Saturday 3 September 2016


Hmmmm, perhaps it would be a little troubling if your own imagined character DIDN'T agree with you.
Certainly the person who brought your imagined character to life isn't really with you on the Corbyn issue.
No no, I'm just recycling the old ones.
You lot are far too dim to notice.
Nuff said.
Power at any cost?
Scotland flag at a peaceful demonstration in Palestine
And again...
The need to be more Tory than the Tories is worrying.
So, that sounds not too bad then...

The argument for the London assembly to discuss and debate is strong, and the use of Royal Prerogative may seem weak, but the conditions appear to have been clearly laid out PRIOR to the vote.
So other countries do have them... but not quite so many.
So what rights exactly do the Tories want to get rid of?
Or is it their ever present hatred of anything that isn't British (or American) that makes this such a priority, even to the point of risking the Good Friday Agreement?
But be 5 minutes late for an appointment with the DWP, and there will soon be action taken.
But we are soooooo well defended. Or are we?
Fortunately Labour hasn't wasted the last few years fighting over their leadership.But wait...isn't crime down? Isn't there record satisfaction with the health service? So maybe the time was being used wisely. And, by comparison, how's that all going in the UK? Jeremy Hunt? How're the crime figures in England and Wales again? Real change now would be for them to stop stabbing each other in the back.


  1. Labour in Scotland are the dead parrots of the political world,their squawking from beyond the grave designed to encourage the true believers into thinking a resurrection is possible.
    Not in my lifetime.

    1. What I can't understand is why they don't see... It's so obvious.

      It's like they know they are alienating their working class members, who can get their kind of policies from the SNP, and the ones that were members in the days of the right wing members like Murphy and Harris, are getting their policies from the Tories.

      Who is left?

  2. I can't be doing with Joanne. I don't care about anything she has to say unless it's about how to make squillions from entertaining but not particularly well written books. Phillip Pullman is a WAY better writer. Made a fraction of the money.

    As for Labour, I give them 5 years max in Scotland if they keep going the way they are.

    1. I noticed one of Wings tweets had someone on Newsnight saying she was one of our most influential authors, for which I suspect you might read "richest".

      I kinda wonder what else it is about her that would make her influential.

      Scott, Burns, Welsh, McDermid, Banks, McCall-Smith, Bissett. Rankin ... but the woman writes children's wizard fiction for heaven's sake.

      They are the next Liberals.

  3. A very mediocre writer who had the good fortune to have her books turned into films.
    She goes on and on and on and on about how she sat in cafes all day writing her books whilst unemployed. Under her beloved UK rule she would be sanctioned for sitting about all day, and not looking for work.

    1. That's struck me a few times. Under the very scheme brought in by her dear friend, Vow Now Brown Cow, she'd have been penniless.

  4. Can you give the source of Scotlands Resources list. Thanks.

  5. WOW!

    Just seeing all that information makes me so proud I voted NO in 2014 because, as is clearly highlighted above, we most certainly ARE Better Together! LOL

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it a bit strange that the GERS figures are created out of limited, extremely limited, set of figures supplied by the Treasury? I mean WHAT exactly are the Treasury trying to hide by not supplying the WHOLE set of books to generate the GERS report from?

    Interestingly as well is the mind numbing exercise all the unionists go through when they point to GERS as the reason we can not become an independent country. Firstly they are incapable of recogniseing that GERS is a picture of how things are NOW ... within the broken union. Secondly They are completely devoid of any thought processes that would allow them to see that an independent Scotland could, nay WOULD, do things differently.

    For starters I understand that we currently send around £11 BILLION to London to pay for "our" share of THEIR projects because ... erm ... WE benefit! Go figure! Obviously in an independent Scotland we would NOT be sending £11 BILLION Dahn Suff so we would, using current unionists pleasing figures of £15 Biliion, only £4BILLION in debt. Sounds like a no brainer to me ... £4 Billion debt versus £15 Billion (guesstimated) now I wonder which one I would rather have ... oh that's it ... I'll take the £15 Billion debt please cause I know WM cares so much for my country. In fact they care so much for my country they are closing military bases right left in centre across Scotland! (and I haven't even started on Trident and the regular nuke convoys through central Glasgow and our towns and villages! Oh and don't forget the oil that gets transported to other European countries but is NOT counted in Scotland's revenues but amazingly it DOES turn up in WM figures as unknown!!!)

    1. Apart from twat Niko, who the f#ck else voted No here?

      Gers is unionist propaganda crap. Your country is in no worse or better a condition than any other European state. The opportunity choice is independence. England is holding us back.

      Alba Gu Brath!


    2. One of the biggest things is this defence budget which we contribute to. Cameron bragged that we are the 4th largest spend on killing people in the world, FAR more than our economy can support. I'm pretty certain that the Scottish government would not have a policy of interfering in, and wrecking the economy and infrastructure of, every country in the Middle East that isn't ruled by royalty (friends of the Windsors) and killing as many of their people as possible.

      This spend might explain why our pensioners have the second worst pensions in the developed world.

      But yes, the GERS figures were set up by Ian Lang who is now another one of these useless has beens in the House of the Living Dead. He said in a memo to John Major, his boss, that they were designed to make Scotland look bad. A proud Scot was he, but one of Mrs Thatchers closest admirers. (I once saw him on a tribute programme about her. Jeeeeez I nearly vomited.)

      I can only assume that the figures that the UK government withhold from us would be figured which would prove that we are far better off than they like to portray us.

    3. Deano, I imagine, SA.

      True. For as long as we put running the world as America's sgt major at the top of our priorities, we'll always be behind otehr similar countries.

      And there is NO danger that we will ever consider being less than second in charge unless we get the hell out of this UK.