Friday 9 September 2016


...or maybe said

There was, of course, uncontrollable giggling and laughter at Mrs May's Downing Street arrival declaration of desire for a decent society, of wanting to build a country which was not driven by the interests of the privileged few, but the many; the people just managing to get by and working around the clock just to make ends meet.

Yeah right, we tittered, once we had calmed down. Whatever!

And who could blame us if we thought that we had heard it all before?

Because many of us remembered the words of St Francis of Assisi uttered by the sainted Margaret:  ‘Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope’ … 

Aspiration, no?

And then we recall that, in fact, where there was harmony, she brought discord; where there might have been truth, she brought ..well, error is an understatement (ask the miners and Hillsborough survivors, the steel workers and just about anyone who had a job in industry); where people had believed in stuff, she brought doubt and anxiety, and for anyone who wasn't very comfortably off or didn't have sharp elbows, well, they found that there was no longer any kind of hope.

The comparison with Mrs Thatcher was, of course, pretty obvious, because of their gender, I suppose. Britain's first and second female prime ministers were bound to be scrutinised for similarities. 

But we shouldn't forget that Cameron promised the same sort of crap and then delivered the exact opposite. (Even his Deputy Prime Minister admits this, although exactly why Clegg would boast about the fact that he sat on his hands and agreed to all this inhumanity, is quite belong my understanding. You'd think that devastating the Liberal Democrat representation in Edinburgh, Cardiff, London and Brussels would have been enough humiliation for any man. Still, when you have a book to sell...)

I can't find any reference to what John Major said when he arrived at Downing Street. Probably something about being not inconsiderable pleased to have been to see her majesty and that peas for dinner would be lovely, and would the staff ask Mrs Currie to leave now please. 

Possibly the Press treated it like an Angela Eagle Press conference.)

I couldn't be bothered to Google what what Blair said. It would have been something sickeningly insincere, or religiously fanatical, I have no doubt! 

Or maybe: Comb your bloody hair, Cheri?


  1. I can't remember what Blair said, on entering No.10, but what ever it was it'd be a lie, in common with all the other liars; outlined above.
    I still hate Thatcher, with a passion, evil bastard.

    1. join the club.

      She was either VERY ignorant, or evil.

  2. Bit sexist with your cheri comment...

    Yep all the Prime ministers lied on entering no 10 must be something
    to do with the Doorway.

    Mind all the Scottish first minister lied on entering office as well umm !

    1. Not at all sexist. Before you go to the door, when you just out of bed, man or woman or child, it's best to comb your hair.

      A few years ago, bed head was quite the look. not any more, and not in 1997.

      Yeah, we can call it the lying doorway. But I expect you're right about FMs too. I don't really remember any FM coming back from kissing the queen's hands saying anything much. But I suppose they musta. And I'd not be surprised if it was blethers.

      It's just that these Tories always seem to say the exact opposite of what they're going to do. Fortunately there's never been a Tory FM, and for all Ruth's success in the last election, I doubt if there ever will be.

  3. My next door neighbour (a new one) asked why I was putting up a Yes sign the other day "There's no need for another bluidy referendum" says he. "Maybe if they had kept their promises" says I.

    "All politicians lie, it's expected of them" was the profound reply.

    1. Well, he sounds bright. I suspect he may be a Liberal Democrat. Wasn't that their line of defences when Carmichael the Liar slandered the First Minister?

      I wish you luck living next door to him. Sounds like he'll be fun.