Sunday 16 September 2012


It has been brought to Munguin's Republic's attention that we have been tardy about mentioning Alex Salmond being booed at the Olympics Parade in Glasgow. 

So, in order to right that wrong, here we are. You can hear it on this video, just:


I can also point out that the Scotsman reports the story, calling it a George Osborne moment (although they might easily have called it a David Cameron moment, or a Teresa May moment or a Jeremy Hunt moment... but not by anyone called James Naughtie.)

The first minister was, however, later cheered when he said that although London has set a high bar, Glasgow would be even better. Fortunately Mr Davidson will not be getting his way, stopping the Scottish government having any part in the organising of the games (with the consequential inevitable result of the removal of 80% of the funding, which the Scottish government is supplying ...the rest being found by Glasgow Council).

Now, moving on, can we please stop the fuss about Kate Middleton's boobs.

There are simply more important things going on in the world than some rich woman being photographed with her top off. And as she is not really royal, we still have no way of knowing whether having blue blood makes you differently put together.

If you are in the public eye, and if in fact you need to stay in the public eye to justify your very existence (as Philip once admitted the royals did), then you make sure that you don't get naked in public (note to Harry too), even if it's in a château in France, owned by your husband's uncle (or a hotel room in Las Vegas with your posh mates and some local tottie with an eye to the main chance).


Now for some people that's going to be a hard one to take, but on the other hand, she's a girl who only a short time ago was called Kate Middleton, and now suddenly she's HRH Princess William, Countess of Strathearn, Duchess of Cambridge and probably a whole pile of other things too. She has an endless supply of money, she only has to snap her fingers for a legion of servants, dressers, footmen, butlers, flower arrangers, chauffeurs, page boys, under parlour maids and tweenies to come running. 

And one day she will be Her Majesty the Queen. Nice work if you can get it.

It was her choice. So covering up when she's on holiday (like most people who don't have access to châteaux are obliged to do by law) is a small sacrifice by comparison.

Much amusing stuff has been said about this, but Richard Desmond (of Channel 5, porn tv, Hello and Daily Star/Express fame...'Dirty Des' as he is unaffectionately called by Private Eye) jumping up and down about it is beyond funny. 

And the fact that the royals are calling the woman who took  and sold the pictures "greedy" is a bit of a joke too. No greed in that family... eh? Princess Michael, Prince Michael, Prince Andrew, Princess Wessex, and of course the Queen applying for funding set aside for the very poor to provide central heating.

If there is one royal story that should be told it is that putting Harry back in Afghanistan appears to have cost several people their lives, several more their good health, and the destruction of 5 fighter aircraft at an enormous cost. Smart move! 

Why, on earth does he not just stick to going around the country helping kids, at which he excels?


  1. So the most important, the most pressing news of the day is that of two tits, and Kate Middleton's mammaries?

  2. Thank you for keeping us abreast of things.

  3. tris

    Just loved this critique of Mr dissembler Alex Salmond

    As pro independence SSP member John McAllion puts it, commenting on Alex Salmond:

    “If continuing SNP electoral success requires a new constitutional settlement that leaves the monarchy still ruling over us, he’s up for that. If it means keeping Treasury control over Scotland’s currency, he can live with that. If it means retention of the British armed forces, he will argue for continuing military co-operation between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

  4. Boo boo boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo boo Boo boo boo boo boo

    to fat Alex

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    To oor Dear Kate

    he he he he

  5. I think she should be more worried that Wills didnt have a boner when she whipped the jugs out

  6. Let me see if I've got this right.

    She went to St. Andrews uni, therefore, allegedly, she is smart and intelligent.

    She is married to a Royal.

    Now, me being a kind of straight forward thinking sort of person would have thought that such a "smart" person would have been able to put two and two together and come up with four. By this I mean she SHOULD have realised that a "future" king's consort should NEVER do ANYTHING that can be misconstrued or cause upset to any one. I guess she aint as smart as we've all been led to believe now is she?

  7. Niko a D cup for you. I have read that article before and also heard him, he is talking p@sh.

  8. Your summation is perfect Wolfie One.

  9. Boom Boom Marcia... or do I mean Boob Boob?

    Och of these!

  10. Yes Niko...and what's wrong with that.

    It's the unionists that have been greeting about the barbed wore fencing and machine gun posts to stop people visiting their grannies in Berwick.

    We've said that all we want is to be independent of the Westminster government, elected in large part by the English, and usually with absolutely no interest whatsoever in Scotland.

  11. He he he indeed Niko... but you seem to be critical of Alex for agreeing that the monarchy can stay... at the same time as being happy with our dear Kate...

    Hmmm, I'm getting mixed messages Niko....

  12. Arbroath: Smart, intelligent or maybe "rich"....?

    But yes, she's married to a royal. I remember this because that idiotic cretin Osborne told us it was worth the money as it would bring in a fortune for the country... that was, of course, before it happened.

    Then after it happened, he used it as an excuse for the fact that the economy had actually fallen in that quarter because of the wedding holiday...

    So I specifically remember it because we paid for it.

    I also remember that Prince Charlie and Mrs Parker Bowles were supposed to be picking up the tab along with Mrs and Mr Middleton.

    But then when the prince's expenses for grant in aid were published there had been a vast increase, put down to the extra expense of the wedding...

    ...So I remember it because we paid for it yet again.

    As for not doing anything wrong, well, yes, she should realise that in return for us lavishing untold wealth and privilege on her she should actually keep her kit on.

    Of course I don't give a stuff if she walks down the strand in her underwear, smoking pot and drinking brown ale from a bottle swearing profusely.

