Thursday 13 September 2012


Council chief who took £420,000 pay-out gets new six-figure government job...cutting waste in Whitehall.

No...Honest! You couldn't make it wouldn't dare.


  1. I did think that she was taking the p***, but even people taking the p*** have scruples and she clearly has absolutely NO scruples what so ever. I guess she'll fit right in at Westminster then!

    The fact that she was ONLY in her previous "job" for 16 months before getting this pay off is ridiculous. How the hell can Kent council justify this payment to someone who was "in post" for such a short period of time. NOTHING they say can, in my view, justify such a ridiculous payment!

    I'll bet all the Kent Council Tax payers are well pleased with this news.....NOT!

  2. Being used to spread the 'Common Purpose' message around the country no doubt.

    "Katherine recently 'stepped down' as group managing director of Kent county council. She is the former chief executive of Northamptonshire county council, Solihull metropolitan borough council and Redditch borough council."

    'Stepped Down'

  3. Ordinary workers on a pay freeze. And she walks off with that sort of payment and thinks she is a suitable person to work through cutting costs.

    If ever there was an example of al that is wrong with Britain, then that is it.

    I must cut costs for you lot, because it is the right thing to do, because for the good of the taxpayer, we need to eliminate waste.

    But when it comes to the likes of me... my statutory entitlement is.... erm £0*

    So I'll award myself £420,000. No waste there then.

    I wonder if there are any other people from her ex-council being made redundant. A teacher, or a bin emptier?

    I wonder what their redundancy package will be...?

    * Minimum period of employment before redundancy payment 2 years. Maximum wage on which redundancy paid £430 per week.

    Calculate it for yourself!

  4. Stepped down.

    And why is she a group managing director of a council?

    Common purpose Monty?

    Purposeless I'd say.

    I wonder if she gets that kind of pay off from everywhere after just a few weeks' work?

    If so, I'd like to marry her...just for a few weeks, till I get my feet under the table and my hands on half the dosh.

    Then I want to step down from being her husband, with a pay off. After all she's got the kind of face only a mother could love, and I imagine the kind of personality only someone like Mrs Thatcher could love.

  5. I thought she looked quite nice tris ;)

    Common Purpose graduates are a sort of shadow govt/ council that network amongst themselves and bypass the democratic process. A bit like the masonic lodges in the police force / SFA etc. There are also thousands in the BBC. Each course costs us about £4K. Their goal seems to be to step in and take control once society has been finally wrecked and people are screaming for 'something to be done'. Not realising that the folk taking over actually caused the chaos by undermining any values that society once had.
    And you are hand picked. Doubt if we'll be picked lol.

  6. Ah thank you, Monty.

    "Would bes" instead of "actually ares".

    Can't be bothered to get elected, so we'll hang around till it all falls to pieces and then we will be ready to take over, but in the mean time we are going to steal every halfpenny we can get our hands on.

    Nice folk.

    I suppose for an middle aged lady she's not unattractive Monty, but you could park a double decker bus in her mouth, rather like her new boss Francis Jolly Well Maude. Have you ever noticed that people who have an awful lot to say for themselves seem to have very big mouths?

    And then, there is the much more important matter of personality. She and "Come into the Garden" should get on well together.

  7. tris..I've noticed that an unusually large number of politicians have very poor and yellowing teeth and a speech impediment. I've often wondered if being a politician is some sort of act of revenge to get back at people who bullied them in an earlier life.
    They could easily sort out the teeth and speech impediment as they are wealthy politicians but they choose not to. This reinforces my opinion that's a deliberate attempt to say 'Hah gettirightupya I've made it !'

  8. Hmmm... do you have a degree in psychology Monty? :)

  9. Society is sick. Somewhere down the road the 'baddies' won, and we just stood back and let it happen.
    We are so lucky to have the chance to start afresh in Scotland.
    I hope my fellow Scots have the balls to make it happen in 2014.

  10. Tris / Mungin

    On your blogroll ypu have New Right, which I think is written by a Glasgow based Tory youngster who supports independence.

    The site diverts to one promoting Payday loans.

    Say Goodbye to Bad Credit Score with Payday Loan Service - Normal 0 false false false IN X-NONE X-NONE ...

    His website seems to have been hijacked.


  11. Sorry Tris, I'm going O/T here but I think it is something everyone should be aware of.

    As you say at the head of your article, make sure you are sitting down before reading these articles.

    Looks like Westminster has started to plan for Scottish Independence after all.

  12. Thanks Wolfie...

    I'll email Dean....


  13. Interesting Arbroath.

    The first link comes up as not available.

    The second one is interesting.

    I suppose that the English want to hold on to "their" nuclear power stations.

    In a way I can understand that... and of course as they will need to be decommissioned one day, at a cost of billions, I really have as many worries about Scotland having them as about them being English.

