who have such poor judgement. 


According to the Mail (dubious) Mitchell threatened to have the officer's job for this.  ‘I’ll have your ****ing job for this.’ along with...‘I’m the chief whip. I’m telling you open this gate. I’m the chief whip and I’m coming through these gates. Best you learn your ****ing place. You don’t run this ****ing government. You’re ****ing plebs.’

Oops, if it's true, it's worse than I thought and he's toast by Sunday!

But there's the dilemma. You have:

1. The Met ...

2. A Westminster Tory Cabinet Minister

3. The Press, in particular the Daily Mail.

So who is telling the truth. Probably none of them, I suspect!


  1. I dunno what it is, but there's just something about Andrew Mitchell that makes him look like a prime example of a rich, arrogant, Tory tosspot. Like, the very second you look at him, you can't help but think "twat".

    He's even worse than Lansley, Osborne and Cameron. Well, maybe not Osborne actually...

  2. Yes Doug. It's inexplicable, but from the first moment I saw him, I disliked him. Even before he was outed as having money in the British Virgin Islands, while he was International Development Secretary.

    Rugby and Cambridge and his father was a Tory junior minister under Thatcher but somehow managed to get himself a knighthood.

  3. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy)September 21, 2012 12:39 pm

    Is he not the love child of Donald Trump and John Major???

  4. Be fair. He's good to his dog Mollie. Winning 'Westminster Dog of the Year' in 2009.
    From the kennel club...

    " Coats have been groomed, teeth brushed and good manners mastered – and that’s just the owners!"

  5. Hi Scott... The hate child maybe? :)

    Can't imagine anything lovely about him.

  6. Oh lord Monty... he probably has a little man to do that... one that knows his place.

  7. Folk like him underline why we need independence.
    It's about more than politics, it"s a battle over cultures.

  8. Yes Juteman. He is a member of the English ruling classes. They really are entirely different from our culture (although some of our own have been naturalised by their involvement in Westminster, particularly the red bench brigade).

  9. tris

    'Our'??? Government I beg your pardon you mean the English Parliament surely.

    Our proto Parliament resides at Holyrood (after Independence the reconstructed house will be assembled)

    ha ha ha

    Appreently the officer was English that why he only got a little abuse if he had been a Scot or Welsh he aint gonna be Irish no sirree......

    he would of kneed him in the balls and nutted him so he would of

  10. tris and others

    I gotta Bone (Tazs) to pick with youse Taz has got all moody and keeps looking out the windows.

    Trying to get out the door its you gits putting ideas in his head Tax wants to get out with you Nat.s on this blinking march....well he aint going he will be in his cage all day tomorrow.

    he is such little traitor he is so.
    cant trust him a bit,,..He has even started to growl at the union flag now.

    Hope you lot are pleased with wat you have dun to my lovely Dog

  11. Well Niko...this is true, but unfortunately the English ruling classes are still in one or our parliaments.

    Still don't you worry your pretty little head about it. We're on it and soon we won't have anything more to do with them.

    Let's just hope that they haven't managed to kill us all off by the time we do it.

    Hmmm... You think the Irish are tougher than the Scots...? Have you been in Glasgow on a Saturday night?

  12. Your lovely doggie has got more sense than you Niko. He knows that Scottish bones taste better when they are FREE bones.

    Anyway, yeah, I been sending him secret messages, and tomorrow morning he will come over all loving, want to lick your face and when you get all sentimental, he's gonna leap up and out the door and find his Uncle Tris.

    The weather's looking good for us, so he should get home not later than tea time, and he'll probably have eaten a few unionists so only a light meal for him...

  13. Will he last the week-end?

    Depends if he has anything on Cameron?

    How else could you explain Jeremy 'unt's continued political existence and promotion?

  14. Brilliant, CH...well done to our Labour friends on 1000 likes.

  15. That's true Woolfie. He was at Rugby and Cambridge, so it's unlikely that he's got photographs of Cameron throwing chairs through restaurant windows though.

    Still, it could be something more recent. Hardly likely to be an affair...I mean who'd want to have an affair with the likes of that? On the other hand if John Minor and John Prescott can manage it, I suppose there is hope for them all.

    I believe that the estimable Giant Haystacks Johnson has come down on the side of sacking him...

    Isn't it fun when the villains start to fall out?

  16. He's a dickhead in a government full of dickheads

  17. Problem for Cameron is that the bobby has confirmed that he was spoken too as has been reported in the press so does Camergoon 'piss off' the police by retaining the whippersnapper or accept the bobby at his front door relieving himself from necessity. Ask Sam.

    Have a good day tomorrow to all able to attend, will be thinking of you.

  18. Ahhh what a shame. Poor Cameron. Yet another staffing problem!!!

    Happy march tomorrow, everyone.

    Have a blast and remember that the world will be watching us.

    I wonder if the dirty tricks campaign has anything up its sleeve... hmmmm?

    Bus in some neds to disrupt things maybe?

    I wouldn't put it past them.

  19. If Mitchell keeps his job, be very afraid.

    They tried out the "special people" traffic lanes for the Olympics - the "plebs" accepted that.

    Now the plebs are supposed to accept that scum like Mitchell can ride their bikes anywhere they choose. I reckon a lot of the plebs will accept this too.

    Shall we soon have to step off the pavement and doff our caps to them as the elite pass by? Fuck that for a joke. But the elite do not think it is a joke, they are serious!

    Anybody know what was the outcome of this?

    Niko - I am glad that Taz has seen the light. At least there is one sensible creature in your household.


  20. Well, it will be a cold day in hell before I show any subservience or deference to any politician just because they are who they are, regardless of any party. And that goes for First Ministers, most of whom I have met and treated like I'd treat anyone else.

    But I do see what you mean. It's the kind of thing that just won't wash in Scotland, but they might just pull it off in England. As you say they certainly got away with it in London and I never thought that they would.

    As for fatso Mitchell, no, I dunno what happened about that small matter of favours for friends. I expect he got off with it. But I noticed that there is an interesting piece in the Telegraph showing what a nasty little oink he is.

    I guess that once a Tory paper starts printing this kind of stuff, they are sure he is yesterday's chief whip.

    What an ignominious end to what should have been (given his start in life and regardless of his lack of talent) a career path to the top.

  21. Tris

    I wonder if it is something to do with Colombian Marching Powder and the Groucho Club?

    There is a story bubbling away there involving some of the London Press.

    Like all turds, they will bubble up, eventually.

  22. Ah Wolfie, that might explain things, I guess. Also a reason to rejoice, though, that that is how the government of the UK operates.

    Amazingly the BBC is playing the whole thing down. It was quite far down the running order on the news and they got someone along from the Daily Telegraph to say that it was all nothing, and in any case the word "pleb" was so 1992!.

    No one from the Guardian though.

    One final thought. No wonder the UK has a bad record on social mobility if the nobs are advocating a policy of people knowing their place!