    But please, could this not take second place in the news to things which actually matter a toss.

    It illustrates the absurdity of having monarchs and royal families that we are stuck with for life, in this day and age.

    Of course they are going to want to act like any other inordinately and indecently rich young couple, and to ask them not to is ridiculous. They are certain to transgress sometime.

    Funny though that while they are all deploring the obscenity of people wanting to make money out of it, none of the newspapers has thought to reduce its import to 3 lines on page 34.

    And it's amusing too that the people who are so outraged all seem to have seen the pictures... and that goes for Harry erchy as well.

  13. I take it then, Anon, that he didn't...?

  14. CH...that's a bit unfair. Niko's doing his best to get his upper torso into shape.

    I got that form John Brownlie, who got it from Mrs Niko with whom he was playing bingo (or so he says).

  15. tris

    cor you slagging off 'OUR' royal family whom Alex wants to keep and who he personally swore an oath to defend to the death.

    Mind him being a pacifist(coward to normal people)it dont mean a lot

  16. Do you think he takes sugar tris?

    This is getting serious now STV chiefs may face jail after 'Boogate' complaints.

    SNP MP Pete Wishart responded later with the following tweet: "Catching up on all the #boogate nonsense. Odd that Jim's tweet was sent almost 5 minutes before the booing took place"

  17. You almost had me going there C.H. BBC Scotlandshire is a GREAT spoof site. :lol:

    Tris could this quote be the REAL reason we keep on getting the garbage from the Bitter camp about having to re-join the E.U.?

    To think that this comes from a TORY as well.

    Going back to George Square do you think wee Ryan was there with his wee dug and sausage roll?

  18. James has a great set of photos of Andy Murray's victory parade in his hometown ...

    Not a union flag in sight... and a wee quote from Andy.!)

  19. I'm not particularly slagging them off Niko. They are an anachronism, but if the bulk of Scotland wants to keep them, so be it.

    What I am saying is that we should probably be a little more like the Scandinavians (in this and everything else) and accept that they are people. There is nothing different about them. They like to get an all over tan (Kate); they get drunk and play daft games (Harry); they get drunk and then get drunk again (Margaret); they try to make a little bit by their connections (Michael, Mrs Michael, Andy, Sophie); they take full advantage of all the privileged and do nothing in return (Andrew's brood)...etc

    If we didn't expect them to be perfect then none of this rubbish would happen.

    The Danish crown prince met his wife while he was on a lads' holiday in Australia. He saw a girl he fancied in the pub; he went over to her and said "Hi, my name's Fred, I'm from Denmark, do you want a drink?" Then he took her home and married her.

    Our lot have to pretend they are still in the middle ages.

  20. Hilarious CH....

    I love the 'Johann Lamont was unavailable for comment' that ends all their articles.

  21. Well, I've thought for a while that there was a possibility that England, Wales and NI would have to reapply too, although I find it highly unlikely that either will.

    People talk about the RUK (Rest of the UK) but in fact the United Kingdom surely is the union of Scotland and England. Wales is not a Kingdom, and was subsumed into England, rather like Cornwall was. It has been more successful in extracting itself.

    So it will not be the UK of GB and NI. It will have to be something else. A different entity.

    Imagine me agreeing with something old "Onyerbike" said!!!!!

  22. 'Hilarious CH....

    I love the 'Johann Lamont was unavailable for comment' that ends all their articles.'

    I had noticed that too.

  23. One of these days, Marcia, they will have to wheel her out to say something. I think it just takes her a long time to learn a script, and if she forgot her lines went off message, can you imagine what kind of a mess she could make of things.

    Still Labour could have done worse. Tom is more right wing than David Camerloop, possibly even more right wing than B£air.

  24. It's not just the length of time it takes for her to learn her script Tris. The REAL problem is that she keeps changing bolt hole addresses and the pigeons carrying her script can never find her to deliver the script!

    Just in case she doesn't know it yet the last script that she DID receive is already out of date.

  25. I see the hied bummers in the army are protesting about the calls for Harry's return to the UK.

    Too late. They should have protested about the publicity and photocalls shown worldwide upon his arrival in Bastion.

    Why can't these PR people see that telling the world about the movements of any military personnel brings danger?

    I've yet to read about the Taliban's movements or see plans of their various camps/barracks.

  26. Well Arbroath, I can't say I'm surprised at Bulgaria not wanting to join, or indeed not meeting the criteria for joining (which of course is another thing that the naysayers forget. It's not MUST join; it's should join when economic situation allows, particularly important after the Greek fiasco!).

    I have a Bulgarian friend who tells me the country is in complete chaos. The poverty is horrific, and the government is possibly as corrupt as the Westminster one... Hard to imagine, I know.

  27. Hi SR...

    I listened to the news that Harry was back there in utter astonishment.

    They said it didn't work when they tried to keep it quiet, so they thought they'd just be open and honest this time.

    Well, tell that to the parents of the boys who were killed.

    Harry, nice lad though he may be, is a spoilt rich kid, used to getting exactly what he wants.

    He wants to serve in Afghanistan, and so his commanders bow to his royal highness's wishes and let him go.

    Hammond should have said no, but then that might have affected his future seat in the HoL and his chances of being invited for a spot of luncheon with the Queen.

    The days when princes went to war are over.

    I don't know how good a soldier he is, but from news reports he seems to have other talents, of which working with children seems to be a particular interest of his.

    He would be of so much more service to the country doing that. I could find him a job tomorrow; there are so many kids who just want a little love.

    As you say, there isn't ever any news about the movements of the Taliban, but then they seem to be rather efficient as an organisation.