    When it comes to the nuclear weapons...they have to go. We don't want WMDs on our territory. Maybe someone will decide arbitrarily to invade us to get rid of them. Don't laugh...the UK did it to Iraq, why wouldn't they do it to Scotland

  14. I always try to avoid any 'ologies' tris ; )

    Jute..dream on man. Independence would mean more of the same. Small satellite of the EU with all the associated corruption and cronyism. But I'll vote for it anyway. Lamb to the slaughter that I am.

  15. I hope so too Juteman.

  16. It won't though Monty.

    There are things that the EU may demand, but they don't tell us to go fight in places we have no business to be; they don't tell us that we must tax the poor and let the rich off; they don't tell us that every single thing we have has to be corrupt and self serving; they don't tell us that our pensioners have to die of the cold or starvation in the winter and that we have to refuse sickness benefits to all but the very nearly dead.

    No, I'll be happy to get away from Britain right enough...although heaven knows we will have to keep an eye on the Holyrood lot.

    But that will be easier because at least they are nearer to us.

  17. O.K. Tris I'm back again.

    C.H. over on Rev. Stu's site posted this site up. It is the same story that the VASI article was about. I think the VASI site has been hacked.

  18. tris..It does tris. With nobs on.

    The EU Foreign Service is backing the overseas adventures fully with Ashton doing fact finding missions to the 'liberated countries' and opening embassies

    The EU CO2 target taxes poor families via the 15% green levy on energy bills to fund £1,000 a day windmill schemes for rich landowners. The fishing policy throws good fish into the sea making fish very expensive.

    Our corruption is negligible compared to the billions stolen by the elite in the EU. No audits for 14 years with the poor paying to bail out the EU banks. Socialising the EU bank losses and capitalising the EU bank profits.

    The Greek people are now denied health care and medicines as the EU elite demand that the people pay for the losses incurred by the banks. Ditto the rest of Europe soon.

  19. Oh and the Egyptian leader of the Muslim Brotherhood is in Brussels today organising a £10Bn bailout for his country while in Cairo his people burn the US Embassy. £10Bn from EU taxpayers. Cool. We're loaded like.

  20. Why has there been no audit of the E.U. for 14 years?

    Quite simple really, no one will sign off the audit. Secondly, no one in the E.U. wants the audits signed off because when they are the whole corrupt and fraudulent system that is in operation in Brussels will be put under the spotlight and they are terrified of that ever happening. I do remember though watching a documentary many moons ago about the corruption and fraud that was rife throughout Brussels, I think it was channel 4 that did it. Quite an eye opener to the politics of Brussels!

  21. I hope you are wrong about an independent Scotland just being more of the same, Monty.
    I have more faith in the Scottish people.

  22. tris

    politics of envy alive and kicking on the Republic Blog.

    you Nats should get her on your Independence campaign you would probably win.

    Might cost the snp 10 million for her help but cheap at twice the price.

  23. ch
    If it was up to me the said Nationalists (who to a man/wimmin) work to destroy the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.
    Would be put in gaol for 300 years or so

  24. We've been locked up for 305 years already Niko.

  25. Brilliant Arbroath. Thanks. :)

  26. You know, Monty, I always thought that the EU took the worst excesses off the Tories and the New Bl$ir Tories policies, which are designed for royals and rich.

    Fortunately in an independent Scotland we will be shot of the cost of the royals (Australia and Canada get them for free, so I imagine we would too).

    In an independent Scotland I don't much care whether we are members or not. My salary has been paid for a long time by EU finding, and we were able to help many more people because poverty measured by the EU covers far more people than poverty by UK standards. But it's a small sacrifice to make I suppose. Perhaps once we are free of nuclear weapons and incessant wars we won't have that many poor.

    If we stay in EFTA we will have to comply with EU regulations as Norway and Iceland do, and we won't have a seat at the top table, but then we never did have a seat there, so no difference there. No one has ever spoken up for Scotland in Brussels.

    Anyway, if Alex Salmond is lying and Manuel Barroso is telling the truth we won't be in the EU, so that should please about 50% of the population... but conceivably neither will the English, because they won't be able to call themselves the United Kingdom.

    There will be a Kingdom, and Principality and a province of someone else's country.

    So it will have to be Britain. Different country. New member. Eat that up Cameron.

  27. Arbroath: There hasn't been a British government audit for 50 years. No one could ever sign off on people like the MoD and The Home Office.

    I doubt any government ever gets its accounts through a proper audit.

  28. What Republic Blog Niko?

  29. Good God CH. Doesn't that ignorant old fool know who is paying for the Games?

    He surely can't chair a committee about Scotland in the English parliament and not know that the funding for the games comes from Edinburgh.

    Does he not know that although Scotland's taxpayers were obliged to help pay for the London games, no one outside Scotland will be helping to pay for the Glasgow games.

