Saturday 17 September 2016


1. WHAT??? It's Sunday? Ooooops...
2. Kids? They'd forget their heads... Just as well I sorted out some pics for you, little one.
3. Norway
4. Now, listen up, cat. This is how it's gonna be.
5. Isle of Skye.
6. Don't annoy me or I'll bite down hard!
7. Could someone have a word with Celtic for me?
8. Finland camping...
9. Dorset, England.
10. Pangolin.
11. You heard what the lion said? Well same goes here.
12. Remember spring?
13. Intensive farming.
14. What, you've never heard of a dog as a head gardener?
15. Iceland.
16. Window Cave, Puerto Rico.
17. What you mean quotas? We've Brexitted, we don't have to worry about that now.
18. Quokka.
19. Who's the ugly duckling?
20. Don't go calling my friend an ugly duckling. Haven't you heard the song? Hope you enjoyed Soppy Sunday. Now, how am I gonna get down from here...? MUUUUMMM!!!!


  1. Can I hae some of yer Airmiles?

    The way you flee aboot the world every week takin' these grand pictures, man ye must be fair exhausted. Ye seem to be particularly fond o' Borneo.
    It's aye ma furst stop oan a Sunday mornin'.

    1. LOL... I'll ask Munguin if you can. As for exhaustion, it's all part of the service we offer to our readers :)

      Glad you're enjoying the results of our travels.

  2. I love a good mountain photo.
    Until I had surgery that seriously curtailed my movement, (walking a few steps is agony now) my weekends were usually spent stravaiging in the Highlands.

    1. Oh, I'm really sorry to hear about your surgery, Jutie, and particularly the pain you're suffering.

      I love mountains too, although I really prefer enjoying their beauty from the bottom, unless there's a cable car or funicular. But I love being ion beautiful scenery. Scotland has some fantastic scenery. Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Finland, Sweden... I wish I were rich enough to spend time there.

  3. oh there were some smashing vistas in that one. No way I'm I camping outside in a Finnish winter mind you. Lovely cats this week and the elephant might make the Scotland team if it plays its cards right. I liked the quokka - reminiscent of a koala. Is it Aussie?

    And quine's Da - Borneo's creatures are lovely unless they are Sumatran ones. I cannae tell the difference!!

    1. A bit like telling the difference between people from Scotland and Spain. We are mostly the same, but they have a sun tan and we have rust.

      The Quokka is indeed Australian.

      And I think probably the Finns make sure these tents are warm. And think of the northern lights... :)

  4. Where would I be without my weekly hit of soppy?

    Speaking of cute animals, did you spot the news story about the giraffes Tris? Apparently scientists now claiming they are four not one species.

    First they take away pluto as a planet (my favourite) now giraffes aren't a single species but four? These scientists are making soppy Sundays harder and harder by the week!

    1. I'm glad you like it Dean.

      I did see that. How dare they. There was a programme on one of the cable channels about it a few weeks ago.

      I read somewhere that they are thinking they may have been hasty about Pluto... There's a chance the wee fella will be reprieved. Yay!

      If so we'll have a party!!

      And don't worry. We won't let the scientists spoil SS!!!