    Is the ignorant little prat aware who won the last election, and who is therefore responsible to the Scottish people for the funding that is going into Glasgow?

    Does he want Glasgow Labour to be in control of all the money, because if he does, does he realise that the Glasgow council tax payers will have to stump up for 100% of the games, which will break them for the next 20 years?

    Even he cannot be thick enough to imagine that London is paying for this? Can he?

    Oh wait though, I wonder why he wants Glasgow council to control the multi million pound budget.....? Hmmmm? He'll have a lot of friends on the council won't he?

  30. Who would destroy the Commonwealth (a waste of money if there ever was one).

    Britain is only one member of the Commonwealth. I imagine Scotland would join it anyway, although what for I have no idea.

    As for ruining the union....pfffff, you can look at it and not think it is completely ruined as it is? Surely not!

  31. tris... the EU has increased the UK’s direct contributions to £19.2 billion per year (£53 million per day) and is estimated to cost Britain £118 billion in regulation each year (figures from the Taxpayers’ Alliance); when the EU’s estimated total cost to Switzerland is just 600 million Swiss Francs (approximately £450 million) per year and its total cost to Norway is just €340 million (or £300 million) per year; isn’t it time to remove ourselves from the cash hoover that is the EU?

  32. As long as we can guarantee not to have ridiculous right wing governments, either Thatcherite or B£$rit€, I'll be happy enough to be in EFTA.

    As I say, Scotland has never had a voice at the top table, with England doing all the "negotiating", which is why it is such a mess... so we won't miss it.

    But Scotland has done not badly out of the EU (well, I have) and Dundee has a lot of people in work that would never have been, if the EU hadn't given us matched funding, which could be used throughout the whole city instead of just in Hilltown, Kirkton, Ardler and Linlathen.

    So please Monty. It's not all bad.

  33. BTW. I never believe anything the Taxpayers' Alliance says. It's too Daily Mail for me.

  34. "Oh wait though, I wonder why he wants Glasgow council to control the multi million pound budget.....? Hmmmm? He'll have a lot of friends on the council won't he?"

    Don't forget Tris, the GCC have a rather lot of computers and laptops to replace they'll need to find the funds from somewhere.

    On another topic Tris, I see that Ed Milliband has finally unfurled his true BLUE colours at last.

  35. "In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Labour leader pays tribute to Baroness Thatcher for creating an era of aspiration in the 1980s."

    That's it then, guys. He's become a fan of that woman, one of the most repulsive creatures ever to be in parliament. And that is saying something.

  36. He's just following in the footsteps of his illustrious leader and his even MORE illustrious leader before that Tris.

  37. Your funding is just part of the crumbs that we get back from the billions we pay in to the EU tris. We're one of the largest contributors. Imagine if we didn't have to subsidise the EU gravy train. All the surplus could be spent in the UK.
    It's ironic that you want independence from the UK Treasury to spend our own money in Scotland without waiting to be paid by London yet are happy to wait to be paid by Brussels.
    The EU , a small elite on £400K plus exes making up laws that are then rubber stamped by 'an elected' politburo.

  38. Interesting idea, Tris, as I've worked out that £210,000 would buy around 70,000 pints of lager so I definitely would - after 70,000 pints of lager! I think accommodating a double-decker bus would be stretching it a bit, though.

  39. Monty: I've been saying that the biggest reason that I have wanted to be in the EU is that with two right of centre parties in the UK and one that it appears doesn't have a clue where it is but likes ministerial cars, I'v always been pleased to be in the EU.

    What it has done is redistributed wealth. it has taken from the blue or the red Tories and actually given some of it back to poor people. Scotland (which is all I'm interested in did really well out of the Regional Fund and out of the Social Fund. They redistributed money that the London government would not have done.

    Another thing occurs to me... we always hear that if people didn't cheat on benefits then OAPs could have more, but the truth is, if people didn't cheat on benefits, the OAPs would get sod all more, and they would cut the top rate of tax, supposedly to bring in more businessmen (isn't the whole of the UK already owned by France,China, Germany, Qatar, etc?), and they would create more jobs (which I see Mr Cable is about to make it easier to sack people from), bit in reality to make the rich richer.

    Despite some recent report, Scotland would usually be much more inclined to left of centre government, unless a proper right of centre party, nothing to do with the Tories, managed to establish itself (a fact the Murdo and his followers saw clearly).

    We really won't need the influence of the centrist EU any more. We will have it, and hopefully whilst treating wealth creators with a measure of respect, we will also remember that there are (and have to be people) who DO the jobs, rather than create them. (And those who are not, or no longer, capable of doing jobs might get a look in, unlike now.)

    But it's not worth arguing about...


  40. Erm right John...

    I'm glad to see you were capable of calculating the cost of 70,000 pint of lager at 9.32 this morning. An hour later, I couldn't tell you which way is the kitchen!

    Single decker bus?

  41. You don't mean Mr Tony B£$€r, do you, Arbroath?

    The one who is the Middle East peace envoy?

    Doing a great job too.

  42. I think Mr Cable will come up against European Directives which will lead to unions seeking legal redress. This will lead to the coalition becoming more unpopular. Bring it on!

  43.'s all quite straightforward. We send billions to Europe. Once they've gorged themselves and then handed money to their pet projects ( windmills, carbon credits, muslim brotherhood, mafia etc ) they dole some back to us and we put a wee blue flag over the money and feel all warm and cosy. Classic totalitarianism ( as Sillars called the SNP).
    But you're right. No point arguing :)

  44. Yep I surely do Tris as well as his right hand man who replaced him,...... now what was HIS name again.....? :lol:

  45. They seem to have put some right wing nutters in the business dept to make Cable tow the line, John...

    So now we are getting close to Beecroft's free for all.

    But hopefully the EU will stop that...because the Labour party won't.

  46. Well..we just see it differently Monty... and that's ok...probably neither of us is 100% right

  47. McNorth Britain, without the Mc, wasn't it, Arbroath

  48. Aye that'll be him Tris.
    Mr. "I'm your M.P. but will not attend the House of Commons."
    An M.P. to make the Kingdom proud.....NOT!

    Any way he is, apparently, too busy to carry out the menial task of being an M.P. He's too busy flying around the world telling anyone who will listen how he saved the world.

  49. Two things.

    On the EU, I think the news that we wouldn't automatically qualify for EU membership may be a vote winner.


    We're all in it together... Except her who's in it for herself.

    I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to folk going for all they can, I know I would. But this? Nup, not even I could condone it, my neck is just not that brassy.

  50. A splendid fellow, Arbroath.

    I seem to remember him humiliating us by doing and saying stupid things everywhere he went.

    Idiot, and lazy with it.

  51. Hello Pa... What is it like
    to be back on mainland Scottish soil again?

    I've never been ambitious (which is why I'm still poor and probably always will be), but if I guess ever did get into a situation where I was so senior that I could scone the public out of half a million... I really wouldn't.

    Enough to live on yes, but not all that. That's just sickening.

    She's just a greedy cow, and she will fit in in Downing Street absolutely perfectly.

    Remember her boss's boss is a man who, although worth millions and with a wife who was also worth millions (both with parents worth even more millions), claimed DLA for his severely disabled child.

  52. Popped a post in here earlier which seems to of gone AWOL!

  53. OH... I'll look for it CH....

  54. CH. It's not anywhere. I looked through spam, and it's not there, and just in case there had been a blip and it had been put in moderation (nothing is marked for that, but things can go wrong) I checked there. Nothing.

    I'm really sorry. You sure that you hit "publish"?

  55. Pass tris I thought I had but that feather hasn't grown yet.

    It was just to inform yourself that Niko needs consoling/kick up the backside reading his latest blog.

  56. I seem to remember him humiliating us by doing and saying stupid things everywhere he went.

    Idiot, and lazy with it.

    What makes you think he's stopped with the humiliation c*** Tris? :lol:

    The guy is a complete MORON,
    Wait shouldn't that be MORMON, or am I right with MORON? :lol:

  57. CH... I feel a bit sorry for Labour supporters all over Scotland, including Niko. That wee twerp doesn't know anything about us. He couldn't even remember who was standing as leader of the whole of Scottish labour...

    It probably never occurred to him that Scotland would find that speech hard to take.

    he doesn't care.

    The numpties up there will vote for him anyway... or so he thinks. The man's a bloody Thatcherite.

    Better Together? Yeah....

  58. Eeeeek Arbroath. I got told off and put on the naughty step by Caron for saying that the Tories were moronic.

    I hope she doesn't read this, otherwise you're for a right carpeting.

    But for what it's worth I agree with you.


  59. Awe hell it won't be the first time I've been carpeted or sent to the "naughty step" Tris.

    I've been "naughty stepped" on NNS a few times. In fact I have now reached the point that I don't even bother to post there.

    As far as Labour supporters are concerned Tris don't forget that there is an ever INCREASING number of them joining the ranks of "Labour for Independence" movement, which will be part of the march in Edinburgh next Saturday by the way.

  60. That's a cheering site, Arbroath. The more we show that it is not all about the SNP, the better it is.

    I'd not really put you on the naughty step, you understand. My naughty step is so unused it would need a good wash down before anyone went there.

  61. Phew thank goodness for that.

    Mind you I may have to give your "naughty step" a quick sweep and wash down if Caron ever visits this site. I think she might be sending quite a few of us to the "naughty step." :lol:

  62. A few more when she sees my new post, Arbroath.


  63. You been upsetting the "masses" again Tris? :lol:

  64. It's ma joab Arbroath!!